Based on players’ feedback, some changes and fixes have been made to osrs gold Soul Wars. Read details below for more information.


Learn hotfix to OSRS Soul Wars


There are some changes to Soul Wars on January 7th:

-The activity bar has been adjusted to take 150 seconds rather than 120.

-Now Ultimate Ironmen can use the looting bag in Soul Wars.

-The loot table for spoils of war is adjusted; quantities of runite ore and seeds are reduced. In addition, dragon items, rune items, seeds, and runite ore are made rarer.

-Items which transform the player (such as the ring of stone and ring of coins) can no longer be used during a game.

-A confirmation message will appear when you attempt to leave the lobby.


More changes proposed for this week


There will be more changes made to Soul Wars this week:

-The develop team will fix the issue that your character’s facial hair vanishes during the tutorial.

-There will be examine options to items in the Other tab in the Rewards Shop.

-There will be a counter to let you track how many Spoils of War you have opened.

-There will be a short three second period of immunity for players leaving the graveyard to bolster chances of escape. No damage can be dealt to a player during this immunity period.

-You will be automatically moved closer to attack the Avatar if you attack the Avatar from distance.

-There will be 10 seconds before the activity bar begins to deplete.


What do you think about these OSRS Soul Wars changes?

In NBA 2K21 game, your MyTeam player features a number of customizable animations you can equip on them. These animations range from the useful shooting animation, jumpshot animation, to the more fun in nature (emotes). And one of the most important animation that impacts your play style is no more than Dribble Moves. Dribbling moves and animations are a significant part of NBA 2K series games, and they’re basically used by high-level to get round defenders. In addition, by using dribble moves effectively, you can create space and driving/shooting opportunities to increase your change of scoring. Here brings the NBA 2K21 Next Gen dribble moves tutorial featuring 5 best NBA 2K21 Next Gen dribble moves animations, how to unlock & change dribble moves in NBA 2K21 MyTeam.

Check out the list of 5 best dribble moves to help you become better dribbler in NBA 2K21 Next Gen.

1. Best NBA 2K21 Dribbling Animations 

- Dribble Style: Quick


- Park Size-Up: Park 7

- Basic Size-Up Packages: Pro 3

- Size-Up Escape Packages: Pro 2

- Moving Crossovers: Pro 2

- Moving Behind The Backs: Pro 6

- Moving Spins: Normal 1

- Moving Hesitations: Pro 3

- Triple Threat Styles: Normal 8


2. Fastest Dribble Moves In NBA 2K21 Next-Gen

- Dribble Style: Quick

- SIG Size-Up: D. ROSE

- Park Size-Up: None

- Basic Size-Up Packages: Pro 2

- Size-Up Escape Packages: Pro 2

- Moving Crossovers: Pro 2

- Moving Behind The Backs: Pro 3

- Moving Spins: Basic 1

- Moving Hesitations: Pro 4

- Triple Threat Styles: Normal 1


3. NBA 2K21 Next Gen Advanced Dribble Moves 

- Dribble Style: Quick


- Park Size-Up: None

- Basic Size-Up Packages: Pro 1

- Size-Up Escape Packages: Pro 2

- Moving Crossovers: Pro 2

- Moving Behind The Backs: Pro 3

- Moving Spins: Basic 1

- Moving Hesitations: Pro 1

- Moving Stepbacks: Pro 7

- Triple Threat Styles: Normal 6


4. NBA 2K21 Next Gen Best Dribble Moves Animations

- Dribble Style: Lebron James


- Park Size-Up: None

- Basic Size-Up Packages: Pro 1

- Size-Up Escape Packages: Pro 2

- Moving Crossovers: Pro 2

- Moving Behind The Backs: Pro 3

- Moving Spins: Basic 1

- Moving Hesitations: Pro 5

- Moving Stepbacks: Pro 2

- Triple Threat Styles: Normal 8


5. Best Dribble Moves For Beginners In NBA 2K21 Next-Gen

- Dribble Style: Quick


- Park Size-Up: None

- Basic Size-Up Packages: Pro 2

- Size-Up Escape Packages: Pro 2

- Moving Crossovers: Pro 2

- Moving Behind The Backs: Pro 3

- Moving Spins: Basic 1

- Moving Hesitations: Pro 4

- Moving Stepbacks: Pro 3

- Triple Threat Styles: Normal 5


How To Unlock Dribble Moves In NBA 2K21 Next-Gen

You will have no Dribble Moves when you start. You’ll need to buy Dribble Moves from the Animation Store with NBA 2K21 MT Coins or VC. As you level up, you will unlock more Dribble Moves for purchase.


