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Today, the old school team made a request for Dragon Slayer II . The old school team want the players to complete all these requirements by the beginning of 2018, so players should be clear about these requirements. Even some people feel that the request is low,anyway, you’d better know them.And you can share cheap runescape gold from to enjoy the game.

Requirement should achieve 200 Quest Points and complete 7 quests, including Legends’ Quest, Dream Mentor, Animal Magnetism, Ghosts Ahoy, Bone Voyage, Client of Kourend, and A Tail of Two Cats OSRS.

2.Have 50 Hitpoints and reach skill levels at Magic 75, Smithing 70, Mining 68, Crafting 62, Agility 60, Thieving 60, and Construction 50.

Opinions give the player

The skill levels would be between 80 and 90,it the better. Although this proposal many players said was difficult. but the Jmod said Dragon Slayer II OSRS is the first quest to have more than one skill requirement over level 70. and until now the 75 Magic requirement is the highest skill requirement for a quest. And some less than 10% of members have fulfilled the requirements.

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The end of the plague: the end of the longest epic saga of RuneScape is here!
Help Arianwyn, leader of the rebel elves, thwart the plans to awaken the Dark Lord, leaving to Prifddinas under Iorwerth clan power.
If you succeed, you can access the Elf City in the coming months. You will also receive a fair amount of PE and an exoskeleton that enhances your ability to Robo.
Also, if that were not enough, we renew charts most of the game NPC elves.
For more information, read or verify requirements and login to discover for yourself.
The beginning of the end
Go and talk to Lletya Arianwyn to start the mission. He’ll tell you that you need to locate the lost leaders of the elven clans and access to the Great Library.
The end of the plague is a true mission of great teacher and will need at least two hours to complete. It is a mission that both of these adventurers please them, so only your wits you’ll move on.
As you progress, you will travel throughout Gielinor and come back to visit classic locations from previous missions. You must solve puzzles and luminous face enemies that reach the 107 level, including the famous Dark Lord.
If you manage to complete it successfully, you marcarás the beginning of a new era for the elf civilization and you shall end to this story that has over ten years of intrigue and adventure.

A new map Icons has newly been added in Runescape. The new features of this map, as a whole, can be regarded as more professional and precise than the former ones. Meanwhile, it works well on the facilities too. With its help, players can surely farm more rs gold than ever before.

A new map available in runescape

Compared to the former maps, this one is definitely more complete and professional with many more details and sources. Take the water source as an example, the arrows allows them to be precise enough so that they can point to the exact concer of a room. That is to say, players can find out the correct and safe passageway to arrive at their destination in time. Then it’s apparently cool if players could choose icons on the minimaps.

Pros and cons of this map in Runescape.

As to the great advantages of this map, the above passages have illustrated a lot. Precision, speciality, and also completeness, are charactered as the main features of this map, however, as every coin has two sides, no design succeeds in meeting all players’ demands. Some players responded that they are sick of generally useless maps and have paid huge prices both physically and economically.

Farming enough rs gold with this map.

Indeed, it’s true that all players are welcoming and looking forward to the latest and practical map to help them farm more gold or earn more rare products. They may need some time to get used to the new map again. The time depends on how gifted and skillful the players are in the Runescape adventure.

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There are many ways to train fishing as a member in Runescape, and some are much quicker than others. That’s why we are going to share with you some great runescape buy gold tips so that you can do this even faster!

For P2P:

Level 1-20:

As we said in f2p, you can train at Draynor Village, or you can go to the member only location: Catherby. It’s the same as how to do in f2p.


You can use big net in member worlds when you are level 16. So buy a big net from fishing store and keep fishing with it at Catherby until you reach level 30.

Level 30-40:

Once you get to level 30, you can stay at Catherby and keep fishing with big net until you can fish tuna(level 35), or you can go to fish trout and salmon. For members, there is one better fly-fishing area: Shilo Village. It’s near bank, so you can bank all trout and salmon for cooking or sale. Most players choose fishing at Shilo Village for their fishing capes.

Level 40-62:

We suggest you keep fly-fishing at Shilo Village until you get to level 62, which mean you can catch monkfish if you have completed Swan Song quest.

Level 62-99:

Go to Piscatoris Fishing Colony if you have completed Swan Song quest, and start your real fishing journey. You will camp here for a long time to reach level 99. The bank here is nearer than fly-fishing at Shilo Village. So you can get more money if you sell your monkfishes. Or you can save them for cooking.

You need to keep staying at Shilo Village if you can’t go in Piscatoris Fishing Colony. We suggest you do quest first, and then fish monkfish there. You know same exp as fishing trout and salmon but more money you will earn, isn’t cool?

Well, you can catch sharks when you get to runescape buy gold level 76, and also you will make more money via catching sharks. But we don’t suggest you do it like that. Sharks are hard to catch, so it will be slower than catching monkfishes or trout and salmons.