Should I play Final Fantasy XIV? That question gets thrown around all the time. In this article, we will give you a brief impression of what you can expect with FFXIV: A Realm Reborn.

FFXIV Offers Cross-Platform Play

Final Fantasy XIV is an interesting game. Originally released in 2010, it was shut down because it was awful. Square Enix rebuilt it from the ground up and rebranded it as A Realm Reborn, and now, it’s really good. It’s available on PC, Mac, PS3, and PS4, although the PS3 version is being slowly phased out.

The amazing thing about the game is it’s fully cross-platform, meaning all players from all platforms play together on the same servers. Playstation 4 players, Mac players, and PC players are all gaming together on the same world, as long as you’re on the same realm.

Half of FFXIV Is Free to Play

As for the cost, this is where things get a bit more complex. Final Fantasy XIV was a monthly subscription game. But due to recent generous changes, you can now create a free trial account. This free trial account can experience a massive amount of the game, including the entire core main game and the whole first expansion – Heavensward for free from level 1 up to 60 in all jobs. But there are restrictions to this trial. These restrictions include no trading with other players, no more than one character per world, and no using the player to player Market Board.

Unfortunately, if you have an old character that used to be a paid monthly sub, you can’t convert it to a free trial character. You need to start a new character to get the Free Trial. Once you’ve played through the good 500 hour core game and Heavensward expansions, the monthly subscription is around 9 pounds or 13 dollars, which is super reasonable given the quality of the game.

Final Fantasy XIV is set in the Magical land of Eorzea. New players to the Final Fantasy Franchise will be happy to know that the games, despite sharing the Final Fantasy name, are not a single chronological adventure. Each one is an independent experience with a few superficial similarities, meaning you can start with FFXIV and not be missing out on anything.

FFXIV Is a High-Quality Game

The land of Eorzea itself is vast, covering multiple environments and biomes from secluded treetop canopies to murky swamps or dry, arid desert mesas. The city you start in will be determined by your starting class, but no matter where you start, it will look gorgeous.

The lighting effects, character models, combat animations, and music are stunningly high quality. In fact, one of the reasons the original FFXIV didn’t do too well was the graphics were too good. Even tiny insignificant objects had a massive amount of polygons. There was an interview with the creator a while ago where he said a background flower pot had ten thousand polygons, which was the same count as the character models. If you want to see what your PC can really do or what the Playstation 4 is really capable of, Final Fantasy 14 on max graphics will put it through its paces.

The attention to detail and high quality is obvious from the very start with the Character Creation. When creating a character, you’ll first be able to choose your race. You’ve got the human-like nomadic Hyur, the sleek and graceful elfin-like Elezen, the adorable and insufferable Lalafell, the cat-like Miqo’te, the super buff Roegadyn, and the scaly AU RA. Each race is visually different, and the variety gives the whole game a seriously fantastical feel.

Each race can play as any class, so this is purely an aesthetic choice. Pick what you think looks cool. Character Creation is ridiculously detailed, letting you customize not only your hair and height, but the very whites of your eyes or the color around them.

FFXIV Has a Unique Class System

As for classes, Final Fantasy XIV does’t restrict you. While you may start the game as one thing, you are not limited to it. FFXIV calls its classes “Disciples of War” for the fighter classes, “Disciples of Magic” for the spellcasters, and Crafting is broken down into “Disciples of the Land” for Gathering and “Disciples of the Hand” for making stuff.

You may begin the game as an Archer, a Gladiator, or a Conjurer, but that’s not what you will stay as. Leveling through your individual jobs, storyline will unlock new abilities for that job, but to switch jobs or classes, all you need to do is switch weapons. This means you only need one character to experience absolutely everything the game has to offer. If you’re fighting an enemy that’s weak against a certain combat style, you can come back geared up with that style. This also means if you’re playing with a group of friends, and one of you gets bored of tanking, you can switch whenever you need to. I absolutely love the freedom of this system.

Once you reach the basic version of a class to a certain level, you can complete a special quest and evolve it into a better version. The Archer becomes a Bard, the Lancer becomes a Dragoon. It’s a new name and a slightly different set of abilities, showing you are a more elite version of that class.

FFXIV’s Combat Does Not Start Good

As for the Combat System, Final Fantasy XIV has great Combat, EVENTUALLY. The end game dungeons and harder bosses will see you in a large team of players pulling off amazing feats of combat skill, using many special attacks and chaining together abilities to form massive damage, dodging, healing, defending, and attacking within dynamic and exciting fights, and it’s super enjoyable AT THE END GAME.

However, the first 20 or 30 hours of combat are, in my opinion, super dull. You’ve got your basic auto attack and a single activated ability, which you’ll spam until you get a second. But, most abilities, especially in the early game, use the global cooldown timer, meaning activating one places all of them onto a short cooldown. Usually, this means you have to choose which ability to use in a given situation. But at the start, it means you’ll just be slowly cycling through two or three buttons for several hours. To be clear, Final Fantasy XIV’s Combat is graphically beautiful and mechanically solid. It does get good, but it does not start good.

Once you get into the meat of the game though, you’ve got a vast amount of content available from randomized boss battle Roulettes to organized dungeons, or even join in the localized Fate Battles, which are reoccurring battle challenges out in the open world.

