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D2 is aquired through a fairly lengthy, somewhat difficult and expensive quest chain through which you upgrade D1 pieces.
Important Note:
During the first run of this content back in 2006 when completing the final quests of each stage where you would turn in your D1 item
for the equivalent D2, if you had multiple items of the same D1 piece (EG, two Bracers), you would lose all of them when turning in the
quest if they were equipped or in your bags. As of writing this we don’t know if it will behave this way in WoW Classic,
once we find out I’ll update/remove this section but until then just to be safe put any extras in the bank or you may lose them!
Deliana and Mokvar
Depending on your faction you’ll be speaking to one of the two NPCs mentioned below quite frequently throughout this chain.
Deliana for Alliance, located in the Great Forge (Throne room) in Ironforge.
Mokvar for Horde, located in the Valley of Wisdom (Warchiefs room) in Orgrimmar.
Part 1: Wrists.
The D2 quest chain starts off very easy.

What you’ll need for this stage: Gold: 20


[ 1 ]: Alliance: An Earnest Proposition.
[ 1 ]: Horde: An Earnest Proposition.
Alliance: Deliana sends you to Winterspring to collect 15x Winterspring Blood Sample from any frostsaber or bear within the zone.
Horde: Mokvar sends you to Silithus to collect 15x Silithus Venom Sample from any spider or scorpion within the zone.
Once you’ve collected the samples, return them your factions quest giver along with 20 and you’ll recieve the D2 wrists.
Part 2: Belt and Gloves.
Things start getting difficult and expensive from here on.
What you’ll need for this stage:
Gold: 80
1x Delicate Arcanite Converter.
4x Greater Eternal Essence.
10x Stonescale Oil.
25x Volcanic Ash. (Quest item, cannot be pre-gathered).

Goblin Rocket Fuel – You’ll be given 8 of these from one of the quests and you’ll likely need need extras.

Quests: This part begins with faction specific quests.
[ 1 ]: Alliance: A Supernatural Device.
[ 1 ]: Horde: A Supernatural Device.
[ 2 ]: The Ectoplasmic Distiller.
Mux Manascrambler asks you bring him the following materials needed to create the Ectoplasmic Distiller along with 40.
1x Delicate Arcanite Converter.
4x Greater Eternal Essence.
10x Stonescale Oil.
You’ll also be sent to collect 25x Volcanic Ash, which can be collected in Burning Steppes. There’s no specific area, you’ll find it everywhere within the zone.
[ 3 ]: Hunting for Ectoplasm.
For this you’ll need to use the Ectoplasmic Distiller, which drops a physical object on the ground and consumes 1x Goblin Rocket Fuel, close to the undead mobs mentioned above. You must stay within 20 yards of the device (you will have the Ectoplasmic Distiller buff reapplied every 3 seconds while in range) and the undead mob must also die within 20 yards of the device. If you or the mob are outside this range when it dies you won’t be able to loot the ectoplasm. The device itself will last 5 minutes before despawning and you’ll need to resummon it.Best way to do this is place the distiller close to the center of each area and pull mobs into its range, kiting if required. You will likely need extra fuel for all 36 ectoplasms.

Once you’ve collected all required return to Mux Manascrambler and hand in.
[ 4 ]: A Portable Power Source.
Mux Manascrambler sends you out to collect a Magma Core from Magma Lord Bokk in Burning Steppes.
Hes a non-elite and very easy to kill. Collect the core and return to Mux Manascrambler.
[ 5 ]: A Shifty Merchant.
Mux Manascrambler sends you out to buy 1x Fel Elemental Rod from Vi’el in Winterspring.
This annoying imp has set-up shop surrounded by level 60+ elites in Darkwhisper Gorge and sells the rod for 40.
Once you’ve got it, return to Mux.
[ 6 ]: Alliance: Return to Deliana.
[ 6 ]: Horde: Return to Mokvar.
Mux Manascrambler gives you the Extra-Dimensional Ghost Revealer and finally sends you Deliana / Mokvar.
[ 7 ]: Alliance: Just Compensation.
[ 7 ]: Horde: Just Compensation.
Talk to Deliana / Mokvar again and you’ll recieve the D2 Gloves and Belt.

Remember to put any duplicates of the of the D1 gear you’re exchanging for this stage of the quest series in your bank or you may lose them!

