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The biggest part of getting Tokens in World of Warcraft plays gold. It is the most used currency to buy and to sell Tokens since many players want to maintain their subscription without the use of real money. The release of WoW Token came also with the big hit to the black market of gold-selling as players would rather sell Tokens for WoW gold than buy them from illegal sources. With correct forms of money-making, you can easily acquire enough gold to get your first month of game time within a few hours. As most players who do the high-level content have quite deep sacks of gold, buying the Token once every few months doesn’t even require any work. All you need to do is to be frugal enough to not spend every coin on mounts, pets, and transmogs. Here are the most popular cheapest wow classic gold making methods in World of Warcraft which can help you make a little bit of cash for your subscription.

Getting rich on transmogs

This is a long time profit method which can make you a millionaire if you can put enough patience and work into it. Farming transmogs is well-known since the early days of the game and it has many enthusiasts who keep saying that this method is the best gold farm in the game. There are also opinions, that you can’t make anything from old items found in long-forgotten dungeons. Who is right then? It is quite simple in fact.

WOWclassicgp WoW Marketplace

Just as mentioned at the beginning of this paragraph transmog farms take some effort but for most importantly patience. People who say that it doesn’t pay off haven’t put enough time into it. You need to create a wide base of items from every equipment slot to be competitive on the Auction House. To do this, make sure to put many hours of farming across at least 5 different dungeons. This will give you a better variety of farms and also a more pleasant time in doing them. When you collect loot don’t pay attention only to its estimated price only.

Make sure that the thing that you want to list sell in a decent amount. Posting everything that you get is pointless and will get you nowhere. Essential addons like TSM can help you list all of them with just one click which makes Auction House usage a more pleasant experience. When everything is ready, all you need to do is to repost your goods every day or two and wait for profits to come in.

Players of Old School Runescape can find many useful herbs in the game. These herbs can be used to make many valuable and useful potions that can be used for various abilities and restoration. Toadflax is one such herb that has many uses in OSRS.

Acquiring Toadflax

Crabclaw Island in OSRSToadflax is a low-level herb that can be found in OSRS. It can be acquired through random events, and can also be farmed from toadflax seeds. If a player has a 38 Farming skill, they can grow toadflax from toadflax seed in an herb patch. These seeds can be acquired from killing monsters or pickpocketing Master Farmers. Unlike some herbs, farmers will not watch over you toadflax.

Toadflax requires a level 30 Herblore skill to clean. Players can also gain toadflax from the Agility Arena in Brimhaven. The player can trade 3 tickets or gain the toadflax as a reward for the Temple Trekking. Tree spirits will also drop toadflax.If a player is trying to farm for profit, toadflax is a great herb to go with. Players will find a very profitable price per herb which makes the time vs. price better than many other herbs.

Uses for Toadflax

Toadflax is an important ingredient in three useful potions in OSRS. The player must first make a base potion by combining toadflax with a vial of water. This will create an undrinkable toadflax potion that can then be combined with other ingredients.

At a Herblore level of 34 players can make an agility potion. This potion raises the player’s Agility skill temporarily by 3 points. To create this potion players must add a toad leg to the toadflax potion. Toad legs can be acquired by pulling the legs of swamp toads. Making this potion gains the player 80 experience points.

Once a player has a level 68 Herblore they can make the antidote+ potion. This potion cures poison and is in effect for nine minutes. Instead of using water the player must use coconut milk to create the toadflax potion. To the potion add yew roots. For each dose of this potion, players will gain 155 experience points.

While it is cheaper and is less effective than antidote++, it is a good choice for players that are playing ironman. It can be useful in fighting off ranged and magic attacks in areas such as the Skeletal Atoll.

One final potion that players can make using toadflax is Saradomin brew. Players need a level 81 Herblore to make this potion, and it will gain them 180 experience points. To create this potion the players add crushed birds nest to the toadflax potion. This potion has a lot of benefits. It will restore hit points by 15% of their maximum +2. It will also increase defense by 20% +2.With its benefits, Saradomin brew does have its drawbacks. While in use it will lower strength, attack, magic, and ranged by 10%. This potion is recommended for players that are tanking as it will increase their resistance to damage by enemies.

