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Easter is just a few weeks away, on April 5th for most countries. For Old School RuneScape, we normally dig through the archives and resurrect you a buy runescape 2007 gold holiday event from a previous year.In the last two years, we brought back the 2007 and 2006 Easter events.

The Easter celebration in 2005 was on a much smaller scale, with players simply handing out eggs from a basket, then receiving their rubber chicken. Although we could recreate that quite easily, it’s far smaller than the holiday events from later years that we all came to know and love. Also, we already gave you the Easter Basket as a reward last Easter.

So for 2015, we’d like to offer you a new event created specifically for Old School RuneScape.


Once again, the Easter Bunny is in a bind, and is unable to deliver his chocolate eggs to the children of Gielinor. It’s not his fault, though. At least, if it is his fault, he’s not admitting it. This year something very odd has happened to his chocolate eggs.

They’ve been hatching. And the chocolate critters inside might be sweet to the taste, but their personalities are distinctly more sour, and now they’re rampaging all over the Easter Bunny’s warren.

The Bunny, showing his traditional level of initiative, has gone into a state of panic and barricaded himself into his office, where he’s waiting for a kind adventurer to come and rescue him.

In this event, you’ll need to construct yourself a suitable weapon, then go on a killing spree to blast the little critters into chocolate dust to rescue the Bunny and save Easter. Maybe you’ll even be able to track down the source of the infestation…

If you’ve ever wanted to celebrate Easter by unloading all shades of hell on a flock of demonic chocolate chickens, your moment is at hand.


At the conclusion of the event, you’ll win a chocolate bunny pet. Like the existing boss pets, it will be purely cosmetic, and you won’t see the options on other players’ pets, so it shouldn’t get in the way.

All the untradeable Easter items from previous years’ events will become available:

• Bunny ears (2003)

• Rubber chicken (2005)

• Ring of Egg (2006)

• Chicken suit (2007) including its enhanced Flap emote

• Easter Basket (2014)

You’ll also receive 2 of the edible Easter Egg that first came out in RS Classic.

All these items, including the chocolate bunny pet, will be available to both members and non-members.

Poll and Development

If you like this idea, we’ll put it to a poll in the next few days, and if that passes we’ll release the event shortly before Easter.

We know there are other projects that you’d like us to work on too, so we’ve deliberately designed this event as something we can implement quickly, within just a few days, while still having the fun and nostalgia of the classic holiday events. We’d like to continue RuneScape’s tradition of celebrating the holiday seasons without slowing down the bigger projects. Nevertheless, if you vote No to the event, we’ll still unlock the Easter items from previous years, but without a celebratory event.

RuneScape has added harmonized rocks to the game, with the elf city update. Harmonized rocks are a little-known way to train mining and smithing away from keyboard.

Harmonized rocks can be found among the regular rocks in the trahaearn section of elf city when the voice of seren is active in that sector. A regular rock will have blue rings around it and be a harmonized rock. Then it will have an infinite supply of ore until the harmonization ends. You can also have a chance of mining double ore from it.

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Coal and Mithril harmonize the most, but adamant rocks can as well. It is unclear if Rune rocks can become harmonized or not.

RuneScape players also have a chance of mining corrupted ore from any rock while the voice of seren is active. Corrupted ore stacks in the inventory and can be smithed in indefinite amounts and will smith automatically. If the voice of seren is still active, there is a chance of retrieving swamp tar, increasing income from the smithing.

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Everybody, it’s finally a 2007 rs gold new month! Do you have plans yet? Well, maybe it’s time to have a trip in May. How about a runescape road trip? Along with a bunch of awesome rewards, trust me, you will definitely love that. From 1st May 2014, 1AM BST, you’ll have a whole month funny for traveling runescape.


Come to start your specially rs road trip.


For starting your rs road trip, you need to head over to Burthorpe and chat to Challenge Mistress Fara, who’ll give you the run-down of the how the road trip’s going to work, and hand you your road trip journal. You may want to keep the journal carefully, since you are able to know your detail pans from that.

