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3.1 introduces a few changes to Ninja: there’s a TP reduction in Shadow Fang and Mutilate and mudra fixes. I’m predicting how much extra sustain time a Ninja receives with these fixes, following this priority chain:AC > DE > SF > MU > AE .And this rotation:DE -> SF -> MU -> AC|AE -> DE -> SF -> AC|AE -> DE -> MU -> SF -> AC|AE -> DE -> SF -> AC|AE -> MU -> DE -> SF -> AC|AE -> Repeat

No real way to go in-game right now and test out the new reductions myself because 3.1 isn’t released, so I have to make some reasonable assumptions for the model:
1.Huton is active throughout the entire test and the ninja has 2.1 GCD.
2.AE is automatically used in place of AC. They take the same amount of time and have the same number of actions in their combos. Normally, AC would be substituted in for AE per the 40 second rule but I elected to ignore that.
3.Only GCDs are used and there is virtually no GCD clipping.
1000 TP at Start; TP+60 every 3 seconds after start.
4.No Invigorate/Goad used in the base case, and no Goad used in the Invigorate case.
5.There are no breaks between attacks and the target is a dummy.
6.Virtually no latency/lag between attacks.

A few tables and figures were moved around and created: time to complete combos, actions involved in combos, altered base rotation, and GCD TP values. The data provided from them are used later when making the cases.
For the base case, the following rows were made: Time (s), Ability, TP Old, TP New, TP Regen, Old Total, and New Total. Columns were made with .1 second time intervals and the time value is in the Time (s) row. Ability row hosts an icon with the ability’s name when used at a certain point in time. TP Old and TP New are the TP costs of abilities before and after 3.1. TP Regen is value 60 added to the totals every 3 seconds. Old Total and New Total are how much TP a player has based on the TP costs in TP Old and TP New.

A new update for the latest MMO by Square Enix, Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward, is expected to launch early next month says the game’s producer and director, Naoki Yoshida.

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“As Goes Light, So Goes Darkness,” (patch 3.1) will launch on Nov. 10 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Windows PC.

In the newest update to come, individuals will be able to participate in the highly anticipated 24-player raid, which was announced earlier this year at Gamescon.

Square Enix recently released a brand new trailer which showcases patch 3.1 and highlights a hefty amount of content that includes the following: Main Scenario Quests, Exploratory Missions, new raid, new mounts, and new hairstyles.

Earlier this year, Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has claimed 5 million registered users worldwide since the title’s relaunch launch on August 24, 2013.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn and it’s newest expansion Heavensward are currently available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Windows PC.

So, are you currently subscribed to this MMO? If so, which class is your favorite class and why? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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If you’ve ever played any of the other tank classes before, there will be some things about FFXIV’s Dark Knight that do look familiar. However, Darkside adds an element of MP management that doesn’t exist with the other tanks, Paladin and Warrior. Let’s start with the basics first though.
During dungeons, you’re usually going to be fighting groups of two to three enemies more. Pull these enemies using your ranged attack Unmend, which has the added benefit of increasing your enmity (or hate if you prefer). Once the enemies are grouped together, regularly hit them with Unleash, which dishes out AoE damage that also increases enmity. Be careful though, as Unleash does drain your MP. Once you’ve got all the enemies together (and pointed away from the other party members, especially the healer), begin your Hard Slash -> Spinning Slash combo which quickly builds enmity on a single target.

Now FFXIV’s Dark Knight has two stances that can both be used at the same time but have very different functions. The first is Grit, which is similar to Shield Oath on Paladin. It will reduce your damage but greatly increase your enmity generation and reduces your damage taken. This should always be on if you’re main tanking (read: any four man dungeon). Next is the ability you just unlocked, Darkside. Darkside rapidly drains your MP but in return increases your damage. With this on, you can greatly aid your team’s damage per second (DPS) but you’ll need to keep your MP intake high to maintain this.

While in Darkside, the only way to reliably refresh your MP is by using Syphon Strike after Hard Slash instead of Spinning Slash. The problem is, this messes with your enmity generation. The trick is to start off by building hate with Unleash and Hard Slash -> Spinning Slash (with Darkside on if you’re starting with high MP), but then once you have hate pretty much locked, start using Syphon Strike after Hard Slash instead, mixing in Spinning Slash everyone in a while if your MP is high. By doing this, you can offset the damage that is reduced by Grit while still maintaining all of its benefits.

