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Congratulation to all ESO players in this grand new 2016! Let aside new hope and new contents, we have got good news – Elder Scrolls Online has been voted as the best MMORPG of 2015. For the game itself and players, it’s the perfect end to a strong year and a great start to 2016, isn’t it? Just buy cheap eso gold on safewow to enjoy the game now!

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ESO is voted as the best MMORPG of 2015

2015 has closed out with a bang, and the Elder Scrolls Online has also got a perfect ending. From a poll that run on MMORPG.com through December 28 to January 3, the game earned the most of support (25.1% votes) and beat Final Fantasy XIV, Guild Wars 2 and other games to be the best MMORPG of 2015. How can people pick up ESO from the numerous popular mmo games? It is no doubt that there are many bigger games, like World of Warcraft. But not hurry, the MMORPG.com site made that poll based on a certain principle – it is all about the existing games getting better, delivering content, and expanding player-base.

Based on the principle, there is other “the best”:
1. Best RPG Expansion or DLC of 2015: The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone
2. Best MMO Expansion or DLC of 2015: Star Wars: The Old Republic- Knights of the Fallen Empire
3. Best MOBA or Battle Game of 2015: Heroes of the Storm
4. Best RPG of 2015: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Look at what ESO has brought to players in 2015

If the principle above doesn’t make some sense for you why ESO won that category, just read on to see what power ESO has and what updates it has offered during the past year. To begin with, not only did Zenimax successfully launched ESO on Xbox one and PS4 this year, but they also converted their game to the more viable Buy to Play model. Since then, players can enjoy two massive DLC packs, Imperial City and Orsinium on consoles. Not to mention that ESO offers the greatest PVP experience and has larger pvp maps than that in GW2, a game with giant scale pvp. What’s more, ESO is one of the few rare MMOs in history that actually allows you to play in a living world, while 99% of all MMOs never have that.

ESO completed its 2015 with the honor of the Best MMORPG of 2015, and then it is now on the way to release more amazing contents: Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood to be coming in the first half of 2016. So you will never have a reason to leave this game! Why not buy cheap eso gold on Safewow to enjoy the game? Safewow always delivers the gold to customers safely and fast within 15 minutes, so that you can get them quickly for your exploration!

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gold isn’t just used for shopping with merchants. A player can use it to buy their way out of trouble with the guards, pay for travel, or to pay for secrets and information. Suffice to say, getting as much gold as quickly as possible is a wise strategy for game play. Of course, completing the tasks set out in the game is certain to bring in gold, as is selling to merchants. However, neither of these options net a large amount of gold very quickly. There is no mistaking that they do earn gold, but merchants only have a maximum amount of roughly fifteen hundred gold at a time, and more than likely there will be less than that. Also, there may not be anything in a player’s that they want to part with, or that a merchant wants. So what are some good options for farming gold without cheats or even buying from gold farmer.

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Enemies are always a good place to start. Once an enemy has been slain, it is possible to look through their belongings to see what they are carrying. Almost all game characters carry at least some gold on them, and defeating these enemies is sure to net a fair amount of money. Even if the gold on an enemy is minimal, they may be carrying something worthwhile to sell to a merchant. It is also important to point out that enemies who are an adverse class from that of a player’s class will often carry more gold or more useful items on their person. Fighting is a good place to start.

Smithing and enchanting are also solid ways to gain gold. As the smithng and enchanting skills are improved, the value of the potions, armor, and weaponry in a player’s inventory. The higher the smithing and enchanting skills are, the better the tems that can be created. These items can be sold to merchants at higher prices than most, because they are rare. Rare items are high dollar items. The more rare items in a player’s inventory, the more gold that player stands to make. A player who sells multiple rare items to multiple merchants can make a lot of gold in just a small amount of time.

The Thieve’s Guild s another great place to make fast money. Any guild will pay money for tasks, but the Thieve’s Guild can also teach a player how to get gold by less honest means. It will take a little time to build up the sneak skill required to steal items and gold. Once the skills learned in the Thieve’s Gild have built up, a whole treasure trove of rare items and gold become available to an enterprising player. There are two ways to sell stolen items. There is a perk that allows a player to sell stolen items to any merchant. This allows a player to get full price for any stolen item. The other option is to take items to a fence, a person who sells stolen items. The fence will sell the items for the player, but the player will not get full price for the item. The better option is to use the perk at the appropriate skill level in order to get full price on stolen items from any of the local merchants.

