There is a new game on the market, that has some serious gamers turning their attention (albeit briefly), from World of Warcraft. Wildstar is a new MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online game) that has futuristic sci-fi themed game play.

The game is split between two factions, the Exile and the Dominion. The Dominion is ordered and militaristic, while the Exile are slightly disorganized and scrappy. The Exiles are a rebellious collection of races that have banded together to fight off the overwhelming power of the Dominion.

it’s the thing that strikes us most about WildStar, and in many ways the game’s biggest strength. Here’s an MMO that’s going up against World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2 and The Elder Scrolls Online. It doesn’t have a huge brand behind it, and only a modest hype-machine. What’s more, it’s a subscription MMO coming out at a time when subscription MMORPGs seem to be struggling. You only have to look at what happened to such much-vaunted contenders as Star Wars: The Old Republic or The Secret World.
WildStar comes positively bounding into the fray. It knows what it is, who it’s for, and where its strengths are. It isn’t working overtime to try and fix what’s wrong with the MMORPG, or trying to push some kind of grand narrative vision. Instead, it’s focused on doing what MMORPGs already do best, just doing it that little bit better, with a few twists on the side.

In fact, it’s trying to out-MMO every other MMO. Not with big talk of moving narratives or ever-changing worlds, but by ramping up the unreal theme pack nature of its peers and predecessors. This is a game where you’re constantly presented with a legion of things to do, numbers to increase, boxes to tick, things to collect, factions to impress, points to earn, monsters air-dropped in to battle without warning and/or preferably all of the above simultaneously. It might even be too much, too overwhelming in its parade of sideshows.

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What the heck is a “MoO” master? It’s a player that buy wildstar gold has mastered the art of creating a “MoO” or “Moment of Opportunity” during combat. Confused? You won’t be for long – and you’ll start killing enemies much faster too so keep reading!

Now that WildStar has officially been released, I thought it would be a good time feature this guide once again. Starting at very early levels, players learn their first interrupt skill. Players will want to master the use of this skill to maximize their combat effectiveness.

The visual below will show you one of WildStar’s best kept secrets. I’ve seen players in their mid 20′s have no clue what I’m about to show you was even a thing.

The third skill each class will learn is an interrupt ability of some kind. Understanding how to properly use your interrupt makes a huge impact on how long fights will last for you.
While in combat, when you interrupt an enemy skill, they become vulnerable to bonus damage (indicated by their health bar turning purple, as well as the damage they take.) This is called a “Moment of Opportunity” or MoO for short.

Costa Rica has entered the quarter-finals against Netherlands, which is their best records in World Cup history, and players can buy fast FIFA 14 coins to create your own new records. Costa Rica has defeated three European legendaries in World Cup history.

Spot-kickers make a history

It is an age when spot-kickers make a history. Why would I say that? On June 29, there were two matches held in Fortaleza, Netherlands against Mexico, another Costa Rica against Greece. And these two winners won the match because of spot-kickers.

In the first match that day, Netherlands defeated Mexico 2 – 1. Since Fortaleza suffered a high temperature and humidity levels, the referee had to call a time out for a cooling break twice, respectively in the 32th minute and 76th minute. After the first cooling break, Mexico scored. In the 88th minute, Robben passed a ball to the middle, and Huntelaar proceeded to nod it down to Wesley Sneijder for the equalizer. Four minutes later, Robben received a spot-kicker, because he was tripped up by Mexico captain. Replying on the spot-kicker, Huntelaar scored to win the match for Netherlands.

As for another match Costa Rica vs Greece, these two teams were tied 1 – 1, but Costa Rica won on penalty kicks. In the 52th minute, Costa Rica scored the first goal in this matchup. Afterwards, Costa Rica defender Oscar Duarte was red-carded in the 66th minutes, and Costa Rica played with 10 men. In the 99th minute, Papastathopoulos scored a goal to even the score in the goal area. In the rest, neither party got a goal. These match ended with 1 – 1. However, Costa Rica had a qualification in the quarterfinals, because they dominated the penalty kicks with 5 – 3.