It has been confirmed that RS War’s Retreat (PvM Hub) will be released in game in January 2020. Read the rs gold information below if you want to know the release date and other details.


RS PvM Hub release date confirmed


The release date of RS War’s Retreat (also known as RS PvM Hub) has been confirmed in the Content Showcase: War’s Retreat live stream on January 14th. This update will come to the game on January 27th 2020.

The War’s Retreat will require level 60 Combat to access. To access the War’s Retreat, you need to head to Death’s Office by teleporting to the Draynor lodestone and running north to the green portal. Then you can reach the PvM Hub by a door outside of Death’s Office or inside Death’s Office.


Four portals of RS PvM Hub


You will find four portals in the War’s Retreat: one reaper, one provided, one unlocked and one seasonal.

The Reaper portal will automatically reattune to your Reaper assignment if you still require kills.

The Seasonal portal will be attunted to the most recent boss release or to a boss of a seasonal hiscore.

The Provided and Unlocked portal require at least 1 boss kill of a boss to attune to it. Some boss kill requirements combine 2 separate bosses (ROTS and Barrows Brothers).


Are you looking forward to RS PvM Hub update?

After several weeks where the great FUT 20 audience has been able to vote for their eleven favorite players of 2019, Team Of The Year has finally been revealed. And it has not left anyone indifferent. TOTY 2019 With the scores of the defensive line and the goalkeeper still to be resolved, the TOTY 2019 has been revealed and we already know the scores of the midfielders and strikers:

Alisson Becker: the 27-year-old Brazilian goalkeeper who milita in Liverpool FC is currently champion of the Champions League and was awarded as the best goalkeeper of the Premier in 2019.

Trent Alexander-Arnold: very young right-back of the English National Team and Liverpool FC. Champion of the 2019 Champions.

Virgil Van Dijk: the Liverpool defense commander, second ranked in the Golden Ball, in short, a 1.93m titan who leads the defensive line of the English club and the Dutch National Team.

Ligt: at just 20 years old, this Dutchman signed a great season with Ajax in Amsterdam which earned him to be part of a multi-million dollar transfer to Juventus in Turin. Perhaps it is the biggest surprise of TOTY, although not the only one.

N’Golo Kanté: Chelsea FC’s French midfielder is undoubtedly one of the best DCMs in the world, a magnet for the recovery of balls. Despite not signing one of his best seasons, he has been able to leave out big names in the midfield. Average: 97.

Frenkie de Jong: with only 22 years and after a stellar season in Ajax (as his compatriot De Ligt) is signed by FC Barcelona. Midfielder with a lot of class but with a whole professional life ahead to improve and show off his chevrons. Score: 94.

Kevin de Bruyne: there are plenty of explanations to include the Belgian in TOTY 2019, he is one of the best in his position and takes the baton of the City of Guardiola without disheveled. Average: 98.

Sadio Mané: the 27-year-old Senegalese is one of the most overflowing players in the world today. Current champion of the Champions League with Liverpool, he has left great names out of this TOTY, but his inclusion is more than deserved without a doubt. He has been named best player in Africa recently. Average rating: 97.

Lionel Messi: at 32, the Argentine star shows match after match that he is one of the best players in the world, if not the best. Awarded with the Golden Ball 2019, Messi is a regular of the TOTY and this year could not be less. A safe value Score: 99.

Kylian Mbappé: the Frenchman of only 21 years is already a world crack despite his young age. He proves his worth at the point of attack both in the PSG and in the French National Team, with which he was world champion in 2018. Average rating: 98.

As it could not be otherwise, TOTY 2019 has left several stars without a place in that precious initial eleven. Perhaps the absences of Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar Jr and Mohammed Salah are the most striking in the lead.

