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When Guild Wars 2 (GW2) came out, I jumped into it enthusiastically and played for several weeks. But life happens, as it does, and I’ve been only able to venture into Tyria intermittently. When I did play, I noticed changes, but I didn’t spend much time examining them. So recently I returned to explore the wealth of new material. And I walked away with the question: Is too much of a good thing still too much?

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Within the first few hours of gameplay in the original release, I had a firm grasp on GW2’s gameplay, even though I had never really spent much time in MMOs before. This iteration of GW2 is more of the same: more feature-rich, more complex…and more complicated.

When I returned, I found multiple new forms of currency, a whole new map zone, the new Fractal dungeons in which your character “levels up” to more difficult iterations, and “Ascended” items that took multiple, time-consuming tasks to build.

There are also Heralds, who point the way to current events (they go hand-in-hand with GW2′s new “Living Story”), and Laurel vendors, who provide an alternate means to buy Ascended items for those who don’t want to explore Fractals. For PvP fans, there’s a new arena that finally breaks away from the “capture point” model of the previous four (if not very far). And thankfully, there are many minor tweaks and improvements, including the ability to bank special event collectibles.

I spoke on the telephone with Isaiah Cartwright, GW2’s lead designer, about the dungeons and currencies, and most recently, the addition of the guild system.