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As we predicted, Revelation Online OBT is coming on early March. has announced Open Beta Date and Early Access on Febuary 14th. Early Access will start on the 27th February and Open Beta will start on the 6th March. In addition, Deluxe Pack owners can reserve a name 48 hours ahead before founder packers on Febuary 14th.

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Welcome to be safewow member and gain 2%-10% bonus discount RO imperial coins now.(discount code and member discount is working together.) hasn’t announced how many servers will Revelation Online OBT Release. But there will be two regions: NA and EU. CN and RU are different games entirely and you will not be able to play on them with your account.
French and German speaking players will be disappointed because they haven’t solved localized languages for French and German. But they will be able to share more information about the Server transfer system as they get closer to it being ready to implement. They plan to make a comprehensive transfer tool. Meaning that all your progress, money, items achievements etc will be transferred over. They will also work on a workaround for guilds it the transfer system does not allow for it the be transferred directly.
Revelation Online CBT3 has come to an end. Players are guessing when Revelation Online Open Beta will be. Recently There is some rummors going around that open beta starts on 14th. Look at what gamers said about Revelation Online Open Beta.
-The only thing we will get at 14 Feb is name reservation and thats only if everything goes to plan, which means we may get nothing.

-The rumor started because people say once we reserve the names it won’t be long until they give us the chance to play, but the next phase will probably happen in 1-2 weeks keep an eye on the forums n stuff

-Also the possibility we get OBT at 14th Feb is 0 because the Founders will get a few days/week head-start before the casual players. Which means if we get OB at 22 Feb for example, founders should be able to play at 15 Feb.

So the next CBT\OBT still need to be confirmed. Maybe OBT would be somewhere around late February or early March. Stay Tuned.

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