In almost every expansion in World of Warcraft, professions are receiving significant updates. It is one of the key features of this game many players do not utilize to their advantage. Professions do come with many perks and bonuses and are divided across many categories. You can use them as a gold making method, as a way of upgrading your gear, for collecting purposes, and many other situations. Because they are so diversionary, you can use them in almost every aspect of the game. It is vital to know how you can benefit from each one of them to reach its maximum potential. Below you can read about cheap wow classic gold every single profession available in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, which might help you choose the most profitable ones for your character.

Primary and Secondary skills

There are two types of professions in World of Warcraft. Primary professions are the main skills that you can train through profession trainers in the biggest cities of Azeroth. You can have two of them active at the same time, and they will be equally functional. They might also be switched to other ones after your choice changes but not without a penalty. Each of the jobs dropped loses all levels and experience that you have previously gained. The new learned profession will always start from level 1, even if you already had it on any other level. As primary professions, we can count Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Enchanting, Engineering, Herbalism, Inscription, Jewelcrafting, Leatherworking, Mining, Skinning, and Tailoring.

Secondary professions are a bit different, though. There are three of them: Cooking, Fishing, and Archeology. First Aid was previously there as well, but in Battle for Azeroth expansion, it got folded under Tailoring. All of these skills can be learned at the same time since they have their spots in professions skill book. Because of that, you can have a total of five professions learned at the same time: two primary ones and three secondaries.

Leveling up

When you first learn your desired profession, you can start progressing in that matter through activities connected to your skill. Players who have learned Herbalism will pick up herbs to level up, Blacksmiths will be making weapons and armor, and Alchemists will try to brew some potions. You will quickly notice that your progression will be blocked by certain milestones. At each milestone, a specific number of levels is necessary for further progression, and at every one of them, you will be assigned a rank. On Apprentice, you can raise your profession level to 75, on Journeyman to 150, on Expert to 225 and Artisan up to 300, which is the cap in Battle for Azeroth.

Summer’s more or less here and that means it’s time for a big RuneScape 3 update. This summer, players get to explore a jungle island. This new addition to the game’s runescape gold for sale map adds new adventures and mysteries for players to take on.

Summer Update Revealed

Anachronia, also known as The Land Out of Time is a new jungle island that was announced on 21 May 2019 as the ‘big summer update of 2019′. Jagex announced that RuneScape will be getting a new update in July called “The Land Out Of Time”, basically adding dinosaurs to the mix. The details are kind of sketchy as the trailer below only shows land along with a dinosaur yell, but we do know that you’ll need to be level 50 or above to do battle against the recently revealed antagonist Kerapac, who has unearthed the new environment of Anachronia. You’ll venture to the new island to the dragonkin and defeat his plans in the new storyline, plus two new quests called The Needle Skips and You Are It.

Jagex have hinted that the new area will be related to the Desperate Times quest; potentially as the location of Orthen. Desperate Times will not be needed to access the island.

This band-aid is the simplest way to fix “1-item pking” and abounding issues surrounding the arbitrary advantages PKers acquire during PvP encounters. By banishment players to accouter a aroused skull afore they can advance addition amateur they are affected to accident abundant to accomplish 1-iteming obsolete.

They will be affected to put added accessory on to access their own affairs of survival, added accretion your abeyant accolade for acquisition them. Angry aback will now be a abundant added advantageous advantage and PKers will acquire to anxiously acquire their targets rather than advance anyone and anybody accident free.

The aroused skull will acquire to be able for at atomic 1 abounding minute afore the PKer will be accustomed to advance anyone. Already equipped, the aroused skull cannot be taken off until they leave the wilderness. A amateur afterwards a aroused skull able cannot admit action adjoin anyone in the wilderness. T

hey will be accustomed to advance anyone who attacked them though, so continued as their aroused skull is still able and they haven’t larboard the wilderness yet. This agency that even if the PKer runs abroad and break combat, you will still be able to restart action adjoin them if you bolt up to them.