There are totally 20 special tasks for you to enjoy. Since May can be a really busy month for you, you are able to access your rs road trip with a flexible time. This means along with Jagex’s caring schedule, you will be able to enjoy the trip even if your time is limited. The tasks are varied, fun, and you can complete them in any order you wish.


Be ready to receive some awesome rewards from the trip.


So what rewards you want most? There are a plenty of rewards for you. You will be able to earning XP aplenty, a hiker’s outfit and a cheeky monkey pet.

You’ll get an XP lamp for each one you complete – usable in the skill of your choice. Besides, at some special tasks complete, you’ll get a piece of the cosmetic hiker’s outfit, and even the cheeky monkey pet.

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Enjoy some weekend special activity with extra rewards.


Each weekend in May – and for the whole last week – there will be a big bonus event. These will be themed around certain skills or groups of skills, and will include big XP boosts, double drops, increased minigame rewards and more, plus loads of community events and activities:

In order to gain as more rewards as you can, you may need to pay attention to each Friday, as they’ll give full details of the weekend on the runescape news feed. Keep an eye out for your favorite skills and activities, and get involved!


A wonderful can bring you a 2007 rs gold great mood. You will never want to miss that. Try to have fun with your friends, and gain as more rewards as you can!


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Jagex recently updated a potion bug where you stop walking while drinking a potion. After this potion bug fix, you can experience rs with more fluent potion applying. So buy cheap runescape 2007 gold to experience updated potion applying in RuneScape 2007.

Repairing Barrows kit

For Jagex, the updated potion applying could make player-owned house armour stands will no longer overcharge you for repairing Barrows kit. For rsmoney, cheap runescape 2007 gold could offer players the cheapest old runescape gold.

Enchanted dragonstone bolts

Enchanted dragonstone bolts will now check correctly for anti-fire potions, prayers and dragonfire shields.

Dragonbreath ability

The dragonbreath ability is supposed to be blocked if the target player has consumed an anti-fire potion, or has an appropriate shield equipped, or is using Protect from Magic. Previously, the ability was being blocked if the attacker had drunk the potion or activated the prayer. The target player’s potions and prayers were not being checked at all. This even applied when fighting monsters; if you’d got Protect from Magic enabled, you’d mysteriously find that the dragonbreath ability of your bolts would never work. The potion was also checking for the basic anti-dragon shield, but not the dragonfire shield.

Nightmare Zone

Jagex also made some balancing changes in Nightmare Zone to favor players who’ve completed a wider variety of quests, not just the Lunar series.

Vengeance spells

The Vengeance spells will now reflect damage more reliably when you are on low health. Previously, the reflected damage was being capped at the number of hitpoints you’d got left at the time.

Right-click options

There are also added right-click options to Thessalia, Yrsa, the Makeover Mage and the hairdresser.

This update can bring you a new world of RuneScape. The next thing you need to do is to find a place where can you buy cheapest cheapest old school runescape gold to support you with your adventure. Experience updated potion applying in RuneScape and have fun!

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February has passed half, and did you still remember runescape’s Behind the Scenes about February 2014? Grandmaster quest, demon drop table improvements runescape 2007 gold and new minigames, which one are you still waiting for? Since the release of those demon drop table improvements, you are able to enjoy better drop from imps to tormented demons. What’s more can you enjoy?

Grandmaster quest

Grandmaster quest

Are you brave enough to challenge a true Grandmaster quest? Of course, for completing grandmaster quest – One of a Kind the courage is far, far from enough. You need at least 79 Magic, 74 Summoning, 67 Dungeoneering and complete a bunch of quests for unlocking the last of the Dragon Riders – Hannibus.
Yes, that’s right. Mr Mordaut believes that Hannibus is still alive and maybe locked away underground. And whether he is truly live or not will be depending on your discovery.
Come to find him! Once you find him, you will be able to uncover the library of Robert the Strong in a globe -trotting quest of discovery. Meanwhile, how he will live will also be depending entirely on how you choose to guide him.
What’s more, you will also receive awesome rewards by completing the Grandmaster quest, which includes dragon rider armour a dragon rider amulet, and a new training area featuring the recent poll-winning celestial dragons.

