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That elusive likely lad Nic the Trader is going to making an appearance tomorrow, October 18th, and will be loitering somewhat suspiciously until October 23rd. Players will be able to find him near the Port Sarim Lodestone.

What wares will Nic be peddling? That’s not for us to say. Which is another way of saying that he refuses to tell us – he likes to convey an air of aloofness, we think.

Generally Nic’s stocks are normally limited but we strongly suspect he’ll have a new selection of hard to find items on offer. Vic’s brother may well be what we would down our way describe as ‘dodgy’, but it will still be well worth your time to track him down.

Do you know why the classical Plague Doctor uniform has that long beaked mask? It’s so the doctors could fill it with herbs and spices to hide the smell of all pus-filled groin buboes and fetid corpses! Oh sorry, you weren’t eating, were you?

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Now you too can get in on the bacterial pandemic action with our new Plague Doctor set, which is available through a new Task Card! Kicking off on October 25th (00:00) and running until October 29th (23:59), there will be 16 tasks to complete, with four levels of prestige and brand new tasks.

Your reward for your efforts will be the assorted parts of the new Plague Doctor outfit. These include a staff and syringe, along with rest, walk and teleport animations. We’ve put a lot of thought into the names of these items, too, which draw upon the somewhat grubby history of Plague Doctors throughout the ages.

Also note that stickers can be won on Treasure Hunter (and obtained from the Plague Doctor himself) that allow you to skip tasks. Any stickers won after completion will instead function as Prismatic Stars.

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Maybe you can found them partially buried in these places:

1) North-east of the gnome glider in Al Kharid;

2) East of the Draynor Bank;

3) North-east of the Edgeville furnace;

4) South of Explorer Jack’s house in Lumbridge, within the castle grounds;

5) North-west of the Port Sarim lodestone;

6) North of the Varrock Museum, south-east of the estate agent;

7) South of the southern East Ardougne bank, west of The Poison Arrow pub ;

8) In the middle of the three southern houses in Seers’ Village;

9) North of the Yanille lodestone;

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Dragon Slayer II is definitely an forthcoming mission that was introduced in RuneFest 2017. It is arranged to become released at the begining of 2018. The quest will certainly work as the follow up towards the initial Dragon Slayer quest.And dont forget to share cheap rs 3 gold on Rs3gold.com.

A history from the Crandor is a bold one, sufficient to ensure that numerous the Crandorian gained the best to become section of the Champions’ Guild! The actual Crandor we all know these days is extremely not the same as that earlier times and there are many queries which stay unanswered — your own opportunity to reveal the techniques from the previous begins along with Dragon Slayer II.

Dragon Slayer II will certainly business lead a person with an journey over the game, going to areas brand new and aged. As you go along, you are going to reveal brand new lore within the Dragons, along with listening to the storyplot of numerous the courageous leading man. Be prepared to total difficult vague ideas, navigate via undiscovered dungeons along with several risks and encounter towards probably the most fearsome enemies we have actually released in to the game!

In order to problem a few fundamental info of Dragon Slayer two you need to know.

1. Accomplish 200 Quest Points;

2. Total seven missions, such as Legends’ Quest, Fantasy Coach, Pet Magnetism, Spirits Ahoy, Bone tissue Journey, Customer of Kourend, along with a End associated with 2 Pet cats OSRS;

3. Possess 50 Hitpoints;

4. Reach skill levels at Magic 75, Smithing 70, Mining 68, Crafting 62, Agility 60, Thieving 60, and Construction 50.

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Recently, Old School RuneScape released “Wilderness Rejuvenation II” will bring forward changes the Chaos Altar within level 38 Wilderness. And there are Mage Arena II and Revenant Caves added.Meanwhile,dont forget to share cheap rs 3 gold on Rs3gold.com.

Wilderness Rejuvenation II

For many people, the Wilderness has always been the main focus of the game time. Since the release of OSRS, has been modified several times on the Wilderness. The most important change was the part of the original Wilderness Rejuvenation in March 2014, introducing new bosses, monsters, resources and activities.

Changes to the Chaos Altar in level 38 Wilderness

1. You can sacrifice bones in level 38 Wilderness

2. Get XP + 25% lift. At the same time, after completing the wilderness diary, get more than 10% XP.
In addition, a new NPC will not charge any bones of the cost. but Yes, it is nothing for the completed the wilderness diary player.

Mage Arena II

Requirement: Completion of The Mage Arena; Magic level 75.

Task: Track down and defeat 3 new bosses, assigned by Kolodion.

Reward: Kolodion can upgrade one God cape to a new Best in Slot magic cape, has 3 unique hearts by the 3 bosses.

Revenant Caves

Revenant Caves will be a multifaceted battle found in the wilderness from 17 to 40. In the cave, you will see the different kind of levels and types of monsters and anew “Revenants”

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Smouldering Lamps

From now on until 23:59 UTC on 9th October .Stock up your smouldering lamps and you can got plenty of Bonus XP. If you are not familiar they award XP like an ordinary lamp, but also convert up to the same amount of Bonus XP into regular XP.

Dimension of the Damned

From October 16, there will be a brand new free game mode. In two-week zombie fest, they focus in combat, crafting and cooperation.In the game everyone can earn points from killing various zombie types or find unique equipment. In the end, get more points, can invitation to the unique endgame. October 28 will play host to the grand finale. And just one player will stand out to get unique prizes and glorious recognition.

Hallowe’en Ghost Stories

The end of the month Halloween comes, this year focusses on storytelling. You will find stories of sadness around the world and solve them to help them rest.