How To Change Dribble Moves In NBA 2K21 Next-Gen 

Enter the MyPlayer menu and when you arrive on the My Animations screen you will be greeted by a number of options. Dribble Moves is the second option on the screen and it is what we want to change. To create or change your Dribble Moves, select the type you want to change and set a new move. Once the new actions are activated, you can then use these moves during games.

A huge 20-player dungeon, the Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj and a 40-player raid instance, the Temple of Ahn’Quiraj. The raid introduces a new fraction to this world knows as the Brood of Nozdormu. It is led by Anachronos that is located in the Caverns of time and has many Brood’s agents flying around the Silithus, battling the forces.

To open these gates and access the ruins and the temple, players are obliged to complete a long quest line to obtain The Sceptre of the Shifting Sands that is given by the Anachronos. For those who wish to unlock the secrets and rewards of Ahn’Quiraj, the gates need to be opened and the player needs to achieve an important goal called the Brood reputation.

One of the best rewards a player can get from the Brood of Nozdormu is a series of rings, and to open the gates, one must complete the following quests.

· The Path of the Conqueror – Agility DPS

· The Path of the Invoker – Caster DPS and Healers

· The Path of the Protector – Strength Melee and Tanks

When you’ve reached Neutral with the Brood of Nozdormu, the following quests are unlocked and accessible. Every time you move up a reputation rank, you may receive a free upgrade through another quest from Anachronos. It is utmost important that you’re careful when you choose the questline, as it should be according to your type. If you choose the wrong one, it cannot be reverted until you’ve reached Exalted with Brood of Nozdormu.

The following items are available, once you’ve opened the Gates of Ahn’Quiraj. These rings are the same but with different requirements and higher stats as you move up in your ranks.

Tier 2.5, Armour Set Rewards

· Neutral: Shoulders and Boots

· Friendly: Helm and Legs

· Honoured: Chest

Druid – Genesis Raiment (3 pieces, +15 Defence; 5 pieces, +150 Armor. 5 pieces; Reduces the cooldown of Rebirth by 10 minutes).

Hunter – Stricker’s Garb (3 pieces, reduces the cost of Arcane Shots by 10%. 5 pieces: Reduces the cooldown of Rapid Fire by 2 minutes).

Mage – Enigma Vestments (3 pieces: Blizzard has a 30% chance to be uninterruptible. 5 pieces: Grants +5% increased spell hit chance for 20 seconds when one of your spells is resisted).

Paladin – Avenger’s Battle Gear (3 pieces: Increases duration of Judgments by 20%. 5 pieces: Increases damage and healing are done by magical spells and effects by up to 71).

Priest – Garments of the Oracle (spells and effects by up to 71. Priest Garments of the Oracle 3 pieces: 20% chance of you heals on others will also heal you for 10% of the amount healed. 5 pieces: Increases the duration of your Renew spell by 3 sec).

Rogue – Death Dealer’s Embrace (3 pieces: Reduces the cooldown of Evasion by 1 minute. 5 pieces: 15% increased damage to Eviscerate).

Shaman – Storm Caller’s Garb (3 pieces: Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning and Shock have a 20% chance to grant up to 50 Nature damage to spells for 8 sec. 5 pieces: Reduces the casting time of Chain Heal by 0.4 seconds).

Warlock – Doom Caller’s Attire (3 pieces: 5% increased damage to Immolate. 5 pieces: Reduces the mana cost of Shadow Bolt by 15%).

Warrior – Conqueror’s Battle Gear (3 pieces: Decreases the rage cost of all shouts by 35%. 5 pieces: Increase the Slow effect and damage of Thunder Clap by 50%).

