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As the first brand new content for Old School Runescape, the Nightmare Zone will attract extremely high attention of osrs players. Here are some new information of it and you can buy cheap runescape 2007 gold to enjoy yourself in the Nightmare Zone. Curious what will happen there? Let’s have a look at it closely right now!

How to start the Nightmare Zone?

If you want to start with Nightmare Zone minigame, you should first go to Dominic Onion, which stands just north of Yanille, not far from the bank. Speak to Dominic, and he will explain the game as well as offer to set up a dream for you. Choose which dream you want, and drink from the vial in the lobby enclosure to begin.

Attention: You need to have done 5 of the quests that unlock monsters for the Nightmare Zone, otherwise Dominic doesn’t think you’ve got enough memories to make it worthwhile. And there is no combat level requirement.


There are the three modes you can fight bosses in the Nightmare Zone: Practice Mode, Endurance Mode, and Rumble Mode.
If you want to do a multiplayer dream, each person in your team must put some money in Dominic’s coffer to pay for the dream. It’s 2000 coins each for a normal Rumble, 6000 each for a hard Rumble. However, you can take your money back out of the coffer for the coffer has PIN protection.

Here are the three modes you can fight bosses in the Nightmare Zone:

Practice Mode: you can choose which boss you want to fight so you can whale on them until your heart is content. Old school cheap runescape gold may be what you are in lack of.

Endurance Mode: in this mode, you should first choose whether the normal mode or hard mode you want to fight the bosses. In hard mode, all bosses are more difficult to fight while the rewards are better.

Rumble Mode: if you have ever wanted the challenge of fighting multiple bosses, then rumble mode is for you. Get up to four of your friends and see if you can work as a team to defeat multiple bosses attacking you at the same time. When you see Barrelchest, Flambeed, Kamil and the Dagganoth Mother heading for you, you know you are in for a hard time.
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It’s been a long time since the last big update of old school runescape. And there are having a lot of opinions for wilderness. Based on that situation, Jagex released a biggest update for old school runescape wilderness with more risk and reward. Get ready with sufficient cheap rs 07 gp to take a risk right now!

What new can you challenge?
new bosses

Are you ready to challenge yourself? There are new bosses for you to challenge. Do you know the huge spiders from Harry Potter? Well, you will face them, too. Come to bring your friends to fight against those huge spiders, which are looking for blood in the deep wilderness, to win the fabled Dragon Pickaxe. Hope you guys are not as timid as Rowen.
For gaining more rewards, you can follow some NPCs for searching of new treasures, such as high level rogues in the Rogues’ Castle, high level dark warriors in the Dark Warriors’ fortress and high level bandits in the Bandit Camp.
Along with so many rewards, a Looting Bag will be necessary. Jagex is always as nice as you think. You are able to enjoy this bag with up to 28 items store in the wilderness. For using items, however, you can only take them out when you are in a bank. Anyway, Looting Bag is still a good update for storing.

What things can you enjoy?
A player has left runescape for almost 2 years, and express that he would like to come back after heard about this update. This update provides a great lore without disrupting the current story line too much.
Moreover, kill Lava dragons, which is transformed from the red dragons, in the wilderness can also be really helpful for slayer. They drop better items, provide better XP, and would probably be funnier to kill. There is no doubt that training slayer in the wilderness for increased rewards would be enjoyable.

Are you ready? There are 6 new bosses, a new resource area, as well as new armour and weapons waiting for you. If you need to buy rs 07 gp, you know where to find us. We are always providing you with a huge stock of old school rs gp for sale. Good luck!