According to the recent official news post, some changes and fixes have been made to OSRS crystal pickaxe and osrs gold crystal axe. Read the information below for the details.


Learn crystal pickaxe & crystal axe changes


With the update this week, crystal tools can now be used while they have no charges, and act like their Dragon counterparts. In addition, the Crystal Axe and Pickaxe no longer consume charges when their effects provide no extra benefits. Here you could learn details of the affected uses:

1. Crystal Pickaxe:

Entering the Abyss via the appropriate blockage

Combat against the Stone Guardians in the Chambers of Xeric

Mining through a rockfall obstacle in the Chambers of Xeric

Mining through the obstacles in the Legend’s Quest

Mining salt or basalt underneath Weiss

Mining the rubble in Burgh de Rott

Mining dense essence in Arceuus

Clearing a rockfall that’s fallen from the ceiling anywhere in the motherlode mine

2. Crystal Axe

Entering the Abyss via the appropriate blockage

Chopping tendrils in the swamp on Fossil Island

Chopping jungle and fixing the fence in Tai Bwo Wannai Village

Chopping ents beneath the Woodcutting Guild or in the Wilderness

Chopping the Meat Tree in a Muttadile room in the Chambers of Xeric

Chopping through a roots obstacle in the Chambers of Xeric

Chopping kindling in the Chambers of Xeric

Pruning the Growthlings in the Bryophyta fight by using the axe on them

Splitting arctic pine logs


Issue on OSRS crystal axe charges fixed


With this update, Jagex also have fixed an issue where Crystal Axe charges were depleted when it was carried during Tai Bwo Wannai cleanup, even though the axe cannot be used.


What do you think about crystal pickaxe and crystal axe changes this week?

FUT 20 begins the new year with Team of the Year 2019. Eleven players make up TotY. So far, only three are available. Don’t worry as all of them will be obtainable eventually. The first three players are Sadio Mane, Kylian Mbappe, and Lionel Messi. Mane is a 97 OVR left-winger with 99 pacing, 95 shooting, 92 passing, 97 dribbling, 57 defending, and 88 physical. Mbappe is a striker with 98 OVR and 99 pacing, 96 shooting, 93 passing, 98 dribbling, 55 defending, and 90 physical. Messi is a 99 OVR right-winger with 96 pacing, 98 shooting, 99 passing, 99 dribbling, 50 defending, and 85 physical. We don’t know the OVR and stats of the other players. This info will be revealed as soon as the cards can be obtained. However, this doesn’t mean that we cannot list them. The other eight TotY players are Van Dijk, De Bruyne, Kante, Alexander-Arnold, De Ligt, Robertson, De Jong, and goalkeeper Alisson.

Players’ opinions about the 2019 selection are mixed. One of the biggest concerns is why famous players such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Robert Lewandowski are missing from the lineup. Maybe EA listened to the community or maybe it is was part of the plan all along, but only a few hours after TotY was revealed, it was announced that a 12th player will join the initial squad. Looks like anything is possible in Ultimate Team, even a football team with 12 players. The 12th footballer will be selected by the players. They can cast their votes within UT. There are five nominees. Cristiano Ronaldo is a 94 OVR striker with 91 pacing, 94 shooting, 83 passing, 90 dribbling, 36 defending, and 79 physical. Robert Lewandowski is a 90 OVR striker with 78 pacing, 88 shooting, 75 passing, 86 dribbling, 42 defending, and 83 physical. Ziyech is a center defending midfielder with 86 OVR and 81 pacing, 76 shooting, 87 passing, 84 dribbling, 51 defending, and 67 physical. Sterling has 89 OVR. He is a right-winger with 94 pacing, 80 shooting, 79 passing, 90 dribbling, 46 defending, and 50 physical. The fifth footballer is left-winger Hazard. He has 92 OVR and 92 pacing, 84 shooting, 87 passing, 95 dribbling, 36 defending, and 67 physical.

