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FIFA 15 isn’t all about just playing a normal soccer match. It is more than that: it is the whole feeling and gameplay and graphics that make the game feel great. Cool looks, nice badges and kits are things that make the game better. Therefore, this post is about the top 5 coolest kits in fifa 15 coins

kits for fifa 15
1 – River Plate kit: This kit is maybe not the most glamorous, but in my opinion it has the coolest athentic looks. I would love to wear this kit, because it looks elegant and not too mundane. The perfect combination of colors (red/white).

2 – Portland Away kit: This kit has a good-looking red color. It has the dark and bright red color and it is very glamorous. I think this kit isn’t the most popular one, but it’s just nice to have and swap it with other kits.

3 – Jeonbuk FC: This kit is fierce green and the match between shirt and short is unique, because of the good combination. This club isn’t well known and the kit prices could be very high, because these kits are all high in popularity. At the moment, there is a huge market crash and that’s why you could probably rather wait when the prices go down then buy these kits at this moment.

4 – Fenerbahce SK: The famous Turkish club with a big history. They have a very nice homekit too: it has black and yellow stripes and a very impressive sponsor (Ulker).

5 – Arsenal Tula: This Russian League club has the most conspicuous colors: red and yellow. This kit seems very annoying for your eyes if you play a lot of matches every day. It is too bright and it doesn’t look like a beautiful classic kit, but it is fun to play with these kind of kits some time.

The MOTM cards were first created in FUT 12 to reward the best players of matches not covered by the TOTW cards. It is the case of the UEFA club competitions final stages and domestic cups finals.

An orange card is assigned to the best players of these matches, according to EA Sports. They become available in packs for only 24 hours. During this period, which starts at midnight (UK time), the Man of the Match cards replace the corresponding regular cards. In other words, in the day a player gets his MOTM cards in packs, it is impossible to find his regular card there. Your odds of pulling a MOTM card from a pack are exactly the same of pulling the regular card of that player in another day.

If you own the regular card of a player elected MOTM, your card will keep unchanged. If you want the improved version, you will need to buy the corresponding MOTM version in the market or pull it from a pack in that day.

The ratings and attributes of MOTM cards are usually boosted in one or two points, compared with their last TOTW card or, if it doesn’t exist, their regular card. The position of the players in these cards may fifa 15 coins  change if, in that match, they played really well in a different position.

These cards don’t have any periodicity. Usually they are released between March and September, because it is when the tournaments are coming to the end or when domestic Super Cups take place, with predominance for weekdays. Each MOTM card is released only a few hours after the match. It is not possible to have more than one MOTM card for the same game.

It is possible for a player to have more than one MOTM card, if they have been assigned in different games. These cards differ from each other only in the ratings and attributes (eventually in the position too). The more recent is the card, the higher is its rating.

You can have the regular card and the MOTM card of the same player in your club. However, you cannot use them both in your squad at the same time.

The MOTM cards are the most unpredictable of all. If you usually don’t pay attention to what is happening, you may not give for them, because they come in packs for only 24 hours and always associated with Happy Hours.

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There’s a lot of guides on the web regarding this subject! we’ve tried most of them! Some of them are very time consuming, some aren’t! I primarily use 4 ways to earn FIFA coins:
No 1: Buy squad training +30 for 700-750 coins each, sell them for 1.000. Buy player healing (gold +4 weeks) for 700-750, sell for 1.000!
Check which of them is most profitable! NB. Squad training aint as relevant atm, but there is still a market! List 30-40 of them.. You will probably sell around 5-7 of them each hour making you 250×7= 1.750 coins each hour! This will take you around 1 min each hour! So if you`re like me and you like to play the game and not hang around looking for bargains, this is an easy way! ;-) Just push relist all when they have expired and be sure to fill up from your consumeable pile. ;-) They are pretty easy to find on the transferlist, just scroll through and you will see yourself buying 30 of them in around 10 mins for 700-750 each. So.. its 10 mins + 3×1 min = 13 mins for 250×30 = 7.500 coins in 13 mins! ;-) Pretty easy!

