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In case you missed it in cheap runescape gold the Year Ahead BTS, the next Double XP Weekend hits at 12:00 UTC on the 17th of February!Start preparing yourself for a weekend of skill training, monster slaying delight right now – gather mats and gear to make the most of the +100% XP boost on offer to RuneScape members.

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Full details of Double XP Weekend are available on the website.
Game Jam | See Your Ideas Being Made

That’s right – while you guys are enjoying the XP mayhem, we’ll be live streaming a weekend-long RuneScape game jam.As well as working on their own passion projects, our devs will also be picking up the very best of your ideas and building them before your very eyes.If you’ve got Buy Runescape Gold a top-notch RuneScape content idea that you’d like to see made, please post on our forum or Reddit threads for your chance.

I had 9 friends “actively” playing Runescape Pre EoC , after EoC 2 of them remain playing. why? cause the other 7 botted 3/4 of their playtime (with minimum 3 accounts each) and well they didn’t play it, some tried botting but lost those account to a ban-hammer, 1 ‘returned’ to oldschool to do the same thing. Do we count them as ‘players’?

Pre-EoC Runescape was 110% goldfest with a botfest?

Note that this is just my side, consider multiple perspectives with the same results from other scapers and EoC lost lots of bots and pk’ers in the end.

But ID does change one important issue- DAILY players vs online at the moment, we’re looking through the wrong point of view”Runescape3 doesn’t break 50k oftenly”. Guess what. It doesn’t matter, If I play Runescape 17’00 to 19’00 Greenwich Mean Time+2 today, I contributed to daily player counter, bot only “online at the moment” for those 2 hours, the player base “rotates” it’s not synchronized or anything, but it’s there. The same purpose of being online less is because there’s less DEAD-GRIND, in 2-3 hours of ‘gameplay’ in end game now earn you the progress that would otherwise take 10 hours 6 years ago. Take mining for example in 2006 here’s your mining guide ” lvls 1-15 mine copper+tin lvls 15-99 PowerMine iron ores…(or PowerMine granite past lvl50 or coal lvl30), this will take you ~260h to get ONE 99, and the timer if you slowdown AND YOU WILL SLOW DOWN. nice options right? when higher level materials like Mithril Adamant and Runite gave lesser experience. There was no level scaling.

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Yes, this time Runescape Gold has updated the the new game content, the quick lodestone teleports, Tuska Falls. Tuska has been laid low by the mighty Godless, and she’s made a heck of a dent. There are more surprises arround you in Runescape. Read on for further details. After a month-long battle, Tuska’s reign of galactic terror has been brought to an end by Gielinor’s Godless. She’s careened through the planet’s atmosphere, and crashed to a lifeless halt. You can still access the Tuska D&D by clicking the magical barrier near to Wizard Chambers, and purchas the Tuska World Event rewards-albeit at an increased points cost-from Chambers himself. Note that the previous World Event armour sets are no longer available from the Tuska rewards drop. If you would like to rewatch the cutscene that plays on first log-in after this update, you can do so by talking to Kara-Meir. But this is much more that a monument to Gielinor’s victory over the beast goddess. From next week, the portal on Tuska’s back will open, giving you access to a strange new world. Are you ready to venture to Mazcab, home to the goebies, and to Runescape’s all new raids? Better ready for that. An awesome Runelabs idea from FDC comes to fruition, the rs team bring you quick lodestone teleports. Using charges, your lodestone teleports can be made as quick as a location-specific Magic-skill teleport. Convert your vis wax to charges through its conversion interface, at a rate of 1 wax for 10 charges. Then you can tick the Quick Charges check box on the Lodestone map to automatically use up charges, or manually select when to use them by right-clicking a destination and click Quick Teleport. To use quick lodestone teleports, you’ll need to be a memeber, have unlocked the lodestone in question, and meet Magic level requirements for each. Enjoy adventuring in Runescape this week. Get yourself ready for the new exploration

Jagex has announced that it’s going to release a brand new trading cards kick in the Runescape world. Called “Chronicle: RuneScape Legends”, the multi-platform title is expected to be sold between 2015. oldschool runescape gold  with 6% promo code: JUSTPP at rsorder

Chronicle: RuneScape Legends made its public debut at RuneFest, which occurred on Saturday 11th October at London’s Tobacco Dock. James Sweatman, lead designer of Chronicle: RuneScape Legends, hosted the unveiling of the game at RuneFest, and afterwards commented: “We’ve been quietly developing Chronicle: RuneScape Legends because start of year to make certain it is not just an enjoyable and compelling player experience, but one still lots interwoven into your rich lore of RuneScape.
Buy Rs Gold We’re looking towards sharing more info on the game in the coming months, particularly in regards to Chronicle’s debut on tablet and mobile!”

Recently’sm Tingle had the chance to sit down with RuneScape lead designer Mark Ogilvie and PR Manager Adam Tuckwell to discuss RuneScape, wilderness and many types of. Investigate it then leave us a comment or two below.
MMORPG: With recent conversions to F2P like LoTRO and EQ2 Extended, how are things finding RuneScape is coping?Buy Rs Gold
Ogilvie: A lot of people will type free MMORPG in the search engine optimization for you will always be multiple choices.RuneScape gold. Lots of players will always make multiple accounts before they determine a casino game, which is our audience. Plenty of whatever we are going to do is making the free game more available in the sign-up process, less ticking of boxes, and getting a username can also be difficult. We have now recently improved our registration process to accommodate this – extending its love to the point of Facebook integration etc which is coming in 2010. They are everything our competitors do without delay, so we view this and think ‘ok let’s accomplish this’ because there a now more destinations for players to visit – however – san francisco spa those with PCs and more people with an interest in your style of games. Well , i don’t think we compromise our hands per hour or our storytelling due to the other developers do. Basically you can expect some other experience so our audience is roughly speaking exactly like ever.

