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Runescape seems to have quite a bit of life left. Its possible many of the people who feel runescape is dieing are infact just outgrowing the game. Very few

other games have so many 5-10yr vets and even some 15yr vets. these players, like myself, are now in their 20-30′s and hoping to still have the same

attachment to the game they once did. the graphics and updates isn’t what many people want because they wish to suckle at the tit of nostalgia. To a time

when life was worry free and easy. at least that is somewhat how i feel, Though i do still enjoy playing the game. Runescape Gold is the main currency in

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RuneScape Historical

In order for runescape to survive and thrive they need to be able to able to bring in new players. Runescape however is an intimidating game to start,

especially if you do not have friends that play of even a slight familiarity with the game. there is so much to accomplish that even many 10yrs won’t ever

comp. recently i have been seeing runescape ads on youtube, but they seem to be targeted to existing players who likely are already aware of the content. In

order to bring in new players i feel jagex needs to release content that is appealing to all levels. the arc should have been a place for all runescape

players to level and explore. though the game has plenty of content for new players much of it needs updating and attention, and could use a bit of flare.

Basically I don’t think runescape is dieing, as i see between 55-85k people on at most any time. Compared to a year or 2 ago when it saw more often in 45-55k

range. which is actually a pretty strong player base (even divided across a couple games), Runescape in my opinion has always hosted too many servers, but

many times the top worlds are only a hundred or so players short of the world being full, so if you are having trouble finding people perhaps try a different

server. playing on a server with only 200 people on it isn’t a good indication if the game is dieing. Many of these servers were never populated.

A finished, and balanced EOC would be a big selling point. right now all 3 combat styles have abilities that mirror the other ones. some combat styles make

it hard to even fill an action bar. More abilities need to be added so that builds can vary and become more personalized, especially with this new attention

to pvp type content. i could go on an on about it..I don’t hate EOC but it definitely feels unfinished and the builds forced.

No one can be sure but i feel the mtx heavy trend over the past few years is a fad. Even the avid TH supporters can only justify spending so much. I myself

have begun trying to ween myself off of such content. I believe Runescape will outlive the mtx craze that most all popular games offer in at least one way or

another. At which point it will become especially important to bring in new players and new members. The jagex team is more than capable of doing this but

must not feel it is currently a priority.

I agree the community is divided, but is such the nature of such a large game. The open sandbox feel does not herd players through specific channels and

activities so the population is spread out. I have no trouble running in to people on more populated worlds. Granted many minigames are dead, but that is

because not enough people wish to play them, not that there isn’t enough players to play them. Many games, even some popular mmos function almost entirely on

instances. With less diversity in activites and strong emphasis on party systems many of these games may feel more populated, when in fact it is quite the


Jagex has already laid down so much foundation for runescape that it will be hard for it to ever completly slip in to oblivion. All it would take is one or a

few really strong updates or overhauls to completly change this perception. The only problem is no matter what you do you’re going to make some people

unhappy. And jagex tries hard, maybe a bit too hard, to not make waves especially with existing content.

For the time being, most of us to be able to improve your own Dungeoneering look as well as power along with four models associated with runescape 3 gold clothes (mixed in to an incredible arranged) — just about all styles at the rear of the actual Daemonheim ground. Therefore get these types of functions from Cherish Seeker through 00: 00 UTC upon Oct 12 in order to twenty three:59 UTC upon Oct 17.

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Additionally, make sure to examine the actual listing of functions beneath as well as clarify all the details you’ll need. Gorajan Path Blazers
So how exactly does the actual clothes function? Because of the information on Dungeoneering, there are lots of distinctive ways these types of clothes function. Here is what you ought to understand:

For those functions which have all the freezing, furnishings, forgotten or even hidden clothes, you’ll be granted all the Dungeoneering advantages the following because “low-level benefits”. The actual mixture of these types of items may produce Warped clothes items. Using a complete Warped ensemble provides you with all the subsequent advantages “Advanced Benefits”. You may also possess a bit of clothes plus some Warped clothes areas of the actual “low-level benefit. inch You don’t absolutely need in order to put on these types of clothing to obtain the majority of the advantages, if you have sufficient clothing in your accounts are essential. Blend as well as complement bits of clothes, select the appear you would like, but still obtain the advantages of unlocking a person.

