Do you want to get 99 Magic in the fastest and cheapest way? Today we will share some guide with you. In this guide, your magic experience will go up with 300k Magic Exp/H. Magic is one of the easiest skills to master in Runescape.
1 – 99 Magic Guide

From level 1 – 15: You’ll kill chicken, globins and unicorns which can be found on lumbrige. You need to cast Wind Rush on the magical dummies at Lumbridge.

From level 15 – 30: You’ll kill lesser demon on the wizard’s tower. He’ll be behind a grid, so he won’t be able to melee you. During this time, you need to cast Wind Rush on the Lesser Demons at the top of the wizards tower.

From level 30 – 55: You’ll be auto teleporting to a specific place. Keep teleporting until you reach level 55. This time Varrock Teleports and Falador Teleports should be casted.

From level 55 –70: You can find a lot more efficient ways to get 99 magic without using this (EXP/H = 70K)

From level 70 – 99: Use the rock burst spell to kill Dagganoths and complete the quest called “Desert Treasure”. Dagganoths can be found on the waterbirth island. You can find a big map inside the cave which can be found in the east dungeon.

How many spells are needed?

Low Alchelmy: 92 casts
Varrock Teleport: 200 casts
Lumbridge Teleport: 309 casts
Falador Teleport: 614 casts
Camelot Teleport: 1895 casts
High Alchelmy: 197,697 casts
Stringing: For levels 80-99: 133,113 casts.
Planking: From levels 86-99 you will need to cast 104,852 spells.

Hope this guide can help you and make it easier for you to get 99 Magic. Compared with other hard skills, It just takes a shorter time to get 99. Usually players can spend 5-7 days to get 99 from 1 Magic.

Do you want to defeat the Double agent to solve your level 3 clue scrolls? Do you know how to kill him? Today, we would like to share some guides about how to defeat the Double agent. A Double agent only appears when doing level 3 or level 4 clue scrolls.
How to Kill Double Agent?

1. Take some Air spells with you before fight with him. Only this spell can take effect on him since his high defense against melee and ranged attacks.

2. Stun him with the air rune and a magic weapon before he reaches you.

3. Try to bind or freeze him.

4. Follow the scroll’s directions before landing the killing blow.

5. It may also be a better idea to wait until after he’s dead if the clue requires you to wear ranged or melee equipment, as they may subtract from your magic offence, and you will need every bit of accuracy when facing him.

Rewards You Can Get

According to information in Runescapewiki, after you defeated the Double Agent, you will be rewarded with some bones and the spin tickets. Bones can be used to train your prayer skills. Normal bones give 4.5 Prayer experience when buried, and any bones used on a prayer altar in a dungeon during Dungeoneering will yield 4 times the amount of Prayer experience as when buried. For the spin tickets, you can use them to get the extra spins in the Squeal of Fortune.

Uri will appear after the Double Agent dies immediately. If another player attempts to attack the double agent, a message will appear: “It’s not after you…”. I really hope this guide can help you to fight with the Double Agent. As an important part of the level 3 clue scroll, you need to complete successfully.

In our last article, we talk about how to level up your thieve skill. One of the recommended methods is to complete the minigame Pyramid Plunder. Today, we will share this guide to help your adventure.

Make Preparations

1. Players need 21 level Thieving and started Icthlarin’s Little Helper.

2. Completing the quest Contact and step into bank in Sophanem. Completing the quest Contact is very necessary for training in the Pyramid Plunder.

3. Take 2 super anti-posion potions 4 dose and 24 monkfish

4. Completion of the Feud.

5. Completed Desert Hard Tasks for double teleport charges on sceptres and reduced chance of Scarabs and Mummies spawning.

Start Adventure

1. Go to Sophanem and find a room which has Guardian Mummy. Talk with him to learn how the game works and then enter the game.

2. Be aware of the speartrap and click on the wall to try and disarm the trap

3. There are 5 minutes and 8 rooms for players to loot pyramid. The first room requires thieving level 21 and the last need level 91. There are several urns, a chest and a sarcophagus for players to loot. Be aware the poisonous scarabs in some chests.

