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1. Bonus XP Weekend — Your chance to level up

A Bonus XP Weekend is an in-game event where RuneScape subscribers receive boosted XP gains for the majority of in-game activities. As far as boosted XP gains are concerned, Bonus XP Weekend puts forward a method named XP multiplier which enables gamers to increase their bonus XP rate. This multiplier will begin at 2.7x what you would usually earn for any “normal training” activities (see list below), and will decrease every thirty minutes of game time until it reaches 1.1x, at which it will remain for the rest of the Bonus XP Weekend. That is to say, the first time you log in over the course of the Bonus XP Weekend, you can enjoy a 2.7x. For instance, if you get 10.000XP and the Bonus XP modifier is at 2.7x, you will in fact receive 27,000 XP in total. But after you have played for 30 minutes, the Bonus XP modifier turns to 2.55x. Then you will receive 25,500 XP altogether. The more time you play in the game, the less bonus XP you will receive. But one thing should be mentioned that your bonus XP rate will not decrease if you in the lobby, or if you are not logged into the game. Next to the mini-map there is a XP+ button changed during the weekend which will help you keep track of the XP that you’re earning. Blow attached is the multiplier.

0-30 minutes: 2.7x
30-60 minutes: 2.55x
60-90 minutes: 2.4x
90-120 minutes: 2.25x
120-150 minutes: 2.1x
150-180 minutes: 2.0x
180-210 minutes: 1.9x
210-240 minutes: 1.8x
240-270 minutes: 1.7x
270-300 minutes: 1.6x
300-330 minutes: 1.5x
330-360 minutes: 1.45x
360-390 minutes: 1.4x
390-420 minutes: 1.35x
420-450 minutes: 1.3x
450-480 minutes: 1.25x
480-510 minutes: 1.2x
510-540 minutes: 1.175x
540-570 minutes: 1.15x
570-600 minutes: 1.125x

Bonus XP Weekends will be held approximately every 6 months. The specific time will be from midday on the Friday before the designated weekend to midday on the Monday after. So grab the opportunity to experience bonus XP.

2. Activities of Bonus XP Weekend

During the Bonus XP Weekend, most of the activities in the game will gain XP multiplier. However, there are some activities earning you no bonus XP. Please check the list below in order to balance your game journey.

Activities Earn You Bonus XP

Attack and Strength Melee combat
Ranged Ranged combat: circus
Magic Magical combat and other spell casting (e.g. enchanting jewel, alchemy, teleporting); circus
Defense and Constitution Available from all forms of combat
Agility Completing courses; using shortcuts; Circus
Construction Building furniture in your player- owned house
Cooking Cooking food on a range, fire, or spit
Crafting Crafting pots, armor, jewel and battle staves, and blowing glass
Dungeoneering Completing dungeons
Farming Weeding, planting/harvesting crops, checking tress health (even on trees grown before Bonus XP Weekend)
Fishing Catching fish
Fletching Fletching bows/arrows/crossbows/bolts, etc
Herblore Cleaning herbs; mixing potions (including finishing off unfinished potions)
Hunter Setting/checking traps; butterfly/bird/impling catching; falconry
Mining Mining ores/gems; mining shooting stars
Prayer Buring bones; buring shades
Runercrafting Crafting runes at any altar (including ZMI/Ourania altar); combination runes; crafting tiaras.
Slayer Performing slayer tasks
Smithing Smelting ores; smithing metal bars
Summoning  Infusing pouches; summoning familiars
Thieving Pickpocketing, thieving from chests/stalls; Pyramid Plunder
Woodcutting Cutting trees/evil trees


Activities Not Earn You Bonus XP

Quest XP rewards Including early bird bonuses
Items/locations that already give bonus XP e.g. ancient effigies, strange rocks, genie lamps, tomes of experience, goldsmithing gloves, ectofuntus, altars in player-owned houses, etc
XP rewards at the end of minigames/distractions e.g. tears of Guthix, Soul Wars, Pest Control, Jade Vine, Skeletal Horror, giving sq’irk juic to Osman, etc
Anyghing which allows points to be exchanged for XP e.g. Dungeoneering tokens, Penguin Points, Brimhaven Agility Arena tickets, Slayer incentives, Mrs Winking’s World of Seed shop from vinesweeper, Dominion Tower item exchange,etc)
Any XP earned through the Assist system /


As is known, some items have functions of XP boosting. Those items like clay items, Penance horn, brawling gloves cannot work during the weekend. But such items will not degrade if you use them during the Bonus XP Weekend.
3. Bonus XP effect
Please be aware that the Bonus XP can only be used over the Bonus XP Weekend. Consume the Bonus XP during the weekend, or you will lose them.