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It’s not uncommon for World of Warcraft players to have multiple max-level characters, but one gamer has taken things to the next level. As discovered by Kotaku, WoW player Watola recently completed a quest to level an incredible 100 characters to the game’s current level cap of 100.
In a lengthy post on the Battle.net forums, Watola explains how he achieved the incredible feat. “Last night I finally completed my goal of 100 level 100s. I started this project near the end of Mists of Pandaria, at the time of starting I had already leveled around 20 characters to max level so another 80 didn’t seem that extreme,” he said.
Watola explains that the actual playtime required to level all characters to 100 wasn’t “as massive as it may at first seem.” One way he rose fast was by leveling two characters at the same time using the performance boosts provided by WoW’s Recruit A Friend promotion.
It took around 5-8 hours of gametime to level these characters to 85, Watola says. Other strategies employed included always tanking instances and skipping certain dungeons such as Throne of Tides.
Watola adds that he didn’t see much of the beta for WoW’s latest expansion, Warlords of Draenor, and went into it basically blind to complete the leveling process up to 100. He also provided a breakdown of clear-times for the following high-level zones: Frostfire Ridge – 1 hour and 6 minutes, Shadowmoon Valley – 44 minutes, Gorgrond – 42 minutes, Talador – 40 minutes, Spires of Arak – 39 minutes, Nagrand – 30 minutes.
It might sound surprising, but Watola says, “I don’t particularly enjoy leveling, and even less do I enjoy questing.” Instead, he said he loves taking on big projects and learning new things about the game.
Going forward, Watola says currently thinking about what it might take to achieve 1,000 max-level characters.
“I love branching out from what I have learned to discover new things, figure out ways to do things better and faster,” he says. “It’s what motivates me to take on projects others would not even consider. I loved the journey and I am more than satisfied with the results.”
Watola’s post is incredibly detailed and well worth a read for WoW fans looking for fast-leveling tips.

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ArcheAge is a game that had a lot of potential. It was severely hyped up by those that liked what it brought to the table, like juries and the ability to become a pirate. Even when it was in Alpha status (for those that paid for the early access), it was seen as being a great game. I really can’t remember anyone being negative towards it. And then it went live and everything changed.
Separation of Developer and Publisher
The big thing that causes issues in ArcheAge is the same thing we saw with TERA: the separation of the developers and publishers creates a delay between finding and getting fixes out, and it always relies on the developer wanting to do so. Conversely, when the same company handles both of these things, everything moves much more smoothly. Rift is a great example of this, where things can be fixed within a day in a lot of cases. Compare this to ArcheAge or TERA where bugs will sometimes remain for weeks or months, and in some cases, indefinitely. And this isn’t always because the publisher doesn’t care and doesn’t want things to be dealt with. Instead, it’s usually because the developer doesn’t, in which case nothing will be done. And the alternative is to sever the relationship, bringing down the game.
The Path of Content
In most MMORPGs (which generally use the same developer and publisher), everything is done in-house. If something comes up, it can be dealt with swiftly. The QA department can get a hold of the developers, and everyone has the same goal in mind: to keep things going the best they can and to deal with any issues that arise. When the two are separated, however, things take a turn (for what history has shown us is not a positive one). A condensed look at how this works is:
Publisher becomes aware of an issue
Publisher contacts developer with any relevant information they have and requests that it’s fixed
Developer adds it to their queue in whatever position they want (meaning it could be at the end of the queue, or not even part of it at all) to be fixed
When and if it’s fixed, developer sends it to the publisher
Publisher releases it
In this type of relationship, the publisher not only has little control over what’s going on, but there’s really nothing that they can do on their own. They just have to hope that their partner (in the case of ArcheAge, this is XLGames) cares about their game as much as they do. And when we look at ArcheAge, that doesn’t seem to be true.
Reputation Effects Due to Partnership: A Look at Trion
To better understand the reputation of companies that go into these deals and how they are swayed, we can look at Trion. All throughout Rift’s life, Trion has been getting praise. Sure, there are some issues (just like with any other game), but the company has shown time and time again that they care about their players. They spent time in-game talking to players, used to spend a lot of time on the forums responding to concerns and working with people to see what changes everyone wants, etc. This is something that made me fall in love with the company – it was a player-centralized approach to running their game, ensuring we, as players, were happy.
With ArcheAge, everything started to go downhill. With all of the problems it came with, from hacks and bugs to erroneous bans, it isn’t XLGames that has suffered – it’s Trion. Their reputation has taken a dive, with many players claiming they will never play another game from the company, and that’s a sad thing to witness. Even through all of ArcheAge’s problems, Trion has done a great job at keeping up with their popular MMOs (Defiance and Rift), as they have full control over them and aren’t reliant on another company to do everything for them. It’s safe to say that the partnership with XLGames, while it brought ArcheAge (which could have been a much more successful game if it were handled the right way), was a dud. At this point it’s hard to tell what’s going to happen with Trion’s reputation, either. With the still growing issues within ArcheAge and Trion being the one that takes the fall for everything, we may still not be at the end of the reputation destruction.
My hope is that Trion has learned from this situation, and will not make the same mistake with a future title. I think the power of dealing with everything in-house has shown itself when it comes to MMORPGs, and allowing a third party company to handle all of the development has proven (both through ArcheAge and TERA) to be more destructive than helpful. It’s a great idea in theory, but due to the time delays and the separation of companies, it just hasn’t been panning out.
As for ArcheAge, it’s really hard to tell where it’s headed at this point. Players are getting increasingly more hostile towards the game, and while it seems to be getting better ever so slightly, the past can be what really holds it back from being a success.