RSorder 7th Anniversary Party: Free 07 runescape gold Giveaways is coming! “Ensuring Old School Runescape’s long term health was paramount, and that’s why we felt it necessary that any introduction of Free to Play was accompanied with the introduction of Bonds,” Neil McClarty, Runescape’s marketing director. told us today. “They’ve been a huge success in the main version of Runescape, allowing players to pay for membership with their in-game gold. We believe with both additions to Old School RuneScape, the game will continue to thrive and grow much like its older sibling.”

Old School’s received 100 updates since it first began, a couple of years ago. Jagex’s goal, says VP Phil Mansell, was to allow players to direct the course of the game.

“[W]e wanted to make sure that our players could still direct the shape of the game, while not losing any of the traditional charm they treasured. Here we are, 100 updates later, and about to launch a new business model for Old School based upon the suggestions and feedback of our players. It’s great to see such collaboration fuelling the continued success of Old School Runescape which has a great future ahead of it.”

Peters tearfully recounted the occurrence over 10 policemen directed firearms at his youthful make an effort, who seems to be several years aged.

Games online organization Jagex has become accepting repayment with cryptocurrency Bitcoin. the company is partnering track of on-line payment solutions BitPay and Ayden to permit consumers to pay with Bitcoin. RuneScape fans should be able to buy both subscriptions and microstransactions with all the computerized currency. Jagex is definitely the newest organization in the video games room to get started on agreeing to Bitcoin. Stores CEX and Green Man Video games, and web publishers Microsoft and large Seafood all started off letting repayment making use of the cryptocurrency last year.

Gamers are clever. We know they get technical, therefore we realize that on their behalf the cryptocurrency process is amazing and in this article to keep. By allowing our players to pay nevertheless they want, we get rid of any obstacles between them and having entertaining, explained Jagex settlement professional services director David Parrott.

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As the first brand new content for Old School Runescape, the Nightmare Zone will attract extremely high attention of osrs players. Here are some new information of it and you can buy cheap runescape 2007 gold to enjoy yourself in the Nightmare Zone. Curious what will happen there? Let’s have a look at it closely right now!

How to start the Nightmare Zone?

If you want to start with Nightmare Zone minigame, you should first go to Dominic Onion, which stands just north of Yanille, not far from the bank. Speak to Dominic, and he will explain the game as well as offer to set up a dream for you. Choose which dream you want, and drink from the vial in the lobby enclosure to begin.

Attention: You need to have done 5 of the quests that unlock monsters for the Nightmare Zone, otherwise Dominic doesn’t think you’ve got enough memories to make it worthwhile. And there is no combat level requirement.


There are the three modes you can fight bosses in the Nightmare Zone: Practice Mode, Endurance Mode, and Rumble Mode.
If you want to do a multiplayer dream, each person in your team must put some money in Dominic’s coffer to pay for the dream. It’s 2000 coins each for a normal Rumble, 6000 each for a hard Rumble. However, you can take your money back out of the coffer for the coffer has PIN protection.

Here are the three modes you can fight bosses in the Nightmare Zone:

Practice Mode: you can choose which boss you want to fight so you can whale on them until your heart is content. Old school cheap runescape gold may be what you are in lack of.

Endurance Mode: in this mode, you should first choose whether the normal mode or hard mode you want to fight the bosses. In hard mode, all bosses are more difficult to fight while the rewards are better.

Rumble Mode: if you have ever wanted the challenge of fighting multiple bosses, then rumble mode is for you. Get up to four of your friends and see if you can work as a team to defeat multiple bosses attacking you at the same time. When you see Barrelchest, Flambeed, Kamil and the Dagganoth Mother heading for you, you know you are in for a hard time.
If you are interested in this first content in old school runescape, you can buy cheapest old school runescape gold for enjoying it right now!

Guys, what are your daily activities in runescape? Are there some easy daily activities you think players should do every day in runescape? Here are some suggestions old school runescape gold we collected from runescape players. Check out will you agree with them.

Big chinchompa

Big chinchompa

Big Chinchompa is a Hunter Distraction and Diversion that can be played twice a day. To complete it, you need to catch native soporith moths in the lairs of massive plutonial chinchompas and then feed them to the chinchompas in order to put them to sleep.
Your rewards for completing this are experiences, and competence points that can be spent on additional experience, as well as a handful of Hunter-related items, or access to instance private hunting areas.

What Lies Below

A traveling trader’s cart was attacked by local outlaws in the south of Varrock. Your goal is to help his to recover his lost documents. Meanwhile, the Varrock Palace Secret Guard is on the trail of treacherous dealings with the Monks of Zamorak. You also need to help the Varrock Palace Secret Guard and uncover what lies below.
You are able to get 8K Runecrafting XP, 2K Defence XP, the Beacon ring, knowledge of Chaos shortcut, and 2 free spins on the Squeal of Fortune for completing the quest.



Sinkholes is a safe distraction and diversion that can be played two times each day. During this activity, you’ll be in direct competition with four other players who will directly affect the rewards you receive. So the skill of dungeoneering should be your focus.
The aim of racing with them is to gain the most points while collecting cards to undermine your opponents in the final treasure room.
As for rewards, in addition to any experience from combat and resource-gathering activities during the game, you can also gain lamps plus tokens, dungeoneering tokens and pieces of the Hoardstalker outfit.

What’s your opinion old school runescape gold about that? Do you agree with these suggestions? What are your daily activities? Play runescape to know more about that!