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While BioWare is nominally working on both the next Dragon Age title and Star Wars: The Old Republic, Kotaku reports that most of the studio’s personnel and resources are being devoted to the development of 2019’s multiplayer Anthem.Mean while,you can buy swtor credit cheap on Swtor2credits.

The outlet said that it had spoken with several unnamed sources close to the project that say BioWare is staking its future on Anthem as the studio continues to reassign employees to this title.

“There’s a belief that if Anthem doesn’t live up to EA’s expectations, BioWare will look very different in the future, especially after the disappointment of Mass Effect Andromeda led to EA absorbing BioWare Montreal into the studio EA Motive,” the article said.

SWTOR players may have reason to be concerned over the future of their MMO in light of rumors that BioWare is considering shuttering the title. Kotaku said there is no definite decision as of yet: “BioWare has also discussed ending development on the multiplayer online game Star Wars: The Old Republic, my sources said, although one person familiar with the studio told me recently that plans are still up in the air.”

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  • New Flashpoint: The traitor Theron Shan swtor credit has found asylum on the Chiss world of Copero. Lead a covert strike to uncover his deadly plans – before it’s too late!
  • New Operation Boss Fight: Nahut, The Son of Shadow?– Be wary, Nahut is a master of stealth combat and a superweapon capable of galactic destruction.
  • New Galactic Starfighter Map?– Wage war in a 12v12 deathmatch in orbit above the planet Iokath.
  • The Activities Window?– The Group Finder interface has seen a huge overhaul! This includes repeatable rewards, bonuses for roles in need, along with unifying the group, Warzone, Galactic Star Fighter, and solo content into a single window.
  • The Master’s Datacron?– Available for 2,000 Cartel Coins on the Cartel Market. This item will allow you to take any existing character and make them a level 70 character! The Datacron also includes a full set of level 70 gear so you can jump right into the action. This boost does not advance any story progress.


  • Due to the amount of changes being made to Group Finder, many group Missions will have their progress reset.
  • The Group Finder has been renamed to the Activities Window. It has received numerous updates:
    • Repeatable Rewards: For each PvE group activity, there is a repeatable reward when queuing for all available content. This reward is available after claiming the daily bonus for that category.
    • Role-In-Need: Certain group-enforced content will now give bonuses to roles in need. The goal is to provide that extra incentive to help bring groups together quicker. EX: There is a lack of healers in the Activities Window queue for Master Mode Flashpoints, so we will offer an extra bonus to any healers who queue for that activity.
    • Daily Rewards: For each PvE group activity there is a significant bonus to experience, credits, command experience and unassembled components. To be eligible for this reward you must queue for all available content.
    • Solo Window: All Heroics, Daily Areas, Events (When Eligible) and flashpoints can be easily queued from the new solo window.
    • Lockouts: We’ve redesigned the Operation lockout window to be more informative while cleaning up un-necessary duplication of data.
  • Characters across the galaxy now have an appropriate amount of sparkle in their eyes.
  • Solo activities such as Heroic Missions, Solo Flashpoints, and the Eternal Championship have been added to the Activities window. They will populate based on your character level.
  • Queuing for Ranked and Unranked Warzones will now happen via the Activities window.
  • The Galactic Command interface has been removed from the game. All queuing will happen via the Activities window or the Chapter launcher.
  • The rewards for completing content via the Activities window have been increased.
  • Corrected various issues related to searching in the Cartel Market.
  • Defeating Nahut has been added to the Gods from the Machine Objective for Conquests.
  • A new option has been added to the Preferences window, under User Interface > Cartel Market called Use Pack Viewer. This option is on by default. If the player turns it off, when a Cartel Market Pack is opened the items will be placed directly in your Item Stash without the pack viewer animation being played.

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This is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guide for optimizing Concealment Operative (Imperial Agent) characters in end-game PvP. This guide is consistently updated with the latest end-game information and is currently up-to-date with the latest patch of 2.10.1.You can share 9% off swtor credit to enjoy the game. ?

The information is intended for use at level 55, although the basic principles for this guide can still be applied as you level up.

Guide Navigation

You can browse through this PvP Concealment Imperial Agent guide using the blue tab buttons above, or by following the arrow(s) at the bottom.

Additional Guide Information

PvE versions of these guides are available in the navigation bar at the top of the website. Also, check out the Noxxic guides for improving gameplay aspects such as?Keybindings,UI Customizations, and which Consumables to use.