As you know, TotY recognizes the best performances of the year that just ended. The lineup is revealed in January. Up until this year, the TotY footballers were selected by the team behind the game. In 2019, FUT 20 players had the chance to get involved in this decision.

Do you agree with the selection?

Today,Let’s learn RuneFest 2019 latest Informations together now,So you can prepare for it. buy runescape 3 gold

The 9th annual Jagex-run real-world event for RS players, RuneFest 2019, has been confirmed to start on the evening of October 4, while the main event takes place on October 5. This big event will still be hosted at The Farnborough International Exhibition & Conference Centre, which is just outside London in the UK.

You can buy the ticket to the RuneFest 2019 RS3 from 4pm BST on Friday May 31st.

Now,You can set your alarm and be ready to buy a ticket. There are also special ticket prices for the earlier birds. If you are lucky enough to get yourself a ticket in, you can set to buy train or flight tickets for your journey to the Farnborough International Exhibition & Conference Centre.

What’s more,You should focus on official Facebook and Twitter for some latest information.It is also recommended to join the official Discord channel, head to the official RuneFest forum or the community-owned Facebook Group for some tips and advice on everything from travel to accommodation.Maybe you’ll be able to participate in a cosplay show, meet up with JMods & Content Creators, as well as interact with the Jmods.

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Requirements: None

It is one of the most iconic ways to make some easy gold early in the game. All that you have to do is to get to the reward room on the third floor of the Stronghold of Security. To do so head over to the Barbarian Village and jump down the hole in the center. All that you have to do is to pass through doors, answer some simple security questions which will get you closer to the prize. You can look on the minimap to determine which route to take in order to not get lost in the maze. There will be four floors with various rewards but gold is only on third floor. If you haven’t come here for fancy new boots you can skip the last level. During your journey you will come across many monsters with quite high level so make sure to bring some food – just to be safe. It is a very simple activity which will help you at the beginning of your adventure but since it can be done only once it is not a real money making method.

Looting Steel Platelegs in the Wilderness (Risky)

Requirements: None

If your account is new and you want to make some additional gold your best bet will be to loot items in the Wilderness. It comes with a danger of being killed by other players since items that you want to collect are located in Open PvP zone but it is quite unlikely that someone will attack you if you are on a low level. Make sure to leave all your gear in the bank to not lose anything precious and head over to the Ruins at level 24 od Wildy. You can find Steel Platelegs there. Hop on to another world to respawn them and fill your inventory by doing so. After you are done with that, all that you have to do is to sell everything and store your gold back to the bank.

Requirements: Large amounts of Silver or Gold ore

If you are making your gold for membership or in general you are free-to-play your best bet will be to make some items through the Crafting skill. At the store related to this ability in Al-Kharid you can buy Tiara Mould and Holy Mould. Get both of them. You want to use all your ores to make bars which are used to fill the moulds that you have bought. Make as many unstrung holy symbols as you can but do not sell them to the general store. Bank all of them instead and head over to Edgeville. You will start your selling journey there. You will have to go to the Bandit Store in the Wilderness as those thugs will buy each of your new-made goods for 120 gold.

To optimize your farming make sure to mine rocks at the Varrock as it is the closest mine to the bank. Your Smelting can be done at Edgeville and Crafting at Al-Kharid. For Ultimate Ironman, risk will not be worth the reward so sell everything to the general store instead . Tiaras can also be made for a little bit of profit, but in general they are better for experience than for coins. If you are on high enough Mining skill level, you can push this method to the maximum profit by mining gold ore and making Gold Necklaces as well as Gold Amulets. Those will lend you the best profit but with lower experience per hour.