4. Players should search the urns only. Don’t check the snakes because it is just a wasting of the experience. When fight with the scarabs in that, it is better for players to use a prayer against the melee attacks. Players need to make sure that they are in armors. Be sure to only open the chest directly before leaving that room.

Get Rewards

Players can sell the reward items to Simon Templeton. Simon Templeton is located in the Agility Pyramid and not far from Sophanem.

1. King’s Sceptre. This item are mostly found in chests and sarcophagi.This item can teleport players to he three major pyramids in the desert when it is chargd.

2. Players can get thieving experience if they successfully loot the urns, chest and sarcophagus.

With completing this minigame, players can not only gain juicy rewards but also can level up your thieve skill. Maybe it is a little dangerous, but it really worth your effort to finish it.

Hey guys, today I would like to share some thieving guide with you. This skill is a member-only skill. You can get some free items and coins by stealing from market stalls, chests, or by pickpocketing non-player characters. Players can use this skill to unlock doors in some quests. It has become one of the most appreciated skills you can develop.

1. The first step to thieving is hard for some players, you just need to thieve Men and Women from lvl 1-5 in Lumbridge.

2. From Lvl 5-20, you’d better to thieve from cake stalls in Ardougne. Keep in mind to get in a safe spot if you are a low level because if a guard sees you, he will attack you. A nice spot is on the east cake stall, on the north side, as the guards tend to focus on players devoted to the west side of the stall itself.

3. You need to thieve some silk from lvl 20-38 or 20-40. The silk stall can be found in Ardougne. The silk can gain you a profit since it is good to sell.

4. Thieve Master Farmers from lvl 38-(or 40) to lvl 55. The reason you do not thieve from the people later in leveling up in between 38-55 is because master farmers can get you some pretty good money, for example; The Snapdragon seed can be sold for well over 30k+. The best master farmer to thieve is probably in Draynor. Although saying that, the one north of Ardougne is good too, as you can thieve cakes from nearby cake stalls and then return to your Thieving. You can become quite wealthy via this method.

5. Lastly, try doing a few minigames on Thieving, such as Pyramid Plunder, or Sorceress’ Garden. You can look for some guide to help you finish the Pyramid Plunder. This minigame can gain you thieve xp. If you want to get more, you need to do more minigame for leveling up your thieving skill. FYI, here is a guide on Pyramid Plunder.
These are some common ways to level up your thieving skill. Go ahead and try with our guide. We sincerely hope these guide can give you a helping hand in your adventure!

You can visit

Today, I saw a joke about Runscape: Want to make your children not to play with fire? Force them to achieve 99 firemaking. It seems that firemaking will take a long time for some players to get the highest level. Now I would like to share some guide on how to level your firemaking.
1. Obtain a tinderbox. A tinderbox is a very common item in RuneScape. You need to light your logs with this item. You can buy them at any General Store, find them, just use the Grand Exchange, or simply buy them from another player.
2. Get some normal logs to burn. You can buy some if you have enough gold. Otherwise, you need to cut some. The maximum normal logs you need to prepare are 1,000. Burn these logs until you get level 15.
3. Burn oak logs from level 15 to 30. You need to get almost 183 Oak logs. You can purchase them from either the grand exchange or another player within the game. This will take you to level 30.
4. Burn willow logs from level 30 to 50. You can cut or purchase 535 Willow Logs from either the grand exchange or another player, this will be enough to get you level 50.
5. Burn maple logs from level 50 to 70. The maple logs can now be cut down in free-to-play in the Dungeoneering resource island. Maple logs can also be bought in the Grand Exchange in free-to-play.
6. Burn yew or maple logs from level 70 to 99. If you have enough gold, you can buy some magic logs. They are better than yew or maple logs but more expensive.

After level 70, it will take a lot of money to level up 99. Maple logs costs a lot gold and give almost as much experience as yew logs. If you don’t have enough gold, you need to cut them on your own. Hope this guide can help you to level up to 99 with fastest time and least gold.

Many players like to kill General Graardor because they can get the Bandos armour from him. The Bandos armour is considered the third strongest melee armour. It has high life point and armour bonus. This armor can be bought in game but will take large expense. So it’s better for players to get it from the drop of General Graardor. Here are many strategies to fight with him.

