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Raccoon the grizzled Outlaw Rogue stands in demon-besieged Dalaran, moments before Azeroth’s greatest mages pull off their most amazing feat yet: making me even more alt-crazy than I already was. Judging from the first few hours, Legion is going to be a very good problem for me.

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The shot above was captured moments before the quest launching World of Warcraft’s sixth expansion pack popped up on my screen at 2:52 AM Eastern.
With a click of a ridiculously crowded Archmage Khadgar, the assembled mages of Dalaran launched a cutscene, transporting the magical city from the skies over Deadwind Pass to the skies over The Broken Isles. I captured the first ten minutes or so of the experience in a commentary-free video below. If you want commentary, scroll on down.
Now that the regular demon invasions of Azeroth are done (and they will be missed) and the Demon Hunters are unleashed, it’s time to switch focus to two of the new expansion’s other core focuses. To be honest, I’d almost completely forgotten about Class Order Halls and Artifact Weapons, what with all of those demons. Within moments of stepping out in the newly-displaced Dalaran, World of Warcraft reminds us.

In the case of Raccoon, who my nephew convinced me I should main (focus on over my other characters) for the expansion, a courier found me on the city’s flight platform, slipping me a message urging me to attend a clandestine meeting.
The quest led me to “Oh yeah that’s right, this expansion has Order Halls for each character class!” For Rogues that’s an underground sanctum hidden behind the bookcase of an unassuming storefront, which is pretty much perfect. Raccoon was guided to a banquet hall where he found himself surrounded by some of the most famous Rogues in Azeroth. They’re The Uncrowned, and they’d like him to be one of their leaders.
We’re going to have issues, World of Warcraft: Legion and me. It’s going to be awesome.

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A lot is changing when World of Warcraft: Legion launches, but dungeons will work the way they always have. Of course, they will be new dungeons, necessitating new approaches for players who jump in to the game ready to take on new challenges. A new preview on the site details the Eye of Azshara and Neltharion’s Lair, two of the dungeons capping off the stories of Aszuna and Highmountain, respectively.

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The Eye of Azshara is a wide-open area that has a nonlinear layout, with players able to take on the first four bosses in any order with a corresponding effect on the gathering storm in the center of the dungeon. Neltharion’s Lair is less open in layout, but also features several large landscapes and necessitates the use of the rapid waters within the cavern as a transport mechanism. Players can start exploring these dungeons at the end of August, but until then, you can take a quick glance through with the preview.

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Preview: Demon Invasions

There’s a World of Warcraft: Legion pre-expansion patch coming soon, and that means a great number of changes and improvements will be finding their way into the game. We’ve recently outlined several reasons to get ready for it all here and here.

Today, we’d like to take a closer look at the some of the content that will be coming to Azeroth in the weeks after the pre-expansion patch.

Incursions and Diversions
Around the second or third week of August (no later than August 17 globally), after you’ve had time to play around with the patch and get a feel for the changes, some angry invaders are going to start dropping out of the skies over Azeroth.

You’ll be able to identify where the invasions are currently happening by looking at your world map. As quickly as you can, head out to the zone that’s under attack and lend your aid to the defense of Azeroth.

Each demon invasion takes place in four stages, and each stage ends with a reward of Nethershards—and sometimes a chest. That means it’s always a good time to rush out and fight the Legion.

A week after the invasions begin, the Legion’s assault will begin to intensify. Then, a week after that, the demonic onslaught will intensify even more, increasing your chances to complete the event-only achievements Stand Against The Legion (for completing one invasion) and Defender of Azeroth: Legion Invasions (for completing invasions in all six locations).

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With the smash hit of Warcraft movie around the world, lots of new players are joining in World of Warcraft. Here, Safewow has created a guide for brand-new players. In this guide, you will learn about how to communicate with your friends in WOW, and where to buy cheap wow gold.

Use whispers to talk to players 
To chat to players in game privately, you can use whispers. You need to hit the “Return” key, type “/tell” and then the name of the player, then type a message privately to that player. They will see the message after you hit “Return” again. All messages with players will show up by default at the bottom-left of your screen. So, if you are already in a conversation with that person, you can just click on their names in the chat log and type your message back.

Use Emotes to express your feeling   
Emotes is another way to communicate with players in WOW. Instead of typing a sentence, you can type in a phrase and your in-game character will express that feeling through an animation and sound byte. Here are some popular emotes: /bow, /greet, /highfive, /cheer, /silly and /smile. Take the /cheer for example, it will have your character jump in the air and sound happy. However, Emotes is public to all nearby players. They can see your emotes.

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Looking for an adventure unlike any other? Then look no further than the quests of Maximillian of Northshire—one of the most eccentric people in all of Azeroth.