Part 3: Pants, Shoulders and Boots.
What you’ll need for this stage:
3x Dark Iron Bar.
3x Mooncloth.
20x Enchanted Leather.
4x Cured Rugged Hide.
8x Large Brilliant Shard.
4x Dark Rune.
[ 1 ]: Alliance: In Search of Anthion.
[ 1 ]: Horde: In Search of Anthion.
Deliana / Mokvar sends you off to find and speak to Anthion Harmon who is unfortunately dead. Head over to the Stratholme Main Gate entrance in Eastern Plaguelands and use your Extra-Dimensional Ghost Revealer to see him. You’ll find him wandering on the bridge.
[ 2 ]: Dead Man’s Plea.
This quest takes place in Undead Stratholme.
Anthion Harmon asks you to save Ysida Harmon from Baron Rivendare. Immediately after opening the second service gate you will have 45 minutes to start fighting Rivendare. You do not need to kill him within 45 minutes however if your timer expires during the fight and you wipe you will immediately fail. This was one of the most challenging parts of this series in its original release, in classics release I’ve had groups clear under 45 minutes with random pugs, even in phase 1. A guide was created for it, which you can find here, though you probably won’t need it.
[ 3 ]: Proof of Life.
Ysida Harmon sends you back to Anthion Harmon with her locket to prove you saved her.
[ 4 ]: Anthion’s Strange Request.
Anthion Harmon asks you to bring him the following materials to craft the Incomplete Banner of Provocation.
3x Dark Iron Bar.
20x Enchanted Leather.
3x Mooncloth.
4x Cured Rugged Hide.
[ 5 ]: Anthion’s Old Friend.
Anthion Harmon sends you off to find Falrin Treeshaper in the library in Dire Maul North. To access the library you’ll need someone with the Crescent Key, which is obtained from Pusillin in Dire Maul East.
[ 6 ]: Falrin’s Vendetta.
Falrin Treeshaper asks you to collect 25x Ogre Warbeads from any ogre within Dire Maul or Blackrock Spire. Once you have all 25 return to Falrin.
[ 7 ]: The Instigator’s Enchantment.
Falrin Treeshaper asks you to bring him 1x Jeering Spectre’s Essence. This drops from Eldreth Phantasm, Eldreth Spectre, Eldreth Spirit or Eldreth Apparition in Dire Maul West.
8x Large Brilliant Shard.
4x Dark Rune.
[ 8 ]: The Challenge.
Falrin Treeshaper gives you the finished Banner of Provocation and asks you to retrieve the Top Piece of Lord Valthalak’s Amulet, which is held by Theldren in Blackrock Depths.
[ 9 ]: Alliance: Anthion’s Parting Words.
[ 9 ]: Horde: Anthion’s Parting Words.
Return to Deliana / Mokvar and you’ll be rewarded with the D2 Boots, Pants and Shoulders.
Part 4: Helm and Chest.
What you’ll need for this stage:
Gold: 120 to buy Hallowed Brazier. You’ll also need honored with the Argent Dawn.
1x Flask of Supreme Power.
You’ll also need the materials and friendly reputation with Cenarion Circle to summon The Duke of Cynders.
1x Twilight Trappings Set – These are a common drop from any of the Twilight Cultist mobs in Silithus.
1x Twilight Cultist Robe.
1x Twilight Cultist Mantle.
1x Twilight Cultist Cowl.
1x Twilight Cultist Medallion of Station.
1x Signet of Beckoning: Fire. – This isnt required but you’ll only have a 25% chance to summon The Duke of Cynders without it, meaning you may have to farm all these materials again.
[ 1 ]: Alliance: Bodley’s Unfortunate Fate.
[ 1 ]: Horde: Bodley’s Unfortunate Fate.
Deliana / Mokvar sends you to meet another ghost, Bodley who is sitting directly outside the Blackrock Spire entrance. You’ll need to use the Extra-Dimensional Ghost Revealer to see him.
[ 2 ]: Three Kings of Flame.
Bodley asks you to collect the remains of 3 fire elementals.
Incendicite of Incendius – From Lord Incendius in Blackrock Depths.
Ember of Emberseer – From Pyroguard Emberseer in Upper Blackrock Spire, who is the first boss.
Cinder of Cynders – From The Duke of Cynders a world boss in Silithus.
The first two are relatively easy, both from dungeons.
The third is dropped from a world boss. He isn’t too difficult, the equivalent of a dungeon boss so bring friends.
To spawn him you must equip the following and talk to one of the three Wind Stones in Silithus.
1x Twilight Cultist Robe.
1x Twilight Cultist Mantle.
1x Twilight Cultist Cowl.
1x Twilight Cultist Medallion of Station.
You will have a 25% chance to spawn him when talking to the wind stone unless you have the Signet of Beckoning: Fire in your bags, in which case you are gaurenteed to get The Duke.
[ 3 ]: The Four Components of Importance.
Bodley will send you off to collect one of the four items below, the quest he offers you is random for each player, even within the same class and faction. While all the mobs you are sent to kill are elites they’re fairly easy to solo.
Components of Importance: Starbreeze Village Relic – Frostwhisper Gorge in Winterspring.
Components of Importance: Druidical Remains – Hive’Regal in Silithus.
Components of Importance: Soul Ashes of the Banished – Purgation Isle Hillsbrad Foothills.
Components of Importance: Brilliant Sword of Zealotry – Tyr’s Hand in Eastern Plaguelands.