The only real exclusion gets the “top” Dungeoneering benefits shop low cost. Simply because this really is beyond Daemonheim, you will have to put on the gown while you strategy the actual shop. Along with gear products, you’re going to get an excessive amount of protection associated with real make-up, to help you seem like the Gorajan Trailblazer where ever a person proceed. Please be aware these makeup is going to be utilized like a individual dress yourself in your own clothing, less the “full set” — keep in mind these types of are searching for all of them.

However, you are able to arranged your own default Dungeoneering ensemble through right-clicking the possibility within every individual product. You may also speak with Dungeoneering Teacher relating to this. This particular enables you to personalize whenever you key in the actual dungeon or even went under, you are able to appear as well as allow you decide to blend just about all four bits of clothes towards the greatest appear. Be aware — this particular doesn’t impact your own low-level or even high-level provides, because they are just highly relevant to the required parts of your own accounts.

Should you alter the look associated with Daemonheim through one of these simple clothes with the clothing user interface, the actual modifications won’t be appreciated whenever you depart. You’ll go back to how you joined.

The actual low-level benefit:

1, 5% XP Update to any or all abilities within Dungeoneering (such as the greatest XP encounter by itself) 5% Decrease destruction upon experienced nodes

2, 3 extra downhole exchanges daily, “Ice Strolling Boots” — This particular unaggressive advantage helps prevent a person through ice skating upon freezing flooring, 10% possibility of not really utilizing lockers。

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Together we have hit the epic milestone of 250 million created RuneScape accounts! To celebrate, any player can log in to enter a daily draw for 250 million

gold – see below for details.

Also this week, RSorder check out the Combat Council’s recent improvements to some issues affecting bossing, all based on your feedback. Be sure to read on

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250 Million Gold Draw – a new winner every day this week!

Now that we’ve hit 250 million created accounts, it’s time for some golden giveaways.

One RuneScape player every day this week (Monday 12th September to Sunday 18th September inclusive) will be selected to receive 250 million gold!

Simply logging in on a given day enters you into that day’s draw.

The draw is for both free players and RuneScape members. To be eligible, your account must have been created before Monday 12th September 2016. Ironman

accounts are not eligible.

To check if you have won, keep an eye on our social media channels Twitter + Facebook and your in-game inbox.

Winners will be notified the day after they have won.

Please note that due to the working hours at Jagex, winners from Friday, Saturday and Sunday will not be notified until Monday 19th September.

Log in and enter every day for the best chance to win this awesome amount of in-game riches. Good luck and thanks for helping push RuneScape towards this

fantastic achievement.
Combat Changes – preventing boss walking & defence debuff changes to bosses

This week some changes have been made by the combat council to issues that were effecting the playability and enjoyment of many boss fights in RuneScape.

Firstly, we have removed some of the initial anti-walk solutions that were implemented for certain bosses and instead, we have replaced this with a better

baseline solution. Walking detracted from certain bosses’ intended difficulty and now we have a more complete system.

Secondly we have toned down the effectiveness of some of the defence-debuffing items.

For full details of these changes and for a place to leave any feedback you have, see the developer blog on the forums.
Solomon’s Store – Gossamer Outfit

Does the cruise to Jagex HQ cover costs paid for even ride there and hotels/motels (or whatever you break in) while blockage there?

And how abounding absolute bodies will win it? Just one? Or a few people?

Do you charge to advance your associates all through September to get a adventitious to win from RSorder?

I approved to acquisition the newspost on this, but it was months ago and I can’t acquisition it. I’d acknowledge it if a JMod could acknowledgment this.

I awful agnosticism they’ll pay for biking and board. Just like in Willy Wonka, acceptable the aureate admission just guarantees entry, not transport.

I achievement that’s not the case, because that’d beggarly a lot of bodies ashen raffle tickets on something they couldn’t even use if they won.

Two big dates should be in this month’s Diary of any self respecting scraper.

