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The team has been working hard for Buy RS Gold this week’s update to revisit the three wilderness of cheap runescape 3 gold the dungeon, giving them a major overhaul. This is a great opportunity to re forinthry the dungeon, the lava labyrinth and the wilderness dungeon.

Double XP weekend

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Just a hint, from UTC 12:00 September 23rd UTC 12:00 time September 26th, the arena will be in the double XP of the weekend.

In short, this means that members of the RuneScape X2 and XP + 20% XP free players. The invention also includes in the first promotion.

On how and more general information on how to double XP weekend work information, see the information page.

Invention – the change of star, the experience curve of lamps and lanterns

From today, change, XP and XP bonus items like treasure hunters and star lights to the way of inventing skills.

Lights and stars are a little less inventive, since the invention of XP has a different experience curve for other skills in the game.

Now, the experience curve of the present invention will be used for these items to be modified. This should solve the balance problem, involving the use of the skills of Buy Runescape Gold the lights and stars.

In addition, lights and stars, the previous scale of the reward and your level in a selection of the skills are affected. If we miss any one, let us know, we will look at the lights on the basis of!

I acknowledge the time you took to do your own estimation of the jewelry, but really, why change what wasn’t bankrupt in the aboriginal abode or that no one asked for? It seems a absurd amend that now just leads to frustration.

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Combat mode old will be implemented in the beta test of combat Monday, June 16, along with many more general changes in combat, such as special attacks, a rebalancing of PvP, and more.
This episode of Behind the scenes presents some of the main features of the battle mode old. Look at our video, which you will probably mouth water until the start of combat mode old next Monday!
If it is not already, do not forget to check this forum thread to know everything or almost on the beta-test mode to fight the former.

Working in community management can be a really rewarding career choice. Being a gamer myself, I’m extremely passionate about RuneScape and its community. It’s extremely important to be more than just an online moderator or someone that posts on social media platforms from time to time. It’s bigger than that, it’s about being part of the community – how can you expect others to be part of your community if you’re not willing to live it yourself.
Here at Jagex, we have a team of amazing community managers who like me are passionate about both RuneScape and the community that play it too  Every day we come to work loving what we do, how many people can say that about their job?
That’s enough from me – here’s what my team (Juliet, James, Nathan, Tom and Matt) had to say about the five things we believe every community team should be doing.
All communities will challenge you every day, however, it’s really important to keep that two-way flow of information going. Love what you do and your community will see that in everything you do. And remember it’s easy to leave a game, it’s harder to leave a community.

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We are thrill to tell that Jagex has officially announced RuneScape 3 will come on Monday 22nd July! The centrepiece content for RuneScape 3: the Battle of Lumbridge will be finally revealed, where players decisions and actions will forever shape the story and future of Gielinor! Ready to kick off RuneScape 3? Buy runescape 3 gold for sale on RSorder, enjoy experience in a Player-Driven world!

The Battle of Lumbridge, Player-Driven World in RuneScape 3!

In the RuneScape 3, we will get new story line, the Dawn of the Sixth Age! The god of RuneScape are returning, and Entrusted as World Guardians, players own the power to decide which gods win or lose in their struggles for supremacy! And the epic-scale world event the Battle of Lumbridge will just shake the foundations of Gielinor! In this Player-Driven World of the Battle of Lumbridge, players decisions and actions will shape the flow of battle, the fate of characters, locations and stories, and at last the future of RuneScape!

The Use of HTML 5 Client in RuneScape 3!

The use of HTML5 client, the next generation of browser technology will bring a great improvement in visual quality, draw distance and color, loading into your browser in moments, without the need for plug-ins or Java.

Gameplay Improvement in RuneScape 3!

New Interface System: The NIS will enable players quickly change RuneScape’s UI based on their play style at any given moment. Also, the NIS includes feature upgrades like key binding and a resizable minimap to offer players more options.
Upgraded camera: New in-game camera enables players to view the world of Gielinor like never before!
New community website: Customize your community experience to your own specifications.
Divination: Divination will arrive after a few weeks after the launch of RuneScape 3, get ready to unlock divine powers around!