[ 4 ]: The Left Piece of Valthalak’s Amulet.
Bodley then asks you to find the Left Piece of Valthalak’s Amulet. Like above you’ll be given one of the four quests at random.
You can loot the quest item from any of the below bosses even if its not the one you have the quest for (for example if a group member summons it during their quest), however each quest requires you kill the specific boss for your particular quest as part of its objectives so you’ll need to do it anyway to be able to turn in.
[ 5 ]: I See Alcaz Island In Your Future…
Bodley sends you to Alcaz Island in Dustwallow Marsh to collect 20x Bloodkelp from the Naga.
Alcaz Island is full of elite mobs and they are very difficult to solo. You will likely need a group (2-3) to complete this. Once done return to Bodley.
[ 6 ]: Four more Components of Importance!
Like before Bodley will send you to collect one of the four items below.
More Components of Importance: Starbreeze Village Relic – Frostwhisper Gorge in Winterspring.
More Components of Importance: Druidical Remains – Hive’Regal in Silithus.
More Components of Importance: Soul Ashes of the Banished – Purgation Isle Hillsbrad Foothills.
More Components of Importance: Brilliant Sword of Zealotry – Tyr’s Hand in Eastern Plaguelands.

[ 7 ]: The Right Piece of Valthalak’s Amulet.
Exactly like the left piece Bodley will give you one of the four quests below at random to collect the right piece.
The Right Piece of Lord Valthalak’s Amulet: Stratholme Live.
You’ll need to kill Jarien and Sothos.
These two are summoned using the Brazier of Beckoning in Balnazzars room.
The Right Piece of Lord Valthalak’s Amulet: Scholomance.
You need to kill Kormok.
He’s summoned using the Brazier of Beckoning in Ras Frostwhispers room.
The Right Piece of Lord Valthalak’s Amulet: Lower Blackrock Spire.
You need to kill Mor Grayhoof.
He’s summon using Brazier of Beckoning in War Master Voones room.
The Right Piece of Lord Valthalak’s Amulet: Dire Maul East.
You need to kill Isalien.
She’s summoned using the Brazier of Beckoning in Alzzin the Wildshapers room.
Once complete return to Bodley.
[ 8 ]: Final Preparations.
Bodley asks you to bring him 1x Flask of Supreme Power and collect 40x Blackrock Bracer, these are dropped from any orc in Lower/Upper Blackrock Spire.
[ 9 ]: Mea Culpa, Lord Valthalak.
Bodley will give you the Brazier of Beckoning and sends you to kill Lord Valthalak in Blackrock Spire. He is summoned in the room of The Beast.
This can be a somewhat difficult fight.
Rather than post the strategy here, there are many guides on how to defeat him from the original classic run still available on his wowhead page in the comments section.
[ 10 ]: Return to Bodley.
After Lord Valthalaks death you’ll meet the Spirit of Lord Valthalak where he was slain. He sends you back to Bodley. The reward for this quest is the Brazier of Invocation, this is permanent and allows you to summon any of the bosses from this quest chain, even those you did not get a quest for.
[ 11 ]: Alliance: Back to the Beginning.
[ 11 ]: Horde: Back to the Beginning.
Bodley sends you back to talk with Deliana / Mokvar.
[ 12 ]: Alliance: Saving the Best for Last.
[ 12 ]: Horde: Saving the Best for Last.
Show All Class Quests:
Speak with Deliana / Mokvar again and you’ll be given your last pieces of D2, the Helm and Chest. Cheap wow classic gold

Finally, I would like to add that rogue darkmantle armor, darkmantle gloves, darkmantle boots, darkmantle cap, darkmantle tunnel are highly recommended. (4) Set : Chance on melee attack to restore 35 energy.