Opening of the Gates

Before the gates are opened, It is best if you earn reputation with the Brood of Nozdormu through the questline for the Sceptre of the Shifting Sands. You can start with the quests What Tomorrow Brings and Baristolth of the Shifting Sands in the Cenarion hold. The reason for the quest being long is that it includes several trips into raids that consist of 40 players and requires the guilds cooperation to complete. Once the quest is completed, you will notice that you are hated (0/36000) with the Brood of Nozdormu and you should then start your journey in digging yourself out to rise higher.

The Ten-Hour War

Once the first sceptre-bearer bangs the gong, a message is shown server-wide and then the war begins! The person who first completes it is reward with the Black Qiraji Resonating Crystal and an unofficial title ‘Scarab Lord’. During this war, several elite Ahn’Quiraj monsters appear out, and killing each of them will provide you with 500 reputations.

Earning Reputation

Blood of Nozdormu reputation is earned by clearing the Ruins of Ahn’Quiraj, but the thing is that the reputation that you’ll be farming with occur within AQ40. The monsters that are present there will give you 100 reputation per kill, it is advised that you kill them until you reach Neutral (2999/3000) because after that only the twin emperors and C’Thun awards reputation through Exalted.

The mods that are present within AQ40, drop Ancient Quiraj Artifacts which can be turned in for 1000 reputation, but it has a low drop rate. Whereas, the bosses drop Quiraji Lord’s Insignia, which can be turned into Kandrostrasz once you’ve defeated The Prophet Skeram. They yield around 500 reputations with Brood of Nozdormu and 100 with Cenarion Circle. It is advised that you save them all (Quiraji Lord’s Insignia and Ancient Quiraji Artifact) and then turn them in all together once you’ve Neutral (2999/3000) and you can no longer kill the NPCs present within AQ40.

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No. 5 boss—Hungering Destroyer

His core skill—Gluttonous Miasma.

After being hit by this skill, the healer cannot restore their health, but there will be a 5 yard circle around the player, and he will absorb the health of other people standing in the circle every second to heal himself.

Notice: The person selected by the boss needs to leave the crowd a little bit, and then the group leader will arrange for someone to go in to restore his health.

Hungering Strkes

Notice: This skill requires the tank to be exchanged after the buff is superimposed a certain number of times, generally when it reaches 5 times.

Volatile Ejection

Notice: The marked targets should be dispersed quickly, and then don’t move, other people stay away from the straight line between these people and the boss.


Notice: When the boss starts to cast this skill, everyone must be dispersed quickly, and the healers must heal players with low health first.

This skil will also create Obliterating Rift (Heroic Diffiulty).

Notice: Since it will exist permanently, players with good health or players with immune skills need to touch them to clean them up.

When the energy bar of the boss is full.He will release Congsume.

Notice: Since this skill is related to the distance between the players and the boss, everyone should stay away from the boss as much as possible when the boss energy bar is almost full.

The above is all the skills of the boss.

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Here comes OSRS 20th Anniversary event from Jan. 6th! Here is our osrs gold Anniversary event guide with fast walkthrough and more.


How to complete OSRS Anniversary event?


1. To start the 20th Anniversary event, speak to Wizard Grayzag in the Wizards’ Tower.

2. Speak to the Gnome Child.

3. Speak to the Wise Old Man in Draynor Village for the Blue Partyhat.

4. Speak to Hans in the Lumbridge Castle for the navigational chart.

5. Speak to the Cook in the Lumbridge Castle for the recipe book.

6. Speak to Bob in the axe shop for his autograph.

7. Speak to Fred in the Fred the Farmer’s sheep pen. Attempt to shear the fake sheep.

8. Walk to Draynor Manor. Go up the stairs, up the spiral stairs to the west, and enter the eastern room. Take the odd feathers lying next to the strange machine.

9. Go to the Falador cabbage patch and pick a cabbage. Speak to the gnome again.

10. Return to the Wizards’ Tower. Speak to the gnome. You will step into the portal and get greeted by the gnome child.


What are rewards from Anniversary event?


The following rewards can be obtained after completing the 20th Anniversary event:

20th anniversary outfit

Gnome child mask

Gnome child icon

2 noted Half full wine jug

Previous birthday event rewards can also be claimed.


