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People at Runescape have posted consumers final mission in the long term quest series, recapping previous events and guiding players towards the final chapter.

Since Dorgesh-Kaan made connection with the top, the cave goblin adventurer Zanik has helped to defend the location from Sigmund’s villainous plots. RuneScape gold. Now Zanik has disappeared, her fate and whereabouts unknown, and Dorgesh-Kaan might be more vulnerable than ever.

Captain Undak on the Dorgeshuun guard is responsible for the city’s defences, and that he needs your assist to investigate a possible HAM attack – but this can only are the start of this adventure. The mystery of Zanik’s disappearance will probably be resolved, as well as the truth behind a goblin prophecy will likely be revealed, as events move inexorably for the realisation of Zanik’s destiny. Your adventures would include the invention of any new Agility course, learning more to do with the in the Dorgeshuun, and uncovering the plots of the Big High War God.

This week we are implementing a new engine feature to be used in future updates as well as some tweaks to help resolve some uncommon technical issues.

While today’s update is going to be a quiet one we do have a lot coming in the near future. Let’s have a look at the progress on some of the big updates we have in store for the next few weeks.

The Grand Exchange

The Grand Exchange is coming along nicely with the interface completely finished and a majority of the key functions working. While there is still a way to go with building up the environment and setting the starting prices for every item, the Grand Exchange is looking good for release later on in February.

Mod Ash has been regularly tweeting out updates on the progress of the Grand Exchange. Be sure to follow him for the latest!

Achievement Diaries

In order to ensure the release of free-to-play, the Grand Exchange and Achievement Diaries goes as well as possible we have moved the release of diaries to early March. This move will allow us to really polish and refine the update, making sure that it is everything that the Old School community expect it to be.

Keep an eye out for further updates on the progress of Achievement Diaries as we will be making sure to let you all know how they are coming along.

Permanent free-to-play

Permanent F2P is almost here. Only 1 week to go until you and all of your old RuneScape-playing friends can relive the adventure in F2P!

We’ve made a couple of tweaks to Lumbridge in order to account for the coming influx of players. The number of low level monsters in the area has been increased quite a bit to make sure that there is never a shortage of places to train at low levels.

Jagex has announced that Runescape will receive a new terror story mission this Halloween season and a increase XP saturday and sunday for players to degree up their characters. Avid gamers will enter the new adventure entitled “Broken House” and experience the spooky action that is guaranteed to send out chills your spine. Continue reading.


Dark, trembling terror is waiting for brave souls in RuneScape, as the prize-succeeding fantasy MMORPG from Jagex launches a horror scenario quest just in time for Halloween, in conjunction with a flesh-chilling double XP weekend for players — each new and old — looking to level up their figures. The new adventure, Broken Home, is best experienced by players within a dim space with the amount cranked up, as they attempt to steel their nerves and uncover the terrible secrets obscured within a haunted mansion.


After All Hallows Eve, Broken Home will become a permanent addition to Gielinor. The adventure is the initially in RuneScape’s illustrious historical past to offer strong replayability for players. Once the story is done, players can return to the haunted residence to face new challenges and unlock additional rewards. Cracked Home also features an open structure, permitting players to fully explore the corridors, nooks and crannies of the house because they try to find out how each of the inhabitants passed away.


Additionally, participants brave enough to complete the mission inside the first two several weeks after start will generate additional incentives, including a problems boost for exclusive use during this year’s ‘Death’s Door’ Halloween occasion. The increase XP weekend break begins at 5:00 am PDT (12:00 pm GMT) on Friday October 31 until 5:00 am PDT Monday November 3. In addition, this weekend will spot Jagex perform host to the RuneScape Clan Cup 2014 final in the studio in Cambridge, where the remaining promises in the competition will fight to be crowned this year’s top group.

This week we have a bunch of quality of life updates for Old School. Changes to Zulrah, increased bank space, a fight cave timer… The list goes on. Let’s get into the details of everything new in Old School.

Zulrah Tweaks

After receiving a large amount of feedback and data from the Old School community we’ve made some changes to Zulrah’s combat and drop table.

Combat changes

Zulrah’s green form now has increased ranged defence and decreased magic defence. This encourages players killing Zulrah to bring a magic switch and adds to the challenge of killing the boss.

In addition to this change we have added some additional patterns for Zulrah to follow when switching forms and location. Prior to this update there were two orders that Zulrah would switch between forms. We have now added some more to vary the fight further.

Drop table tweaks

The changes to Zulrah’s drop table are as follows:

• Increased rarity of torstol seeds as well as decreasing the number dropped from 5 to 2.

• Increased rarity of torstol herb drop.