It has been revealed that adjustment may be made on the Amulet of Blood Fury OSRS and make the Dark Graceful outfit even darker. Here you could learn details of the proposed change in OSRS Poll 72.

Amulet of Blood Fury change

According to the latest official Poll 72 Game Improvements Blog, the develop team plans to make adjustment to the Amulet of Blood Fury OSRS. Currently, the Amulet of Blood Fury has a 10% chance to heal for 10% of Melee damage given. In OSRS Poll 72 blog, the team plans to improve its HP drain ability, which will give the amulet a 20% chance to heal for 30% of the damage inflicted on Melee attacks.

OSRS Amulet of Blood Fury

The amulet of blood fury is an amulet of fury enhanced with a blood shard. The blood shard OSRS can only be obtained as a rare drop from Vyrewatch Sentinels in Darkmeyer. You may also get the blood shard from pickpocketing vampyres in Darkmeyer.
The amulet of blood fury has the same stats as the amulet of fury. Once created, the amulet of blood fury has 10,000 charges, losing one every time you successfully damages your target, whether the amulet’s effect triggers or not. When it runs out of charges the blood shard will break leaving you with only the amulet of fury.

Colour Dark Graceful set change

The question deals with Hallowed Sepulchre reward – the Dark Graceful set. We think it’s great, but shouldn’t it be… darker?

Hallowed Sepulchre reward – the Dark Graceful set

On the left is the current colour of Dark Graceful and on the right is the new version we’d like to propose. Which one do you like? You can go to the official blog to vote and choose the color you like.
Do you agree to make the Dark Graceful outfit even darker?

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Daily rewards of RS3 Double XP 2020


This time there are some new daily rewards in RS Double XP 2020. You may obtain the following rewards from this event:

Medium protean pack

2 advanced pulse cores

150 oddments

2 cinder cores

Medium skill training dummy crate

2 variety packs

400 oddments

10 combat training dummies

4 cinder cores

2 medium protean packs

4 advanced pulse cores


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It’s a brand new Season in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and that always means a new influx of players, or people coming back after a break. Because of that, we’ve noticed a lot of folks trying to figure out where all the bunkers are on Warzone’s Verdansk map! While the community is still trying to crack the secret code on the new bunker in the Stadium, the Red Access Cards for all the other bunkers continue to be a big part of the game. So if you’re one of those players still trying to figure things out, we have your back.

There are now 12 bunkers on Verdansk, one of which was added along with the Stadium interior for Season 5. The previous bunker was added last season, which contains the Mud Dauber Blueprint, and requires a little extra elbow grease to unlock. Otherwise, there are ten “normal” bunkers, which rely on the Red Access Cards that sometimes come out of legendary crates. For more on that, we have a distinct guide!

Now as far as where to find the bunkers, that’s a big task and you won’t be able to open them all during a Warzone round. Things just don’t work out that way. But still, each one can contain some crucial supply crates that will give you a leg up in the match. You just have to make sure you don’t get too greedy and pay attention, as players will stake out at bunker locations to ambush excited card-holders.

You don’t necessarily need to seek out the bunkers while you’re playing Warzone; they’re just a nice bonus if you happen upon a Red Access Card, which are quite rare. The addition of these bunkers also seems to be a hint of what’s to come in Call of Duty later this year, which we know is based on the Cold War thanks to… Doritos. Warzone is expected to be a static part of the franchise now, so that could mean major changes to the map when the time comes. Perhaps when the newest code is cracked, we’ll get a bigger clue.

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The OSRS King’s Ransom quest is the last part of the Camelot quest series. During this guide, you will be like a detective who is trying to solve a mystery but in the ancient Camelot. Because King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table have disappeared and no one knows where they are.