New minigame


You may need to get ready with your team members from now on! There will be a new minigame for members only. This game is focused on deception and deduction, so there will be two roles for you to choose – robber and guard.
As a robber, your goal is to successfully steal the town’s loot. In order to remain undetected, you have to disguise yourself as one of the town’s NPC inhabitants. However, as a guard, your goal is to arrest the robber of course for stopping him.
You are able to gain generous bonus Hunter and Thieving experience depending on your different roles along with points to buy additional abilities to use in the game.

This February has passed half, but we Runescape 2007 gold believe the rest days will be so much fun as long as runescape is with us. Come to enjoy the February’s runescape and get ready for the coming fun!

Hi everybody, how about your New Year? From now on, is there something awesome in 2014? Well, if not, here it comes! You now have the chance to gain double xp runescape 2007 gold for the whole weekend in 2014. What are you waiting for? Come to join GameBlast 2014, which is a video game marathon for all players!

When will the GameBlast 2014 start?

Event started: 21 February, 2014
Event ended: 23 February, 2014
You are able to enjoy video games for up to 24 hours no matter what time you want during that weekend.

How can you join in?

1. First of all, you need to register your team with your friends, family or work colleagues. Also, you are allowed to come by your own if you are gaming solo.
2. Since the GameBlast 2014 is a video games marathon, a challenging time target will be necessary. You are free to set a target no matter how long you want.
3. As we all know, no pains, no gains. If you want to gain more from GameBlast 2014, then you have to make your contribution. Same as time target, you also need to set yourself or your team a realistic fundraising target, and then create a page for your fundraising for encouraging your sponsors to donate. There will be no minimum, and every penny will be appreciated.
4. Finally, you can start to play runescape, and have a blast raising money to help people with disabilities.

What can you get?

During that whole weekend, you are able to gain double xp from runescape. Also, Well of Goodwill will be opened again for GameBlast 2014 event.
Meanwhile, Jagex promised that there will be a 24 hour live stream with many of your favorite things and full of entertainment, excitement and enjoyment. And we believe the most important thing is the concern and love you will give.

It’s always great to help others and runescape 2007 gold GameBlast 2014 is the platform for you. Come to join GmeBlast 2014 with runescape to make your contribution, and gain double xp at the same time.

Tired with all of those Slayer monsters in old school runescape? Well, maybe it’s time to for challenging a new one! Based on your voted Poll #15 in runescape 2007 gold, Jagex has now released a new Slayer monster – Cave Kraken along with more Slayer rewards. Are you ready?

How to challenge the Kraken?

Cave Kraken

First of all, the Kraken requires 87 Slayer and 50 Magic to challenge. Then, you must have an assignment to fight them, which can be accepted from Chaeldar, Nieve & Duradel. Thirdly, once you decide to fight the Kraken, you are able to find them in the lakes of the Stronghold Slayer Cave.
As for defeating them, firstly, you need to dtsrupt a whirlpool to cause the Kraken to surface. And then due to the Kraken only weak to magic, you need to use your best spells. You may need to notice that ranged or melee attacks will be heavily reduced, also melee cannot be attacked on close range for they will only move round on the lake.

What reward can you get?

The Kraken is the only monster who drops the Trident of the seas. The Trident of the seas has a built-in magic spell and requires 1 death rune, 1 chaos rune, 5 fire runes & 10 coins for each cast and 75 magic to use. The Trident of the seas is holding a maximum of 2500 charges, however, the trident cannot be charged if you are wielding any weapons or shields at the same time, because both hands must be free for charging the weapon.
The Trident of the seas will not given base experience, only the damage dealt will give experience, and deals damage based on your magic level.
Meanwhile, the trident cannot be traded unless in its uncharged and fully charged states. Also, there will be no refunding runescape 2007 gold if you remove charges. Expect it is fully charged; otherwise the trident will expel its charges as runes while you are dead.

With this awesome reward, what are you waiting for runescape 2007 gold? Come to prepare runescape 2007 buy gold to get ready for your fighting. Enjoy the game!