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While a lot of end-game, Greater Rift builds in RoS prefer the Xephirian amulet to help them withstand the huge Lightining damage from elites in high levels, The Hellfire Amulet is still a good mid-game pick. You can’t say if it’s easier to make one than to farm a Xephirian Amulet, but that you can farm for a Xephirian amulet while you’re farming materials for a Hellfire Amulet is a good technique to get your end game gear.

Sure Hellfire Amulet Materials Drop

The Blizzard developers have recently tweaked some of the drop rates for the whole game and you can now get a guaranteed drop for Hellfire Materials from the Uber Bosses in the Infernal Machines as long as you’re on TORMENT 6.

That’s right, Torment 6 has 100% drop rate on all the materials from the Uber bosses. So if you want to get your Hellfire Amulet with the passive skill you want, you can easily get them from the Uber bosses instead of farming them from the bounties that may be a hit or miss.

But what about the keys?

Getting to the Uber bosses is impossible if you don’t have the keys. Luckily, the keys also have 100% drop on Torment 6. So what’s left to do is a lot of map hunting and resetting the game. If you don’t’ want to walk around the Field of Misery for the key warden there, stick to Nekaraat in Act 4 and he can drop his key and other keys. If you don’t like resetting the game too much, you can also hunt the other key wardens in each act.

What’s a good Hellfire Amulet?

Being able to craft one amulet doesn’t mean that you’re done. For all you know that first amulet rolls something awful, without a single one of the DPS Trifecta and without one of the staple passives for your class.

Depending on your build, you should prioritize the following stats:

Attack Speed
Critical Hit Chance
Critical Hit Damage
% Life
Reduce Cooldown
When you have a socketed Hellfire Amulet in Diablo 3 RoS, you can then put in one of your Legendary Gems. This adds another Legendary affix to your Amulet.

Save yourself a trip to Myriam

What passive skill is the best to have in your Hellfire Amulet? Thanks to the scaling damage and that the Greater Rift will eventually kill you, the new ’2nd life’ passives are great. These passive skills are present for all classes and let you gain a certain percentage of health when you die, therefore, keeping you alive.

It has a cooldown timer, though, and if you die while the skill is cooling down, you die for sure.

So are you going to start farming the Uber Boss keys and the materials? Drop me a comment on how you’re doing! Keep in mind, they’re all sure drops on Diablo 3 RoS Torment 6, so raise the difficulty if you can.

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