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Task of incentives
> all the map tasks incentives are not high probability for higher quality upgrading. Green can be upgraded to blue or purple, blue can be upgraded to the purple.
> > with the map task reward assembly will improve gradually along with the progress of a task.
The Dark Portal: 50x-51x.
Figure 90-92: 51x-52x.
Figure 93-94: 52x-54x.
Figure 95-96: 54x-56x.
Figure 97-98: 56x-58x.
Figure 98-100: 58x-608.
Task: it is similar to the bonus armor in eternal island fortress, and can produce equipment according to task level and talent.
>tasks are random refresh and random rewards (not necessarily equipment).
>>the higher level the lower probability to refresh task,time-consuming longer and followers and the higher the quality is.
Fortress: win the gold medal in the event of random trigger fortress defense task
generally speaking,it will be better than the map quest rewards.
Figure 90-92: 51x-52x.
Figure 93-94: 53x-54x.
Figure 95-96: 54x-55x.
Figure 97-98: 56x-58x.
Figure 98-100: 58x-60x.
Five copies
The bloodmaul (90-92):530.
Steel pier (92-94):550.
Oakington (94-97):570.
The peak of:600 (97-99).
The rest (98-100):615.
Hero: 630.
Challenge mode: 640.
The copy of the team
LFR: No.1 class 640, No.2 class 650
World boss: level 640, level two 655.
A raid (the highest hammer):normal 655,heroes 670,myths 685.
Two level raid (Blackstone foundry):normal 665,heroes 680,myths 695.
New equipment (battlefield boxes or honor):600, PVP 660.
Veterans with (battlefield boxes or honor):620, PVP 675.
Gladiator outfit (conquer):660, PVP 690.
Manufacturing industry
> all the item can upgrade level can be manufactured in the fortress building.
> > all the equipment can use the corresponding professional props upgrad two times.
> > >you can use three manufacturing equipment at most.
Forging / tailor / leather / jewelry (body and arms shield / general / general and cloak and Cape / necklace ring):640/655/665.
Preparation and 630/645/655 weapons and shields (91/95/99 available).
Inscription: the card and 630/645/655 640/655/665 staff assistant (91/95/99).
Engineering: ranged weapons and 640/655/665 630/645/655 glasses (project 600).
The new Apex Crystal: a new currency,the upper limit is 20k.  More wow news at