RuneScape 3 is a continuation of the current game, so players will just use their existing character, and no need to create a new account! Simply buy cheap runescape 3 gold on RSorder and get ready to expect the arrival of RuneScape 3 on July 22!

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Players of RuneScape have recently greeted the long-waited RS 3 and have enjoyed the happiness and excitement it has brought to you. Today, RSorder will give you a brief summarization of the characteristic differences in RS 3 and help you enjoy the new RS 3 better. Just prepare a huge stock of cheap rs 3 gold for the fantastic game!

Brief summarization of the new RS 3 differences

New interface system

After spending some time with the old interface system, you can find something new here. The awesome interface system based on your feedback is now live! For instance, if you are not sure where to start, you can press “Escape” and choose from a range of presets, geared towards combat players, skillers, and those who simply prefer the look of an old-school interface. And on this point, the new interface is full of humanity.

Technical improvements

The new RS 3 has over 6 hours of live performed music and a range of technical improvements. And the new audio technology means spectacular orchestral music in the game, composed by world-famous musicians. So just turn up your speakers or stick on your headphones. Besides, you can also view your character in his or her full glory and experience RS from a whole new viewpoint with the RS 3’s newly flexible camera. Just zoom in and see what you think, for the cheapest RS 3 money is easy to buy.

In addition, RS 3 also have released some other improvements, such as the improvement of bank interface and all new quick inventory, which are all waiting for you!

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RS 3 has been ready for you, and what are you waiting for?

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The game will transition to HTML 5, enabling any player to embark on the world’s biggest adventure without the requirement for Java nor any other plugins. The use of the proprietary HTML 5 engine allows for significant enhancements to the player experience such as improved graphics, longer draw distances, an upgraded camera system and superior audio.

The addition of seasonal high scores will allow all players in the community to compete on weekly and monthly leader boards.
Player decisions will now directly shape the future of Gielinor, its inhabitants and scenery for the very first time.

RuneScape 3 will also mark the beginning of RuneScape’s inaugural community-focused world event, The Battle for Lumbridge. This is the first gaming experience forged by players, who will shape the future of the RuneScape world forever.

The world of Gielinor enters the 6th Age, a significant new milestone in RuneScape’s vast heritage, as the gods of RuneScape return to re-exert their authority.

Farming is regarded as one of the harder skills in Runescape. Because players need to spend long time to run it constantly. It seems a little boring to get 99. This skill is suit for those patient and hard-working players.

Farming Guide

1-15: Planting Potatoes and Marigolds in the Catherby, Ardounge, Draynor, and Canifis patch. When get level 7, you can plant cabbage instead of potatoes. At the same time, the Guam should be started. Keep planting marigolds as you were. You need to plant Tomatoes instead of Cabbage and switch to the Marrentill herb when you get level 14.

15-30: Now you can start to plant oak trees. Plant oak trees in all 5 patches and water them. At level 20, Tomatoes should be in place of sweetcorn. You should start plant fruit trees once you reach at level 26. You’d better start with apple trees.

30-51: Start planting willow trees and then banana trees and switch sweetcorn to strawberries. Ranaar seeds should be planted instead of Harralanders. You will plant banana trees instead of apple trees. When get level 38, you should start plant toadflax herb. Curry trees should be planted at 42 farming. If you can afford it, switch maple willow trees to maple trees.

51-99: At this time you need all the bonus items for farming like magic secateurs, fairy ring and the falador shield. Your sequence should be the following. A tree run, a fruit tree run, vegetable runs, hops runs, bush runs and finally before you log out you should end with another tree run. You should not do any special seeds except for the calquatt tree at 72. At level 68, switch to snapdragon herbs and always stick with willow trees or maple trees if you are richer.

Options to help with these methods: Enlightened Journey Quest and the route to the Grand Tree, Ghosts ahoy (ectophial), Tree Gome Village (tree teleport), Lunar Diplomacy for the Fertile Soil Spell, Prisoner of Glouphrie (for the extra spirit tree patch), all tiers of Greenfingers aura for extra herb yeild, Juju farming potions, Witchdoctor mask for unlimited teleports to herblore habitat.

