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But the affair is, the association doesn’t apperceive what they want.. Ironman, Ultimate Ironman, Deadman, accomplish up your mind! We accept now 4 agency that you can play the bold in runescape , but the amount of players isn’t increasing..

I would adulation to see JaGex befitting the bold acquaintance agnate to what it acclimated to be, in adjustment to absolutely deserve the Oldschool title. So how do I see it?

1. Focus on absolutely important updates.

The capital focus should be on authoritative accepted agreeable added enjoybale, for archetype finishing afresh alien skills, or bond them with added abilities (Hunter and Construction mainly). Aswell important to focus on populair content, this happens able-bodied with for archetype slayer.

2. Don’t focus on time-consuming un-important updates.

This sounds simple but proves to be a lot of difficult. Aks yourself, do we absolutely charge a new abstemious if we accept already so abundant acreage available? Do we absolutely charge a new accomplishment while the complete majority of us is still so far abroad from Maxing out? Even afterwards getting Maxed, shouldn’t you just be acclimatized to adore added content, rather than traveling for yet addition 99?

3. Yield your time, and accent properly.

The burden from the association can be huge, but you should yield your time. Don’t blitz from one amend to the other, rather aces 1 out of 2 options and do that one absolutely well.

I bethink aback in the acceptable ol’ canicule if seeing an amend on the home page was something uncommon, accordingly it was accepted a lot more. Over the advance of several years RS3 has set a antecedent of new updates getting appear on a actual approved basis, I feel like the playerbase has become acclimatized to this. It encourages OSRS to chase the aforementioned path, to amuse the majority of the community. I’m not absolutely a adherent of it myself but anniversary to their own.

I’d be absorbed to see a analysis run by Jagex allurement how frequently players would like to see new updates formed out. I’d vote for exceptional updates only, I don’t charge a new amend every added anniversary to accumulate me absorbed in the game.

These are my thoughts, achievement this can be of advice to anticipate history repeating itself.

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Best place to buy deadman gold with fast delivery and big discount. Why do you even bother JageX by developing Zulrah calibration fishing. On cardboard its a abundant idea, but in absoluteness it didnt plan out as u anytime intended. Zulrah calibration fishing needs a huuuuuuuge addict to even become a applicable buff. And if i said huge addict i dont beggarly a 10% addition to what it is now, i dont beggarly 20% i didnt beggarly 50% i beggarly 100% addict or added for it even to be account it.

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Was this your way of nerfing Zulrah? Gotta appear up with something bigger again instead of abacus something to the bold thats gonna be asleep agreeable appropriate off the bat. Fishing monkfish for money and again powerfishing is added assisting and bigger xp than Zulrah calibration fishing. This isnt even a applicable advantage by any means, so no1s gonna do it. Addict the Zulrah scales u get from fishing with like 100-200% and addict the XP u get from calibration fishing with 50-100% contrarily this is a huge decay of time. Im not allurement u to add things to the bold thats OP or annihilation like that or for all anew implemented things to be the best, im allurement you to accomplish the things u add a acceptable or a applicable option, but its none of that currently.

No amateur on apple would do scales for anything.

People that wish XP: Powerfishing/Leaping

People that wish money/afking: Dark Crabs

People that wish a mix of the above: Monkfish

Nowtheres no players larboard to do Zulrah calibration fishing. Feelsbadman.

Also the pools change so quickly, so may wanna attending into authoritative them move a little beneath frequent.

Scale fishing doesnt charge a little buff, it needs a HUGE addict to even become somewhat relevant.

Zulrah calibration fishing? Acceptable on cardboard – Abhorrent in reality. But now it looks like you** approved to do something to nerf Zulrah – but it didnt plan out, not even a little bit. The bulk of scales havent afflicted the slightest, still to this day one of the a lot of constant items in price.

Also accede that Zulrahs raw bluff drops in fact dead this adjustment of fishing from what acclimated to be a applicable advantage for money.

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A botheration for college akin smiths is that although there may be players who would pay added for Mithril items or above, award them generally takes a continued time.

As a result, barter in accomplished items is actual slow, and players accept developed strategies such as smithing “on demand” to compensate.

In a abandonment from real-world economies, accomplished appurtenances usually aback lower prices in the Grand Exchange than the apparatus acclimated to accomplish them because there is greater address for the abridged commodity due to the hidden acquaintance point amount than there is for the accomplished product.

Clay items

These are generally begin as “waste” about the Ceramics oven in Gunnarsgrunn, with a aisle of bowls arch from the ceramics aback to the abundance

Covering items

In the past, balance covering items (mainly hardleather bodies) were generally awash to Al Kharid boutique for 50 bill each. Since the Lumbridge and Draynor Tasks were released, players tend to alchemise the covering items application the Explorer’s ring, as their abracadabra amount is in actuality college than their abundance amount and Magic acquaintance is granted. Nevertheless, the bazaar for covering items is still over-saturated and they are adversity from a abiding abasement in Grand Exchange price, down to the low abracadabra price.