New achievements of Costa Rica in World Cup history

As we all know, the best achievement Costa Rica got in World Cups was to enter the Round of 16 match in 1999 Italy World Cup. This time, Costa Rica defeated England and Italy in the group stage, and then sent Greece home to step into the quarterfinals in 2014 Brazil World Cup. It is pity that, although they entered the penalty kicks, Greece still never created a new myth.

Anything is possible

As new records are created one by one in 2014 World Cup, everyone should believe that anything is possible. Ups and downs are everywhere so that each fan should purchase Fifa 14 coins with the fast delivery for the sake of the emergency.

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If you’re in the Diablo 3 RoS PTR, you’ve undoubtedly come across some weird stuff in there—well, weirder than the usual Diablo game. Yes, I’m looking at you Whimsyshire and the realm of the purple unicorns.

As if Blizzard heard our collective lament over the excitement brought about by killing Treasure Goblin, they’ve ramped up the rewards and killing intent of every player now that they’ve introduced the Treasure Goblin Realm.

So what do we know about this wondrous realm of mocking thieves? Here they are:

1. You have a chance of getting into the Treasure Goblin Realm whenever you kill a Treasure Goblin.

2. A clickable portal may appear whenever you are allowed into the Treasure Goblin Realm.

3. Inside the Realm, you will find lots and lots of Treasure Goblins, Pygmys and the Treasure Goblin Realm boss, Greed.

4. Her formal name is Greed, The Baroness of the Treasure Realm.

5. Once you defeat her, you will get a huge golden chest that yields an enormous amount of gold, rares and Diablo 3 RoS legendary items.

6. Within the Treasure Realm, you may find huge stacks of gold in chests, urns and objects just lying around.

According to the patch updates, this is Blizzard’s take on gems:

Legendary Gems are still undergoing significant iteration at this time, so you won’t see them available on the PTR right away. The gist is that these gems are infinitely upgradeable, and providespecial Legendary powers when socketed into the appropriate gear slot. They can only be socketed into Rings and Amulets, and can be upgraded by completing additional Greater Rifts. The higher you place in a Greater Rift, the more likely your gem will be successfully upgraded. We’ll have more details in the future as we continue development on these powerful baubles, so stay tuned!


Now this has given me even more incentive to DPS and try to kill every Treasure Goblin I meet. Just imagine the collective uproar and screaming when your whole party sees a Treasure Pygmy. The urge to kill just intensified.

As of the publishing of this article, Blizzard has not commented on the existence of the realm nor has it mentioned the frequency this realm can be accessed. Players have thought that the frequency is going to be reduced once the PTR is over and the whole patch is launched in all the servers.

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War of the Wilds is a MOBA-style map in Wildstar, there are 13 flags here. According to the amount of occupied flags, you will get more minions, meanwhile, the enemy champion would appear either. They have powerful DPS and fighting capabilities. As long as you destroy the enemy location that you can win this war, much like League of Legends. While, in this map, only to occupy the enemy location fast is not enough, you can’t get excellent reward. There are three medals, to meet different requirement you can get Gold Medal, Silver Medal,Bronze Medal. If you get Gold Medal that you have chance to get epic Wildstar Items. The Silver Medal can acquire Blue items. Bronze maybe nothing you can get! Most of players aim to get Gold Metal visit this map, so the teamwork in your group is the most important!

How to acquire the Gold Medal in War of Wild Adventure:
Gold Medal
1.You should kill 5 enemy champions. If you have 1 deaths on your team, you must kill 6 enemy champions,and so on.
2.To capture 13 flags
3.To finish 2 optional objectives
Silver Medal
1. You should kill 5 enemy champions. If you have 1 deaths on your team, you must kill 6 enemy champions,and so on.
2. To capture 13 flags
3. To finish 1 optional objectives
Bronze Medal
No requirement

First, we must have certain advantage in this map. For example, to capture 6-7 flags in order to ensure the players can balance against. Below this picture is general forward line.