What ho, traveler!
You’ll find Maximillian just north of Golakka Hot Springs in Un’Goro Crater, but a word of warning—he’s not all there. Maximillian of Northshire also isn’t a typical questgiver. He doesn’t give you tasks to complete so much as wrap you up in his own personal vision of the odd happenings in Un’Goro Crater.

maximillian quest

Maximillian’s concerns ultimately ask many more questions than they answer. Even when you play through his story, you’ll never truly know:

How did he get here from Elwynn Forest?
What’s he really doing here?

Perhaps that’s all just as well. However you feel about the truth, Maximillian of Northshire is great fun to have around. Furthermore, get to the end of his brief questline, and you’ll get to choose from these wildly overpowered rewards: Toy Windmill, Maximillian’s Shield, Sword of Northshire.

We best not say too much more. Squire! Do something! Throw rocks at it! I have no plan!

You may now ride beside me into the fray!
Faction: Alliance or Horde
Location: Un’Goro Crater
Level: 54
Requires Level: 51
Quests: An Important Lesson, The Evil Dragons of Un’Goro Crater, Damsels Were Made to be Saved, The Spirits of Golakka Hot Springs, The Ballad of Maximillian

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Ever since the Grove Warden mount came to World of Warcraft, players around the world have noticed the efforts of Andrew “Zelse” Lewin and his partners in an endeavor that they call Friendship Moose. As time runs out for those who haven’t yet killed Archimonde on Heroic difficulty, we turned the Community Spotlight on Zelse to learn more about him and his unique crusade to maximize the number of people riding this mystical moose around Azeroth.

Q: Can you tell us about your experience before the Grove Warden?
A: I’ve played World of Warcraft off and on since Vanilla. Raiding was generally my main focus in the game and I wanted to be one of the best. I got a taste of that with two world firsts in Naxxramas 40 and later 10-person Heroic Lich King. As I got older, I started to realize that it wasn’t my progression that was the most important thing, but the Warcraft community as a whole. The friends that I made, interactions with the community, and helping those in need is what truly made the Warcraft community special. I wanted to give something back.

Q: What was special about the Grove Warden mount for you?
A: When the Grove Warden was announced, I found it difficult to get into raids in Group Finder, even with my Mythic raiding experience and correct ilvl. After some perseverance with many groups, I finally came across a group where we killed Heroic Archimonde and I got my mount. Something was bothering me, though. If someone of my raiding background was struggling to find groups, how must those who rarely raid or those with little time to raid get a chance at the Grove Warden? In Mists of Pandaria, I ran about 13–15 raids a week on OpenRaid as a Staff Raid Leader, which included both achievement and Heroic raid clears to help the community earn mounts and experience content. I felt that it was again time to do something, and that is when I learned about #FriendshipMoose.

Q: Can you give us some statistics?
A: My group has been able to help 3,035 people get their moose over 320 completed raids. We’ve done one 24-hour event and one 12-hour event, and there is another 24-hour event being planned. Combined with other groups, Friendship Moose has been able to help nearly 5,000 people get their moose via nearly 500 raids. A special thanks is in order for the other coordinators: AutomaticJak, HolyZorea, Nightswifty, Stephnoob, XyronicWoW, and every member of their teams that have assisted in the runs. I’m extremely thankful to be a part of this with all of them.

Q: Do you have any thoughts about the future for Friendship Moose?
A: I’ve been asked this a lot. The community is aware that eventually the moose will no longer be obtainable, so Friendship Legion is a guild that I created on Cenarius (NA) that is open to all. Instead of focusing on progression raiding, which was my initial goal for Legion, I’ll be helping the community experience Legion content first hand. This can include world dailies, dungeons, challenge modes, LFR, Normal/Heroic raiding, and of course, reward mounts.

Our deepest thanks goes to Zelse for everything he’s done for the World of Warcraft community. You can get in touch with him via email or on Twitter, or check out his Twitch stream.

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The report that World of Warcraft has lost nearly three million subscribers by the end of March 2015 spread everywhere. Maybe you think it is not a big loss for Blizzard. But from a business perspective, 30% drop is a major revenue stream indeed for both cheap WOW gold sellers and Blizzard. Eventually, what causes to the abrupt decline for wow subscription?

More attentions to raid make WOW lack of plot

There is no doubt that Warlords of Draenor is a great expansion ever so that its subscribers reached 10M since it released. But Blizzard is set on raiding, which makes the game kind of lost the plot, some people claimed, and more and more people are leaving Draenor one by one.
At first, people were raiding early on. When the second tier came out, heavily structured raiding was like a job more than a game. Afterwards, LFR makes things worse. In the past, players buy cheapest wow gold from safewow quickly in order to win battles. But it doesn’t mean that we like a boring game content.

Dungeons means running and running again

World of Warcraft fans also have some words for dungeons. Dungeons for them are running and running again, instead of crawling. Compared to grinding the LFD queue, they prefer to find a group and stumble through for 4 hours, though get lost there.