Staves of Earth and Steel Platebodies in Lava Maze (Risky)

Requirements: Weapon (bronze sword is enough) and some food

You can start off by going to the Lava Maze located north-west deep inside the Wilderness. This method involves picking up Staff of Earth and Steel Platebodies from the ground and switching worlds to spawn them again. If you are above 55 Magic you can also bring some Fire runes and Nature runes. It will allow you to use High Alchemy spell on staves and armor which is used to decompose items into the gold. With that you won’t have to run to the store to sell your items after your inventory is full. Keep in mind that this method involves running to wildy and since it is a pvp zone you might get caught by other players – bring only necessary items.

Agility Pyramid (Risky)

Requirements: Over 30 Agility (51+ would be optimal), a weapon, waterskins and maybe food on low Agility level.

Although we marked this method as a risky one, you can’t get killed by other players doing this task. The thing which can kill you here is the desert heat combined with obstacles that can damage you. It is a special agility course but as with every other agility course that has obstacles – failing might cost you some hitpoints. Because of that, your health might get low and you actually can die from desert heat if you forget to use it in time. It is also what you need a weapon for. By cutting cactus that is growing near pyramid you can get water to fill your empty waterskins. With this setup the only danger to your characters life is your memory.

Before you start this method, make sure to equip every piece of weight reducing gear that you have (like the Graceful Outfit) – you will need to be as light as possible (less than 10kg on your equipment should be enough). Now that you are properly geared, head over to Pollnivneach by taking a Magic Carpet in Shantay Pass. After your arrival in the village, start running south to the Agility Pyramid. There you will find NPC Simon Templeton. Talk to him about the Pyramid Top and after the conversation go to the Pyramid Course. If your Agility is over 51 you should not have too many problems with obstacles. If you have managed to reach the top of the Pyramid take the item lying there and head back to the NPC that you have previously talked to. Now he will pay you 10k gold for every Pyramid Top that you bring him. Repeat this process for as long as you want.

Twisted Banshee (Safe)

Requirements: 15 Slayer, 20 Ranged, Earmuffs or Slayer Helm, Equipment to find monsters

To start off you need to get into the Great Kourend which can be accessed via boat in Port Sarim. When you get to the port, speak to Veos who is standing south of the inn. Ask him if he can take you to the Port Piscarilius. From there you should travel west until you find Kourend Castle. In front of the castle gates there is a big obelisk. Inspect it to get into the cave. After that you want to run south until you see a crack in the wall – squeeze through it. Now go west and you can fight Twisted Banshees there. There is a safe spot from where you can shoot Banshees which is located in the very south of this area.

Although you won’t make as much money here as with other methods, it allows you to also train while making some extra gold. On top of that, make sure to bring some High Alchemy runes if you can cast that spell since they drop items like Battlestaves and Adamantite Shields.

Stealing keys from the H.A.M. (Safe)

Requirements: Death to the Dorgeshuun, 20 Thieving

You can begin by going to the trapdoor located north west of Lumbridge Castle. When you are inside cultist cave, go behind the man which talks to cultists and there – just below the wall – you will find a hidden trapdoor. If you don’t see it then you have probably not completed the Death of the Dorgeshuun quest. Inside you will find H.A.M. guards and these are your targets. Just as with previous method, it is best to bring some High Alchemy runes to maximize profits. It saves you a lot of time and adds a small gold profit to your loot pool. When you finally fill your inventory with keys, you can start collecting rewards. Head over to each of the rooms nearby and start opening chests. If you run out of space just simply High Alch your loot and continue with stealing – jewelry can be sold in Port Sarim. If you don’t have High Alchemy your best bet would be going to Draynor Village bank.

Mining gem rocks (Safe)

Requirements: Shilo Village quest, 40 Mining, 43 Crafting to cut gems, Chisel, Pickaxe

One of the most famous methods to make gold as an Ironman in OSRS involves two skills – Mining and Crafting. In order to begin you will have to complete Shilo Village quest which will allow you to enter the village. There you can find gem rocks which will be your source of income. Nothing special here about this method – all you need to do is to mine gems from rocks in the village until your inventory is full. Then you can cut them with chisel for some crafting experience and either sell in Port Sarim jewelry store or bank them for later crafting.