FFXIV Has Too Many Cutscenes

Final Fantasy XIV has a lot to offer. It just takes its sweet time getting to the good bit. Despite being one of the most played MMORPGs in history, Final Fantasy 14 takes itself extremely seriously as a solo story. If you’re after a game that encourages you to rush to the high-level content and join your friends doing mindless dungeon run after dungeon run, then don’t even consider playing this game.

It can help to look at this game as more of a solo classic single player Final Fantasy with heavy multiplayer elements. FFXIV has an insane amount of cutscenes, and some of them are quite long. This game rivals Metal Gear Solid for extremely long cutscenes. This is a deep involved RPG with a deep involved story that needs you to get involved with it.

If you spam-click through all the text and just follow the quest descriptions then wonder why the game feels so shallow, it’s because the story is a primary factor of Final Fantasy XIV. If you don’t engage with the story, you’ll be missing a massive chunk of the experience.

The story itself also isn’t bad. It’s very good and extremely well written once it gets going. But again, this suffers the same flaw as combat. it takes a while to get going. The first few hours, potentially days, if you’re playing casually, we’ll see you performing busy work in the starting city, picking up dropped rubbish, passing messages back and forth between people, performing emotes at local NPCs … doing all the things we consider non-heroic.

The early game quests are very simple. Talk to A, go and talk to B, deliver item C, or kill three low-level enemies. Brand new players to the MMORPG genre will appreciate the ease of access, but veteran players will feel somewhat coddled.

To the game’s credit, it does have a top-notch in-game tutorial system with every single new mechanic explained and fully documented. You’ll never be unsure of what does what. It’s just a remarkably slow start.

FFXIV Has One Of The Best MMO Communities

While it can be played as a high-quality single player adventure, it’s also one of the most successful RPGs of all time with MMO population putting it as the 5th most popular MMO with about 2 million daily active players. The Final Fantasy 14 community is thriving with in-game Guilds or Free Companies constantly recruiting and adventuring together, extremely active subreddit, YouTube, Twitch communities, and even a real-life restaurant – the Eorzea Cafe in Japan.

FFXIV Is a Long-Term Game Aimed at Long-Term Players

Final Fantasy XIV has become a major success both financially and culturally. The main cities in the game are always super populated, and when I logged in, I had to join a queue. You know a game is doing well when there’s a queue to log in.

FFXIV is a long-term game aimed at long-term players. There’s thousands of hours of content, and it’s dished out to you very slowly, but if you take your time and appreciate the journey more than the destination, you’ll find a brilliant game here.

The main story quest or MSQ will take a long time to finish. Even though they’ve recently streamlined the whole process, it’s not a quick experience, and the expansions will see you dedicating a good few weeks of solid to casual play to beat them.

There are three major expansions: Heavensward, Stormblood, and Shadowbringers. Each expansion brings new classes, new items, new armor, and a massive amount of new enemies and areas to explore, as well as pushing the central storyline forward. Even though you can buy a level boost and get yourself straight to the end immediately, that is not and never has been the point of the game. The adventure is the draw. Starting from the beginning and getting to the end is the fun bit. Jumping to the end will not give you anywhere near a fair experience of this game.

The game has a slow start from the tedious fetch quest to the monotonous early game combat, or the immense amount of very plot-heavy cutscenes and long conversations thrown at you. But once you reach the mid to end game, there is a lot of fun, and you start to understand your place in the world and the Combat opens up and shows its true strengths.

If you’re going to play Final Fantasy XIV in 2021, you should try the very generous Free Trial and even consider the relatively affordable monthly subscription. But also keep in mind that the early game experience is weak and not representative of the height of quality it eventually reach.

So, give it a go and give it your best shot to get invested in the story and adventure through Eorzea. Be willing to give this game a few weeks to click because it does get better. It just doesn’t have the best start.

Season 1 of Shadowlands is in full swing, which also means you need to know about which teams are the best at the PvP tiers. Because the update is still going on, these lists will change frequently. Currently, there are still some good team compositions.

The strategy is an important part of PvP games. DPS rankings are the same as other WOW class levels. Your preference will also determine which team is suitable for PvP. The best teams are made up of complementary classes – all of which make good use of cooldowns and rotations.

The First Best team compositions

An Arms Warrior

A Retribution/ Holy Paladin

A Discipline Priest

Cons: The weakness of this combination is that all the roles are not mobile.

Pros: But the advantage is that they are very good at crowd control and causing burst damage, which can make the team very powerful in PvP, because they have multiple ways to quickly destroy the enemies.

The Second Best team compositions

An Affliction Warlock

A Shadow Priest

A Restoration Shaman

Cons: The disadvantage is that mobility is limited, because it takes time for the Warlock to release the damage

Pros: The advantage is that this team has multiple defense cooldowns to maintain rotation, so for long PvP matches, this team is absolutely perfect, because they have the power to outlast other teams.

The Third Best team compositions

A Windwalker Monk

An Arms Warrior

A Holy Paladin

This is the best team for players who desire mobility. Casting time and kiting enemies are not problems in this team, and it also has good defensive and offensive cooldowns. Because of these factors, it is completely reasonable for this team to be at the close top of the PvP list.