Novemberfest is themed with a beer festival. Maybe can join in on the latest epic bar crawl across the world.the most important is plenty of rewards await.

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Many players wonder what the best money making Crew Skills are while leveling up, that’s buy swtor credits exactly the information this guide is here to provide you with! While leveling in Swtor the professions you will want to have for making the absolute most amount of money are Slicing, Treasure Hunting and Underworld Trading. Slicing and Treasure Hunting you will want to run the Lockbox Missions only. Also you will want to start by only running these two Crew Skills until you get more Companions. Always send all available Companions (aside from the ones you are using) out on missions.

I normally start with Treasure Hunting as the Lockboxes it gives can yield green items and before you know it as you level up Treasure Hunting you will start getting level 50 Lockboxes which contain green items that vendor for 1 – 3k credits each! Also you’ll get blue level 50 items that you can sell on the Auction House for a pretty penny. By level 30 with primarily running Treasure Hunting missions I was able to amass 800,000 credits! Once I leveled up a bit more to level 40 I was at about 1.5mil from running Treasure Hunting and Slicing missions at that point.

Above level 40 I switched to running a lot of Underworld Trading Missions. I only ran the Companion Gift missions and gave all of the gifts to my current Companions as a higher affection level increases the speed of which they run missions, the chance of them not failing missions and I am fairly certain increases their crit chance. Once your Crew Skills are all maxed I recommend running the 2 Slicing Missions that yield Lockboxes, any Treasure Hunting Missions that yield Lockboxes and any Treasure Hunting Missions that yield Metals. They will be your highest profitable missions.

NOTE: The Good thing about Treasure Hunting and Slicing is they don’t rely on the Auction House at all to make Credits as the contents of the Treasure Hunting Lockboxes you’ll vendor and the Slicing ones yield credits and an occasional mission which the 300 and 340 ones you WILL want to sell.

Since it would take forever to go over each of the items that each of the Crew Skills can yield I am just going to go over the Grade 6 items. Here is a list of the Underworld Trading and Slicing yields followed by the Treasure Hunting yields down towards the bottom.

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Another batch of updates to the Runescape Combat Beta has been made by Jagex, aiming at offer more and more players with better gaming experience since all these changes are based on the feedback and gameplay on the Beta Servers. Rs3gold would like to make a succinct summary of these changes and later provides precious guide. Of course, players’ need for cheap rs 3 gold can be fulfilled by rs3gold with a full stock of available runescape gold and products.

A batch of changes to the abilities in Runescape.

1. Quake now deals 188% weapon damage and the debuff is more effective than before.
2. Havoc now not only drops enemy prayer and deals up to 125% weapon damage, but also has a cooldown of 10 seconds and shares that cooldown with Smash.
3. Havoc and Decimate no longer share a cooldown, each will have a single one.
4. Wild Magic now deals 40-188% weapon damage with each attack. Powerful than it was before.
5. Slaughter now hits five times.
6. Deadshot and Massacre’s damage-over-time effects now deal 313% weapon damage.
7. Interrupt abilities now always deal up to 100% weapon damage, irrespective of whether your target is stunned.
8. Stun abilities now always deal up to 200% weapon damage, irrespective of whether your target is stunned.
9. Stun immunity no longer affects the damage dealt by interrupt or stun abilities.

A couple of reasons for such a performance in the Beta.

Apart from players’ expectation and feedback, indeed, rs3gold thinks there are also a couple of reasons for such adjustments. The most important reason is that players are fully expecting spec attacks to under perform in the Beta. Secondly, the balancing for EoC spec attacks needed the ability re-balance to be in a stable state. Thirdly, when players put damage scaling back into strength based stats, they had to remove the spec attack scaling put in preciously as they together were OP. Lastly, players need to have the base damage numbers for legacy auto-attacks done before they did the final round of spec attack balancing.

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Dearest runescape fans, do you still remember the Guthixian rs 3 gold Butterflies? These cute butterflies are Tribute to Guthix event, a seasonal event which occurs yearly. Players have to gather butterflies in order to receive bonuses and some of Guthix’s memories. In memory of the slain god, the butterflies are back. Thus you can now buy cheap rs 3 gold to catch up butterflies for rewards. Check more details below.

Where can you find the bufferflies?

You will find butterflies all across the world but they are not guaranteed to be in the same place each day. Roughly, there are 20 locations where a butterfly will be guaranteed to spawn. However, these locations are just the places where the butterflies wander around the area. In order to catch up the butterflies, you should be keen on them now and then.

Recalling butterflies’ function in the Guthix event.

Butterflies are found all over Gielinor and caught by clicking on them. Catching butterflies can give you slight bonuses to your life, prayer or summoning points, or instant renewal of your life, prayer or summoning points, or run energy. Some butterflies will also unlock a memory of Guthix’s life. You can experience these again by speaking to the druid.

When they are back, what can they do now?

Except the catching number of the butterflies is still restricted 20 each day, there are some differences in their returns. Now if you are a member in the runescape, cathcing a bufferfly grants you a chunk of XP in your lowest-levelled skill. To this point, it’s much like Tears of Guthix. If not a member yet, you can collect up to 15 memories of Guthix by collecting butterflies. You’ll get a memory every fifth catch, and can get up to four memories per day.

Besides all the above, If rs 3 gold you don’ t have them already, you can claim the three-piece butterfly outfit, Butterfly Dervish emote and Sword of Edicts cosmetic override from Memstix, just north of Falador. The butterflies will stay in game for two weeks – until the Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza ends.  http://www.rsorder.com/rs-3-gold


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