Catching Eclectic Imps (Safe)

Requirements: 50 Hunter, Lost City quest (for Zanaris bank access and easy teleport to Puro Puro), impling jars.

Implings can be caught in Puro Puro realm which is a homeland to Imp-like creatures. To get there players can find teleporting circles made by Imps in wheat fields around Gielinor. Another way of accessing this realm involves teleportation through a Fairy Ring to Zanaris where you can find a permanent wheat field teleport. To do this players need to complete two parts of Fairy Tale quest which grants access to Fairy Ring teleportation network and therefore to Zanaris teleport. After you arrive in Puro Puro head over to the south where Eclectic Implings tend to spawn and start catching.

Although 50 Hunter is the requirement necessary to start off, we recommend reaching to 58 which unlocks Nature Implings. You can trade those for Jar Generator at Elnock’s Exchange. This one might be necessary, since jars do break quite often and without Jar Generator it can be annoying to farm there. So while farming, make sure to take one Nature Impling, two Eclectic ones and three Essence Implings and exchange those for Jar Generator. Another item which you aim to get is a Magical Net that increases the chance of you catching the Impling. For this one, you need one Essence Impling, two Earth Implings and three Gourmet Implings.

Fletching Bows (Safe)

Requirements: 10 Crafting, 35 Fletching, 30 Woodcutting

Both Fletching and Woodcutting skills will be important for your Ironman account but you also can benefit from them as a gold makers. All you have to do is to fletch best bows that you can make. You also want to finish them, so make sure to attach strings. If you have High Alchemy, you should get better profit but if you don’t, your best call will be to sell everything you make to the general store. Before starting this method make sure to get over 30 Woodcutting, over 35 Fletching and at least 10 levels in Crafting skill.

Stealing from Silk Stalls (Safe)

Requirements: 20 Thieving

Ardougne Market is a special place. There you can find various stalls with different items including Silk Stalls that we are interested in. But what really makes it extraordinary? From level 20 of Thieving you will be able to rob an NPC from Silk that lies on his stall and sell him his own goods afterwards. All that you have to do is to fill your inventory with the material and go to the bank to store it. NPC will refuse to trade with you for 20 minutes but after that time you will be able to get 60gp for every piece of Silk that you have previously stolen.

Slayer (Safe/Risky)

Requirements: Regular combat equipment

A bread and butter of every RuneScape player with active membership. Slayer gives you access to the monsters that normally you couldn’t kill. Their drop tables are known as much better than those of regular enemies. This creates an opportunity to make some gold and get better equipment for your Ironman character.

Although you can make some gp through Slayer even very early on, you might need to get to at least 80 Combat and 50 Attack for this method to become really profitable. Higher level monsters land better overall profit and since we came here mainly for gold you want to be at the highest combat that you can get. For Ironman, Slayer is a real gamble as some of the monsters drop a lot of gold while others give barely anything. You cannot decide on which task you are sent so your best bet will be to ban the least profitable ones. Read more about that in our Slayer guide.

Alching Ecumenical Keys (Risky)

Requirements: 60 Agility, 60 Strength, 55 Magic

To start alching Ecumenical Keys you will need to gather them from God Wars Dungeon first. Since it is not a safe zone to be in you will need to be careful not to die there. To get to this place, head north from the Bandit Camp. After arriving at the dungeon make your way to the south. This will get you straight into the main room. From there you want to walk towards north and reach Zamorak safe spot. With Mage or Ranged combat you will be able to take Imps that reside in this location. They have Ecumenical Keys in their drop table which you will be trying to farm.

Since everything takes place in the Wilderness, there is a decent chance that you will become a target of players killing. Make sure not to alch the keys that you have found the right away. Instead get two or three and go to the bank to monetize your loot. Alching on wilderness would result in turning them into gold which is lost upon death while unalched ones might be kept as safe from death penalty. A maximum of three keys can be held at a time and even more if you have completed some of the Wilderness Diary but in general farming two before banking is the safest option.