Is the first time in September 17th, when runefest rolled into town (London, to be precise). Tune into runefest directly from the 9:30 at the time of Buy RS Gold the game in our twitch channel. I hope to die earlier, there are 2017 is a huge bulletin board.

Second is a rule of their all twenty-third to September twenty-sixth is a double XP weekend. If you like sweet, reap the sweet taste, then double XP’s weekend buffet, you won’t want to miss.

It is worth remembering that the invention is now a double XP weekend thing, let you get an extra 80% points when the training of the invention. To celebrate, we will make a pick, to another way of Buy Runescape Gold non combat team training.

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There are also daily activities in the game to help the beach prepare the final party in the sun, and get a reward while you are in it. The head of Lumbridge and now speak to Reina pit.

The mysterious box and a new parasol

The mysterious box came back, this time they were packed with Buy Runescape Gold umbrellas, cocktail bottles and other beach sweets.

Provide 20 buckets of sand pit Lumbridge Reina get a normal sized mystery box. Do this every day, and you’ll get an extra large Mystery Box, which can also be rewarded from the treasure hunter

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Why do humans get Telo assigned for their reaper assignments if they’re clumsy to admission it? I mean, I don’t accept the key or whatever it is. I don’t accept it. Can this be anchored or something?

Do you accept the levels (80+ prayer, advance etc) for the added administration which would accord you the key pieces?

I do, but havin those stats for RuneScape gold the specifc administration don’t beggarly I am able to buy cheap runescape gold & get a kill, ain’t I?

Lol, Amy, I feel for you, it seems the dullards accept appear out en masse today.

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Guys, her complaint is that while she has stats and accessory to be able of killing the boss, she has not in fact apart the HoG bang-up allowance from acquisition the key locations from GWD2 bosses. This agency she can’t in fact alpha a action with Telos. This would be akin to the abstraction of accepting 99 herblore and accepting an afflict analgesic circadian claiming afterwards accepting apart that aromatic recipe. (I don’t accept that’s possible, which is why she is adage this shouldn’t be either, which I accede with)

Why do I accumulate accepting body reaper tasks to annihilate ascent administration if I don’t accept any ascent keys?

Why is Nex, a bang-up easier to abandoned than Araxxor or Telos, gated abaft whether or not you called the accumulation bang-up option?

Why are dagannoth kings handed out to humans with 70 combat? It’s physically absurd to even admission DKs afterwards addition being unless you accept a max cape — that’s the analogue of a accumulation boss, no?

The reason, is that body reaper is assigned based on action levels, and assertive agreeable gates. You accept the action levels for Telos, back you accept the action levels for GWD2 bosses, and that’s the alone aboideau acid off this content. Either go get your key, or reroll the task.

(My advice, with 150 telos kills beneath my belt, is to reroll. I’ve just been raxxoring all day to pay for a anniversary of accident money at Telos.)

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This year there will be a theme of the land of the East, so join our fearless celebration for the rivers and lakes to push a new horizon. cheap runescape 3 gold

Runefest is your chance to get a front row seat on the main stage, the main stage, the old school and more. We can’t wait to share all the awesome things that are about to come 2017.

Meet your compatriots “community hero in London a magical place, the decoration in the dress of the island arc and deep into the amazing activities including Cosplay parade, the challenge runefest, developer Q & A, jmod greeting, a huge party and so much.

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Assuming you angle and baker your own food, accomplish your own pots and familiars is Telos profitable?

If you dead active bedrock creatures,RuneScape gold got the active minerals, bent the rocktails, adapted the rocktails.

Then got your own seeds from killing/pickpocketing, got your own secondaries from seeds you got yourself or from killing, fabricated your own vials from glass, fabricated your own flasks from bottle you mined, fabricated your own supers, afresh extremes, afresh overloads.

Then got your own capacity for pouches as able-bodied as the charms (Idk if you can get pouches and spirit shards from annihilation but the shops, Amlodd pickpocketing gives abandoned pouches I think?), afresh fabricated your own familiars.