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I sometimes find myself wishing that garrisons were designed to be account-wide from the beginning. It may sound silly, but I’d love to see my alts hanging out in my single account-wide garrison when I’m logged on another character. This is obviously not in the cards, but maybe there could be some changes to make managing multiple garrisons a little bit easier. You can tell yourself that they are “optional” as much as you want, but you’d be missing out a large portion of this expansion if you simply ignored them, even on alts. Thankfully, Blizzard is listening to feedback and plans on making adjustments in the future.

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Good to hear. I have a few ideas on how things might be improved, some more realistic than others.
1. BoA follower armor and weapon upgrades
As it stands, having a Dwarven Bunker/War Mill and Salvage Yard are essentially requirements if you want to partake in the most worthwhile follower missions. Wouldn’t it be nice if after your first or second garrison this was no longer the case? I’ve put a significant amount of time and resources into my main’s followers, and I’m at the point where most of them are maxed out in item level. However, I still have a ton of items like War Ravaged Weaponry which I can no longer use on this character. My alts could put them to good use.
2. Account-wide learned blueprints
We still have to pay gold and resources to actually construct the building (and upgrade the garrison), which I think is more than enough of an expense — especially on your 3rd or 4th time through.
3. Discounts for buildings and upgrades
Perhaps the garrison architects and builders would be so kind to give us a volume discount? Fully decking out a garrison in level 3 buildings will cost you somewhere around 25,000+ gold once you factor in the blueprints. Perhaps making the blueprints account-wide would be enough to help with this, but at the very least it would be nice to have that 5000 gold cost of upgrading to level 3 reduced for subsequent characters.
4. BoA follower re-roll items
It seems inevitable that my alt I hardly play is practically swimming in Follower Re-training Certificates while my main doesn’t seem to get any of them. There’s also the Supreme Manual of Dance and Hearthstone Strategy Guide which fall into this category.
5. Follower unlock prerequisites
There are many followers in the Draenor that only become available once you’ve completed a certain number of quests in a particular zone. The problem is when you’re going through these zones on alts with full rested XP and 20% increased XP potions, you seldom finish the main story lines in a zone before you move onto the next. It would be wonderful if these followers were already available for recruitment on your alts once you’ve done the quest prerequisites on another character.
Do you think managing multiple garrisons is too much? If so, what changes would you like to see?

As much as I love Shadowmoon Valley (and it’s a lot) I often wish I could move my garrison. There’s something about the idea of planting it in Talador and making a bold statement about retaking Shattrath from the Iron Horde that just appeals to me – I know SMV and Frostfire are were we first arrived, but considering there was at least one other failed garrison (the Spires of Arak saw Admiral Taylor start one) I feel like we could be a bit more flexible about where we put the things.

If I were playing Horde I’d love to put my garrison in Gorgrond. Gorgrond just feels like a Horde zone to me – all that giant primal monster battling, I guess.
So where would you put your garrison, if you could put it anywhere? I often dream of relocating it to Winterspring once this expansion is over.

Comments from gamers:

Thrusk Jan 7, 2015
I’m a Druid, I can change into a bird, but the model doesn’t look like a roadrunner or ostrich to me… I’d put my garrison in any zone that allows flight.

It is full of Shadow Council now.Onto the question proper. I would also like to move the Garrison to Talador, but for much more practical reasons. The central aspect of the region makes it the best for movement.For instance, I have my normal Hearthstone set to the Spire of Light so I can use Aviana’s Feather from there to other parts of Draenor.