Forums are available in the ‘Discuss on Forums’ link below, where you can discuss the state of Concealment Imperial Agents, ask questions, and engage with Noxxic visitors & team members.

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Different class changes in upcoming Swtor Update 5.4 have been talked these days, including changes for Fury/Concentration, Carnage/Combat and Concealment/Scrapper. On August 18 Bioware announced that they are not going to be making any changes to Operative and Scoundrel healing in Swtor 5.4. Now it’s the right time to look over all the new things in Swtor 5.4 and enjoy the cheapest swtor credits from Swtor2credits.

No Changes to Medicine/Sawbone in Swtor 5.4

It was announced that there won’t be any nerfs to Medicine Operative/Sawbone Scoundrel in Patch 5.4.?
Reason: although these Disciplines are overperforming in HPS, it can be quite challenging to keep players (especially tanks) alive due to the Disciplines lack of burst healing.?
The adjustment will be made until Swtor addresses the burst healing issues of the Class, probably in Swtor 5.5.

Make preparation for Swtor 5.4 with adequate swtor credits

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There are other medals (i.e. 300k damage dealt, 300k healing performed, 5k damage in one hit, etc), but they are either very hard to unlock for most classes and or if you do try to unlock them, you are likely selling yourself short of the other, easier to grab medals. For example it is much easier for a Sorcerer or Sage to grab 75k damage dealt and 75k healing performed than it is to get either 300k damage dealt or 300k healing performed. Buy swtor credit online at http://www.swtor2credits.com/ now 10% free bonus!

The trick is to recognize which medals you can get yourself very easily without really distracting from your play. An example would be imagine you are playing as a Sorcerer or Sage and are specced for damage. Even if you spend most of the game doing damage, you still want to make sure you get off a 2.5k+ crit heal to get your medal.

You could even get this just by healing yourself. Pop your crit ability and cast a big heal on yourself when you are low on health to get a quick and easy medal.

This goes for all the medals. Make sure you at least pick up the 1k Defender points every time you play Alderaan. If you have already won or lost a match and time is just running out, seek out a 1v1 fight so you can get the Assassin medal.

Unlocking extra medals goes a long way towards boosting the rate at which you gain commendations and valor. In the next section, we are going to discuss what you can actually spend these points on.
Star Wars The Old Republic PvP Strategy Guide – Spending Your Points

Once you earn your commendations, you may be wondering what to spend them on. You may have also noticed a variety of gear pieces which require currencies and items which you may not recognize.

You can trade your Warzone commendations directly for blue armor sets that are level 20 and 40. You can also buy weapons at level 24, 34, and 44. The armor slots cost 100-180 commendations for all slots, whereas the weapons cost 330 commendations.

The real draw for your commendations is the level 50 PvP gear. There are two primary methods for starting to collect your artifact PvP sets.

The first is trading your Warzone and Mercenary commendations for off-slot pieces like Implants, Earrings, and Relics. These are available on the Imperial or Republic fleet from the PvP vendors in the Combat Training area of the ship for 200 Warzone and 200 Mercenary commendations. Note that while these pieces require a Valor rank of 60, they are Battlemaster-grade, which means the stats on them are amazing and you will definitely want to get them.

Since you have to trade 600 Warzone commendations for 200 Mercenary commendations, each piece essentially costs 800 Warzone commendations.

However, for your primary and weapon slots, you have to purchase “Champion Gear Bags” at a cost of 200 Mercenary commendations and 200 Warzone commendations. These have a chance to contain an unassembled armor piece, which you can trade for the armor piece you want at the PvP vendor.

These gear bags also contain Centurion tokens, which can be exchanged for Centurion gear. However, the Centurion gear seems to be worse than the Champion gear, so Centurion tokens are pretty worthless unless you get really unlucky with your Champion bags.

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How to earn SWTOR online gold? If you want earn the gold that you should know where credit comes. SWTOR credit is through the free production number of base come out; each free population will produce 3 gold productions in an hour. It seems the more population the more gold, so how can let base of free population more? There are two ways: A, improve the level of aikido, aikido level can accomodate more population; B, we need to improve the entire base power supply, electricity supply decided the rate of population growth of base.

If you want to improve the entire base power supply, electricity supply, we must follow three ways: one, Improve the level of nuclear power plant, and consume more nuclear energy to power; Second, through energy saving treaty signed to increase power supply; Three, through science and technology research or service to increase power supply. Before above operation, you need to enter the “empire parliament” architecture to check the current the fiscal situation of base. Only we know the base fiscal situation clearly, then we can make full use of the resource to earn more and more SWTOR online credit for ourselves.