No 2: Exploiting tournament system
I dont think this will be pacthed. But in FIFA 14 you would only get a gold pack for winning the tournament for the first time! In FIFA15 you will get a gold pack each time you win! Furthermore its pretty fun to play tournaments, and you dont have to spend money to get the thrill of opening packs! I mostly play tournaments. ;-) So playing tournaments (Assuming that you win it, will get you = 2.800 for playing 4 games + 2.000 for winning + gold pack (5.000) = 9.800 coins per hour! Assuming that 4 games takes around 1 hour.. ;-)

No 3: Know when to buy an IF player (Make calculated risks)
In the beginning of FIFA15 i bought for example Miranda (IF). My thought was that only Sergio Ramos was better! Its actually still like that! So I bought him for 70k and sold him recently for 130k = around 50-55k profit on 1 player. ;-)
Making calculated risks and understanding the market: An IF player is always very expensive when he enters the market! Assuming he is worth using in the future! So.. When TOTW is out each wednesday, dont buy the IF`s! If you want to try to invest and make profit on IF`s buy them monday or tuesday evening (A lot of the same player on the market, cheapest price!!) They rules in my head: Buy IF`s whos actually usable in the future! Like Lahm just came out (Bought him for 240k assuming that he will be more expensive in 3-4 weeks, I dont use him. Its only investments! Furthermore, this aint at all time consuming (more time to play the game!)

No 4: Getting better at fifa! OBVIOUS! Winning tournaments and getting up in higher divisions will earn you more coins!

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TOTW 15 results will be released tomorrow,here we share our prediction to the TOTW 15 and the best TOTW players.

Pantilimon: In the match of Newcastle, Pantilimon’s performance is beyond doubt. He has succeeded in 7 excellent saves. Especially during the 71 minutes to the 72 minutes, he made the successive saves. Personally speaking, he will be the IF in this week.

Pique: Xavi crosses the ball with the free kicks on the left line. Pique has rushed into the network before the penalty area. Finally, Pique wins the match with 5:0.

Yoshida: When the match goes to 85 minutes, he scores a goal under the assists of S-Dabis.

Gilk: When his team falls behinds one ball of Genoa, he successively helps players with two balls and defeats the opponents with 2:1.

Hamouma: It is only a minutes with match opening. Hamouma cross the ball near the baseline on the right to help Gradel score a goal. In the first 20 minutes, Ke Hade intercept the ball in the front court. Hamouma passes the ball to the center court from the left. Van – Wolf push the ball to the net at 11 yards. In the first 65 minutes, Le Moyne passes the ball. And Hamouna cuts the ball and shoots the ball into left corner in the restricted area edge, 2 second attacks + 1 scores.

Schweinsteiger:Schweinsteiger help the team with 2:1 to win the match.

Vidal: In the first match of series A 16 round, Vidal’s cross from the left side is really gorgeous. Carlos Tevez shots the ball successfully! In the first 15 minutes, in the 19 meters from the network, Vidal shoots the ball to the right-buttoned area with exquisite arc.

The best investment player: Pantilimon
He must be the one who involves into TOTW. And his price is quite low now. His capabilities from all kinds of sides are great. It is suitable for the investment. In the following, I will show his price trend on PS/XBOX.
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With over 600 new emotional reactions, players now respond to big moments on the pitch as they would in real life. Each player has an attitude or feeling towards every teammate and opponent on the pitch. Bad tackles, missed chances and crucial goals – all 22 players on the pitch will react naturally based on what’s been happening during the match..

Facial expressions and body language will let you experience the attitudes and emotion of your favourite players.
Customise up to six different Team Sheets per club and alter your strategy based on your next opponent, the changing tactics in-game and fitness of your players. Get your favorite team playing the way *you* want them to play. Up to five attacking and defending player instructions can be applied to each of the ten outfield players. These instructions let you manage the attacking runs and defensive positions players take on the pitch and gives you deeper customisation options for how your team sets up. Goalkeepers have been completely rewritten for FIFA 15 with over 50 new save animations, improved AI and a new, realistic player model. Our Next Gen goalkeepers are more responsive and fluid when they move and look and think like real-life keepers.
Keepers now read and react to gameplay situations, adjusting their movement if going in the wrong direction, and making last-ditch saves by reaching back or throwing out a leg.

FIFA 15 also brings a new level of realism to the way keepers react to shots that are difficult to handle. Where previously goalkeepers would catch most balls they touched, you’ll now see a new range of authentic deflections and tip animations as keepers try to make a save.

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cheap fifa 15 coins ps4 Adam Bhatt competent European authorities accepted the media interview, said that this generation live series will have a better feel and shot the goalkeeper, the game feel more real.

And then assistant producer Klaus Garner directly lead to their focus on the head, “We just like to play with the game of football, you can fight back, ball, a long pass, playing a variety of tactics, while another game they did not necessary, they will play tennis as long as enough. ”

This is obviously meant to say “FIFA 14″ in passing over the top too BUG, so that most of the players are happy to choose this play. And after the live series Bhatti admit there was a time take a detour, too pursuit of sound without taking into account the various evolutionary actual experience of the players, but they still believe in their own game of football is the most able to accurately reflect the game works.