Hillsbrad. It shall be called New Southshore aka “Suckithordeopolis”.

For my Draenei Shaman I would’ve still put it in Shadowmoon.

For the Horde I’d probably move to Gorgrond or Spires of Arakk, I still dislike the cold snowy place its in right now for my Troll rogue, I would prefer somewhere warmer at least.

I would plant mine just outside Grim Batol in order to take the city back. Being a dwarf and all… Or perhaps grizzly hills, love that place.

First off, I wish we could make the buildings a little closer to our various races. I’d love a night elf theme or a pandaren theme (I never got sick of Pandaria).

Druid: Ashenvale. Perfect setup for taking the forest back from the Horde.

Paladin: Just further down the road to set up a solid border between Talador and Shadowmoon Valley.

Monk: Tough choice and I can’t think of anywhere I’d want it.

Rogue: Howling Fjord. No reason in particular, I just really love that zone.

I would build mine in feralas just north of feathermoon stronghold in the bay. That way im where im required for night elf interests, im backing up shandris feathermoon and im also close to the dark portal for me and my followers todo missions.

I’d take over Broken Horn Village. I main a troll, and despite the Laughing Skull being an Orcish clan their aesthetic is so very trollish. With the position next to the Everbloom and The Pit and easy access to the sea and all the lumber I can eat? Sign me up.

I would put it in Frostfire, the snow and black rocks…it appeals to me for some reason. I like the forest, but…the desolate tundra just speaks to me better. From a character stand point it suits my hunter, she’d rather be on her own away from people, though I don’t rp with her. Some of the flat areas makes me like that you can see for miles at a time. The rocks and trees of SMV could hide too many things, but snow…snow is hard to hide in. I can’t wait for flying, FF will be the place I lurk the most, so many remote mountains to sit on and watch the sky.

The World of Warcraft is an expansive universe. You’re playing the game, you’re fighting the bosses, you know the how — but do you know the why? Each week, Matthew Rossi and Anne Stickney make sure you Know Your Lore by covering the history of the story behind World of Warcraft. Best place to buy wow gold fast and cheaphttp://www.gold4fans.com/
Last week, we talked about the history of Khadgar — a mage who had the unfortunate fortune of being apprenticed to Medivh, the Guardian of Tirisfal, just as the Guardian unleashed an angry bloodthirsty rampaging army of orcs upon Azeroth. It wasn’t Medivh that carried out this task, but the spirit of Sargeras that lingered on inside him, passed on from his mother, Aegwynn. Although Khadgar eventually figured out this plot and confronted and defeated Medivh directly, the consequences for doing so were dire — Khadgar found his magic and his vitality sapped away, aging from a youth to an old man near instantly.
The loss of so much of his precious mortality weighed hard on Khadgar, but it didn’t stop him from accomplishing the seemingly impossible — closing down the Dark Portal not once, but twice. The second time would be the last anyone would see of Khadgar for years, because he shut it down on the Draenor side of the Portal, stranding himself and the rest of the Alliance Expedition on the shattered wastelands of Outland until we found him again in Burning Crusade. And now, it seems Khadgar has closed the Dark Portal for a third time, with the aid of heroes both Alliance and Horde. Yet there’s something strange about Khadgar, a peculiar mystery that keeps getting stranger the longer I look at it.

As we know that Garrison is an very intresting part of wow now. How would you like a follower who will happily throw a beam of light on you if you /praise him, and hand over a toy for your Toy Box just to be nice? Soulare of Andorhal isn’t your typical follower at all. He’s a protection paladin with the usual array of good follower abilities, but it’s the fun things this follower does that makes him appealing. There’s also the fact that he’s a thinly-veiled reference to the Dark Soul character Solaire of Astora, but that’s just the icing on the cake.

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Getting this follower, however, is slightly more difficult than you’d think. He starts out at level 90, because you don’t find him out in the wilds of Draenor — you recruit him from your Inn. In order to get Soulare, you’re going to need the right building, the right set of abilities, and a whopping dollop of luck on top of it. But it’s all worth it in the end. And if you’re not quite feeling up to the challenge … well, there’s some good news on that end, too.
In order to obtain Soulare, you’ll first need to get your garrison set up with either the Lunarfall Inn or Frostwall Tavern, and upgrade the building to level two. Once you have done so, you’ll have an NPC in the building that can recruit one follower a week for you, and you can clarify what you’d like that follower to do. Soulare doesn’t have a predetermined list of abilities, but players have reported obtaining him by looking for something to counter Wild Aggression, and by something to counter Magic Debuff. He is not a guaranteed option for either of these — and since you can only recruit one follower a week, it may be quite some time before you see him pop up.