And the composition of the team will also be affected by other factors, such as your preferences and trinkets. With the continuous updates of Shadowlands, PvP tiers have been changing. But the above three comps have always been considered the best choice for PvP arena games. If you want to maximize the advantages of each member of the team, you can use WOW Gold to buy some equipment or accessories that suit them. If you need to buy WOW Gold, now is the best time, because it is Christmas, WOWclassicgp discount events are ongoing, until the new year, as long as you Buy wow classic gold cheap on WOWclassicgp,

If you prefer valuable items to OSRS gold, you probably want an idea of ??how to get a Fire Cape. However, this is not an easy task and there will be a tough boss that you will have to defeat before you can do it. As part of your preparation, consider purchasing OSRS Gold from someone RS3gold who sells OSRS Gold in case you don’t have the correct tools you need.

The Fight Caves

To find the boss that we have to defeat, you have to travel through Fight Caves. You have to descend Karamji underground via Karamja Dungeon and Crandor. There you will find a cave that leads to Mor Ul Rek, so head here where you will meet a few enemies that need to be dealt with. Specifically, you need to defeat Tz-Kih, Tz-Kek, Tok-Xil, Yt-Mejkot, and Ket-Zek before TzTok-Jad appears.

Facing Jad

While we don’t have to worry about any skill requirements to take on Venom, we strongly recommend entering the battle caves at level 70 for Defense, Ranged, Highs, and Prayer. You’ll want to aim for level 94 in Magic if you also choose the melee approach. When it comes to weapons, there are some useful ranged weapons including the Toxic Blowpipe, Twisted Bow, and Rune Crossbow for you to consider. For hand-to-hand combat, check out Saradomin Godsword as well as Dragon Halberd.

You’ll face 62 waves of monsters before you get the chance to face Jad. Once you’ve overcome it, get ready for one of the toughest battles you’ve ever fought. Venom uses a combination of melee attacks and magic to throw at you. You can say that he will use his melee attack when he hits you with his fist. As for his magic attack, he’ll stand up straight and spit fire at you, so listen when he growls, indicating he’s about to attack. Also, watch out for the cracks in the floor as Jad knocks down his front legs.

When he is about half the health, Jad will call for healers to help him. You have to make sure you attack them to distract the boss. Then stick to Jad’s ranged attacks and you’ll quickly defeat him.

The Fire Cape

In order to ultimately overthrow Jad, you’ll capture the Cape of Fire you’ve been working on. Thanks to its unique lava pattern, it is without a doubt one of the best melee capes in the game. It has the same protection stats as the Legend Cloak and Obsidian Cloak, plus dirty bonuses and is stackable. This wasn’t always the case, and a game update was needed so that the Cloak could be stacked by defeating Jad multiple times.

Hopefully this endeavor means you don’t have to resort to buying OSRS gold. However, since it is stackable, you can earn some OSRS gold at some point. The venom cannot be taken lightly, you will have to be well prepared, but the reward is worth it.

Do you want to learn drop rates in OSRS Trailblazer League? Read the information below for detailed drop rates in osrs gold Misthalin, Karamja and Asgarnia.


Learn OSRS Trailblazer drop rates (Misthalin)


Abyssal dagger (Abyssal demon) – 1/32,000

Abyssal whip (Abyssal demon) – 1/512

Bryophyta’s essence (Bryophyta) – 1/118

Hill giant club (Obor) – 1/118

Unsired (Abyssal Sire) – 1/100

Wyvern visage (Ancient wyvern) – 1/10,000

Wyvern visage (Long-tailed, spitting, and taloned wyvern) – 1/12,000


Learn OSRS Trailblazer drop rates (Karamja)


Draconic visage (Steel and Iron dragons) – 1/10,000

Dragon platelegs and Dragon plateskirt (Steel dragon) – 1/512

Dragon platelegs and Dragon plateskirt (Iron dragon) – 1/1,024

Obsidian helmet, platebody, and legs (TzHaar-Ket) – 1/2,000

TzHaar weaponry (TzHaar-Ket and TzHaar-Xil) – 1/512

Toktz-mej-tal (TzHaar-Mej) – 1/4,096


Learn OSRS Trailblazer drop rates (Asgarnia)


Armadyl crossbow (Commander Zilyana) – 1/508

Armadyl armour (Kree’arra) – 1/381

Armadyl hilt (Kree’arra) – 1/508

Bandos armour (General Graardor) – 1/381

Bandos hilt (General Graardor) – 1/508

Draconic visage (Skeletal wyvern) – 1/10,000

Dragon boots (Spiritual mages) – 1/128

Any Godsword shard (Kree’arra, General Graardor, Commander Zilyana, K’ril Tsutsaroth) – 1/254

Primordial, pegasian, and eternal crystals (Cerberus) – 1/512

Saradomin hilt (Commander Zilyana) – 1/508

Saradomin sword (Commander Zilyana) – 1/127

Saradomin’s light (Commander Zilyana) – 1/254

Staff of the dead (K’ril Tsutsaroth) – 1/508

Steam battlestaff (K’ril Tsutsaroth) – 1/127

Zamorak hilt (K’ril Tsutsaroth) – 1/508

Zamorakian spear (K’ril Tsutsaroth) – 1/127


Hope our guide help you learn OSRS Trailblazer drop rates in these areas.