End game content also aggravates the situation

Lack of end game content has a long history of wow expansions. Most people keep away from wow pet battles and achievements.

In that case, world of warcraft would go downwards with no doubt? It is hard to say that. On one hand, there are still 6-7 millions of subscribers higher than the majority of MMORPGs, and it is not that easy to dethrone the juggernaut of World of Warcraft. On the other hand, WOW Draenor is a holy unfinished, and Tannan Jungle is in the middle of the map. With the development of wow 6.2, more and more people may come back to the game. Last but foremost, the above opinions are just from parts of wow players, not all of them.

World of Warcraft 6.2 is in full swing in PTR, and still many people are busy to test it online as usual. So do what you want, and buy what you need to make yourself happy. If you like wow, then play it! If you need wow cheap gold, they buy it! But bear in mind that find safe wow gold sellers, like Safewow, to do it.

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It is reports that As acicular out by Eurogamer, World of Warcraft tokens will be accessible in European countries starting tomorrow. Now let’s steps to reading the detail:

The in-game bill will be accessible for £15 / €20 wow gold , with bids in the WoW Auction House starting at 35K gold. The bill is already accessible actuality in the States at $20 or 30K gold. The prices in the Auction House (obviously) fluctuate. WoW tokens are acclimated to buy 30 canicule of bold time and can be purchased, with either real-world or in-game gold. Ultimately the point of the tokens is to accord players a way to acquire in-game gold after accepting to go to a third-party sources alfresco the Blizzard ecosystem.

WoW tokens are arena specific, acceptation that anyone in North America will not be able to advertise them in added regions like the UK or Europe.

Blizzard’s WoW Tokens accept agitated out of alveolate galleons about Australia and the Americas, and are currently afloat against Europe, agitated by the ocean. If you’re cerebration of branch to the bank to accumulate them all up, you’re out of luck. Goblins are already waiting, and you’ll charge to buy them from the in-game shop, just like everybody else.

WoW Tokens can be acclimated to pay for World of Warcraft bold time, like EVE Online’s PLEX, and they will go on auction tomorrow, April 21st, at about 5pm CEST. They’ll set you aback £15/€20, which makes them a wee bit pricier than in the US, area they bulk $20.

The in-game boutique isn’t the alone abode they’ll be available. Anyone who splashes out on WoW Tokens can advertise them in the Auction House, area they’re admired at 35,000 gold. While Auction Houses are commonly realm-wide, the Bold Time tab, area you can buy and advertise WoW Tokens, will be region-wide, accretion the bulk of abeyant customers.

As we saw in the US, this amount will no agnosticism alter as the bazaar is abounding with them. Within a individual day, the US WoW Tokens afford about a division of their value.

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Yessir, you know the PIG loves it when WoW gets weird, well… maybe this ain’t exactly weird, but it’s… kinda weird? So Patch 6.2 is well on its way, and get this we get to build ships. Warlords of Draenor has revitalised WoW, like a shot o’ nitrous straight to the veins. First we got Garrisons, then weirdo kart races, then selfies and now we get to build ships.I’s like I’m a kid in a candy store, someone pinch me, I’m dreamin.

So the first thing you’re gonna need t’do is build a shipyard, and you can only do that if you have a character with a level three Garrison. What’s that? Been slackin’ off and need pro assistance to help beat the grind? Did you know the PIG offers cheap wow gold for those in need? Course you did, and if you didn’t know, now you know.
Anyway, if you’ve got a level three Garrison, you can build a shipyard, and once its up and running you get to send ships off on super-cool Naval missions. Would it be too much to ask for submarine warfare next? *sigh* A PIG can dream. But what else can you do? Well, you can access the new Tanaan Jungle zone, and there’s no other way to get there except by sea so… get building.

Tanaan also has a spankin’ new raid called Hellfire Citadel, it’s got a lucky 13 bosses, but you know what? I’m not scared. At least not yet, I probably will be once I get the group together. Anyway, other than that, there’s the new uber-duper hard difficulty level the folks at Blizz have added to Draenor Dungeons, called “Mythic.” Word on the street is this new mode is cray-cray, and even the best guilds and pro players are gonna have a tough time with them. Whatever, I ain’t scared… well maybe a little.
6.2 aint out yet tho, it’s still in PTR, you know my stance, I’d rather wait till a patch is live to dive in, I ain’t no guinea PIG. Speakin’ o’ PIGs, if you’ve got like.. tons of disposable income, tickets to Blizzcon went on sale this past Wednesday, if you didn’t already get yours, fear not, there’s a second batch goin up this Saturday at 10am PDT. Me? I’m a little strapped at the moment so… I’ll watch from the comfort of my couch this year… again.

And with that, I’m outtie five-thou. Peace out, stay safe and buy safe.

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