But that’s not everything, the members of the Sinclair family, who lived in Sinclair Mansion close to Camelot, also disappeared at the same time as King Arthur and his Knights. Will you be able to unravel this mystery and find King Arthur and his Knights?
OSRS King’s Ransom
Quest and Skill Requirements

The quest Requirements for OSRS King’s Ransom quest are the compilation of the Black Knights’ Fortress, Holy Grail, Merlin’s Crystal, Murder Mystery, and One Small Favour. The Skill needed for OSRS King’s Ransom quest are:

65 Defence
45 Magic

Items Needed For The OSRS King’s Ransom

Full black armour
Bronze med helm
Iron chainbody
Telekinetic Grab runes
Animate rock scroll
Ardougne Teleport
Camelot Teleport
Combat bracelet or Amulet of glory


To start the OSRS King’s Ransom quest you need to talk with Gossip outside the Sinclair Mansion, just northwest of Camelot Castle. He will explain to you that the Sinclairs have packed up and left after incriminating Anna as Lord Sinclair’s murderer.

This, however, may not be the same person you proved to be guilty in Murder Mystery. Gossip will explain that one of the family members provided new evidence to prove Anna’s guilt. He will then go on to explain that King Arthur and his knights disappeared at the same time as the family’s departure.

Agree to investigate, and you will start the quest. Open the gate and go talk to the guard, he suspects that since Lord Sinclair gave King Arthur the castle, the disappearances may be part of a bigger plot to reclaim Camelot.

The guard will explain that the Seers’ Council has forbidden anyone to enter Sinclair Mansion or Camelot to investigate and will then pass on the investigation to you. Go to the dog fence northeast of the mansion and break the window next to the dog fence.

Once you are inside, go to the dining room and on your mini-map, you will see a red dot in the northeastern corner. Go towards it and you will find a scrap paper on the floor, take it and exit the dining room. Climb up to the second floor and enter the library.

Take the address form on the table that was never filled out, proving that the Sinclairs left for good, and never intended to tell anyone where they were moving. Now search the western bookcase and you will find a black knight helm. If you did not read the scrap paper and address form do it now.

Go downstairs and exit the house through the window that you broke and by right-clicking the window and click on ‘break’ to go outside to the guard. Talk to the guard and give him all three pieces of evidence. The guard will agree that there is enough evidence to prove bad intent towards King Arthur.

He says that since he has to follow proper procedures that he will have to wait a month before presenting the evidence. You will offer to avoid bureaucracy. He will then suggest that you learn more about the Sinclair family history, suggesting that town gossips know much about history.

Talk to Gossip and you will see three options to ask him. Ask all three to learn the Sinclair history. Head to the courthouse in Seers’ Village located south-east of the bank, and speak to Anna. She will say that the original murderer you suspected set her up.

Ask her where her family has gone but she will not tell you unless you help her to get a not-guilty verdict during the trial. She will then hand you the criminal’s thread that you found on the window in Murder Mystery. Anna will suggest that the servants may be able to provide testimony in her defence.
The Trial
osrs king’s ransom

Walk down the stairs in the courthouse, and the trial will begin. During the trial, you will call witnesses by talking to the judge and question the witness by talking to the witness. To get a not-guilty verdict, you must disprove the evidence provided to do that: Call the butler as a witness, and ask him about the dagger.

Then call the dog handler, and ask him about the poison. Call the maid, and ask her about what she saw the night of the murder. After that call anyone and ask about the thread to complete the case for the defence. The judge will end the trial and ask for a verdict. The jury will provide a not-guilty verdict against Anna.

Leave the courtroom by clicking the gate and then, talk to Anna in her cell. She will go back to being rude but will tell you how to enter Camelot. Head to the east side of Camelot Castle, and search the statue near the temple.

You will now see a cutscene of Anna talking to David. The siblings were both responsible for Lord Sinclair’s death and set you up to trap you. They will explain they have no intention to help you. Suddenly, Morgan Le Faye will appear and knock you out with her staff.
Inside a Jail

After being knocked out by Morgan Le Faye, you will wake up in jail with Arthur’s Knights and Merlin. Speak to Merlin and he will explain that King Arthur has been turned to a granite statue and taken away by the Black Knights.