Have you participated in OSRS 20th Anniversary event?

There’s a lot of misinformation when it comes to hybrid flowers. guides are constantly being updated leading to confusion, and hours spent trying to breed the wrong flowers. There are a lot of guides that don’t seem to match up. there are many ways to get specific hybrid colors and what we are showing you today are most likely not the only ways.


#Tier  1: The Primary Flowers

There are three classes of flowers. first, you have the primary flowers, these are the whites, yellows, and reds. unless that’s a windflower then the yellows are replaced with orange. breeding these flowers gets you the tier 1 hybrids. two red roses making a black rose. a red and yellow Lily making an orange Lily. a red and white cosmos making a pink cosmos. pretty simple if you plant the primary colors correctly next to each other these hybrids spawn in a couple of days. the probability of obtaining these hybrids is high.


#Tier  2: The Hybrid Flowers

then you have the tier 2 hybrids. they are created by taking two tiers 1 hybrids crossbreeding them and creating another color hybrid. there’s also a thing where you like to need to put two hybrids together to get like a hybrid primary color, so technically that one’s also tier 2.


Sidenotes: there are many ways to arrange your flowers, whether is the zigzag style to optimize your hybrid breeding, or the side by side style for easier watering purposes and needing fewer flowers. They all fine, it’s all really however you want your flower set up on your island. but the more spots you leave open around your flowers matter. it gives the hybrids more options to spawn.


How To Make Hybrid Flowers – The Secret About Watering 

Flowers can only make hybrids if they’re watered. so you should only water flowers that you want to create hybrids with. hybrids don’t die New Horizons as they do in past Animal Crossing games, and neither are the tree saplings. when it rains on your island, all your flowers get watered. don’t have to waste time breaking watering cans when it rains.


It is worth noting for all of you time-traveling addicts that if you travel back a day a week a month, the game does not count it as a new day. but you must re-water your flowers. because technically you’ve gone back in time before you watered them.


How To Make Hybrid Flowers – The Secret  About Hybrids Island

The next part is the tier 2 hybrid flowers. a nook miles mystery island completely covered in hybrids from one type of flower. you need to find the mysterious hybrid flower island that has the flowers you want because the key to successfully get the second tier hybrids is to harvest your tier 1 hybrid from the hybrid island, these flowers have better chances at spawning new flowers.


The reason why the hybrid island flowers are more likely to breed has something to do with the probabilities of breeding new flowers. these hybrids have better probabilities attached to them, kind of like how Caterpie is a 5% spawn rate in viridian forest Pokemon red. but you hop on over to Pokemon blue and the probability increases to 50%. it’s a similar philosophy. creating these hybrids on your own island has a minuscule chance of being successful, spend a few Nook Miles Tickets to find the mystery hybrid island and now your odds have jumped so high that these hybrids are now a piece of cake to breed. but there are almost no precise rules that we know of when it comes to breeding hybrids that are finding the best combinations of colors. so there is a possibility that this method might not be the one for you.

Welcome back, ‘Scapers, to a new year of adventure! This year, RuneScape turns 20, and you can find out how we plan to celebrate in the Game News tab. Meanwhile, we’ve got the first Patch Notes of 2021, and the Community Tab is back with some fabulous fan art. Fireworks at the ready.. rs3 gold

We’re kicking things off with a bang this January with the first of many updates to celebrate RuneScape’s 20th Anniversary: The Grand Party! Read on to find out how you can join in the fun, hang out with the J-Mods, and get yourself some swanky new clothes to party in.

RuneScape Turns 20!

It’s hard to believe, but this little game of ours is 20 years old, and we’re throwing a massive birthday party to celebrate!

We’re not just celebrating our game – we’re celebrating all of you. Without our wonderful ‘Scapers, there’d be no RuneScape at all. Your passion, dedication, and community spirit are what have held us together all these years – so give yourselves a round of applause and have a big ol’ slice of birthday cake on us.

The celebration kicks off with a month-long Grand Party, to be held in Lumbridge Crater – but the fun doesn’t end there. Keep your eyes peeled for the prologue to a multi-part, year-long 20th Anniversary Quest series later this month.

Now… I believe you were promised cake?