While that’s going to be your combo rotation of sorts, there are other important abilities to mix in as well. Low Blow is an off GCD (read: doesn’t count towards your cooldown timer) Stun, but does have a cooldown before it can be used again. Stunning deadly AoEs are crucial to surviving tough fights as a FFXIV‘s Dark Knight.

Shadowskin reduces your damage taken and can be combined with Reprisal (which can be used after a successsful parry) to provide some quality damage mitigation. Finally, Scourge should be used as much as possible to keep DoT on your enemy and increase your party’s overall DPS.

And that just about does it as far as beginner Dark Knight tips are concerned in FFXIV: Heavensward. As you level up, you’ll acquire new abilities that you’ll need to work into your rotation. But as long as you understand the basics, you’ll be in a great position to learn how to use these new abilities with ease!

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I notice there’s been a lot of concern about Dark Night currently, 59-soon-to-be-60 DRK main here. I’ll go over the cards I’d most like to receive in order of priority.

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1. Ewer. Yes, please. When MT, Dark Knight burns through their MP pool even faster than Black Mage. If you ever watch our MP bar during a fight it’s a constant up and down, with only a few self-regenerating abilities available to us with Grit on. This job is all about MP management and being low at critical points can hamper our ability to tank effectively, such as having to round up a bunch of adds while not being able to use Unleashed. And unlike Black Mage, Ewer is less likely to alter our rotation in a bad way. Receiving a Ewer at almost anytime while MT would greatly effect my effectiveness over the next 30 seconds. When offtanking, Ewer is less important since we can use Blood Weapon to keep MP up more or less at full. However, if you or your co-healer is rapidly losing mana due to phases requiring heavy healing periods it is probably better to give this buff to yourself/them at that time; it could save the BRD or Machinist from using their refresh abilities and losing DPS.

2. Arrow. In short fights DRK really doesn’t have any TP issues – none of our weaponskills cost more than 70 TP and our tools that are TP-intensive to other jobs instead use MP. Receiving Arrow would allow us to get more Syphon Strikes off to help MP regeneration. A good choice for us with minimal negative impact. If you’re just using this for a general DPS increase though probably MNK would get a lot out of this buff as well.

3. Bole. A solid card for any tank, I feel this buff is most useful during the initial phase of big pulls or for tank buster moves, which should be obvious. Yet this wouldn’t change how I approach a situation calling for damage reduction – I’m still going to pop cooldowns where appropriate – so I really think using this is more for your benefit since you’re the one healing me. You could also spread this card and save it for predictable, damaging AoE with Expanded Royal Road.

4. Spire. Yeah I said before that Dark Knight doesn’t have any TP issues. In short fights. I was doing Ramuh HM for a friend earlier today, and as MT I realized that I had completely gone dry about halfway through it. Ramuh HM is one of those fights that has absolutely no downtime for the MT since there are no tank swapping mechanics built into it. For fights like this, I will run out of TP eventually. Another poster in this thread said DRK and PLD were the only physical jobs with no form of TP-regen ability, and he was right. While this card can be a boon to other melee jobs like MNK, a DRK can still benefit. Our need for this is going to be on a per-fight basis so you’ll have to use your own discretion as to the best choice for it.

5. Spear. Another tricky card for the reasons OP outlined. A lot of DRK’s off-GCD abilities don’t have super long cooldowns with the exception of Shadow Wall and Living Dead. Living Dead is an ability that is either planned at very specific times or an oh-shit button, both scenarios being hard to plan around a random buff system. There’s more appropriate jobs to use this on. My guess is DRG, NIN, or hell even WAR would get more out of this than us.

6. Balance. Shouldn’t have to be said, but this buff simply isn’t for a tank class unless using expanded Royal Road. Give it to a DPS

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In Final Fantasy XIV, it applies the standard exploration mechanics of Role Playing Game and it comprises the diverse regions with distinct geography. It starts covering between the snowy mountains and lush woods. The regions are further split into the zones for the player to discover. The zones comprise the cities, safer heavens in which the monsters do not wander over-world areas. Gil is the in-game currency in Final Fantasy XIV. The gamers can find out cheap FFXIV Gil in grinding mobs or purchasing from online store like
However, in grinding, the percentage of procuring Gil is very less whereas the mobs drop more items in comparable to the dropping of Gil. If you kill the monsters, you can gain the drops of useless items. Moreover, you can also achieve some Gills to merchant. You can have the retainers as you ended the level of twenty stories. It is often to save the items, since the gamer does not have any notion about the degree of worthiness. All the items can be turned into Gils that are available to merchant. To gain huge safe FF14 Gil in the shortest possible time, the gamer can consider purchasing Gil from the online professional Gil seller like safewow.