Both the Sinclairs and Morgan Le Faye have teamed up to destroy Arthur and reclaim Camelot castle. The black knights have also agreed to help Morgan Le Faye and the Sinclairs. Finally, Merlin will tell you that Morgan Le Faye has stolen the Holy grail.

Ask Merlin what to do and follow all of the available conversation options. Go to the northern wall and you will see a vent, left-click on the vent. This will trigger a cutscene in which Merlin escaping with the help of all the knights making a pyramid allowing him to reach the vent.

After that talk to all the knights in the jail, and ask them if they have anything useful to help them escape. You will get a lot of items from them but the item you need from them is a lockpick. Use the lockpick on the metal door to escape with the knights.
osrs king’s ransom

If you don’t get a lockpick from the knights, use Telekinetic Grab on the guard who is fixing his hair outside the cell to obtain a hair clip. Then use the hair clip on the metal door. To unlock the jail lock you must solve a puzzle, to complete this puzzle, you must set each of four tumblers to the correct height.

The most foolproof way to do this is to set all tumblers to the lowest height of 0/5 and try the lock. If a tumbler shows a green circle, do not change that tumbler anymore. Ignore blue and red circles. For all the other tumblers, increase the height by one and try again.
OSRS King’s Ransom

Continue until the lock unlocks. This method will take at most six attempts. When you manage to unlock the door you will appear on the ground floor of the Keep Le Faye. So climb up the stairs and go to the top floor.

Search the table in front of you to solve a riddle (click on Show riddle) and choose the correct container holding the holy grail. The correct box is the round purple one on the right, second last box if counting from left to right.
Free King Arthur

The last part of this quest is to free King Arthur from his stone prison. To do that you must go to Wizard Cromperty in East Ardougne. You will recognize the building by the blue tiles on your mini-map.

Talk to the wizard in the building and he will give you an animate rock scroll that you will need to use on King Arthur once you have both the holy grail and some granite in your inventory.

Also make sure you have a bronze med helm, iron chainbody, black platebody, Black platelegs/skirt, and black full helmet otherwise you can’t get to King Arthur. Head to the Black Knights’ Fortress west of Edgeville/north of Ice Mountain. Equip the helm and chain, and enter the Black Knights’ Fortress through the guards’ door.

Then, put on your black equipment, and push the wall right behind the guards’ door. You cannot push the wall if you are not wearing full black armour. Climb down the ladder, and you will see King Arthur’s statue. Use the free option.

Talk to King Arthur, and give him the guard uniform (bronze med helm and iron chainbody). Return to Camelot and speak to King Arthur in his castle to finish the quest and receive your reward.
Rewards From The OSRS King’s Ransom

1 Quest point
33,000 Defence experience
5,000 Magic experience
Antique lamp granting 5,000 experience to any skill level 50 or above
Access to the Knight Waves Training Grounds
The ability to use the Chivalry and Piety prayers, with level 60 and 70 Prayer, respectively, after completion of Knight Waves Training Grounds

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2-Week RS Treasure Hunter promotions


Previously RS Treasure Hunter promotions rotate in and out regularly, with some (like Second Chance Tuesdays) lasting only one day. Now changes will be made according to the recent official news post.

Throughout August and September, the team will be switching up the approach to promotions to try something new. During both months, each promotion that goes live will run uninterrupted for two weeks. In order to keep things fresh, they will mix up rewards or mechanics during the run-time of these two week promotions (including some brand new rewards and the return of some golden oldies). The first Treasure Hunter promotion with these changes is the Time to Train from August 4th.


RS Time to Train promotion from Aug. 4


RS Time to Train Treasure Hunter promotion is active from August 4th to August 17th, 2020. During this period, there is a chance to get prizes in order to facilitate training during RS Double XP event, including Silverhawk feathers, protean pack and portable skilling pack. Any chests opened during this Treasure Hunter promotion offer three prizes to pick from. The first option can be a promotional prize, and the last two ones are regular Treasure Hunter prizes.


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As we all know at this point, the theme of August 2020 in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is fireworks festivals. Animal Crossing doesn’t have a war to commemorate, so we’re taking more of a Japanese festival approach to fireworks. It’s more wholesome that way. While fireworks are the primary focus of the weekly fun, you can’t play with fireworks without having a few adjacent goodies, like sparklers. That’s where Redd comes in. While Isabelle helps run the big show, Redd is running a raffle for rewards like balloons and sparklers. Here’s what you can get.