Regardless of whether this confidence justified, but for a few consecutive FIFA for being suppressed, the new host of the first landing, “Pro Evolution Soccer 2015″ is, perhaps this is an opportunity to change the last round before the Cologne Game Show “live football 2015 “beat” FIFA 15 “to get sports game awards, hope that this is indeed a good sign, to prove still have confidence to catch the live series, after all, for more players, which is the dominant discuss two games did not practical benefits, the loss of a game or the players out of the market, competing with each other under the boutique have more opportunities.

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buy fifa 15 coins Recently, the Russian President vladimir putin met with FIFA President sepp blatter in sochi, on both sides of the issue is one of four years after the World Cup. “In both the capacity and appropriate to reduce the amount of the stadium. “Blatter, put forward a proposal for an easy to offend the other party, the background is a large sports building, leading to “white elephants (west proverbs as” eye candy “) “, even just hosted the World Cup football kingdom Brazil also met such trouble.

Brazilian football legend romario also expressed: “after the World Cup, who can come here to watch the game, it is purely a waste of time and money. “The biggest local national football club is affiliated with domestic 4 league, they obtained the lease of the pitch, but averaged attendance but thousands of people. High maintenance costs, how to make? One theory is that there are converted into prison.

Stadium because of professional league developed Brazil utilization is relatively high, the phenomenon of “white elephants” far less serious in South Africa, which hosts the 2010 World Cup, have been unable to solve the began in the legacy of four years ago.

According to the globe and mail reported that almost all of the World Cup stadium after the flashy encountered the embarrassment of living beyond its means, in order to cope with “one-time events like the World Cup and the use of building the venue is a waste of huge fiscal budget, the study of the theory of the economists gradually become a basic common sense.

Qatar will host the 2022 World Cup will put forward revision plans and with FIFA agreed is 12 field, considering the costs continue to rise, they will only build one of the eight. Put an end to “white elephant”, there are two feasible methods: one is the use of existing venues;Second, promoting the development of domestic football. Blatter in Brazil after the World Cup final has been suggested that “both the host and FIFA, it is not easy to organize large-scale events, the 2018 World Cup can become more feasible, reasonable and controllable.”

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fifa 15 coins xbox 360 A full month into the new season every year, EA Sports releases the newest version of its massive FIFA video game franchise. Sales have been particularly strong over the last three years in particular with the 2013 version of the game selling 14.5 million copies in its first year and its 2012 predecessor dropping 3.2 million units in the first week alone. There is no doubt that the FIFA series is and has been great for what seems like ages now but is FIFA 15 more of the same or is it a whole new experience for the masses? The first thing you’ll notice in FIFA 15 is the quality of the graphics during gameplay. This is especially true if you didn’t upgrade from the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC versions that were released at the start of 2013/14. Those that reupped when the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 came out have already seen the benefits of the Ignite game engine.

Every single blade of grass is defined and as the game goes on, the players’ footsteps appear on the pitch as you slowly wear away at the virtual grounds crew’s work. In the rain, your players kick up water and in the snow, you’ll be thankful for high-visibility balls as your screen is covered by big, fluffy snowflakes. Kits pick up mud after a few slide tackles and the list of nice little touches goes on.

If you happen to be tired of playing all of your Premier League matches at the generic Town Park or Stadion Neder or whatever else they assigned to the KC Stadium, the Hawthorns, and Selhurst Park last season, there’s some more good news for you. For the first time, all 20 Premier League grounds are in the game, adding 11 new grounds to the mix in just England. On top of that, Boca Juniors’ la Bombonera and Ajax’s Amsterdam ArenA, among others, are also back in the game, among many others. Goalkeepers have a whole new range of save animations to boot. So, if you like flashy saves with plenty of hangtime, you’ll have a few more reasons to hope that the ball doesn’t hit the back of the net.

In addition to everything else that FIFA has brought into the 2015, there are also a ton of new face scans and player models now in the mix. The in-game footballers look more realistic than ever and during the cinematic sequences in stoppages of play, it’s cooler than ever. Unfortunately, it also takes us pretty far into the uncanny valley and it’s especially noticeable whenever you get in close to the action. It’s all well and good when they’re celebrating goals but when you watch one of those instant replays where the camera is at ground level, it’s pretty easy to see the thousand-yard stare that they develop from being your puppet over what is sure to be hundreds of hours.

The graphics in FIFA 15 are incredible, unless you’re stuck on the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3. Everything looks good and it’s very nice to see the environments become part of the action. The player models are mostly solid but the nearly-lifelike faces, with “nearly” being the operative word there, can cause some awkward moments. Some collisions are weird and players may fly out of a tackle like they’ve been hit by a tank shell but actually, that may just be soccer.