Armour and weapons

Iron and animate armour and weapons are accepted articles of smithing training. They are awash to armour, weapon, and accepted food in ample amounts every day,you need rs gold.

Adamant armour and weapons, which are usually about expensive, are generally top alched by members.


Jewellery is generally awash to the Jewellery food (at atomic afore the personalised abundance update), due to the top amount it fetches. Players usually advertise a ample amount of amulets or necklaces at once, but some players advertise them slowly, the added bread accidental hardly to amount inflation.

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Teleport to Seers’ Village or Camelot (with Seers’ chaplet 3) and run to application arctic of McGrubor’s Wood.

Acreage the hops application arctic of McGrubor’s Wood.

Activity armlet advantage to the Champions’ Brotherhood will abode you closer.

Acreage the hops application south of Varrock.

Teleport to Yanille lodestone and run east to hops patch.

Acreage the hops application forth the arctic coffer of the town.

To get to the application on Entrana, either teleport to Draynor by application the amulet of celebrity or use Explorer’s ring 3 to banknote anchorage to banknote application south of Falador and run to Draynor. Deposit items that are not able to go to Entrana again run to Anchorage Sarim and ask monks to yield you to Entrana.

Alternatively, use Ring of duelling to teleport to Castle Wars, coffer all items that are not able to go to Entrana, abjure 1 set of accustomed logs and use the Airship Transport Arrangement to biking to Entrana. The airship pad is next to the hops patch.

Acreage the hops application in Entrana.

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What we would like to see the sailing elite skill in old school Runescape? We want to see Sailing have something to do with Player Owned Ports. Kind of interesting? You can read on and find out more here, Sailing Elite skill.

Players can take a certain amount of resources and trade goods from Ports and use them on their voyage to get more rewards. Players can chose multiple pathways for their ships to go. Ships can encounter Pirates, Natives, and Sea monsters. Ships can dock on deserted islands, random ports, and ship wreckages.

Players can voyage far at sea, close to the shore, and down rivers. Each encounter can have multiple ways to complete. Ship encounters can be friendly for trading resources or earning extra xp; hostile where players can fight and pillage for more xp and resources; or neutral where players can keep sailing on for faster voyages but lesser reward rates.

Each voyage should take an amount of time similar to that of a Dungeoneering floor. The voyage will be separated into stages similar to that of Temple Trekking where the player cna decide whether to take the Easy, Medium or Hard mode. A voyage of all Easy routes take as long as a Small dungeon with similar xp rewards. All medium route voyage will take as long as a medium dungeon ,and hard voyages will take as long as a large dungeon.

Your ship will be given a health point system called moral. Moral starts at 100%. When it reaches 0%, the voyage fails. Depending on certain events or encounters, moral will be lowered, raised, or remained the same.

Each voyage has random events and encounters that scales depending on which route you take. Each event can either exhaust or reward your resources and moral. Run out of resources and the voyage will fail and you will be penalized in xp and rewards.

The Master Ship will be a 5th Ship that can be unlocked for free in your port. You can customize the Ship parts that you have unlocked from your normal Port’s Voyages. However, they will only be for cosmetic uses. For the Master Ship, you can recruit random crewmembers that you can take on your voyage. These crewmembers will be usabel for battle, scavenging, trading, looting and such. The player can interact with each of their crewmembers and have conversations with some.


There is a question which popped up from one of Jagex’s character modelers about which NPC would you makeover if you are able to? This question has garnered runescape 2007 gold so much attention. Therefore, we collected some opinions from players to share with you. What’s your opinion about this question?

Black knight titan

Black knight titan

You are able to encounter the Black Knight Titan in the Holy Grail quest. His attacks are inaccurate and very slow that can be fought with melee or magic. Players can also use a halberd from two squares away to melee him without taking damage.
Some players think that looks so out of place compared to the other NPCs in the game. If Jagex is going to update the Black knight titan, it would be better to make him look more like the Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and give him a similar voice too.



Ruantun only appears in member’s worlds of Desert Treasure quest. He assists you in the process of summoning Dessous by crafting a silver pot, while he is extremely weak.
A player thinks that Ruantun in draynor sewers seems to be the only one not to receive a HD graphical update!



Dwarves are relatively low-level monsters, while they are good Charm droppers for higher-level players. Dwarves are occasionally given out as Slayer assignments and slightly resistant to Ranged attacks, and are not recommended for low levels, as they can hit 20s frequently.
A player said that the poor dwarf in the living rock caverns has been rocking back and forth since the release of BotD that needs to be saved.

Knight of Ardougne

Knight of Ardougne

The Knights of Ardougne’s goal is to protect all stalls from the silk stall and up by attacking players that they observe stealing from them. For stealing them, you need to be at level 55 Thieving. Once you completed, there will be 50 coins and 84.33 Thieving experience for you. They are a good source of Thieving experience for players with 55 to 65 Thieving.
A player said that the Knights of Ardougne still have the old style of armour so that they should be updated.