Blackjacking (Safe)

Requirements: At least 65 in Thieving skill (although over 80 is highly recommended), Rogue Trader minigame, Rogue Equipment and The Feud quest.

A very simple yet efficient method of making money while also training Thieving skill comes with blackjacking Menaphite Thugs. By knocking out these NPCs you will be able to pickpocket them multiple times before they regain consciousness. It is a great opportunity to make gold while you do other things like watching TV or playing on your phone since it requires very little attention from the user. If you want to learn more about this money making method head over to our Blackjacking Guide.

Pickpocketing at Ardougne (Safe)

Requirements: at least 55 in Thieving skill but with 95+ you will be most efficient, medium Ardougne diary completed, Rogue Equipment

Another easy way to obtain currency comes from pickpocketing. In general, most people use that ability on Ardougne Knights since they can be lured to a safe location but you can also pickpocket different NPCs like Master Farmer (for higher levels) and Men around Lumbride (for lower levels). To start off, go to the Ardougne Market Square and try to lure one of the knights to the north-eastern building. If you have met the requirements stated above you should be able to succeed at stealing from Ardougne Knights at every attempt.

Dragon Slayer II (Safe)

Requirements: High Combat stats (at least 80s), finished Dragon Slayer II Quest

In general, this method will be a combat related farming. You will have to complete Dragon Slayer II as it unlocks two creatures worth killing. First one is the main antagonist of the quest – Vorgath. Even though he doesn’t leave valuable items on drop during the mission, you can come to his cave again after quest is completed to fight for rewards. Keep in mind that the version of Vorgath that you will meet after the quest is completed will be significantly stronger than the one you have previously challenged. As for the drops you can expect to get some Rune items and bars as well as valuable dragonhide.

If you are not into bossing, you might also fight Rune Dragons which are also very lucrative. They require much less attention, effort and preparation while leaving similar items to those that come from the boss. This can also be done on the lower level if you can manage to get Dragon Slayer II completed.

Charging Fire Orbs (Safe)

Requirements: 70+ Agility, 62 Crafting, 63 Magic, 43 Prayer, 59 Runecrafting, Graceful Outfit, Completion of Lunar Diplomacy quest, Castle Wars Balloon, access to higher amount of battlestaves supply through completion of Varrock Diaries or through 66 Magic.

Creating Battlestaves is a well-known method to make some gold. On top of profit you will also receive experience in two skills – Crafting and Magic. This way of gold making requires a lot of preparation but in the end it is much more worth it than crafting regular Air Staves. To begin you want to take some of the most important items into your inventory – Graceful Outfit, Fire Staff, Ring of Duelling and the Anti-Dragon Shield. As it was not enough you will also have to take cosmic runes, logs, and best possible antidote that you can afford. Rest of the inventory should be filled with unpowered orbs. With less than 70 Agility you won’t be able to use the shortcut, so make sure to take with you a Dust Key.

Start at the Castle Wars and take the balloon to Taverley. After you arrive on the spot move towards the Fire Obelisk. It will require over 70 Agility (80+ advised). Charge all of the orbs that you have brought and teleport back to the Castle Wars to repeat the process. After you are done with charging, you can make Battlestaves out of the orbs and use High Alchemy to turn them into gold. Since below 70 Agility this process is extremely run intensive you can find yourself additional work like fletching or alching. This can be done in the spare time between runs when you are waiting to regenerate your stamina.

Crafting Blood Runes

Requirements: 77 Runecrafting, At least 75 Agility

By using Pickaxe you can mine dense essence and with chisel you will be able to venerate them. With prepared stones you can run to the Blood Altar to charge Runes. If you can meet the requirements and optimize your runs you should make 212 Blood Runes on one visit at the altar. Each of them can be later sold to Ali Morrisane for 200gp. This means that in theory you should be able to make over 300k gold every hour while also getting around 40k experience.


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