• Added snapdragon, dwarfweed & toadflax seed drops (2 per drop, rare).

• Added snapdragon, dwarfweed & toadflax herb drops (20 per drop, rare).

• Removed black dragonhide drop.

• Added papaya tree seed drop.

• Added calquat tree seed drop.

• Reduced 2 palm tree seed drop to 1.

• Reduced coconut drop from 50 to 20.

• Reduced Zul-andra teleport scroll drop from 50 to 20.

• Reduced 1,000 Zulrah scales drop to 500.

• Reduced the guaranteed scale drop from 250-500 to 100-300.

• Halved the chance of receiving a dragon halberd.

Zulrah remains an excellent money maker for players that are competent at killing the boss.

As mentioned in previous newsposts, permanent F2P will open on Thursday 19th February. The release of Membership Bonds will follow this at some point in March.

F2P Restrictions

We mentioned adding some restrictions to F2P once it is released permanently in order to cut down on the number of bots farming F2P resources. Since the initial F2P proposal we have refined some of these restrictions to make sure that legitimate players get the most out of their experience of F2P.

New account restrictions

For the first 24 hours of in-game time on a newly made F2P account players will not be able to trade items off their account. They can still receive items but they cannot trade their items away.

This restriction will also apply outside of trading to prevent other methods of transferring items:

• If the player drops an item manually, the item is visible only to them. It does not ever become visible to other players.

• If the player dies to a PKer, their dropped items vanish and cannot be retrieved by anyone.

• The player cannot add items to a Trade offer or Duel offer. When the trade screen opens a message on the screen will tell the player how long it will be until they can offer items. Their trading partner will see a similar message.

Having this limit in place will give us the ability to catch bots before they are ever able to get resources off their accounts while only preventing players from trading in the period of game time where they are least likely to do so.

If you have ever been a member this restriction will not apply to you.

Duel Arena limits

To accompany the above limits on trade we are also adding some restrictions to the Duel Arena on F2P worlds:

• The only item that can be staked is coins.

• No more than 1,000,000 coins may be staked.

Chat restrictions

We will also be making some changes that allow us to better detect and silence spam bots. Players found to be flooding the public chat channel and not using autochat will be dealt with far more quickly and will be temporarily muted in no time.

This will apply in both members and F2P, helping clean up the streets of Lumbridge for new players.

Changes to these restrictions

We are going to be carefully monitoring the impact that these restrictions have over the release of permanent F2P. While we want to do as much as we possibly can to reduce the number of bots, we want to do it in a way that allows new players to get the most out of Old School.

As we get feedback and data from the release of permanent F2P we will make the appropriate tweaks to these restrictions to make sure that they are fitting for the game.

Other tweaks

The return of yew logs and lobsters

With these restrictions in place we will be able to make chopping yew logs and fishing lobsters available to F2P players once again.

Increased quantities of low-level monsters

As some of you may know from visiting F2P worlds, low-level monsters can get populated fast. This is often due to bots and with the release of permanent F2P we expect this to extend to larger numbers of players passing through as well.

In an effort to make sure new players have monsters to kill so they can progress, and to help disperse the bots and make them easier to detect, we will be increasing the number of low-level monsters in and around Lumbridge and other starting areas of the game.

This will make sure that anyone who is just getting started in Old School will have a variety of different training spots to use and plenty of monsters wherever they choose to level up.

Livestreams, videos and events

To celebrate the long awaited release of F2P, we will be holding and releasing a number of F2P specific livestream events and videos. You’ll have many opportunities to get involved in some F2P fun alongside the rest of the Old School community.

If you aren’t subscribed to our YouTube channel or following our Twitch channel be sure to do so. This will let you know when we go live and when videos go up so you get the best possible opportunity to take part and enjoy the content coming out surrounding the permanent F2P release.

Spread the word!

RuneScape has forever been a game built on word-of-mouth and friends telling friends about this awesome online game they play. Even in 2015 word-of-mouth is one of the most effective tools at our disposal to get the word about Old School out there.

The release of permanent F2P is an excellent opportunity for your old ‘scaping buddies to get a taste of what they’re missing out on. We’ll be doing all we can to spread the word and we hope that you will join us.

Recently, runescape Solomon’s old school rs gold General Store and Treasure Hunter, as well as micro-payments are really making some players cry about. Although Jagex’s CEO has explained that in public, still some players cannot understand that. Based on that, a player expressed his opinion.

Don’t count on something you pay to acquire
If you directly pay to acquire something without doing much work for it, then it becomes much more difficult to deal with losing it. However, runescape is a cycle of gaining and losing items. So if you want to enjoy more about runescape, don’t count on something you pay to acquire. Players of runescape has already understood that losing items is a normal thing, you just get back up and work for them or even better items again. That will be more meaningful for runescape.

