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It’s boring to even harp on this again, but Reaper of Souls is still always-online. For no reason. Before, Blizzard could feed us this line about “Well, we’re afraid people will cheat and then bring down the integrity of our sacred Auction Houses.” It was a poor excuse then, and now it’s nonsense. There is literally zero apparent reason why Diablo III needs to be always-online except that Blizzard wants it to be.

It’s a drag. As someone who’s on the road a fair amount for events, you never realize how often you’re without an Internet connection until you need one. Ninety percent of the Reaper of Souls audience will never notice or care that it’s always online, because they’re tethered to a gaming desktop or whatever, but on principle I find the practice distasteful, especially in a case like Diablo III, where it’s completely unnecessary.

And even on a steady connection, I still had a few instances of rubber-banding and lag as the game tried to communicate with Blizzard’s servers. In one particularly egregious example I swung at a barrel five times before it broke. Did it matter? Not really, because it wasn’t a high-stakes moment. But if I’d been in the midst of a boss battle, let alone a boss battle on hardcore? Big problem.

Bottom line
I’m not kidding: I can’t believe Blizzard turned Diablo III around. Two years ago when the game first launched, I never thought I’d be sitting here writing a positive review of anything branded Diablo III, and yet here we are.

Is Reaper of Souls perfect? No. And I suspect like World of Warcraft, many people will sprint through the new content, maybe raise the new Crusader class up to Level 70, and then quit when progress slows down again. But Reaper of Souls is an entertaining piece of content that, in conjunction with Loot 2.0, fixes many of Diablo III’s deepest flaws. This is definitely worthy expansion in the Diablo franchise.

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As the first brand new content for Old School Runescape, the Nightmare Zone will attract extremely high attention of osrs players. Here are some new information of it and you can buy cheap runescape 2007 gold to enjoy yourself in the Nightmare Zone. Curious what will happen there? Let’s have a look at it closely right now!

How to start the Nightmare Zone?

If you want to start with Nightmare Zone minigame, you should first go to Dominic Onion, which stands just north of Yanille, not far from the bank. Speak to Dominic, and he will explain the game as well as offer to set up a dream for you. Choose which dream you want, and drink from the vial in the lobby enclosure to begin.

Attention: You need to have done 5 of the quests that unlock monsters for the Nightmare Zone, otherwise Dominic doesn’t think you’ve got enough memories to make it worthwhile. And there is no combat level requirement.


There are the three modes you can fight bosses in the Nightmare Zone: Practice Mode, Endurance Mode, and Rumble Mode.
If you want to do a multiplayer dream, each person in your team must put some money in Dominic’s coffer to pay for the dream. It’s 2000 coins each for a normal Rumble, 6000 each for a hard Rumble. However, you can take your money back out of the coffer for the coffer has PIN protection.

Here are the three modes you can fight bosses in the Nightmare Zone:

Practice Mode: you can choose which boss you want to fight so you can whale on them until your heart is content. Old school cheap runescape gold may be what you are in lack of.

Endurance Mode: in this mode, you should first choose whether the normal mode or hard mode you want to fight the bosses. In hard mode, all bosses are more difficult to fight while the rewards are better.

Rumble Mode: if you have ever wanted the challenge of fighting multiple bosses, then rumble mode is for you. Get up to four of your friends and see if you can work as a team to defeat multiple bosses attacking you at the same time. When you see Barrelchest, Flambeed, Kamil and the Dagganoth Mother heading for you, you know you are in for a hard time.
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