The Gameplay
The nice thing about FIFA 15 is that if you’ve played the game over the last few years, odds are that you are able to pick up the new version and get right into it. This is especially true with the new version of the game.
The user interface is almost identical to last years with cards taking up very familiar places. Navigating the game is kind of like riding a bicycle or using any number of other cliches that are about remembering things and that’s good because kick-off, Manager Mode, Ultimate Team, and online play are exactly where you expect them to be. That part of the game has barely changed with some alterations to the menu structure and graphical adjustments here and there.

On the field, it’s also much of the same and that is just fine because FIFA 15 builds on what was already a good thing. There’s new animations abound from the aforementioned goalkeepers to player reactions after fouls, injuries, and plays. FIFA 15 adds new tactical elements on set pieces from plays on corner kicks to taking control of the receiver on throw-ins. The home crowd reacts to goals and the screen shakes accordingly.

Scheduling, pre-season, cup matches, and international management are all pretty much unchanged from last year’s game
Pre-season feels just as useless as ever and rather than giving you a chance to test new team combinations on the fly, you may as well skip it and take your chances in competitive fixtures. Players are limited to just three substitutions which is a lot less than what happens in a friendly in, you know, the real world. As for international play, its also much of the same with the number of international squads providing a list that’s paltry at best. More than half of the teams in the game will make FIFA 15′s World Cup tournament and when you hear it that way, qualifying doesn’t sound like a lot of fun.

Transfers in FIFA 15 are still annoying as hell. To find a player, you must set up a scouting network with scouts that will give you an approximation of the player’s current statistics. They won’t give you much of a recommendation short of determining your team’s shortcomings and where you need reinforcements or replacements. With the sheer number of footballers listed in FIFA, it’s an annoying and frustrating process at best.
The ratings as a whole seem pretty accurate. The best footballers at the moment in the game, by rating are: Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Manuel Neuer, and Arjen Robben with Andres Iniesta and Luis Suarez not far behind. It’s really pretty difficult to argue with that. Where it gets more iffy is when you travel further down the ladder.

Being a Bolton Wanderers supporter, it was easy for me to compare that team in-game to my perceptions of the frankly awful Trotters squad in real life. For some reason, Jermaine Beckford, who couldn’t hit the side of the Goodyear Blimp’s hangar, is rated a 69 in both shooting and overall which seems a little bit extreme. There are websites like Futhead, which aggregate all of the game’s various rankings, and give you a rundown of player potential and growth. According to them, the player with the most growth potential in the game is 18-year-old Shrewsbury Town goalkeeper Callum Burton who may someday go from a 50 to 78 rating in-game which is something.

There are a lot of players in the game and odds are that you can find players that will suit your needs without them being a total dud. Scouting said players will get you an idea of their worth but an enquiry to the parent club will give you their value based on current rating, potential, and form, which is helpful.

FIFA 15 won’t simulate anything to the level of a game like Football Manager but it also really doesn’t try to. Tactics in FIFA will only get you so far and that’s also fine because the game is meant to be fun. Think of it as a lesser version of the Need for Speed series of racing games when they are compared to the much more technical Gran Turismo and Forza series.

FIFA 15 is a lot of fun and does pretty much exactly what it sets out to do. If you’re looking for tactics, in-depth press conferences, scout suggestions, and serious player movement, this game probably isn’t for you. If you want to do all that and still play through match after match, there really is no better option on the market at the moment.

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EA has officially confirmed that Barcelona’s Lionel Messi will be the global cover star for FIFA 15 when it launches this September.

This will mark the four-time FIFA fifa 15 coins Ballon d’Or winner’s fourth appearance on the cover of a FIFA game, with the player having previously appeared on the covers of FIFA 13, FIFA 14, and FIFA Street. “This past season, the 27 year old had 28 league goals for FC Barcelona and captained Argentina to the FIFA World Cup final,” the publisher said. “During the World Cup Messi won four Man of the Match awards, scored four times and received the Golden Ball award for best player of the tournament.”

“As with previous FIFA releases, we will have a number of regional covers featuring local talent with Messi,” EA added. “Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we reveal those.” FIFA 15 is set to launch September 23 in North America and September 25 in Europe on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC.
Even the physics for corner flags (players would previously run through them as if invisible) and goal frames are correctly implemented. Bury a Yaya thunderbolt from close range and you’ll see the frame lift off the ground for an instant, as you’d expect to occur in reality. These tiny intricacies are the type that will likely go unnoticed by the majority of FIFA players. But for the rest of us, those desperate to see this series keep up with MLB The Show and NBA 2K in terms of authenticity and believability, they’re massive inclusions.

All of these changes may sound incremental, but in a mode such as FUT cheap fifa 15 coins ps4 , which has welcomed 20 million users to date, small steps can have a big impact. Marcel also told VideoGamer that there will be tweaks to the Chemistry Styles introduced last year, with greater balancing so players don’t go for the same few cards in the market.

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