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That elusive likely lad Nic the Trader is going to making an appearance tomorrow, October 18th, and will be loitering somewhat suspiciously until October 23rd. Players will be able to find him near the Port Sarim Lodestone.

What wares will Nic be peddling? That’s not for us to say. Which is another way of saying that he refuses to tell us – he likes to convey an air of aloofness, we think.

Generally Nic’s stocks are normally limited but we strongly suspect he’ll have a new selection of hard to find items on offer. Vic’s brother may well be what we would down our way describe as ‘dodgy’, but it will still be well worth your time to track him down.

Do you know why the classical Plague Doctor uniform has that long beaked mask? It’s so the doctors could fill it with herbs and spices to hide the smell of all pus-filled groin buboes and fetid corpses! Oh sorry, you weren’t eating, were you?

let me introduce some upgrade of rs 3 gold in Oct this year of (2018):

Now you too can get in on the bacterial pandemic action with our new Plague Doctor set, which is available through a new Task Card! Kicking off on October 25th (00:00) and running until October 29th (23:59), there will be 16 tasks to complete, with four levels of prestige and brand new tasks.

Your reward for your efforts will be the assorted parts of the new Plague Doctor outfit. These include a staff and syringe, along with rest, walk and teleport animations. We’ve put a lot of thought into the names of these items, too, which draw upon the somewhat grubby history of Plague Doctors throughout the ages.

Also note that stickers can be won on Treasure Hunter (and obtained from the Plague Doctor himself) that allow you to skip tasks. Any stickers won after completion will instead function as Prismatic Stars.

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Jagex has made some rs3 gold for sale changes according to many players’ feedback, which are about the amount of fayre tickets and Happy Hours etc. We hope you can enjoy RuneScape Spring Fayre more happily from now on with cheap RS 3 Gold from RS3gold.

6x fayre tickets you can get when completing Spring Fayre attractions

From now on when you complete Spring Fayre rides and attractions, you can get fayre tickets 6 times as many as the original amount. That allows you can obtain all prizes with daily tokens even if you don’t join in RuneScape Spring Fayre every day.

Increased Happy Hours during RuneScape Spring Fayre

Jagex also increases the amount of RuneScape Happy Hours every day, especially if you are American or Australian players you will have more suitable times about Happy Hours. That means you can ride more times than before.

Actually, this change matters little for the free attractions during Happy Hour, for only one prize ticket will be gained every ride completion.

2 more available worlds during Happy Hour

Prior to the changes made by Jagex, Happy Hour was available only on 4 worlds, right now there are 6 worlds.

Responses to the changes from RuneScape players

Most RuneScape players are very satisfied of the changes. Some players think it’s worth speaking out the advice about the game, for this time Jagex just made some adjustments based on their feedback. And they just hope there will be more and more players to voice their suggestions.

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Runsecape players attention! Hazelmere’s Ring can drop through both RDT and Clues a week ago. But now Mod Timbo has said that this ring cannot be obtained from clues. So, what happened?

Hazelmere’s Ring cannot obtained from doing a clue scroll

Since the release of Runescape 4 tiers of luck items, Mod Timbo had announced that Hazelmere Signet Ring would be obtainable in game currently, through Clues and RDT. However, at this time, he just said on Twitter that

Hazelmere’s Signet Ring cannot be obtained from doing a clue scroll, which means that this ring is only obtainable from RDT with Luck of the Dwarf.

Details about Hazelmere’s Signet Ring

If Hazelmere’s Ring have only access to RDT, it might be a rare drop from Elite slayer mobs. The drop rate would be 1/1,000,000, but it is hard to get it. Therefore, in order to get this drop, it needs wearing Luck of the Dwarf on task.

Now, we are pay highest attention to the newest information about Hazelmere’s Signet Ring and keep posting when the official explanation has been given.