Players usually create their custom jump shot through the Jumpshot Creator whether in NBA 2K21 or the current NBA 2K21 Next Gen. Have you created your jumpshot yet? What’s the best jumpshot to use in NBA2K21 Next Gen? Here we present 5 top NBA 2K21 Next Gen jumpshots for you. Whether you are looking for the best point guard jumpshot NBA 2K21 Next Gen, best shooting guard jumpshot best small forward jumpshot or any other jumpshot, these 100% highest green NBA 2K21 Next Gen jumpshots may be the best for you!

NBA 2K21 Next Gen also has a large selection of jumpshots for your Myplayer, some of which are free or available to purchase or VC for the average gamer, each jumpshot might seem like a cosmetic-only kit for your character. Now let’s find out 100% highest green percentage & fastest jumpshot NBA 2K21 Next Gen, the best jumpshots for play small forward, best point guard jumpshot NBA 2K21 Next Gen, best shooting guard jumpshot, best power forward jumpshot, best center jumpsho and best NBA 2K21 Next Gen jumpshots for all builds!


1. NBA 2K21 Best Jumpshot

Lower/base: Dwyane Wade

Upper release 1: Stephen Curry

Upper release 2: Rudy Gay

Release speed: Quick

Animation blending (release 1): 70%

Animation blending (release 2): 30%

It’s going to be dwyane wade, base curry and rudy gay, 70 and 30 favoring stephen curry with the speed at the second. And the last is a giant shot.


2. Next Gen Best Jumpshot 

Lower/base: Jump Shot 98

Upper release 1: Rudy Gay

Upper release 2: Ray Allen

Release speed: Quick

Animation blending (release 1): 60%

Animation blending (release 2): 40%


3. Best Jumpshot In NBA 2K21 Next Gen

Lower/base: Jump Shot 98

Upper release 1: Rudy Gay

Upper release 2: Danilo Gallinari

Release speed: Quick

Animation blending (release 1): 60%

Animation blending (release 2): 40%


4. Green Jumpshot NBA 2K21

Lower/base: Jump Shot 98

Upper release 1: Paul George

Upper release 2: Games Harden

Release speed: Quick

Animation blending (release 1): 77%

Animation blending (release 2): 23%


5. 100% Greenlight Jumpshot NBA 2K21

Lower/base: Amateur 6

Upper release 1: Kevin Durant

Upper release 2: Kevin Durant

Release speed: Quick

Animation blending (release 1): 100%

Animation blending (release 2): 0%


How To Unlock Custom Jump Shots In NBA 2K21 Next Gen?

1. Go to the Team Practice Facility in the Neighborhood.

2. Complete training drills with your team until a message appears on-screen.

3. You’ll then be able to immediately access the Jump Shot Creator.

4. You can then access this again at any time by heading to the MyPlayer Appearance menu.

Get a Yak Track care package and Umbral Chests in this latest Prime Gaming loot for RuneScape Mobile.

Meanwhile, you can get early access to Soul Wars in Old School RuneScape. There’s something for everyone. This loot drop contains the following item(s): Old School RuneScape Prime Plays: Soul Wars Early Access

What is Prime Plays: Soul Wars?
Prime Plays: Soul Wars is a hugely popular minigame that combines PvP and PvE elements.
Soul Wars is an upcoming members-only team minigame, a remake of the original Soul Wars released in RuneScape February 10th 2009. In Soul Wars, two opposing teams compete against each other to gather soul fragments and offer them to the Soul Obelisk in order to weaken, and ultimately defeat, each other’s avatars through combat. Each game lasts 20 minutes.

To get it, simply follow the instructions on Prime Gaming.

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Prime Plays: Soul Wars
This month, we’ve teamed up with our mates at Prime Gaming to bring you an especially cool gift: early access to the Soul Wars minigame!

Free-to-play during Prime Plays: Soul Wars (15 December 2020 – 5 January 2021)

Now, we know what you’re thinking – but as Mod MikeD said in our latest Gielinor Gazette, this is not the start of a slippery slope. We’re thrilled to be exploring new partnerships, which help us protect the core progression of Old School RuneScape – but we fully intend to keep our promise that there will never be cosmetics, XP boosts, or game-changing features locked behind partner promotions. In addition, we’ll never run events like this one when it would give early access players an unfair advantage – such as seeing a boss’ moves before the final release. In this case, Soul Wars worlds will work like Tournament worlds, in that no progress will carry over to the main game. Whether you participate in this promotion or not, you’ll start on the exact same playing field when the minigame launches for real on January 6th.

So without further ado, let’s talk Soul Wars!

From December 15th, those of you who link your Old School RuneScape and Prime Gaming accounts will be able to play Soul Wars before anyone else. You’ll be able to log onto special Soul Wars game worlds and access the entirety of the minigame.

Players without Prime Gaming are still able to access the Soul Wars island via the portal in Edgeville (or Ferox enclave) to unlock the new music track required for the Music Cape.

But wait, there’s more! Although Soul Wars is a members-only minigame, this Prime Gaming event will also let free-to-play players grab a slice of the action, all the way up until January 5th.

Linking your accounts is super simple.

How do I get my content?