The Grand Party

Come one, come all, to The Grand Party! Make your way to Lumbridge Crater (you know, the gigantic hole behind Lumbridge Castle) to celebrate RuneScape’s 20th birthday in style with your fellow fans. Over the month ahead, we’ll be celebrating different aspects of the game by offering buffs and rewards, as well as a juicy 10% XP bonus while in the Crater.

Got nothing to wear? Don’t panic – the Wise Old Man has been putting some of that bank robbery money to good use with some fancy duds: have a word with him at the crater to claim your exclusive 20th Anniversary Outfit and Cape.

Then we’re ready to party! This month-long extravaganza will feature weekly events, each celebrating a different aspect of the wonderful world of RuneScape, featuring incredible bonuses.

This first week is the Celebration of Quests, where you can take part in three miniquests featuring iconic characters from the RuneScape roster. Head to the crater to have a go to earn some special prizes like the new 20th anniversary cake, XP lamps and more!

While you’re there, be sure to catch up on some skilling – you’ll get a not-too-shabby 10% XP buff while you’re training in the crater.

Well, what are you waiting for?

Join the Anniversary Celebrations Today!

What, you didn’t expect the J-Mods to sit back and watch you lot have all the fun, did you? We’re hosting an Anniversary Hour so we can all party together on RuneScape’s big day!

Where: Worlds 1 and 16

When: 17:00 Game Time

RuneScape 20 Merchandise

Get this: you can also celebrate out of game with our range of anniversary merch. Angels Scapes has created a range of collectible pins and keyrings, including the RS Classic Logo Pin (which also comes in an antique gold limited edition), the Bronze Knight pin, a special 20th Anniversary Baroo collab, and a 20th Anniversary Tutorial Island pin that’s just perfect for reliving your first steps into the world of Gielinor. Look! The doors open to reveal Lumbridge Castle decked out for its own tiny 20th Anniversary Celebration.

For those of you looking to max your FashionScape, we’ve got limited edition mystic robe pins in dark, light, and classic blue colourways.

And have you heard about the Mining and Smithing Skill Cape keyrings?

Plus, check out these magical mini runestones, which come in two collectible sets.

Last, but definitely not least, get your groove on with this new gold pressing of the Original Soundtrack Classics album! The track list follows the very first journey you might have taken through Gielinor, and it looks mighty snazzy, too.

Prime Gaming

A new Prime Gaming gift drops on January 5th! This time you’ll get five knowledge bombs – nifty little things that when consumed will net you 50% extra XP for a whole hour – and the smoke is Twitch purple, which we think looks pretty cool.

Now, these things come with some caveats: you can’t stack the strength of the effect, although you can stack the time. They’re subject to the same restrictions as Double XP events, and on that topic, the XP effect doesn’t stack with Double XP Live – so there’s no point saving them! Lastly, they cannot be banked or traded away.

Premier Club

The season for giving might be over, but Premier Club members can still look forward to a little pick-me-up this month, and indeed, every month for as long as your Premier Club package lasts.

This month, your gift contains:

A Variety Pack
2 pulse cores
1000 Oddments

New Year’s Sales

Don’t forget to pick up some bargains this New Year! Until January 31st you can get great deals on all sorts of goodies in Solomon’s General Store, including Ror


While the MMORPG market isn’t booming quite like others, there are still a ton of MMORPGs that are vying for your time, and they even have some impressive player bases, to boot. There’s nothing quite like adventuring around with a created character and like-minded individuals, right? Here are the best MMORPGs in 2021 that you can download and play right now.

Final Fantasy XIV

FFXIV is a study in how to properly treat a player base. The first version of the game was a dumpster fire, so Square Enix scrapped everything, went back to the drawing board, and re-released an updated version to widespread acclaim.

Not only is FFXIV popular and polished, it is home to a constant influx of updates and expansions that drive the game’s story forward and harken back to FF games of old.

Just look no further than the two most recent patches that introduced new dungeons and story lines involving old faces like Kefka Palazzo and the Espers of Ivalice.

Square Enix learned from the mistakes of its past, which is an important skill in a market that has chewed up and spat out countless games that have made lesser mistakes.