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Krystilia is sutuated in buy runescape 3 gold the Edgeville jail, she is a new slayer master who assigns wilderness-only Slayer tasks. From Krystilia, you will have a chance of receiving Slayer’s Enchantment drops and Mysterious Emblems. There are no requirements to receive assignments from Krystilia.

What is the assignments from Krystilia?

1. All assignments from Krystilia can be replaced by Turael in Burthorpe if you do not want to finish it. Doing this will reset your Wilderness task completion counter.

2. All assignments must be finished within the Wilderness and creatures elsewhere will not count towards your assignment.

3. Any task-only bonuses, such as those of the black mask, will only apply to creatures found within the Wilderness.

What bonuses can you get from finishing the assignments?

1. For your 100th consecutive Slayer task, you will receive 25x the regular points from the Slayer Master who assigned the task.

2. For your 250th consecutive Slayer task, you will receive 35x the regular points from the Slayer Master who assigned the task.

3. For your 1000th consecutive Slayer task, you will receive 50x the regular points from the Slayer Master who assigned the task.

Pay attention: Krystilia’s Wilderness Slayer tasks use a separate counter to assignments from other Slayer Masters.

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This week, Jagex has embarked on runescape gold Runescape lucky rework, which affects your chance of drops from Slayer, bosses, clue scrolls and others. Now Luck-enhancing items are divided into four tiers. Besides, some new luck items are added into the game, like Runescape Ring of Luck, and new RS Ring of Fortune etc.

Classification of Luck items

Runescape Luck System is a hidden stat that affects the chance to get rare drops, rewards and loot from Slayer, Bosses and others. Now luck-enhancing items are classified into 4 tiers. Tiers 1-3 affect content specific to certain levels while Tier 4 affects content of all levels.

Tier 1 luck items affect drops from Level 1-50 Slayer monsters, easy clues, FBD and Giant Mole.

Tier 2 luck items affect drops from Level 51-80 Slayer monsters, basic skilling (including mining Gems, opening Shade chests, and Flash Powder Factory rubble searching), and bosses (like Chaos Elemental, Kalphite Queen, Exiled Kalphite Queen, God Wars Dungeon 1, Barrows, and Dagannoth Kings).

Tier 3 items affect drops from Level 81-99 Slayer monsters, high-level skilling (for example rare drops from Elf City pickpocketing and kingly implings, and improved chance of Black Ibis outfit & Sceptre of the Gods), hard clues, and bosses (including Queen Black Dragon, Nex, God Wars Dungeon 2, Kalphite King, Corporeal Beast).

Tier 4 items affect drops from all Slayer monsters, all skilling, Elite clues and lower, and bosses (including Angel of Death, Telos, Raids, Rise of the Six, Vorago, Araxxor/Araxxi, and all lower-tier bosses).

New luck items

Tier 1: Ring of Luck Runescape, which is only craftable by members while free players can buy it in game.

Tier 2: Ring of Wealth, which is the existing ring of wealth, with new stats and luck effects.

Tier 3: RS Ring of Fortune, which is craftable for those with 72 Crafting and 87 Magic. It requires you to cut onyx and make an onyx ring. This new luck item will take the place of the Ring of Stone in the Crafting skill. The existing ring of stone can only drop from TzHaar and TokHaar now, instead of being crafted.

Tier 4: Runescape Luck of the Dwarves, which requires a new material runescape alchemical onyx created via the Unvention skill.

In addition, the existing luck items, like runescape luck potion, collector’s insignia, leprechaun hat, lucky rabbit foot, and vecna skull, works as different tiers of items.

Luck items should be the best way to obtain more combat and skilling fortunes in Runescape. Do you want RS Ring of Luck or Ring of Fortune? Level up your character with cheap rs gold and craft it by yourself now!

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Hey Pi, I’m not abiding if you’re acquainted but could Intercept amuse be buy cheap runescape 3 gold anchored at Castle Wars and Soul Wars?

The dev who formed on that mentioned this to me this morning over coffee so i’m abiding he’s on the case!