Sure, collecting followers for your garrison is pretty fun — after all, they head out on missions and can potentially bring you back all kinds of valuable rewards. But what about your garrison while everyone is away? Oddly enough, there are a few different potential garrison denizens that aren’t followers. You’ll never send them on a single mission. But they’ll come hang out at your garrison anyway, if you go out of your way and rescue them from whatever unfortunate situation they’ve accidentally stumbled into.

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That’s where Peckers the Majestic comes in. This fearsome looking raptor will gladly follow you back to your garrison if you take the time to help him out. Don’t expect him to be too terribly friendly, though. While you can pet the raptor, he’ll respond by promptly giving you a swift kick and running away. Apparently, he’s been taking lessons from Ruthers the bad yak. Yet despite his temperamental disposition, he’s a pretty cool addition to any garrison — so how do you get this ornery raptor? You’ll want to head to Gorgrond.
Peckers is locked away in a cage in Stonemaul Arena. Head to the back of the arena into the big building called Kor’gall’s Hovel, and veer left to find a variety of unusual creatures in various cages. If you’ve unlocked the Gladiator’s Sanctum in Gorgrond, you should be familiar with the area — if you haven’t, this area does include a bonus objective you can easily complete while you’re searching for your newfound friend. Peckers is located in a cage in the back left of the area, roughly 37,70 for those of you using coordinates. Simply click his cage to set him free, and he’ll show up later on at your garrison — apparently he’s smart enough to know where you live.
So why the name Peckers, exactly? Good question. Oddly enough, the original iteration of Peckers that you released in Kor’gall’s Hovel was once a brilliantly colored purple and green tallstrider. It wasn’t until he got to your garrison that he morphed into his raptor appearance. He’s since been fixed, and now appears as a raptor at both locations, but his name seems way more suited to a creature with a beak than a raptor. Maybe he was meant to be a tallstrider all along? Who knows. Regardless of his unusual origins and ornery attitude, Peckers makes a pretty cool addition to your garrison, and he’s completely free to acquire for both Alliance and Horde players. He might not be the most useful or friendly of companions, but he’s definitely worth hunting down if you’d like to give your garrison some additional flavor.

Summons a totem sapient to earn extra XP in any skill. In addition, share it with your friends to give them a 10% PE extras, and even more for you!
Unlocks a chest Treasure Hunter 1 August at 01:00 BST to 8 August at 00:59 BST for the very essence of wisdom. Use the essence to invoke a sapient totem, and get additional PE to train a skill.Just train like you usually do, and see how they increase your PE!
The totem keeps its own reserve additional PE, which is used before stored as usual extras PE. Do not lose sight of the totem, because if you walk away from it too, will disappear and you have to invoke it again.
Share your sapient Totem with other players to win even more additional PE. When your friends are in harmony with your totem, gain 10% additional XP you get totem during the last minute. Receive this award PE extras once per minute in each of the trained skills. As soon harmonize with your totem, you will receive even more PE!
Your totem can be in harmony with up to 10 people at once, with the top five most allow you to earn the additional PE.
Everyone gets a key a day, and if a member of RuneScape receive two! You can also get them playing. Visit the wiki to find out how to get them, and for more information about Treasure Hunter.
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A “World of Warcraft” GM or game master is an employment position with Blizzard Entertainment. The GM handles issues from players of the massive multiplayer online role playing game. These issues can cover everything from helping a player get started to writing tickets to ban players that abuse the rules. The GM must have excellent typing skills and a keen awareness of “WoW” rules.

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world of warcraft

A “WoW” GM must have superior customer service skills. GMs have to deal with what one former GM called a lot of “stupid” tickets, such as players upset that another player called his character fat. A GM must have a large tolerance for such complaints and a thick skin about personal attacks. The same GM told the website Something Awful that people unhappy with a GM’s decision love to point out GM mistakes.

Be organized. A customer service representative is the face of the company that players will associate with their gaming experience. A GM must deal with all types of requests, difficult attitudes and deliver friendly, organized service.

Live in Irvine, California. Most GM positions work out of the Irvine, California headquarters of Blizzard Entertainment. The department is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. GM’s should expect to work hourly shifts with some weekend and overtime hours.

Note:Check the “Career Opportunities” link on the Blizzard website for job openings. The GM position was not listed as of July 2011. Blizzard does not accept phone calls about its job openings.