With these guide, players can get 99 farming at the fastest time. Farming in Runescape is very interesting but takes a long time to manage. It is designed for those patient players. Do you want to plant some rare items?

Tormented demons, which have strong powers, can attack with three combat styles. Players can only kill them by the unique items they drop. It is difficult for players to defeat them, because they have 170 combat level. Many people wonder that how they can defeat these monsters. Here are some strategies.

Make full preparation

1. You need 85+ attack, 90+ strength, 85+ defence , 85+ Range, 70+ Prayer, 80+ Magic, 52+ Summoning

2. You need the Angel of Death gravestone to get back all your items if you die.

3. Prepare more than 1 Sapphire Lantern to go back in case you die.

How to get there

1. Start at the Recipe for Disaster Chest and go through the hole. Enter the south hole. Jump across of the stepping stone and enter the cave. Use your Sapphire Lantern with the light creatures which are floating around. Choose the into the Chasm option when there are two options come to the screen.

2. Keep walking until you run into a narrow path and walk to the end, then climb up the rocks and click “enter”.

Fight with the Tormented demons

1. Enter the opening of the cave and make the nearest demon to follow you.

2. Keep your mage pray as usual and run up to the northeast.

3. At this time, both demons are around you.  Continue going east and reach the safe place which is located in the south square.

4. Once you get there, you will find a demon behind your south pillar. Once you are here, you should see a demon behind the pillar to your south. There maybe two thing happen to you: trap the two monsters or all your work is ruined.

5. When demon move to the north and notices you, it will begin firing off mage. At this time, you should make sure your prayer is on. Move to the north one spot and then to the east if he moves toward you.

6. When you’re in this spot, the demon will no longer be able to attack you, so he will move right up to your location. Move one spot west, and you’re done and ready to kill that demon.

The Tormented Demon has 3 different types of attacks. So you need to make sure you pay attention to change prayers and attacks accordingly to his attacks and defences.

The Bird and the Beast is the second world event. It has started on Dec. 11th 2013, and this epic battle will last for six weeks. In this event, god Armadyl and Bandos will have a drastic fight and the Godless are seeding members to ambush the gods’ troops to interfere this epic event. Now, it’s time for you to fight for your god!
How Can I Start The Bird and the Beast?
Below are the some basic activities you need to take part in.
1. Choose which god to side with before you get start. If you want to change your side, talk to Kara-Meir.
2. You need to build tower after occupying a site. There are four types of towers you can build– Faction Banner, Spider Hole, Combat Monolith, Divining Siphon.
3. Now you can kill enemies within PvP area. Every time you have a successful kill, you can be rewarded with a Heroic Skull. Prayers experience will be obtained when you bury this skull.
4. Build either Defensive or offensive golems for your faction. You can find the faction’s golem masters on the first floor of your faction base camp.
5. Earn the renown by repairing structures. 5 renown is awarded each time an action is performed; this is doubled to 10 renown per action when PvP mode is enabled.
6. As you gain renown, you can accumulate the votes. These votes can be used on two aspects: Record keeper, or Golem master.
What Can I Get from this Event?
1. Icon: You can obtain a small icon which is matching your god’s symbol by join a faction. When PvP is enabled, the symbol is larger.
2. Token: When sign up with your faction, you will receive a bronze token from your recruiter. The token will teleport your faction’s camp all over the world, even in the up level 40 Wilderness.
3. Warpriest armour : You can obtain a set of Warpriest armour. Equipped with armor, your cooldown time will be reduced in some ways.
4. Cosmetic overrides: You can combine items dropped by the opposite NPCs with 1,000 sacred metal fragments to create cosmetic overrides. If you want to change your side, you still can obtain the weapon you get in that side.
5. Emotes: The unique emotes can be purchased from your quartermaster. Emotes in different factions can be obtained at the same time.
Sharp your blade and stand side with your god. Witness the grand world event and contribute to your faction. For the bravest players, there are massive rewards waiting for you!