By ninja fix would you beggarly hotfixed during the anniversary or added for next week’s application list?Not to be acrid but it seems a bit asinine to add a rune accessory area basal basal runes can be added but college akin runes cannot.

God fucking damnit /u/Jagexpi Really? I LOVE this update, but its like you spent 30 abnormal authoritative the rewards and didn’t already anticipate to accomplish them account the time. Why is it so small? Why is it consistently absent on death? Why can’t it authority bisected the runes in the game?

When the MTX hits hard.So in added words, the one affair I was traveling to play deathmatch for is pointless.Sweet, assumption I’ll just focus my time on itinerant and convalescent from DXP weekend.

Yet addition affair bound by MTX, eh? Then afresh the abandoned accessory is appealing bits too.Honestly they should stop fucking about with it all and just accomplish this rune accessory good.

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Good affair you can use both the old and new action arrangement in rs3. you can in fact customise aggregate so it looks like osrs, with the nice account of rs3.

Yes!! acceptable affair indeed, it’s abundant to accept two action systems, area one is bigger in every faculty than the added so you can never attempt with players appliance the new one! All acknowledgment to a aberration amend on jagex side, yes!!! let’s accumulate on benumbed mark donalds dick shall we。

I don’t see how EoC was a aberration update. Stop active in the accomplished and abound up. Things charge to change contrarily they will get abominably boring.

You know, there are bequest alone worlds, area anybody has to use the old system. But go ahead, break apprenticed and play dumb. The apple accept to be a complete hell for you if you can’t handle change.

I anticipate Blizzard should accept a few boilerplate servers, maybe some that get displace every brace of years.

OSRS is shit?It has few OLD adept players and will never allure new players. IT will die out in year or two and it complete decay of DEV time and money.

RS3 is bigger in every way, from action to clear and abundant story, not to acknowledgment new applicant advancing out anon and new skill.

I in fact voted for OSRS to abolish kids from RS3. They were spamming forums with their asinine Nostalgia Ideas and ambitious Jagex decay time on bits like Legacy.

To all those antisocial on RS3 you accept your OSRS as you capital be blessed and play while it lasts, already you adjudge you fabricated aberration RS3 will acceptable you with attainable hands.

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If you want to make the most of Runescape, it is very necessary for you to make enough money in game. However, it is a not a easy thing to make money fast in game, especially when it comes to free to play players. As you can see, there are many tasks or quest or minigames that cost you a lot time and money. Luckily, you can always buy Runescape gold cheap on RSorder if you are in need of RS gold. Besides, here are our tips on how to make money fast Runescape:

Gather monster or NPC drops

Kill the Hill Giants for big bones
Fight for Cockroach soldiers for drops includes death runes, rune scimitars, blood runes, and law runes.
Fighting Moss Giants for drops includes big bones, deadly red spider eggs, nature runes, and law runes sell for hundreds.
Kill the cows in Lumbridge and pick up the cowhides that they drop.
Kill black Bear to get the fur.
killing goblins near the old house next to Lumbridge and pick up bones for money.

Cooking food for money

Trade meat with other players or set up a meat stall.
Cabbage is never really a food source for energy but a good source for money.
Make money on RuneScape by Powerleveling Cooking.
Make Money on RuneScape by Selling Pie Tins
Chocolate dust is one of the most easiest, non-skilled money methods in RuneScape.
RuneScape fighters needs food, why not sell food for RS gold.

Wood cutting for money

Cut regular trees and gatner regular logs, then you can sell them for loads of GP!
Willow logs is a good method to get money for low levels, and also is great woodcutting XP.
Making money with yew logs is one of the best ways to make money for non-members.

Mining for money

Completed the “Rune Mysteries” and mining rune essence. Buy a pickaxe and mine the Rune Essence and bank them for money.
Go down the staircase and mine the gold ore next to the guild door.
Mine iron southeast of Varrock and go to the Grand Exchange and sell them for 100gp.
With a minimum level of Level 30 Mining and a pickaxe, you can head to the Lumbridge Swamp mine and gather mine for money.

