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Everybody Easter is going to come! What’s your plan? Well, if you have no idea what to do, we’d like to provide you with two plans. Firstly, RS 2007 gold you can visit runescape Solomon’s General Store for receiving Easter emotes. On the other hand, you are also welcoming to join our Easter Surprise, which is another Pandora’s Box on our site.

Solomon’s General Store – Easter emotes

Easter emotes

For celebrating Easter, runescape has now prepared two new holiday emotes in Solomon’s General Store, featuring a playful batch of bunnies.
1. Cute Bunny emote: With the Cute Bunny emote, you will be able to treat a reluctant rabbit to a delicious carrot. Notice that your generous behaviors may attract more and more rabbits.
2. Sneaky Bunny emote: With the Sneaky Bunny emote, you may encounter a more cunning cottontail, which may cut short any celebrations upon your discovery of a prized Easter egg. You need 88 runecoins to get that on Solonmon’s General Store.
Those two emotes are now available in Solomon’s General Store, so you are able to buy additional RuneCoins on billing page to enjoy them right now!

Easter Surprise – another round of Pandora’s Box

Easter Surprise

Since the last campaign of Pandora’s Box, we’ve got a lot of praise, and some people expressed that they didn’t play enough. Based on that, we now held another round of Pandora’s Box for celebrating Easter.
1. The Easter Surprise campaign will be started at 7:00 PM on April 20, 2014 PST.
2. We can promise you with 100% winning rate this time.
3. There will be cash coupons, discount codes and Fire Cape etc as our Easter surprises.
4. You are able to follow the tips from our Facebook for searching more Easter eggs on our site.
By the way, don’t forget to share your victory with us on our Facebook, and feel free to contact with our 24/7 Live Help!

Come on, let’s celebrate RS 2007 gold Easter together. Enjoy Easter and fun!