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Since the introduction of legacy mode, there are o lots of discussions. As time goes by, some players find that it seems than legacy mode has had a 15% damage reduction compared to runescape eoc. Well, it isn’t confirmed, but it seems to be the case.

Differences between Legacy Mode and EoC in runescape

A lot of evidence suggests that Legacy was proving to be more effective in most situations while the numbers show EoC should be.
If you looked at damage over time, Legacy’s would stay relatively flat, while EoC wouldn’t, which makes sense.
Legacy has full damage output from the beginning and constantly. EoC has basics, then thresholds, then ultimate. It takes time to build up its potential as well as its utility. EoC can do more damage, and probably could even beforehand — but the vast majority of monsters are killed way before that difference is pronounced or even visible. Legacy was able to kill monsters too quickly, because that immediate, up-front DPS. In the short term, Legacy was more powerful, while in the long term, EoC was far more powerful. The problem is, most monsters on RS are short-term fights, meaning Legacy was more powerful.

Legacy still not as good as manual EoC in runescape

Yes, legacy was powerful, but it was still not as good as manual EoC from the data. It is obvious that there should be updates to make it better, since there are too many people complained about others having fun with the game in an environment that mostly didn’t affect them.
If you enjoyed EoC and it was indeed superior, why play the mean activist to take away or nerf a feature so many enjoy that doesn’t really take much away from your own personal satisfaction? We don’t know the answer, but the results are saddening.

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