Redd normally makes you roll the dice on expensive art purchases, usually flipping bootlegs but occasionally providing the real thing. This time, Redd’s raffle stand seems legitimate, and even affordable! All you have to do is cough up 500 Bells, and Redd will give you a prize at random (somewhat) from the list. The list of raffle rewards is as follows:

  • Red Sparkler
  • Blue Sparkler
  • Fountain Firework
  • Bubble Blower
  • Uchiwa Fan
  • Pinwheel
  • Tweeter
  • Blue Balloon
  • Red Balloon
  • Yellow Balloon
  • Green Balloon
  • Pink Balloon

Redd is being uncharacteristically kind here, so while you’re playing a raffle, he’ll make sure you get one of each item before they start repeating.

All of these items have an action you can use with the A button, and some of them (like the bubble blower) only have a few uses before they go away. It’s also worth noting that a new mechanic added to the game is luck-based tripping, so be careful about running around when you’re carrying a balloon!

Did you rush through all the Redd raffle rewards on the first night of fireworks? Or are you taking your time to savor all the goodies?

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1. Awakened Mindborer: The achievement requires you to complete all dungeons in Battle for Azeroth on the Mythic+ Difficulty, timing at least a +15 in each dungeon. While this task may seem daunting, with Shadowlands still months away, it can be completed at your own pace, as long as you try to progress a little bit every week.

2. Uncorrupted Voidwing from Heroic N’Zoth.

3. Conspicuous Consumption for purchasing Reins of the Mighty Caravan Brutosaur from a vendor.

4. Mad World from Horrific Visions.

5. Azeroth’s Champion Title and Rank 4 Essences Not Obtainable in Shadowlands.

Difficulty Increasing

Some mounts will become more difficult to acquire due to drop rates changing or requirements going away with Shadowlands.

When you sail away from Battle for Azeroth, the current guaranteed drop rate for the Glacial Tidestorm and Ny’alotha Allseer mounts will significantly decrease, and the amount of dropped mounts will decrease to one (currently two).

There are several ways to earn gold with OSRS, but there are also some skills that can help.

There are many different skills in Old School Runescape, some of which can make a great income. The skill level obviously depends solely on the skill level, but some people can earn more OSRS gold than others.

If you try to take your skills to the next level, you’ll find that it can often be expensive if you try to do it quickly. So let’s take a look at the 4 most important skills that you can use to earn money while playing Old School Runescape.


The art of RuneCrafting gives you the chance to create runes that can be used to cast Magic. It is certainly a profitable skill, despite the time needed for promotion. There are many high-level runes that you can use, so be sure to spend some time improving RuneCrafting whenever possible

The reason you have to spend time is that the amount of your profit depends on your level of RuneCrafting skill. It also depends on exchange rates on the Grand Exchange, so keep that in mind. If you reached Crafting Level 91, you can look at around 1.1k. Gold per hour, compared with 1.25 thousand For an hour when you reach level 99.


If you want to try Thieveing, make sure you have a membership first as this is a members only skill. Once that’s done, you can start using methods like picking locks, collecting NPCs, stealing items from stalls, and more.

Master Farmers is the best way to solve the Thief problem. This requires skill level 38 and the cap at level 95. If you have full Rogue gear and have reached level 50 Thievery, you can get 300,000 gold per hour. You can find Master Farmers in the Farming Guild or head to Varrock or Hosidius to get started.


There are a few things you can do with Mining to earn gold. Basically, it allows you to extract gems and ores from stones that can then be sold for a profit. This is one of the most commonly used methods to use skills to earn gold, because you can earn a lot.

If you mine Runite Ore, you could earn over 700,000 per hour. It depends on the prices currently on the Grand Exchange and how quickly you can find suitable Runite ores for sale.


Herblore gives players the chance to prepare potions from the herbs they find. To do this, you must complete the Druidic Ritual quest. Then, when you start exploring Herblore as a way to get more gold, you’ll realize that there are several ways to make a profit.

This makes the procedure quite difficult as through the Grand Exchange you have to constantly keep an eye on the prices of herbs and drinks. It changes regularly, which is definitely something to keep in mind. It’s difficult to say how much you can earn exactly, but you are looking at something between 100,000 and 500,000 per hour.

Have you tried any of these skills to get OSRS Gold from RS3gold?