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If you want to gain Runescape gold fast in Runescape, a great option you can go is to do the Barrows minigame. The Barrows minigame is an area-based combat minigame and it is quite popular due to the decent amounts of money. Typically, the profit rate assumes 18 chest loots per hour. In fact, you can gain more or less money depending on your speed. If you are in need of RS gold, you can consider doing this minigame, also you can buy RS 3 gold cheap on RSorder.

Gear up with right weapons

Barrows involves fighting 6 brothers and the looting the chest for a chance at their armor. You should ensure that your preferred skill are above 70. More often than not, Magic will be your most effective option since 4 of the 6 brothers are weak to an elemental magic. Besides, melee and range also can be great alterative. However, always make sure to bring enough food and 3 or 4 prayer potions with you. If you are in need of RS gold to buy what you need, you can buy RS 3 gold cheap on RSorder.

Fight with the brothers wisely

It is wise for you to use the shortcut underneath the bar in Canfis once you completed the quest “In Aid of Myreque”. And then, you should head to the East of the Shades of Mort’ton minigame to see 6 mounds and dig up one to go to the brother. Each of brothers have their special perks, and Dharok is the one to look out for. Note that the lower health he has, the higher damage he has a potential to deal. It is wise for you to protect from melee or similar prayers since he will one-hit you with no prayer.

Kill the last brother and loot the chest

There is a tunnel leading to a crypt in one of the brothers tomb’s. You will want to go through a series of doors and answer a puzzle to enter the crypt. Then, go through the door once you have done that. As you attempt to the final brother you did not fight originally will appear. Then loot the chest after killing him and you can get one of their items. Typically, the most valuable items are including Guthan’s armor and weapon and Karil’s Crossbow.

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Want to get achieve 99 Fishing in Runescape? This is rs deadman mode gold not as hard as you image. It is known to all that it is one of the most annoying task to achieving level 99 fishing skill. However, it is quite rewarding to achieve 99 Fishing. If you are struggling to gain 99 fishing, you should have enough RS 3 gold to buy most useful weapons and gears. Of course, you should learn some useful tips on how to reach 99 Fishing fast:

Achieve 50 Fishing fast at beginning

It is easy for you to achieve 20 Fishing by netting shrimp at Lumbirdge Swamp. Catch about 100 of them and drop them for faster experience gaining. Also you can bank them in Lumbridge if you need GP for more bait at higher fishing levels. Form 10 to 25, you can bait fish at the river nest to Lumbridge, instead, you can go to Draynor Village if you want a close bank. After that you can buy over 1K feather and go to Barbarian Village and lure fish to achieve 25 to 50 level.

Achieve 50 to 99

It is wise for you to fly fish from levels 50-99. Dropping the fish is the most efficient method to level up your fishing, but this will lose your money since there is no bank around. If you choose to stop at level 70, Monkfish can be your best choice since this is one of the easiest strand and it gives 120 XP per catch. You can also fish cavefish at level 85 for about 25 – 30k XP per hour and decent money. When it comes level 90, you can fish rockfish for good money at about 38k XP per hour, and they fish at about the speed of sharks.

Leaping Sturgeon or Salmon or Trout

Just as you have heard, these are the best way to gain fishing experience. This requires Barbarian training, which can be started at Otto’s Grotto. It is recommended level to fish this at level 80, each full inventory takes about 2 minutes, each giving about 1500 XP. However, you need at least level 45 Agility & level 45 Strength to fish all of these. If you need RS gold to help level up your Fishing skill, you can buy cheapest RS gold on RSorder.

Reaching level 99 on Runescape fishing skill is one of the most tedious objectives to reach. If you are in need of Runescape gold, you can always buy cheapest RS gold on RSorder. Double 5% bonus will be available on RSorder, so make sure to visit RSorder to buy cheapest RS 3 gold.