Existing Users:
Claim the Prime Gaming Reward through Prime Gaming
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Login to your RuneScape account
Login to your Amazon account
Allow access to link your RuneScape and Amazon account
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New Users:
Claim the Prime Gaming Reward through Prime Gaming
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The reward will now be added to your RuneScape account

Please note that new RS or OSRS users will need to complete the tutorial before being able to access certain content. RuneScape users can skip the RS tutorial by clicking the gear button (settings menu) or ESC on your keyboard, and then click ‘Skip tutorial’.

Do I need an Amazon Prime membership to be eligible for the RuneScape or Old School RuneScape offer?

Yes, you will need to have Amazon Prime membership to claim these drops. Amazon offer a 30-day Prime trial if you are new to the service.
If you are already an Amazon Prime user, click on the ‘claim name’ button on the RuneScape offer above, and sign into your Amazon Prime account.

How do I find a Prime Plays: Soul Wars world?

You can find the Prime Plays: Soul Wars worlds within the ‘Select a World’ menu. These dedicated worlds will be highlighted in blue.
Once you have selected a Prime Plays: Soul Wars world and have logged in, players will be teleported straight to the Soul Wars game lobby.

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In Wow Classic, there is a Honor System which allows players to climb the ranks and earn PvP rewards at every rank. The ranks are calculated based on players’ weekly PvP contributions. What are the PvP ranks in Classic WoW and what rank is classic PvP gear? Follow this WoW Classic PvP ranks FAQ guide to find basic info about PvP Ranks and how to the rank up in the Honor system.

What are the PvP ranks in Classic WoW?

There are 14 total WoW Classic PvP ranks in the game, which will award your WoW Classic character a title and benefits per title. The PvP rankings are updated once a week. Below are the PvP ranks in Classic WoW.

Rank    Rank Points    Alliance Title    Horde Title    Reward
14    60000    Grand Marshal    High Warlord    Epic-quality weapon and shield
13    55000    Field Marshal    Warlord    Epic-quality helm, shoulder armor, and gloves
12    50000    Marshal    General    Epic-quality chest armor, leggings, and boots
11    45000    Commander    Lieutenant General    Commander’s epic mount
10    40000    Lieutenant Commander    Champion    Superior-quality helm and shoulder armor
9    35000    Knight-Champion    Centurion    Battle Standard
8    30000    Knight-Captain    Legionnare    Rare chest armor and leggings
7    25000    Knight-Lieutenant    Blood Guard    Rare boots and gloves
6    20000    Knight    Stone Guard    Access to officer’s barracks, officer’s tabard, and potions
5    15000    Sergeant Major    First Sergeant    Superior-quality bracers
4    10000    Master Sergeant    Senior Sergeant    Superior-quality necklace
3    5000    Sergeant    Sergeant    Superior-quality cloak, 10% discount on goods
2    2000    Corporal    Grunt    Team insignia trinket
1    15 Honorable Kills    Private    Scout    Tabard

To rank up in the Honor system, you need to earn enough Contribution points to receive enough Rank Points for the next rank. If you want to get a high rank in the WoW Classic Honor system, you need to delicate much time and energy. For the first two weeks, try to grind out as much Honor as possible. After getting your first week’s ranking, just write down your estimated RP level, Honor amount and your weekly standing. This will help you get a better understanding of your realm’s competition.

What rank is classic PvP gear?

You can obtain PvP Honor sets which are sets of PvP gear through the WoW Classic PvP Honor System. There are two different sets of World of Warcraft Classic Honor System: Rare quality set that can be obtained from Ranks 7 to 10, and Epic quality set that can be obtained from levels 12 and 13. Each PvP set also has a different version for both Alliance and Horde characters. The WoW Classic PvP gear can be purchased once a certain rank has been achieved.

What is the best PvP class in WoW classic?

The Mage and Rogue are the best PvP class in WoW Classic. They are particularly powerful in World PvP, battlegrounds and duels. Each one has the ability to easily deal with multiple targets. The Frost Mage has the best crowd control in the WoW Classic, as well as lots of snares and fierce damage. Both are good, but the rogue is better overall. Rogue is much better overall than Mage, and for the arena, they are almost equal.

Can you skip ranks in WoW Classic PvP?

Yes. To progress from 1-14, it will take about 14 weeks for your faction to receive the highest honor. Levels can be skipped completely, but each successive rank becomes increasingly difficult to clear. Climbing the WoW Classic PvP ranks can be quite difficult. That’s where WoW Classic boosting service comes in. And if you need lots of WoW Classic gold, you can also buy it from WOWclassicgp. You’ll receive the gold in minutes and thus get a big advantage in getting a higer PvP rank.

Have you participated in The Knight Before Christmas for runescape gold Christmas event this year? Until Jan. 24th, complete various tasks for rewards.


RS Yak Track tasks for F2P (1-10 Tiers)


-Tier 1

Task A: Present Hunt.

Task B: Earn progress at regular intervals while skilling or engaging in combat.

-Tier 2

Task A: Complete Cooking tasks.

Task B: Complete Mining tasks.

-Tier 3

Task A: Complete Fishing tasks.

Task B: Kill monsters.

-Tier 4

Task A: Present Hunt.

Task B: Complete Fletching tasks.