Above of all, we also offer SWTOR power leveling to you to level your rank pretty fast than it is played by yourself. If you have any question about SWTOR gold, you can contact our CSR who are online 24/7 will give you a pleasant reply.

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SWTOR will be released on December 20, 2011, and we get ready for it. Are you ready for it?If not, please follow us to have full information about Star Wars: The Old Republic. We will tell you something about SWTOR classes, and in the following days, we will continue to tell you something about SWTOR Credits and SWTOR power leveling, please pay attention to our news.

There are two major classes of SWTOR classes; they are Galactic Republic classes and Sith Empire classes, and there are four classes in each class. And today we will introduce one of them to you.

Galactic Republic Classes
There are four announced SWTOR classes available for the Galatic Republic:

The Trooper is an assault-rifle wielding ranged DPS class. Gameplay for this class looks a lot cooler than it sounds. The Trooper uses sticky grenades and his blaster rifle as primary weapons. The Trooper can specialize into the Vanguardand Commando. The Vanguard gets a defensive upgrade over the trooper whereas the Commando gets a damage upgrade.

The Smuggler is a thief-type class which relies on trickery and surprise to battle its opponents. This is likely to do be a timer-oriented, low damage class with huge burst potential. This class has two specializations: Scoundrel and Gunslinger. And if you want to level your rank fast for SWTOR powerlevel, you can choose this class.

Jedi Knight
The Jedi Knight will be the most popular class by far on this SWTOR class list, if only for aesthetics. This class is melee-oriented with some force abilities including a lightsaber boomerang toss. There are two specializations: Guardian and Sentinel.

Jedi Mendicant
The Jedi Mendicant character is a Jedi hybrid. It uses a lightsaber but also has quite a bit of force-related abilities as well. There have not been any specializations officially announced yet, but one is likely to be caster-oriented whereas the other will be a casting hybrid. If you want to get more SWTOR Credits, you can choose this class as your first class so that you can get more good weapons to fight with your opponents.

This is a simple introduction about SWTOR classes, and we hope it can help you to choose an appropriate class and play it smoothly.

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Look! Over there! It’s Star Wars: The Old Republic being still alive and shouting about it.

Shouting about two new expansions coming this year, in fact. “Expect to see two digital expansions in 2014 just like you did last year, with one similar to Galactic Starfighter in scope and one more closely resembling Rise of the Hutt Cartel,” wrote senior producer Bruce Maclean on the game’s website.vader Just… a… flesh wound.

That’s in addition to new PVP seasons, Flashpoints (dungeons), Operations (raids), new gear, performance improvements and class changes.

Maclean also said SWTOR would move to a once-every-three-weeks routine for minor bug fixing updates, and to a nine-week routine for more meaty updates.

Closer at hand – Luke Skywalker’s hand – there’s the Galactic Starfighter expansion launch for free-to-play players tomorrow, 4th February. This is the spaceship dogfighting expansion.

On 14th March there’s a double XP weekend, then on 8th April there’s a content patch taking the game to version 2.7. On 10th June there will be an even more significant content patch in version 2.8, but not all the details are ready to be shared. More specific bits and bobs are listed in Maclean’s letter.

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Hello again, my favorite Force acolytes! Today we are a proud studio having delivered what we believe is our most ambitious update to date: our first Digital Expansion: Rise of the Hutt Cartel and Game Update 2.0: Scum and Villainy. This update is a big one – it centers upon the new story planet of Makeb, but also includes an increase in the level cap, all-new mission types, and a new major systems such as Achievements.

Introducing Makeb

Makeb is a planet highly contested in the intergalactic war due to an abundance of an all-important resource known as Isotope-5. Realizing the value of Isotope-5, the Hutt Cartel has moved to gain a stranglehold on this rare resource and broker their own position in the conflict between the Empire and the Republic. Players who land on Makeb will find quickly that they are key players in this conflict with the Hutt Cartel. In storylines that are unique per faction, intrepid adventurers will be able to insert themselves into the action, take on the Hutt Cartel, advance the interests of their faction, and even determine the fate of Makeb itself.