These are the best ways to maximize a player’s amount of teso gold in the shortest amount of time, without using cheats. It will make the Elder Scrolls Online experience much more profitable to the player.

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Create the Best Character
When you build your own characters, there are a lot of options of the appearance to choose. What is important is the races and alliance. You select the best races and right for your class.

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Powerful Abilities
Every class has specific skills to unlock in the game. But you just choose five or six abilities to attack in battle. You often level up your abilities. At the beginning, you can frequently use roll, block and stun because your character has not sufficient abilities. With adding abilities, you learn to how to collocate different abilities. -

High Levels
The higher your levels are, the stronger your character is. How to power level in the game? First, you challenge dungeons, destroy Dark Anchor and defeat bosses as frequently as possible, which greatly increase your experience. Second, there are hundreds of books to offer. Reading more books can upgrade your character as well as your abilities.
Excellent ESO Items
There are all sorts of eso items with different quality in ESO. Generally, a good item can increase the damage of your characters. You can explore dungeons and defeat bosses to gain equipment. Besides, you collect materials to craft items on your own. There is the need of enough time and energy to farm excellent eso items.

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To say that the map for The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited: Orsinium is massive is an understatement. Huge in scope with plenty to see and do, the first DLC for ESO is a blast to play through, even if its more of the same fun from the main game.

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A part of an expedition to Wrothgar to help rebuild a once proud Orc civilization, you’ll find a bevy of new friends and allies once you get there. Although it’s a lot of fetch-quest-based gameplay, there’s a depth to the story and the new characters and dungeons help flesh things out nicely. Some of the storylines are more immersive than you’d expect and thanks to some tough enemies and vivid and cool side quests, this DLC is something dedicated fans of the series can quickly latch on to. However, what is usually the case in the Elder Scrolls series, traversing the new map is the coolest part of the DLC.

From the snow covered mountains to the small towns and eventually greenery, it’s a beautiful environment, filled with secrets and treasure. Simply put, wandering around alone amounts to a wild amount of fun if the Elder Scrolls is your go-to game. If you only have a passing fancy with the series however, you won’t feel like all that much has changed.

That’s where the Maelstrom Arena changes things. An area designed for brawling, it’s a destination that adds more beef to the familiar feeling DLC. A real test of ones character, you’ll face waves of enemies that won’t let up. By the end of it all, you’ll have a good idea of what you’ve done right and wrong over the course of leveling-up your character. While it’s a cool time killer and addition to the gameplay mix, it’s not enough to bring back players that feel there’s nothing new to the series.

Overall, the new stretch of land is ultimately for hardcore fans that can’t get enough ESO. Gamers that want a few extra gameplay additions mixed into the formula won’t get it here, but they will get a bevy of new quests and dungeons, there’s enough things to do to take them into 2016.

Massive Map: With over 20 hours of gameplay, new animals, weapons and quests, the massive map puts everything in a wild perspective. There’s simply too much to see and do.
Cool Missions: From rescuing people in caves to killing off tough new World Bosses, there’s plenty of spice to the mission types.

More of the Same: It’s a lot of fun, but it isn’t as different an experience as you would expect.
Difficult: Even though you can jump into the DLC regardless of your level, you’ll enjoy it a lot more if you spent some serious time in the main game.
Not a Great Multi-Player Experience: Much of the same problems from the original remain as its just not a game that plays great with friends

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The Creative Director of Elder Scrolls Online, Rich Lambert, has taken to the official forums to announce his plan of removing Veteran Ranks from the game. As things are not finalized, there is no information about how precisely the change will be. However, the intention is champion points will take over your VR level, while scaled gear will be also granted with CP earned.