-Tier 5

Task A: Earn base XP in the Smithing skill.

Task B: Complete Firemaking tasks.

-Tier 6

Task A: Complete Woodcutting tasks.

Task B: Kill monsters.

-Tier 7

Task A: Complete Crafting tasks.

Task B: Complete Firemaking tasks.

-Tier 8

Task A: Complete Prayer tasks.

Task B: Craft of Siphon Body runes

-Tier 9

Task A: Complete Fletching tasks.

Task B: Complete Mining tasks.

-Tier 10

Task A: Present Hunt.

Task B: Earn progress at regular intervals while skilling or engaging in combat.


RS Yak Track tasks for P2P (1-10 Tiers)


-Tier 1

Task A: Present Hunt. You could learn RS Present Hunt locations to find these presents.

Task B: Earn progress at regular intervals while skilling or engaging in combat.

-Tier 2

Task A: Complete Fishing or Mining tasks.

Task B: Earn progress at regular intervals while skilling or engaging in combat.

-Tier 3

Task A: Complete Archaeology (Excavation) tasks.

Task B: Kill monsters.

-Tier 4

Task A: Present Hunt.

Task B: Complete Fletching tasks.

-Tier 5

Task A: Earn base XP in the Smithing skill.

Task B: Complete Firemaking tasks.

-Tier 6

Task A: Complete Cook tasks.

Task B: Earn Marks of War by killing bosses.

-Tier 7

Task A: Complete clue scrolls.

Task B: Complete Farming tasks.

-Tier 8

Task A: Earn base XP in the Archaeology skill.

Task B: Complete Divination tasks.

-Tier 9

Task A: Complete Prayer or Crafting tasks.

Task B: Complete Runecrafting tasks.

-Tier 10

Task A: Present Hunt.

Task B: Earn progress at regular intervals while skilling or engaging in combat.


It will be great if our guide can help you complete RS Yak Track tasks.

Want to find the best build for NBA 2K21 next-gen MyCareer? Building and customizing your player is also a big part of The City. You can create your own player build based on your play style. To play well in the specific position, here we introduce a demigod NBA 2K21 next gen power forward (PF) build with most badges.

Check out the best NBA 2K21 next gen PF build. This is an NBA 2K21 playmaking 3-level scorer build, shades of Chris Webber, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Anthony Davis.

Physical Profile

The physical profile should be adjusted to increase your needed attributes and put the loss in less important parts. For example, when you go 215 pounds, even if you are not going to fill those attributes up, it gives you more attributes space, which helps to get you more badges. This is a lockdown build, so you want to max the wingspan out.

Position: Power Forward

Height: 6’8”

Weight: 215 lbs

Wingspan: 7’6”


Main Attributes

There are some attributes you should max out, such as the Steal, for a max wingspan defensive player, the steal matters. You want to actually max out pass accuracy as well, it is very important to give you better badges and more badge points. More main attributes are listed below. Perimeter defense attributes do not matter besides a shooting attribute maybe they affect the tendency or the frequency of what you’re gonna do, but the main point of the attribute is to unlock a badge. You’re a lockdown or you’re a power forward and Clamps is the most important badge, steal is more valuable when you do that.

Driving Layup – 93

Driving Dunk – 95

Standing Dunk – 94

Mid-Range Shot – 86

Pass Accuracy – 92

Steal – 92

Block – 95

Offensive Rebound – 95

Defensive Rebound – 95

Stamina – 86



Check out the primary and secondary takeover for the PF build.

Primary: Spot-up Precision

Secondary: Easy Blowbys



Finally, this power forward build got 91 badges points, here are the details of badges distribution.

Finishing badges (8): Acrobat (HOF), Fearless Finisher (HOF), Heat Seeker (HOF), Posterizer (HOF), Slithery Finisher (HOF), Giant Slayer (Bronze), Highlight Film (Bronze), Putback Boss (Bronze)

Shooting badges (6): Deadeye (Gold), Deep Threes(Gold), Green Machine (Silver), Hot Zone Hunter (Silver), Catch & Shoot (Bronze), Hot Shot (Bronze)

Playmaking badges (10): Downhill (HOF), Floor General (HOF), Handles for Days (HOF), Quick First Step (HOF), Ankle Breaker (Gold), Stop & Go (Gold), Tight Handles (Silver), Bail Out (Bronze), Unpluckable (Bronze), Bullet Passer (Bronze)

Defense/Rebounding badges (11): Intimidator (HOF), Rebound Chaser (HOF), Pick Pocket (HOF), Rim Protector (HOF), Clamps (Gold), Worm (Gold), Hot Stopper (Silver), Interceptor (Silver), Box (Bronze), Chase Down Artist (Bronze), Tireless Defender (Bronze)

In this guide, we will be focusing only on the money-making aspects of this skill, but you will still get a lot of XP along the way of doing these methods, so let’s dive right in. rs3 gold

Starting off

To start making some profit with crafting, it’s suggested you start at level 7.

But you wonder, how can you do this?

Well, you don’t need a lot of money or anything special for this,
Getting to level 7

Actually, making Leather items will get you to level 7 before you know it.

Leather Items Chart

From level 1 until level 7 you will only need 7000-7300 gold for your journey, crafting Leather gloves using only a Needle, 1 Thread, and 1 Leather for making one gloves.