The Secret World

Lovecraftian horror is a fascinating subject. For as much as we love to believe we are at the top of the food chain, we cannot help but find ourselves attracted to stories that pit characters against unwinnable odds, fighting ancient and powerful gods who predate existence and fry our minds simply by being in the same room with us.

It is a genre ripe for exploration, especially in the MMORPG market, but right now, The Secret World is the only option.

However, don’t just play it simply because it’s the only Lovecraftian MMO. The Secret World features a rich and engrossing world that will resonate with most gamers, not just fans of Lovecraft.

EverQuest/EverQuest 2

Everquest has been around since 1999, which leaves it in a fairly unique position. The game is almost 20 years old and is a look into old MMORPG design, back before real-time action was possible and when developers wanted gamers to search for their quests rather than just tell them where to go.

And yet, despite its old-school design, the game still holds up, as does its successor Everquest 2, which is not as old-school as Everquest but still overflows with features and a general lack of hand-holding.

Oh, and Everquest 2 gives players the option to actively control their characters’ faces with their computers’ cameras, which is nothing if not unique. Everquest Next might be dead and buried, but the rest of the Everquest franchise is alive and well.

The Elder Scrolls Online

Who didn’t play through Oblivion and Skyrim wishing they could join their friends on their adventures slaying Daedra and Dragons? The Elder Scrolls Online might feel like a proper Elder Scrolls game now, but it started off fairly mediocre.

Each new patch, update, and expansion improved the game, and it is now a worthwhile experience that treats gamers to all the exploration, world-building, combat, and sidequests that are synonymous with the Elder Scrolls franchise.

Plus, the latest expansion, Summerset, has just released. Now, players can finally explore a land never seen before in any Elder Scrolls game, which is quite the selling point for any fantasy video game.

Final Fantasy XI

You would think that Square Enix would shutter Final Fantasy XI after releasing Final Fantasy XIV, but Final Fantasy XI is still open for players to experience. The game might be slower than Final Fantasy XIV and generally lacking when it comes to graphics, but it still features that classic Final Fantasy charm.

Both MMORPGs share a lot in common, especially the playable races, and each has its own merits that cater to different kinds of gamers. Do you go for the slower and more traditional Final Fantasy XI or the faster and action-oriented Final Fantasy XIV?

You honestly can’t go wrong with either choice. All it comes down to is a matter of taste.

Even after all these years, Final Fantasy XI is still one of the best MMORPGs available.

FFXI Gil is the currency in Final Fantasy XI game, and it is an essential part in Final Fantasy series. It is used to make various purchases and occasionally for some abilities, such as Gil Toss, which allows the player to damage enemies by throwing money at them.The most common way to obtain Final Fantasy XI Gil is by selling unwanted/unneeded items at the Auction House. Items can also be put up for sale in the players’ Bazaar, or simply traded to other players for a mutually agreed upon price.

Black Desert Online

The hype surrounding this title was almost unreal. Admittedly, most of that hype revolved around an almost impossibly robust character creation system and drop-dead gorgeous graphics, but it was enough to get gamers talking about Black Desert.

The game is the studio Pearl Abyss’ first outing, but you wouldn’t guess that given the polish on display.

Black Desert Online has flashy hack-and-slash combat that rivals even TERA, decent exploration and side activities, and countless mechanics and systems that will eventually become second nature to players.

At times, Black Desert Online feels like a management simulation game, which is nothing if not a novel experience in an MMORPG. The only real downside with this game is that computers without a good CPU or graphics card can’t run the game without catching fire.

World of Warcraft

You all saw this coming. One of the best MMORPGs to play right now is World of Warcraft. It might not be free-to-play like Ultima Online or Lord of the Rings Online, it might not feature real-time action combat like TERA or Neverwinter, but it is one of the best designed MMORPGs ever.

The stories are gripping; the world is created with love and care, and each expansion introduces new features that become the bar by which other best MMORPGs are measured (and many try to copy).

There’s a reason why World of Warcraft is the most popular and one of the best MMORPGs on the market, and why gamers are anticipating its upcoming seventh expansion; World of Warcraft is a great game. Period.