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Rough plan of removing Veteran Ranks from ESO

So, according to the official words, Veteran Ranks won’t be available in the game. Here you can see the rough plan from Lamber to remove VR and apply CP to mark players’ achievements in PVP. Make sure that these changes are still in the early, non-finalized stages of planning.
1. Once you hit 50, champion points take over. Veteran Ranks are completely removed.
2. When Veteran Ranks are removed, any Veteran Ranks on your highest character will be converted into CP.
3. To get balance, the idea is making 10CP equal to 1 VR (so 160 CP will roughly = VR16).
For further details, 2.5 CP will be granted for every VR level players have earned on their highest level character, so is to say, 40 CP for a VR16 character. When it is converted, any player with CP less than their old veteran rank 10 will get enough CP to reach total VR 10. As an example, Lambert told that if a player is VR14 with 75 CP, he will get 65 CP (140-75) instead of 40, ensuring that he can equip any gear he may have. However, players won’t have 501 CP to equip the top level gear. New gear with higher CP requirements would be added into the game in the future, but huge jumps, so it is impossible to go suddenly from160 to 400.
Will this new idea fear new players to enjoy PVP?

When VR level is replaced by Cp, there will also be gear scaling that requires you to have X champion points. This aroused a concern from eso gold buyers that is if new players will be alienated from pvp group when they are weaker due to the lack of champion points. Some people think that getting Champion Points is way more grinding to reach any high amount, thus new players who stand little chance to compete with high CP players would leave fast. However, others believe that this is a good way to add requirements to items, and CP gain is fast at the low end. When the Champion cap is raised newcomers will get more CP even faster.

As far as Safewow is concerned, there is always some sort of grind in an MMO. If there is no way to improve a character, what’s the point of playing? The underlying difference between VR &CP grinding is that the former is account wide instead of character bound (allowing you to play alternate characters easier). From this aspect, the plan to remove VR is not so bad. Still, there is no point to have too many discussions before things are finalized, so just buy cheap and fast eso gold on Safewow to enjoy new contents in Orsinium.

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Zenimax always knows how to create content that feels fresh and new. In the latest ESO DLC pack, Orsinium, they have offered the single player franchise environment and amazing solo content, Maelstrom Arena for all players, bringing them all different encounters to make new experience. To stand out from this arena, a comprehensive understanding on the features and mechanics would be necessary.

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Prepare to challenge different encounters in Maelstrom Arena

Well, the solo content, Maelstrom Arena is never easy. Each encounter is different there, so you’d better look at and adjust your play style. The strategy that you used in the previous round might not work on the next. You will need to look at your class in a completely new way. The tank character that could tank every dungeon boss would not work anymore. You have neither partners who can help to kill the boss, nor someone that heal you anymore. You are completely alone. What’s more, when you’ve completed the Normal version, you will enter into the Veteran version that is another learning curve. You may feel angry from being killed multiply. However, my suggestion is don’t get upset if you can’t do it the first couple of times. Being challenging is the best feature in an arena. There is nothing worse than walking through the whole highlights without being able to experience an impression contents.
Slow down as no new content provided after veterans version

You won’t always feel challegeable in Orsinium Maelstrom Arena. Once you have beaten Veteran version of the arena, you won’t get new different arena encounters. If you’ve beat it at the first time, you can do it repeatedly, but now you get to challenge yourself with doing the same thing over and over again. While it’s fun the first time, it is boring doing the same thing multiple times just to show your ability or get a piece of gear. Still, there are people who enjoy this type of competition and even thrive on it, but repetitiveness just isn’t enjoyable anymore and I don’t think I’m alone on this. So my recommendation is that you can complete the content slowly, don’t rush through but rather enjoy every quest you do and bask in the beautiful landscape you’re adventuring through.

Though no new content after veteran version is somewhat a drawback, the different experiences provided in Maelstrom Arena make the expansion worth the 3,000 crowns, not to mention the unique storylines and other amazing features it contains. So to fully enjoy this DLC, you can buy cheap eso gold with fast delivery on Safewow!

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Werewolves are part of the rich lore in the Elder Scrolls universe, and a lot of new ESO players are interested in playing as one of the fabled beasts (especially Skyrim players who enjoyed the Companions quests). Werewolves are vicious beasts, and playing as one of these frenzied killing machines adds an interesting dynamic to the game.

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As powerful and legendary as these beasts are, none are as interesting as the White Werewolf.To become a White Werewolf in ESO, you must first contract Sanies Lupinus — a disease contracted after being bitten by a Werewolf. Sanies Lupinus will unlock the Werewolf skills in The Elder Scrolls Online.