You’d apparently absorb so abundant time accomplishing that, that the bulk of accumulation you could’ve fabricated from Telos over time exceeds the authentic accumulation you’ll accomplish now.

Unless you did all this BEFORE Telos was released, in which case yes. It would accomplish it added profitable.

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The top RS player YouGotLittUp has become the first one with 900% enrage Telos kill yesterday. How can he achieve 900% Telos kills, compared to many of players who might struggle to make it to 100% enrage?

YouGotLittUp: best PvMer in RuneScape

YouGotLittUp has consistently been one of the best PvMers around for a long time. He has been invited to Jagex HQ to test the boss. There are plenty of YouGotLittUp’s streams in awe of how well he can handle boss fights. He makes 300% Araxxor look absolutely silly. It’s no surprise that YouGotLittUp is doing these insane enrage kills. Just several days ago, YouGotLittUp was struggling with 378% enrage. Now he has become the first player to make 900% enrage Telos kill with cheap runescape gold !

How can YouGotLittUp make 900% enrage Telos kill with runescape gold?

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The best explanation RSorder can give is that YouGotLittUp is able to micromanage everything during the fights and is just overall incredible at PvM. He has learned the Telos’ mechanics very well, gathered enough cheap runescape gold to equip himself well and got a good feel for how to deal with Telos before Telos attack, rather than reacting to them, which is often essential. His mastery of DPS rotation and defensive when necessary is also very helpful. More importantly, YouGotLittUp is really good at PvM and knows how to tank very well, and keeps calm under pressure.

How to become top RS player like YouGotLittUp with the first 900% enrage Telos kill?

If you want to become one top player just like YouGotLittUp with first 900% enrage Telos kill, firstly, you have to figure out how to deal with the mechanics. Secondly, make sure you can devote yourself to the game and have enough hours on fighting runescape, so your reaction can become more and more reflexive. You can be calmer and less prone to mistakes, and develop quicker reaction time and better judgment. Thirdly, you have to buy cheap runescape gold so that you do not need to worry about food or anything in phase 1-3 while fighting. Lastly, you are recommended to buy cheap rs gold at RSorder, which is a reliable and supportive RS gold site with years experience in virtual gold trading.

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Looking for some acknowledgment on a few things I’ve been considering:

-Skilling Pets: Anniversary island of the Arc would accept a accurate accomplishment you would alternation with a actual attenuate adventitious you acquire a pet! Some examples could be a Bamboo Golem from woodcutting on Tuai Liet, a Flying Squid from fishing on the Whale’s Maw,or a Qilin Cub from hunting on Aminishi.

-Ancient Trinketcrafting: Located on The Isles That Once Were Turtles you would acquisition a few occultists who accept set up several ritual sites on anniversary island. You would accept to use your abilities in adoration to start-up and conduct rituals at these sites, channeling the airy energies in the breadth into trinkets which can be acclimated to enhance accurate action abilities and prayers/curses.

-Big Bold Hunting: Located on the ample island of Aminishi you would acquisition Qilin, which are ample lion-like creatures with antlers that are accepted in acceptable Eastern culture. You would accept to abstain the beasts as a few attacks could be lethal. Instead you accept to ascend to perches in copse and delay for the appropriate moment to bang for ample rewards.

-Eastern Aquarium: A abode breadth you can abode new angle eggs from the Eastern Lands for accessory allowances and as a claimed trophy.

-Fishing: A few new angle such as Flying Squid or Bluefin Tuna that can be acclimated in new sushi recipes.

-Thieving: There would be smugglers to pickpocket on Waik* which can rarely accord you keys. These keys would accessible up houses for you to appropriate for even added loot!

Tips of Training Runescape Invention Skill

Invention skill has come to Runescape, have you tired this brand new skill in game? Invention is a elite skill and it is worth for you to spare some time and money to have a try.

Beginning Tips for Invention skill:

1. If you don’t have items to disassemble, buy items from NPC shops.
2. Untradeable Broad arrows can be Disassembled.


Tips to determine the modules from left to right:

1. Note the inspiration cost.
2. Switch first module with second module, and note inspiration cost.


more details:

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