Material cost to level 7

Here’s how to do it, just Use your Needle on the Leather and you will get a menu, press space for Leather gloves:

How to Craft Leather items

If you want to continue using this fast route all the way to 20, it will actually cost you only 31,248 GP. But I will show you a method later in the guide where you can profit at level 7 Already.

Gloves inventory

You can always take the alternative route and get early XP from Quests:

Sheep shearer 150 Crafting XP

Misthalin Mystery 600 Crafting XP

Dwarf cannon 750 Crafting XP

Three best ways you earn GP crafting in OSRS

If you choose the right method at the right time, you can actually make 1.5M per hour crafting.

For these methods, you will need to run to the furnace and to the bank back and forth, so please consider investing in some gold (you can buy some here on our site), so you don’t have to run to the Grand Exchange all the time.
Snakeskin items

Snakeskin items are profitable, but not at all times of the day.

Some days you might have 1m+ profit per hour for Snakeskin bodies since people usually buy them to high alch (you can sell them instantly).

Snakeskin current GE sell prices

Today, we tested how much money you can actually make for each item specifically, and it’s surprising.

There are 5 profitable Snakeskin items you can craft in OSRS:

Snakeskin Boots – At level 45 – Profitable if GE demand is big. (6 Snakeskins)

Snakeskin Vambraces – At level 47 – We made 1 GP per – (8 Snakeskins)

Snakeskin Bandanna – At level 48 – Not profitable right now. (5 Snakeskins)

Snakeskin Body – at level 53 – We made 563 – 248 = 315 FOR ONE! – (15 Snakeskins)

Snakeskin Chaps – at level 51 – We made 446 – 200 = 246 GP per. Very good! – (12 Snakeskins)

Here are the profits for Snakeskin items that we tried on the GE before.

We managed to invest 8k GP into 500 Snakeskins and turn it into 18,6k GP in sold Chaps and Body.

Best Snakeskin sellers

This is an example of a 10k GP profit in under 2-3 minutes.

You can find out how much profit the item will yield just by doing a test one and selling it.

If it’s hot and instant selling, you should consider making them until the 16k GE limit for Snakeskins run out (if you plan on doing this more, maybe leave some offers overnight, there is an abundance of this material in the game).

Snakeskin Shield

At level 56 you can make snakeskin shields, and this uses only 2 Snakeskins.

A Snakeskin shield will actually always be profitable for you, even if you don’t sell it on the Grand Exchange.

This is because the required items only cost about 300 gold, and you can easily use the High Alchemy spell if it doesn’t sell on the Grand Exchange – for 552 coins, which is not a bad profit.

To make the Snakeskin shield You need level 56 crafting, a Hammer, a Willow shield, two pieces of Snakeskin, and 15 Iron nails.

Cutting gems for profit

Another way you can make money with Crafting is by cutting Gems.

There is a level requirement for each one, starting with Jade at level 20 (where it becomes profitable).

For this method you will need some investment, so get ready with a Chiesel and the number of Uncut Gems you want to cut.

You will end up with some cut gems (You buy them Uncut), and some Gem dust which is worth nothing.

I will tell you which is profitable after each level.
Jade cutting

Here’s how to do this, just click on your Chisel and then click on your Uncut Gem.

How to cut a gem

Here’s the profit I got from cutting Uncut Jade, 114 from 153. You can use the same process for any.

I have invested 38,2k GP and earned back 45,6k GP when selling it, being level 57 Crafting.

Jade cutting profit at level 57 Crafting

Uncut Opal nets you profit after level 20, Jade above level 40, and Dragonstone only after 90.

Crafting Jewellery

Crafting Jewellery is actually the golden method you can do to earn some serious GP in the game.

This method does require some initial investment. You can stock up on gold here on our website.

The investment is definitely worth it. It is very time inefficient to run back and forth from the Grand Exchange to Edgeville buying more materials.

You can make and test out different Jewellery profits every day since they fluctuate so much, you can get on the “golden train” and really make some serious bank.

This all depends on the prices of the materials you buy, but you always end up in profit, which you will see later on in the charts. Here’s how to do it and where to start.

Crafting Gold bracelets

We said we need level 7 to make any money here at the start, so I hope you got there by this part of the Guide.

Now, you will need to buy a Bracelet mould, and a couple hundred, or thousand Gold bars.

Gold Jewellery profit chart

You will be making 73 GP profit per Bracelet, which is very high for a level low as this.

You will be getting 25 XP per bracelet while making a profit, so you can soon get to more a profitable method. You can actually do this one until level 99, but there are far better methods you will see below.
Crafting Jewellery

After you get to level 20 you can make a sapphire ring by getting 1 gold bar, 1 Sapphire, and a Ring mould.

You will need to get to Edgeville, just by the bank, there is a furnace, so it’s the best spot for crafting any type of jewelry. This will net you 200k GP per hour.

As a really good tip, I would advise you to keep the mould in the same spot and put your Sapphires and gold bars close in your bank, and by selecting X you can put the value to withdrawal to 13, this will speed up the process a lot. You can repeat this for any kind of Jewellery, with a different mould if you are doing something else than rings.