I am particularly proud of Makeb. It is a huge and staggeringly beautiful planet, and is in my opinion a worthy addition to the Star Wars™ universe. In particular, the storyline that the player will face is truly the most impactful and epic story we have delivered.. Beyond this, in most aspects of the planet’s design, you can definitely see the progress that we have made as a studio in building great BioWare storytelling in our engine. In particular, the cinematics on Makeb are by far some of our most eye-popping clips to date – be sure to take the time to enjoy them!

New Level Cap

Players with level 50 characters who purchase Rise of the Hutt Cartel will find that their characters can start moving up level ranks again – five new levels have been added to the game. This will allow players to get a sense of progression as they explore the world of Makeb, and use the new Macrobinoculars and Seeker Droid features.

As part of the level increase, all of the skill trees were reworked to account for the increase in available skill points. Your skill trees have been refunded to you so be sure to re-spec your skill points before you charge out into the field! Also, each advanced class was given a new active ability. With reworked skill trees and a new active ability, it is very likely that your classes’ ideal power rotation will have changed – be sure to hit the training dummy to experiment.

The increased level cap is only available to those who purchased Rise of the Hutt CartelPlayers who opt not to purchase will find that they still have the same Flashpoints available,. All existing Flashpoints and Operations will now drop improved gear (in some cases, significantly so). At level 55, four new Hard Mode Flashpoints will be available in Group Finder, as well as two Operations – Terror From Beyond, and the newly-released Legions of Scum and Villainy.

We have also adjusted the PvP Warzone queues – they are now divided into three brackets: 10-29, 30-54 and 55. On top of this, we have significantly reworked Bolster to reduce the barrier to entry in Warzones at level 55. The power gap between Bolster and the best equipment is still respectable, but you can now queue up at 55 and be competitive without picking up entry-level gear. Recruit gear has been removed, since there is no longer a need for it.

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With a new study in swtor, swtor2credits knows that a lot of players are more or less frustrated with their guilds. At the very beginning, they are happy with the game and guildmates, however, later, they found that they are nor clearly any of the hard content and also run too many ops. Problems keeps coming with time passing by and lots of guild players are frustrated with the guild gradually. Today, swtor2credits would like to share some advice on the swtor guild.

Join in what you are interested.

One key point of the guild is that you should join in what you are really interested and like to do, otherwise, the guild becomes your torment. No matter you choose a casual guild or a stable one, try to choose the one that is full of alts and the stuff you like. As the famous proverb goes, interest is the best teacher. When you choose the one you like, then you can gear to the teeth to go through the ultimate comms with enough ops; have a try on mechanics with enough alts. Moreover, if you also sigh up for a raid when you sign uo as DPS, you can end up healing too. Perhaps guild culture will be changed with your efforts and contribution.

Be honest with your guildmates.

If you are asked how would you handle “try-outs” in your guild? Swtor2credits wants to say it’s honesty. Get everyone in parsec, it’s impersonal and everyone can see the numbers. Raids usually have mechanics where it’s very obvious if someone was standing in red or the tank failed to taunt or his or her duty. If someone isn’t quite at the right level, be upfront about it. Perhaps some players will think it’s tough, but indeed, it’s not at all. People can improve if they work at it. meanwhile, if their DPS is too low, they can practice their rotation on a dummy; if they lack raid awareness, they need to PvP more.

Resolve your non raiding members’ inner minds.

This will always exist to some extent because their will always be someone who gets emotional about things, or who wants to be included even when they aren’t willing to step up and put in the effort. You have to be fair to all 7 other people in the group. You can’t sacrifice the entire group’s goals for the sake of one person who keeps fucking up. To such degree, as mentioned above, being honest will be understood if someone feels disappointed, and don’t lose track of what you are trying to accomplish.

All in all, with above advice, swtor2credits wishes that your distress of the guild can be relieved and the sense of alienation in guild can be mitigated a bit. What’s more, you need to shoulder your certain duty in your guild and be honest to your guildmates. When you are in lack of swtor credits, you can also buy swtor credits with Paypal to go on your games than other currency providers. Just enjoy your guild with cheap swtor credits paid Paypal from swtor2credits.

A lot of swtor players recently responded that they became more and more frustrated with their guild, so perhaps it’s time for swtor2credits to give them some practical advice. They should choose the guild that they are interested and like, and try to be honest with their guildmates. Moreover, if they are one of the guild, then try to shoulder their certain duty and do well in their part. Any lacks of cheap swtor credits can be met on swtor2credits with Paypal. Enjoy the swtor guild!

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