Eve Online

Let’s start this by saying that Eve Online isn’t for everyone. You need to be a very specific type of player, one that is OK with not being the “hero.” In Eve, you’re going to be a cog in the machine for a while.

You’ll need to put effort into finding a group that can support you, understanding the market, and all of the game’s other complicated functions. There’s literally a fan-run Eve University that exists to teach players how to play the game properly, because it’s that overwhelming at first on your own.

It can be a lot, especially for someone new, but if you’re willing to stick with it and are someone that enjoys what Eve Online has to offer, you’ll find that it’s a game like no other.

If you’re looking for a MMORPG that greatly emphasizes player agency, and interactions above all else, than there are few MMORPGs that can do what Eve Online does. The player driven politics and subsequent battles have been so massive, they have actual real-world money costs attached to them.

Dungeons & Dragons Online

While Neverwinter is the preferred option for most D&D fans, Dungeons & Dragons Online is still a thing that exists too and that you can play if you prefer. They are different MMORPGs with different styles of play.

DDO is less simplified, and more true to the the differences between characters in traditional D&D. There are far more ways to anchor your hero, and your style of play to your vision for it in-game than in Neverwinter. DDO also has a deeper, more rewarding guild system.

DDO borrows less from traditional and modern MMORPGs and instead tries to be more of a MMORPG take on the traditional pen and paper gameplay such as featuring deeper character customization, that hardcore D&D fans should appreciate.

The main thing to keep in mind is that the combat/gameplay isn’t as modern as Neverwinter, and there are pay gates/grind gates that will reduce the amount of activities available to you unless to pay up, or are willing to put in a lot of hours grinding out repetitive content.


Not everyone looking for MMORPGs wants to play something super complicated, complex or time consuming. If you’re looking for something more family friendly, easy to understand, and just jump into, Wizard101 is an option for you.

It’s great for younger players, or those that are looking for a more casual friendly, first-time MMORPG experience.

In Wizard101, you create a wizard that fits your style of play, and preferred magical school (Fire, Ice, Storm, Myth, Life, Death, and Balance), and work with other wizards in other schools to complete both PvE and PvP content.

Everything about Wizard101 is a bit dated, especially its visuals, but even after 10 years, Wizard101 it’s still receiving updates, and still has plenty of people that are playing which is a testament to the game’s longevity and its foundation which remains fun after all these years.


We couldn’t continue talking about the best MMORPGs in 2021 without this one. If you’ve spent any amount of time on Twitch, you’ve probably at least heard about Runescape.

If your two biggest checkmarks in evaluating what MMORPG to play is that it’s popular, and it’s free, then Runescape should be near the top of your list. It’s extremely popular, and it’s free-to-play but it’s also very old, so keep that in mind.

So why is Runescape one of the best MMORPGs? Well the fact that it’s free helps, but it also is just a very traditional, and familiar MMORPG that just does everything in a way that old-school MMORPG players can wrap their heads around.

Everything from the combat, the classes, trading, questing, etc. are all presented in a way that feels stuck in the early days of MMORPGs.

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RS 20th Anniversary celebrations have started on January 4th. During this runescape gold event, enjoy the 20th Anniversary cake, balloon drop rewards and others.


How to join in RS 20th Anniversary?


The 20th Anniversary celebration is an event to celebrate 20 years of RS, starting from January 4th 2021. Heralds could be seen promoting the celebrations during the event.

You can participate in the Grand Party in the Lumbridge Crater. During the Anniversary event, you are able to claim the 20th Anniversary Outfit and the 20th Anniversary cape from the Wise Old Man.


Eat RS 20th Anniversary cake


The 20th Anniversary cake can be obtained after completing the Baking a Cake miniquest. The 20th Anniversary cake RS3 can grant a 3% experience boost for 5 minutes, with a 10 minute cooldown before the cake can be eaten again.

Note: Ironmen cannot receive the XP boost.


Enjoy RS Balloon drop rewards


During this Anniversary event, you can find purple, silver, and yellow balloons dropping near lodestones every 30 minutes (except in Prifddinas). You can burst up to 50 balloons, and each bursted balloon will reward you with an item. Here you could learn the rewards:

Bonus XP star (small)



Celebration cake

Celebration candles

Chocolate cake

Meat pizza

Plain pizza



Small XP lamp


Participate in RS 20th Anniversary event with these rewards!