When we are acquired 6 flags, we can choose to wait optional objectives or look for the enemy champions. Generally, we would wait for the task. The optional objective mainly includes killing 4 enemy champions, killing wild Boss. When you finished the specify task, then you should capture the rest flags as soon as possible. In the end, to destroy the enemy location.

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Neymar is definitely the Buy Cheap Fifa 14 coins idol of most football fans, and if you want to hone your skills like him, gold4fans can offer you FIFA Ultimate Team coins for sale to support your. Since Ney mar is likely to farewell to 2014 Brazil World Cup, most fans have to speed ahead to show their fondness of this hero.

A broken vertebra forced Neymar to leave 2014 World Cup


On Friday, Brazil and Colombia were poised for the ticket to the semifinals of the World Cup. So many fans fixed their eyes on Neymar, the 22-year-old forward in Brazilian team to win the sixth World Cup title. In the quarterfinals of World Cup, they did it! They defeated Colombia with 2 – 1. However, unfortunately, Neymar was taken off by a stretcher at the end of the matchup against Colombia. Brazil’s team doctor announced that Neymar suffered from a broken vertebra, and would miss the rest of the 2014 World Cup. There will be a thorough check-up for Neymar, and he could not participant in any match within at least four month.


Neymar’s performance in 2014 World Cup


Neymar is ranked one of the top three best players with Messi and Ronaldo, and also the face of the World Cup in his country. In 2014 World Cup, he stood out with his team’s first goal in the tournament and another three shoot into the back of the net. He led Brazil to the top of Group A in Group stage, and was ranked the second with four goals in Brazil World Cup.


The numbers on Neymar


Neymar played for Brazilian club, Santos, but last year, he transferred to Barcelona with $124 million, $50 million more than orifinally reported. For this issue, Barcelona’s president, Sandro Rosell resigned.

Neymar’s jersey was the bestseller during the first week of World Cup on, the largest retailer of the licensed sports merchandise. Besides, his endorsement deals are worth $16 million, and even Nike, Unilever and others international companies have invested him. He has been ranked No. 16 on Forbes’ highest-paid athletes in the world.


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You will find in the coming weeks (in the buildup to the TOTS) that regardless of whether there is a good TOTW (Team of the Week) or not, people will avoid opening packs in anticipation for the TOTS. This MAY temporarily cause consumables to rise, and player prices to steadily fall. You may be wondering why player prices are not going to rise as there are not as many packs being opened The reasoning is twofold: First, in anticipation for the TOTS, many FUTers will follow advice and sell their players, thus increasing the supply, and lowering their prices. Second, players will sell their high-end superstars to accumulate coins so that they can afford either a certain TOTS version, or the specialty packs that accompany them. Most won’t sell their consumables as they will need them for their teams, causing consumable prices to RISE.

To conclude our background analysis, throughout the market  crash you will be able to make extremely good teams relatively cheap, so we advise doing just that so that your best players aren’t subject to huge losses.

In the online game WildStar players use gold to purchase armor, weapons, consumable items, accessories and crafting supplies. Although players will accumulate some gold over the course of normal leveling and questing, some may wish to farm additional gold in order to purchase expensive high-end gear, accessories or mounts. The in-game auction house allows players to buy and sell items to other players. It provides an excellent way for knowledgeable players to make large amounts of gold quickly.
Crafting Professions
Although leveling crafting professions can be a time-consuming and expensive process, it is one of the best ways to earn a lot of gold quickly. Sell or disenchant low-level items produced while leveling for a little immediate gold. Craft epic bind-on-equip,items to sell on the auction house once you have reached the maximum profession level.

Farm Crafting Materials and Gear
Leather, ores, cloth and volatile elements tend to sell quickly and fetch significant gold at the auction house. Running regular dungeons and raids will give you plenty of gear to auction. You can disenchant items for salable materials if you have a high enough level enchanter in your group.