During the time of questing, you can take your prize. It is to recall often Allagan pieces including plat, gold, silver, or bronze. It is until the item that the gamer selects can be an immense upgrading. As a player, you are to alter your gear frequently and most of the time dungeon can resolve this issue. It is to redeem the Allagan pieces between the level of 1 and 49. The quest prize is to help you gain 280,000 Gils roughly. The consideration of farming is to see that the Mob from FATE often grind those. They really drop more than the usual mobs. However, there is a tiny problem while a number of players are taking part in FATE. Even, you do not get the items from FATE; you will have the good payments based on the completion. Fast Final Fantasy XIV Gil is available at the online Gil seller,

It is not to mention the EXP and faction to the guilds and grand company. There is the superfluous of farming. The sprites including earth, water, lighting, ice and fire are not valuable to farm. However, they drop the crystals; however, the gamer can have them from quicker via Discipline of Land. Most of the gamers usually do not appear at the level of fifty. However, some dungeons can actually help do some speed running when there is no blocking path. When there is no blocking way, it is to make the whole team appear at the entrance and it is to have the tank strike the sprinting. Moreover, it is to run to grab the entire treature chest in all the rooms. All the mobs are to be ignored. In addition, the defensive cool down is to be applied as necessary. After all the chest has been grabbed as the tank is to die. There is to be the respawning to entrance. If the tank can run to the first, room of the boss and have all the team associates follow. It is to have the associates of team stack to a corner of a room of the boss. It is to make the tank become dead. This method is good for the experienced team of players at the advanced level. As you feel trouble in grinding Gill, you can procure some handsome amount of fast Final Fantasy 14 Gil for sale from

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Each single class at level 5 and every 5 level after that, player unlock one slot which players are able to put in an ability from another class that they have unlocked by leveling it. Players will never need to use cross class slots for abilities from their class; they always have access to all of them. At the most level of 50, they will have 10 cross class slots. This will gives players a lot of adaptability and encouraging those players to try out of some other classes.
However, there are some restrictions Many, but not all, usable skills earned in the first 34 levels of other classes can be slotted; however, most of the skills are able to make above level 34 are class exclusive (cannot be used in cross-class slots). Many skills are also limited by their discipline type. Just take a real situation as an example, all offensive spells asked that players are a Disciple of Magic. Almost all Disciples of the Land and Hand skills cannot be used with Disciples of any Magic or War. Other limitation maybe also could apply such as the requirement that a shield or a melee weapon. The Cross-class skills scale in power depends on the level of the class as it is equipped on.

The skills which used in cross-class slots are still could be so effective just same as when they are on their initial class. Whatever, they may not perform just as well because of two main reasons. First of all, when ability is used cross-class, there is a good chance that the ability is not based on the same stats as the class it came from has an abundance of. Take a real case as an example, the cure spell uses the MND (mind) stat, a stat hardly used by any non-healing class thus using cure on any Discipline of War character will likely result in poor healing. Secondly, every class still has the right to the passive traits which cannot be used cross-class and often develop the influences of spells. Just like lancers are able to invigorate that immediately replenishes 200 TP which uaually used for the most of physical attack abilities. Even though no class are able to equip this ability with equal effect, and at the level 36 only Lancers is able to gain chance to a passive trait named ‘exhilarate’ which add the TP gain of ‘invigorate’

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Results from a poll posted to the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn community paint an interesting picture of the community’s potential make up. We weigh in on the results in this week’s column.

The poll’s race breakdown data is particularly noteworthy to ffxiv gil. Most MMO players would expect the usual suspects (Humans, Elves, insert diminutive race here) to top the charts, but based off the data we’re seeing expect a whole lot of catgirls and boys – and giants. Lots and lots of giants. Elves (Elezen) make up only a total of 7% of respondents while Miqo’te (cat folk) make up 34% and Roegadyn (giants) come in at 23%. Yes, they even beat out Humans (22%).

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn : Benchmark Released to Check Up On Systems

With the release of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, players will want to check their systems to be sure they are up to the task.Final Fantasy XIV gil.To help with this, Square Enix has released a benchmark program to give the needed information.

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