In today’s tutorial, we are discussing five different methods as to how you can trade with a 100k coin budget. And the range goes for people that have 80k to 120k. so this is essentially around a 100k coin budget trading guide. some of the things you can do very efficiently as well. so we’re gonna get into that in this tutorial – five really good methods.


#1 Silver Trading

The silver method can help you snipe from the cheapest one. For example, 650 is the cheapest premier league rare or premier league silver. And what you need to do is only snipe underneath, anything at 550 and under you will be able to make a profit on. this is all about sniping, it’s all about learning the certain buy price for the card and learning where these cards are selling at. And what you can do is at some point of the day you can put a start price and wait for what they get bidded on. This method is one of the easy ways to make coins.


#2 Special Card Filter

Another way you can make coins is through a special card filter and the filter is the 10 20 30. so what you do is you go 10 you go 20 and you go 30. what you’re looking for is past specials, players that have an open bid. For example, you see that Morata is 13.2k and look through Morata on the market to see how much what’s he been selling for. so he’s 14k coins right now, he was at 14~14.7K. you can see the fluctuation on this card, so anything in the 13K is pretty good. so this method is really good just for bidding on cards.


#3 Low Budget Sniping Filters

Low budget sniping filters will always be different, there will be some set ones that are always going to be something you can do. some of them may pop as new filters. so for example the La Liga Gold Common Right Mids, all you need to do, which the silver method, is just snipe underneath the cheapest card. so the cheapest card here is 750 coins and what you do is you just sell it for whatever it goes for. some of these may go for like 1.1K, you never know in the filter. but it’s all about looking at these low budget sniping filters and buying the cheapest one. it’s a very simple way to make coins and it’s right in front of you like these methods are right in front of you. all it takes is for you to put in a little bit of effort, if you buy the card for 550, you go and check what the cheapest one is on the market. and you undercut that by 50 coins. and most of the time it does sell. because those cards are needed for SBCs. people maybe are doing objectives for whatever reason, you never know. There are always gonna be cards that sell. so that is something you can be looking at doing is low budget sniping filters.


#4 Chem Style Trading

Now another thing you can look at doing is chem style trading. The filter range is 10.2k to 10.7k, 15k, and 15 million. the last price doesn’t really mean that much in the grand scheme of things. Right at this moment, there’s a lot of special cards being listed up. So you normally don’t have as many pages being listed. so we have a lot of these at 10.7k. And you want to avoid the UCL cards for the most part in terms of getting on bids. And all you need to do is to put 11k or something like that and get one card listed above the hour in this filter. So that you can compare price snipe on that player and then a new card will pop up with a shadow card that is listed at a minimum start price. Now not every card on this filter is a buy, but what you’re looking for in this is a player with a shadow that is 1k to 2k cheaper than his actual going price. So that you can sell it at whatever premium the player is going for. And now you might be wondering how are you going to be able to make coins with this method? Well, you obviously need to learn to study prices, and on a lower budget scale, this could be a quick little method.


#5 Fluctuation Trading

here’s how you fluctuate trades. So this is on a lower tier budget as well, you can do this with around 100K coins. For example, you look at a player like Chris Smalling, they have him up right now at 19.2k and his hourly is gone from 18k, and all the way to 19k, then back down to 17.7k, then up to 18.7k, down to 18k, up at 18.7k, down to 17.5k. And now he’s at his highest for the day at 19.2k. if he hits a high on a price, go check to see if he actually sells at that price. Put those higher bids put on your transfer targets. If they do sell at their highest price, then it’s actionable. you’re looking for a snipe that can make your coins when it hits that fluctuation up again. why do cards fluctuate? the reason why they do is that they’re out of packs. so whatever supply is coming onto the market is just a bunch of people listing at the same time. and that’s why fluctuation training doesn’t have a consistent time for cards to be at their lowest point for the day. it’s random and it’s whenever there’s less buying power in the market for a certain hour. So it’s more a timing consuming method because you need to constantly check the market price, but the reward is worth your time.

These methods are all pretty good ways to make coins, but what’s important is to find what’s the best way for you.