Using the Auction House to Your Advantage
Buy and resell underpriced items for a profit on the auction house. Alternatively, it is sometimes profitable to establish a monopoly on a particular crafting supply by purchasing all of one type of item listed on the auction house and reselling them at a higher rate. is your best site to buy widstar gold ,wildstar powerleveling and wildstar CD Key.

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Take enough FIFA Ultimate Team coins at gold4fans for the coming of Pepe. On Monday’s World Cup Group game, Portugal defender Pepe received a red card because he head-butted Germany striker Thomas Mueller. Followed with this conflict, fans found Pepe as an in-game character in FIFA 14.

Timeline of Pepe’s football career

Pepe, named Kepler Laveran Lima Ferreira is a Brazil-born football player, but he works for Portugal national team and Real Madrid in La Liga as a central defender.

Pepe has represented Portugal to play at two World Cups and two European. In his football career, his violent conduct led to a series of incidents in the past few years. In a La Liga match against Getafe in April 2009, he played for Real Madrid and earned a 10-game ban. When playing against Getafe 2 – 2, Pepe pushed Francisco Casquero with three minutes left, and the referee gave a penalty. He kicked Casquero on the ground, and then gave a pouch on the midfielder’s back. Afterwards, he struck another Getafe player in the face.

Except for those, he also had a red card in 2011 Champions League semi-final against Bacelona, and in 2012, another Real-Barca game, he was condemned strongly because he stamped on Lionel Messi’s hand.

Aggressive behavior to Mueller on June 16, 2014

Monday, Pepe, one of the key members in Portugal national team had a conflict with German forward Thomas Mueller in the 38th minutes.

Pepe pushed down Mueller, and then reached over to head-butt him when Mueller was sitting down on the ground. Finally, Mueller got a left-footed goal to break down the Portugal defense, and Germany won this match with 3 – 0. Pepe received a red-card suspension at last. More importantly, the U.S. game against Portugal is on Sunday in Manaus.

Bad behavior vs enduring moments in World Cup

In the history of World Cup, there were many enduring moments created by bad behavior. Diego Maradona with his “Hand of God” performed his skills well in 1986 World Cup although he got a red card in 1982. Besides, Zinedine Zidane was popular among all over the world. But it is pity that he was forced to leave the field because of a head-butt red card.

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Luckily, like with just about every RPG game, there is a way to grind your levels fast. It’s not the most fun thing in the world because you’ll have to sacrifice looking into the many different features and gameplay elements that come in the way, but it’s something most of us want to do out of necessity – perhaps it’s just the desire of stability embedded in the nature of nearly everything in existence.

If you want to level up fast, you need to make sure you aren’t wasting time doing the following:
PvP Games

Completing all the quests and path objectives in the starting zones of your faction will guarantee you reaching level 6. From there onwards, you will travel to Celestion (Exile) or Ellevar (Dominion) depending on your faction, after which things will be in your hands.

Once you are in these places, avoid all Paths, Crafting, Challenges, and even most of the Tasks here.The amount of World Story, Zone Story, and Regional Events on offer will be adequate enough to give you plenty of experience, and indulging yourself in these “extra-curricular activities” will only eat up time and slow down your leveling process – save them for once you’ve reached level 50.
While adventuring through Southern Grimvault, players will come across 7 rare mobs. After defeating all rares, you will complete achievement “I like it rare: Malgrave” listed under Achievement ? Kill ? Malgrave. In the table below, you’ll find the list of all rare mobs available in Southern Malgrave zone, their spawn locations, and possible loot.

Stonegut:Coordinates: 1451, 3359 Level 41, 126k HP, a large turtle. Like any other type of this creature it has an instant telegraphs and melee attacks. If you keep moving in circle around the mob, you can avoid all his telegraphs and soak only melee damage. This shouldn’t make a problem, as he tends to cast telegraphs more often. You can burst him down without healing potions.

Savageclaw:Coordinates: 1270, 3756 Level 42, 111k HP, a powerful rare mob. He has strong melee attacks and telegraphs. Keep circling around him to avoid his powerful melee telegraphs. He also tends to jump onto player’s location with ability Undermine.


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