Jewellery running Inventory Setup

Now click on the green ring. There will be better examples of this, so read until the end.

This method requires only level 13 crafting, but you can make a lot of GP.

You can use stamina potions, but it’s not necessary or anything like that, if you have low agility

sometimes you will need it.

Make sure to bring some weigh reducing gear if you have some of these items since you will be running with gold or silver bars, which are pretty heavy.

So, now you are making about 200k to 300k per hour and got your levels up, you can choose the path you want to take.

Trial and error is the best method here.
The most profitable methods to make Jewellery

There are many ways and methods you can make jewelry, but the most profitable ones are not easy to find if you don’t use the right techniques.

This will need some GP to start, but it will get you 500-800k in profits per hour.

At the time of writing this article, the most profitable method is making Topaz Rings.

Topaz Jewellery profit chart

These are just the current Grand Exchange values, and they fluctuate a lot.

The Ring is the main moneymaker, but you can actually earn a lot more making Amulet(u) since people buy them all the time to train crafting by stringing them.

(You can do the same and just sell them with a higher profit margin).

These kinds of items with a little bit of effort can actually make you unbelievable amounts of money.

You must have enough to invest, get to Edgeville, and make the products while the price is still high, so you can sell them right away.

There is a high amount of buy orders for Topaz or Opal bracelets since people use them to train Slayer.

You can find our EZRS gold 1-99 Slayer article here!

Here’s a chart for Jade Jewellery profits:

Jade Jewellery profit chart

Sometimes you will find yourself in situations where your Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets, or Amulets suddenly stop selling. This is why you have to look good at these charts, and maybe if you switch to something else it turns out way more profitable.

Next up is Emerald, which is the third most bought and most profitable:

Emerald Jewellery profit chart

Emeralds are good, but in these methods, you have to improvise.

You will need to look outside of the box. There are Jades, Opals, Emeralds, Dragonstones, Sapphires, Rubies, Diamonds.

You can maybe make 600k per hour one day on Emerald items, but some days your offers will just stand. To combat this, here is a solution.

I found that constantly trying new items, at least an inventory is worth it!

How to pick the best item to craft

You will need to check each item on the GE. You will need to buy all the required materials before

so you don’t have to run back to the GE all the time to sell rings/anything and buy more materials.

A fast method of checking is just checking the buy/sell price on the GE, or you can just buy an inventory for every one and calculate it later, I did this while doing this example below.

You can buy some GP on our site here to make this process easier and less time consuming since once you find your moneymaker, you want to do it as fast as possible to get the profit right back into your hands, and you need tons of materials so you don’t have to spend Rings of Wealth or run.

I tried an example right here, making Opal Bracelets.

It actually gave me a nice chunk of profit for one inventory.

Here’s the setup and how to make these bracelets:

How to make a Bracelet

Click on Craft Opal bracelet and you are a few ticks away from profit.

I bought the inventory worth of materials for 5434 GP and ended up with 8086 GP in my inventory.

Opal Bracelet sold

Opal Bracelets material costs

This is 2602 GP profit from only ONE inventory, this is why I said that you really need some investment money for this, but it’s really worth it. People need this item to make it into an Expeditious bracelet, so they can train their slayer more efficiently, but you are making tons of profit this way.

Let’s find out the GP per hour for this method.

You can Craft around 1060 pieces of any Jewellery in one hour. This takes you about 80-100 trips.

With our Opal bracelet method, we made 204 GP for every Bracelet made.

With 1060 pieces, we could make 216240 GP per hour. This is a raw assumption of what the GP per hour would be.

But, there is a very useful twist, you can take any item and try it, some even have 646 GP profit per amulet like Topaz amulet (u) which would make you 684,740 GP hourly profit.

To spice it up, if we followed some more guidelines, we can earn a lot more, check it out below.

Tips on how to get even more GP per hour

We spent 350 GP for each Opal, and 68 GP for each Silver bar, these were the instant buy prices.

To help us earn more GP, we could have put the Opal for 315 or 325 and in some time those offers will fill in. We could have also bought the silver bars for a lower price.

You can actually put a Grand Exchange offer before you go to sleep and wake up to a nice profit, just for waiting a little bit longer when you’re offline anyway.

This way you can actually put in buy offers for materials during the day and buy it slowly (some have a GE limit but you can wait 4 hours or just buy it from someone around the Grand Exchange, there will be a discussion later in the tips section on how to bypass this).

Most of the items have some kind of buy limit, so this is why the overnight offer standing is the best way to get your items or sell them. And that’s why you need a fat wallet here (you can’t make money without money). You will need to buy some GP, maybe a bit more extra than you expected, because you will be putting offers for 16k items for a lower price if they have a 4k buy limit. This will get you the items every 4 hours, and you will for sure buy everything until the morning.

If you see the potential now, go and buy some EZRS gold here and put up your offers right now.

You can also do this when selling your items. Put them up for some more GP and they will surely sell, as I said for these items the prices fluctuate a lot, and you have a good market to work in.

Since you will actually be making a considerable amount of GP, why not sell some GP and turn it into real-life cash.

Just make sure you are not overpaying for gems and materials or selling under the profit margin, and you can make up to 1M+ an hour with these methods.

Good luck and happy holidays from the RS3gold Team!