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It’s time to bring some updates for old school rs. Since the summer is now coming, a summer event will be necessary. This week, you will be able to enjoy a monster update and a host of new features from old school midsummer event, and a bunch of cheap rs07 gold from RSorder.

Join OSRS Midsummer Event to land Taverley druids a hand

Over the next two weeks, the Taverley druids are going to need a helping hand for dealing with all sorts of evil spirits to protect the nature of old school. So head over to Kaqemeex in Taverley to take part in the Midsummer Event, and check back every day to take on the daily challenges.
If you have ever had the urge to hug a tree, this is your chance to really show them some love and save them. Besides, as long as you show some support to Kaqemeex, you may get yourself some rewards.

More and more rewards on old school rs

osrs rewards

For encouraging you in rs07, Jagex has prepared a bunch of new rewards for you.
Firstly, the wilderness bosses are now a lot more rewarding, including a significant buff to their drop tables, as well as some brand new loots; The Treasonous ring, Tyrannical Ring and Ring of the Gods. If you are yet to try taking on Venenatis, Callisto or Vet’ion, gear up and give it a go!
Secondly, old school clue is also going to offer some new rewards for you. For example, the Rangers’ tunic and Holy sandals are now available as a reward from elite and medium clue scrolls respectively.
At last, the Kalphite Queen has undergone some royal surgery and now offers a much more rewarding range of drops so pop down to the hive and pays her a visit.

There are many new features you can enjoy. Come to take part in old school Midsummer Event to have some fun. If you need cheap old school rs gold, RSorder is always here for you. Before June 30, 2014 GMT, you are able to buy runescape 07 cheap gold with free 10% bonus and extra 6% coupon. Acting before it’s too late!