1. Requirements: First and foremost, you will require 60 agility or 60 strength to enter the Godwars Dungeon. You should also have 43+ prayer for fight. Enter the dungeon with some climbing boots or rock climbing boots and a rope.
2. You need to kill 40 Bandos’ minions to access General Graardor. There are the minions you need to kill: oblins, hobgoblins, ogres, jogres and orks. It is recommended to kill goblins first.
3. The General Graardor is considered as the easiest Godwars Dungeon boss for players. But you cannot take it easy because if you don’t use the proper strategies, you will die in few seconds.
4. If you are soloing, or tanking for your group, you will want to pray melee and keep your health at or above 700. you will also want to use your highest stat boosting prayers, and protect item. The kill order should be as follows: General Graardor, then Sergeant Steelwill (mage), then SergeantGrimspike (range) and Sergeant Strongstack(melee).
5. If you are in a group and you are not tanking, you pray range as the General has his strong range attack which will hit everyone in the room.
6. There is an altar in the back of the room that can only be used once every few kills. this altar also has agems teleport function if you right click it, bringing you out of the General’s room and back into the main dungeon.

7. If you have an aggressive summoning familiar, including beasts of burden, make sure you make them attack a minion instead of the general; for some reason, if your minions attack the general, he can switch off the tank and onto you potentially hitting over 600 with his melee.

Hope this guide can help you with your fight. The Bandos armour are really valuable items that worth you to get.

Do you want to get some valuable items in Runescape? This is not difficult any more. Here I would like to share some methods on how to get the valuable item in Runescape.

1. Players in high level can kill greater or lesser demons. In this way, you can obtain some drops from them or some quest scrolls. If you are a F2P players, don’t worry, you also have chance to get the rune items these beasts drop. It’s a good idea to enter the Wildness to kill some greeters. You will get some excellent items from them.

2. The second method is Item Trading. For example, if you have iron plate body and a Steel med helm, you can trade this for some black plate legs. After you get the black plate legs, just trade them for a mithril full helm and some coins. Now you can trade a mithril plate body with these. You just turn your Iron plate body into a mithril plate body! It is the easiest way but need to take some time to get the thing you want. The most important thing you should learn is to distinguish what items are popular and what are not.

3. The third method is very normal. That is hard-working. You need work hard to make more money to buy the valuable items. Go out and fish loads of lobsters or cut down many yews! Make the money to buy your Runescape valuable items.

4. If you are a rich player who like take adventure, you can go to the duel arena. Stake your cions on someone and let them stake some really valuable item. If you win, you will get the item you stake. It is a simple but full of risks method. You may lose your coins instead of winning the items.

These are some easy ways to get the valuable Runescape item. You can try with these methods and even make your own. Maybe you can find some other ways which is faster and easier to get the valuable Runescape items.

Jagex have got another great round-up for players this week. They have received massive fantastic ideas and submissions since they have launched the new submission thread. Today, we will have a look on those wonderful ideas.

Fan Art

Ginger Kun used her crafting skills IRL to make a polymer clay rune bracelet. This is really a wonderful work.






Berguukion created a wonderful artwork of the Wise Old Man using Photoshop. The specific description of the Wise Old Man impressed us a lot.


Caption this Picture

In the last round-up, here is a great suggestion about Caption This Picture competition. Jagex has given a picture for players caption. The three funniest captions will show up in the next round-up. The best one can win an in-game Bond which enable you buy whatever you want. You can post it on submission thread found here.


Player’s Voice

Player’s Voice is your chance of being a guest writer for the round-up. You can write anything you’d like up to 200 words, provided it’s about RuneScape! Post it on our submission thread, and it might be featured in the next edition!


Claim your Rightful Place is a very creative and lively discussion. Would you be the overlord/lady of the Grand Exchange, or maybe even the owner of Tutorial Island? There’s only one way to find out!

If you want to learn new things and chat with others, take a look at ‘Did You Know…?’.

If you come down to the forums today, be sure of a big surprise – you’ll find this Count to Five Challenge is harder than you might think.

Put your vocabulary to the test and see if you can Alter One Character.

If you like the forums, events, or both, then you may want to venture into a Weekly Forumer Event.

Notes: If you want to get more information, you can visit the Runescape Forum.