To contract the disease you can either:
1.Be bitten by a Werewolf mob in your Alliance’s level 30-40 zone (Reapers March for the Aldmeri Dominion, Bangkorai for the Daggerfall Covenant, and The Rift for the Ebonheart Pact). Once bitten, you’ll need to go to a nearby Wayshrine to start the quest Hircine’s Gift.
2.Be bitten by a fellow player who already has the disease. Tip: Infected players can bite another player once every 7 days. If you’re looking to contract the disease, ask fellow guildies or advertise in Zone chat that you’re looking for a bite. Costs vary, but expect to pay upwards of 5,000 gold.

Once you’re bitten, you’ll unlock the Werewolf skill set (located under World Skills). If you’re interested in turning into a White Werewolf in ESO, the ability you need to develop is Werewolf Transformation.

Once Werewolf Transformation reaches Rank IV, you’ll be able to morph the ability into Pack Leader or Werewolf Berserker. To become a White Werewolf in ESO, you need to choose Pack Leader.

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Tel Var Stones are new “currency” in ESO that can be earned within the Imperial City location only and spent for cool pieces of gear or crafting resources at special trading posts. It’s a new mechanics that makes gameplay much more interesting.
Let’s start from the lore. The lore of Elder Scrolls Online tells that these stones are small pieces of the White-Gold Tower splintered from the structure during Molag Bal’s attempt to pull the tower into Coldharbour. They contain some sort of unknown arcane power and therefore are valuable. Different enchanters and mages are looking for these stones in order to use their power. But for us they are valuable because we can receive some cool stuff exchanging them at special store.

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Reasons to Collect Tel Var Stones
There are 4 major reasons to collect Tel Var Stones:
1.You can exchange them for different pieces of 6 new gear sets: Shieldbreaker, Meritorious Service, Black Rose, Phoenix Armor, Powerful Assault and Reactive Armor.

2.You can exchange them for special lockboxes of green and blue quality. These lockboxes contain random item that belongs to one of the sets listed above.

3.You can exchange the stones for VR15 and VR16 crafting materials for all professions. You can also receive Charcoal of Remorse that is required for crafting in Xivkyn style.

4.You can spend them to get a special teleporting stone called Sigil of Imperial Retreat. This item teleports you to your alliance’s home base from any place in the Imperial City. This item is magical and it takes time to cast. It can be used only once but it allows to bring your Tel Var Stones back to the safe place.

Always keep in mind that the amount of the stones you are carrying unsafe affects the multiplier! Every player has to choose if he wants to keep his multiplier high with a risk of losing all the aracne currency, or to deposit the currency and lower the multiplier. High risk = high gains.

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You may have known the Crown and Crafted XP potions with the release of ESO 2.0.2 patch. It is confirmed that this porion will provide an assitional 50% boost to all EXP gains. Certainly, you can also craft these EXP potions for unexpected boost. Safewow will always be here to offer you eso gold xbox and ps4 to trade the crafting fragments from others.

What is XP Boost Potion in the Elder Scrolls Online?

Experience Boost Potions now should be the best way to level up in the Elder Scrolls Online. You can purchase these potions directly from the crown store for 1000 crowns for a pack of five. This kind of potions will be able to provide additional 50% boost to all experience gains, including leveling EXP, Veteran Rank leveling, and even champion point experience.

To make it last longer, you can craft these potions to higher version. You can obtain the fragments via the provisioning writs, or directly trade them to other players. If you want to buy the fragments from others, Safewow can offer you cheap ESO gold PS4 or Xbox all the time.

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ArcheAge with its launch updates has been available for European and American players now. To support your ArcheAge career, cheap ArcheAge gold with an exclusive coupon code has also hit the shelves on Cheapdiablo.


ArcheAge with its launch updates

The launch f ArcheAge has made players excited but upset in the past two days. What makes them excited is the amazing experience like they were waiting for, but what makes them upset is its capacities and AFK. To make the game better, the developer has made a promise for the following things.

First, more hardware is on its way to balance the launch popularity. They are aiming to transport physical servers for days, not weeks.

Second, AFKer will be swept aggressively, even manually when needed. During beta, the developer has claimed to tolerant AFK mount riding. But in future, players who are not actively playing might not be there when they get back. Moreover, a more aggressive AFK timer should be set up to suit to an over-popular launch.

In addition, they have talked about how customer service will be taking it up and the need for more and better communication.

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