There are also some players who runescape 2007 gold like the way NPCs are and do not want any of change for them. What’s your opinion about that?

Hey guys, today I would like to share some thieving guide with you. This skill is a member-only skill. You can get some free items and coins by stealing from market stalls, chests, or by pickpocketing non-player characters. Players can use this skill to unlock doors in some quests. It has become one of the most appreciated skills you can develop.

1. The first step to thieving is hard for some players, you just need to thieve Men and Women from lvl 1-5 in Lumbridge.

2. From Lvl 5-20, you’d better to thieve from cake stalls in Ardougne. Keep in mind to get in a safe spot if you are a low level because if a guard sees you, he will attack you. A nice spot is on the east cake stall, on the north side, as the guards tend to focus on players devoted to the west side of the stall itself.

3. You need to thieve some silk from lvl 20-38 or 20-40. The silk stall can be found in Ardougne. The silk can gain you a profit since it is good to sell.

4. Thieve Master Farmers from lvl 38-(or 40) to lvl 55. The reason you do not thieve from the people later in leveling up in between 38-55 is because master farmers can get you some pretty good money, for example; The Snapdragon seed can be sold for well over 30k+. The best master farmer to thieve is probably in Draynor. Although saying that, the one north of Ardougne is good too, as you can thieve cakes from nearby cake stalls and then return to your Thieving. You can become quite wealthy via this method.

5. Lastly, try doing a few minigames on Thieving, such as Pyramid Plunder, or Sorceress’ Garden. You can look for some guide to help you finish the Pyramid Plunder. This minigame can gain you thieve xp. If you want to get more, you need to do more minigame for leveling up your thieving skill. FYI, here is a guide on Pyramid Plunder.
These are some common ways to level up your thieving skill. Go ahead and try with our guide. We sincerely hope these guide can give you a helping hand in your adventure!

You can visit http://www.runescape-blog.com/runescape-skills/runescape-thieving.html

Many players like to kill General Graardor because they can get the Bandos armour from him. The Bandos armour is considered the third strongest melee armour. It has high life point and armour bonus. This armor can be bought in game but will take large expense. So it’s better for players to get it from the drop of General Graardor. Here are many strategies to fight with him.

1. Requirements: First and foremost, you will require 60 agility or 60 strength to enter the Godwars Dungeon. You should also have 43+ prayer for fight. Enter the dungeon with some climbing boots or rock climbing boots and a rope.
2. You need to kill 40 Bandos’ minions to access General Graardor. There are the minions you need to kill: oblins, hobgoblins, ogres, jogres and orks. It is recommended to kill goblins first.
3. The General Graardor is considered as the easiest Godwars Dungeon boss for players. But you cannot take it easy because if you don’t use the proper strategies, you will die in few seconds.
4. If you are soloing, or tanking for your group, you will want to pray melee and keep your health at or above 700. you will also want to use your highest stat boosting prayers, and protect item. The kill order should be as follows: General Graardor, then Sergeant Steelwill (mage), then SergeantGrimspike (range) and Sergeant Strongstack(melee).
5. If you are in a group and you are not tanking, you pray range as the General has his strong range attack which will hit everyone in the room.
6. There is an altar in the back of the room that can only be used once every few kills. this altar also has agems teleport function if you right click it, bringing you out of the General’s room and back into the main dungeon.

7. If you have an aggressive summoning familiar, including beasts of burden, make sure you make them attack a minion instead of the general; for some reason, if your minions attack the general, he can switch off the tank and onto you potentially hitting over 600 with his melee.

Hope this guide can help you with your fight. The Bandos armour are really valuable items that worth you to get.

Do you want to get some valuable items in Runescape? This is not difficult any more. Here I would like to share some methods on how to get the valuable item in Runescape.

1. Players in high level can kill greater or lesser demons. In this way, you can obtain some drops from them or some quest scrolls. If you are a F2P players, don’t worry, you also have chance to get the rune items these beasts drop. It’s a good idea to enter the Wildness to kill some greeters. You will get some excellent items from them.

2. The second method is Item Trading. For example, if you have iron plate body and a Steel med helm, you can trade this for some black plate legs. After you get the black plate legs, just trade them for a mithril full helm and some coins. Now you can trade a mithril plate body with these. You just turn your Iron plate body into a mithril plate body! It is the easiest way but need to take some time to get the thing you want. The most important thing you should learn is to distinguish what items are popular and what are not.

3. The third method is very normal. That is hard-working. You need work hard to make more money to buy the valuable items. Go out and fish loads of lobsters or cut down many yews! Make the money to buy your Runescape valuable items.

4. If you are a rich player who like take adventure, you can go to the duel arena. Stake your cions on someone and let them stake some really valuable item. If you win, you will get the item you stake. It is a simple but full of risks method. You may lose your coins instead of winning the items.

These are some easy ways to get the valuable Runescape item. You can try with these methods and even make your own. Maybe you can find some other ways which is faster and easier to get the valuable Runescape items.