Player Events

There will be ‘Tree Hunt’ and ‘Tree Hunters’ friends chats to help those players who have trouble to find the ever moving elder and crystal trees when they are training their Woodcutting skill.

As we all know, attack is a very important skill in runescape. It can affect the types of weapons players can weird. Having high level attack can make you have more chance to defeat the monsters and other enemies. If you are in low level attack, you can follow this guide to level your attack higher in the fastest time.

1. Begin your attack in a low level can make you to get better drops and increase your general combat level. If you are at level one, you’d better to attack the training dummies until you reach level five.

2. There are many surface goblins in numerous places all over Gielinor. You can kill some goblins until you reach the level ten. These goblins have become less and less intelligent and have very few magical or technological abilities other than forging weapons and armor.

3. When you reach level ten, you can kill many giant rats until fifteen or twenty, preferably twenty. These rats are always killed by the low level attack players and can drop bones and raw rat meat.

4. For those members, you can level your attack quickly by finish the Fremminink trials quest and a mini game—pest control.

5. Kill cows in controlled attack type until reach level twenty five. For member players, you can kill yaks then and for free players, you can continue to kill cows until reach level thirty.
6. When reach to level thirty, free players can go to the wilderness and kill some thugs. Members need to continue to kill yaks until level thirty-five then move on to unicorns.

7. Players need to kill rock crabs when at the level 45. Note that these rock crabs will not show in minimap because they are very similar to the rock. Players can recognize them by their shape.

8. Players can kill spiders when reach level 60. There are large amount of spiders in the third floor of the Stronghold of Security.

9. When players get level 70, you can weird the abyssal whip which can drop from the abyssal demons. You can also go to the Grand Exchange to buy one. It will cost players 79,728 coins.

10. When at level 85, players can move on to the hellhounds which only can be found in the Wilderness in F2P worlds.

These are ten steps for players to level up their attack. Hope this guide can help the low level attack players especially those new gamers!

Hi every players! In your opinion, which melee weapon is the best one in runescape? Today we would like to list the top ten melee weapons in Rnescape.

Chaotic Rapier

This weapon is a reward from the Dungeoneering skill and requires level 80 attack to wield. It can cause high damage, have fast hitting and stab. When combined with a dragon defender, it has a great defensive effect.

Drygore Longsword

It is the strongest longsword outside of Daemonheim and dropped by Kalphite King. This weapon requires players level 90 attack to wield. It can cause 1102 damage and have 4957 points of accuracy. However, this weapon will degrade after 10 hours combat. Players can fix it with 10,000 chitin scraps.

Abyssal Whip

This weapon requires players level 70 attack to wield and can cause 672 of damage and have the 1486 points of accuracy. It is also one of the fastest weapon in runescape.

Dragon Claws

With 576 damage and 1132 accuracy, Dragon Claws requires level 60 attack and can be gained by the tormented demons’ drop.

Armadyl godsword

With 1676 damage and 1694 accuracy, the Armadyl godsword requires 75 attack to wield. Players can create by attaching the Armadyl hilt to a completed godsword blade.

Dragon Scimitar

As the strongest scimitar in the game, the Dragon Scimitar can only be wielded by at least 60 attack members who have completed the Master quest Monkey Madness.

Chaotic Maul

This weapon is famous for its 1788 high damage, but with slow hit. It requires both 80 Dungeoneering and 80 Attack to purchase and wield.

Saradomin sword

The Saradomin sword is a two-handed sword which can be obtained in the God Wars Dungeon – the sword is a possible drop from Commander Zilyana and her bodyguards in the Saradomin area. It requires 75 Attack to wield.

Chaotic Longsword

This is strongest longsword which is just follow the Drygore Longsword. Players can reward it from the Dungeoneering skill. It requires player 80 Attack to wield and 80 Dungeoneering to purchase.

Dragon Dagger

It is the second strongest dagger outside of Daemonheim. Only members who have at least level 60 Attack and have done the Lost City quest can wield it, and at the same time, players need to wield the dragon longsword.

All of these ten weapons have high hit and is regarded as the best melee weapons in Runescape. Which one do you like best? Or which one is the best melee weapon in your mind? Welcome to discuss with us!