Jagex is the one who own runescape not you
You may not be happy for hearing that, but that is the truth. Jagex developed the game and continue to do so, although it is obviously wise of Jagex to agree with the majority of players in aims to keep their player-base, they are under no obligation to do so.
You may make suggestions, and all developers enjoy fan-suggestions, but that doesn’t mean that your suggestion is mandatory and that it has to be followed through. They need to think it in a long term, so they need your support and understanding.

Jagex is not a charity organization but a company
They may not do everything well, but you need to understand that Jagex is a company and they to make money for their future development. Same as Jagex ever mentioned in recent post that if they didn’t offer micro payments would they either need to more than double the cost of monthly membership for everyone or halve the size of the runescape team or otherwise make other rather unpalatable choices which they would rather not contemplate.

To error is human, to old school rs gold forgive is divine. Error means they are on the way to success. They just need time and support. Forgive their error. Jagex needs you. Runescape needs you.

As the first brand new content for Old School Runescape, the Nightmare Zone will attract extremely high attention of osrs players. Here are some new information of it and you can buy cheap runescape 2007 gold to enjoy yourself in the Nightmare Zone. Curious what will happen there? Let’s have a look at it closely right now!

How to start the Nightmare Zone?

If you want to start with Nightmare Zone minigame, you should first go to Dominic Onion, which stands just north of Yanille, not far from the bank. Speak to Dominic, and he will explain the game as well as offer to set up a dream for you. Choose which dream you want, and drink from the vial in the lobby enclosure to begin.

Attention: You need to have done 5 of the quests that unlock monsters for the Nightmare Zone, otherwise Dominic doesn’t think you’ve got enough memories to make it worthwhile. And there is no combat level requirement.


There are the three modes you can fight bosses in the Nightmare Zone: Practice Mode, Endurance Mode, and Rumble Mode.
If you want to do a multiplayer dream, each person in your team must put some money in Dominic’s coffer to pay for the dream. It’s 2000 coins each for a normal Rumble, 6000 each for a hard Rumble. However, you can take your money back out of the coffer for the coffer has PIN protection.

Here are the three modes you can fight bosses in the Nightmare Zone:

Practice Mode: you can choose which boss you want to fight so you can whale on them until your heart is content. Old school cheap runescape gold may be what you are in lack of.

Endurance Mode: in this mode, you should first choose whether the normal mode or hard mode you want to fight the bosses. In hard mode, all bosses are more difficult to fight while the rewards are better.

Rumble Mode: if you have ever wanted the challenge of fighting multiple bosses, then rumble mode is for you. Get up to four of your friends and see if you can work as a team to defeat multiple bosses attacking you at the same time. When you see Barrelchest, Flambeed, Kamil and the Dagganoth Mother heading for you, you know you are in for a hard time.
If you are interested in this first content in old school runescape, you can buy cheapest old school runescape gold for enjoying it right now!

Money is always needed as money is used to exchange things in real or virtual world. Speaking of virtual world, we refer to online games. In Runescape, Oldschool Runescape Gold is used as a kind of money to buy things. Like in our real world, if you don’t have RS gold in Runescape world, you cannot survive. Generally speaking, in order to gain money in games, you had better learn how to slayer. In Runescape world, you can make RuneScape gold via the Slayer skill.

Suppose you just register a RS account and log into RS. You will be given guide how to control your character. And you will also be asked to slay some monsters to progress and gain the RS gold. All you have to do is kill some monster as you go along and pick up the drops by the monster killed. This is the slayer skill about.

There are hundreds of different monsters with different power. As you just begin to play RS, you had better slay cows to gain RS gold. Go to the east of Lumbridge and find the cow field. Before you begin your journey, empty your inventory except your armor and weapons. After you have arrived at cow field, you will find many people there killing cows. So join them. Don’t relax. Improve your efficiency of killing cows. The more cows you kill, the more cowhides you will get. Pick up the cowhides the dead cow leave. Continue collecting until your inventory is full. Then take them to the bank and withdraw them as a banknote. After tiredness permeates through you, head to the Grand Exchange to sell your items.

As your slayer level increases, you will have to take harder tasks which are longer and more difficult. The more difficult the monsters are the more valuable items you will acquire. But the key problem is that you have to slay the same monsters repeatedly. When you get bored about that, try something different, such as mining ore, smelting it and crafting it to sell. But we think the slayer skill is a better way to gain Oldschool Runescape Gold as it brings excitement.

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