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Hi,You apperceive that A cast new abstemious has been added to Runescape Old School, the server Jagex keeps operational for those players acquisitive for some blah Runescape homesickness from their amid years. Zeah, the name of the new continent, currently alone has one city-limits alleged Great Kourend anchored on itself, but Jagex is planning on absolution added agreeable and additions in added updates. Best website to buy osrs gold on RSorder by paypal or alipay without any confirmation.

To adeptness Zeah and Great Kourend, you’ll wish to allocution to Veos in Port Sarim to align admission to the new continent.

Great Kourend has 5 houses agreeable the city’s area amid them, and it’ll be up to the alone Runescape amateur to barometer the aggressive houses and adjudge which one they should acknowledge their allegiances to.

Shayzien, the abode of law and adjustment for Great Kourend, will crave the Runescape amateur to aid them in allowance avert the city-limits from those who seek to accomplishment the city’s defenses, but in acknowledgment will action Runescape players new sets of armor and quests to vanquish the organized abomination factions currently infesting Great Kourend.

Piscarilius, the abode of crooked and fishing, is that organized abomination faction. Notorious for accepting the basis of Great Kourend’s annexation problem, earning favor with this abode will net the arrant Runescape amateur the adeptness to angle for Anglerfish, a new aliment which will alleviate you depending on your HP akin – 99 HP will see a healing bulk of 22 – and can be acclimated to alleviate aloft a Runescape player’s best HP.

Lovakengj, the abode of mining and smithing, are the accoutrements dealers of Great Kourend. Those who acquire favor with this abode by allowance aggregate assets for bang mining and armor conception will alleviate the bang mining minigame, which acquiesce Runescape players to actualize bang and use it to bang ore from aural harder rock.

Arceuus, the abode of adoration and runecrafting, is accommodating to barter their ability of crafting claret and body runes to any Runescape amateur that helps the abode aggrandize their ability of aphotic ability by mining rune aspect blocks and accretion the diabolism spell book.

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The Minigame Spotlight oldschool runescape gold system makes it all the more rewarding to play your favourite minigames – and to try out new ones!

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Earn thalers – the Spotlight system’s currency – by playing any of 14 minigames:
Pest Control
Soul Wars
Fist of Guthix
Barbarian Assault
Fishing Trawler
Great Orb Project
Flash Powder Factory
Castle Wars
Stealing Creation
Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza
Mobilising Armies
Trouble Brewing
Then, spend them on selected rewards from any of the games included in the system, as well as limited runs of selected Treasure Hunter items. Every three days, a minigame will be spotlighted, yielding thalers five times faster than it would normally. RuneScape has a wide variety of minigames, and here’s a new reason to try them all out. Read on for further details!

How to Start
You can claim 1 thaler per 5 minutes simply by playing any of the games listed below. Playing the spotlighted minigame earns you 1 thaler every minute. You will – of course – still receive any currency or other rewards usually awarded by the minigame.

The spotlighted minigame changes every three days, at 00:00 UTC. Keep track of this using the in-game clock, which can be activated via the Interface Settings. The order is as follows:
Pest Control
Soul Wars
Fist of Guthix
Barbarian Assault
Fishing Trawler
Great Orb Project
Flash Powder Factory
Castle Wars
Stealing Creation
Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza
Mobilising Armies
Barbarian Assault
Fist of Guthix
Castle Wars
Pest Control
Soul Wars
Fishing Trawler
Great Orb Project
Flash Powder Factory
Stealing Creation
Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza
Trouble Brewing
Castle Wars
Note that – by design – some minigames come up more frequently than others. Once this rotation ends, it will restart and continue indefinitely.

Outside each minigame covered by the system is a podium, and on the spotlighted minigame’s podium you’ll find Stanley Limelight – the Spotlight host. You can find out which minigame is currently under the spotlight and access the thaler reward store from any podium – whether Stanley’s there or not. Opening the store will reveal selected rewards from all minigames included in the Spotlight system – armour sets, skilling outfits and more. There’ll also be a selection of rewards normally only found on Treasure Hunter. These will be limited in availability, so get them while you can! Note that Ironman accounts cannot claim any rewards from the Spotlight Reward Store that they would not ordinarily be able to access.

Mod Chris L, Mod Ramen and Mod Harrison feature in tomorrow’s action-packed live stream, revealing four pieces of awesome content coming to RuneScape soon!

They’ll be discussing improvements to Treasure Trails, and showcasing smarter summoned familiars. There’s a sneak reveal of this year’s Christmas event, too, plus a brutal new rotation for Vorago.

There’ll be plenty of time for questions, so if there’s anything you’d like answered live on air, post your question for the team on our forum thread.

The Ironman challenge is a long-standing community favourite, where players start afresh and challenge themselves to play entirely self-sufficient accounts.

Ironman means no trading, no grouping, no using anything you’ve not made with your own hands, or personally wrested from a still-twitching enemy’s death grip.

Soon, we’ll be officially supporting this prestigious challenge with a dedicated game mode in both the main RuneScape game and Old School. Mod Pips, Mod Ryan and Mod Mat K are here to tell you more, in today’s Behind the Scenes video.

Ironman Mode development is reaching its final stages and next week you’ll be able get another preview by watching JMods testing the feature on live stream.

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What can you gain from New Bounty Hunter in OSRS?

With some new changes in the Bounty Hunter, now you can get fantastic rewards from it. The important reminder for you is that OSRS community has made it clear that they would like to add more variety for you, so why don’t you give the Bounty Hunter a try and see what you can get from the New Bounty Hunter.

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1.Saradomin’s tear: If you have got 25,000,000 bounties, you can get the precious Saradomin’s tear to deals one attack with a 25% damage increase. Ps, you may want to get a Saradomin sword too, then don’t miss this.
2.Cosmetic upgrade kits: Unrevealed in the initial poll, the cosmetic upgrade kits include items like Dragon Pickaxe, Stream battlestaff, Odium ward and Malediction Ward.
3.Magic Shortbow buff: As to this item, you can get this small buff to take the range bonus up to +69 to +75. It’s quite worth of spending your gold to get it, isn’t it?
4.Wilderness Boss emblem drops: The last comes the wilderness bosses and demi-bosses emblem drops. As long as you get a chance to have even if tier 1 mysterious emblems, you will be stronger and powerful.

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Fog will be a excellent weather to include a backwoods scare for me. When there’s fog, you are able to only visit a couple of squares around your character, even the player and npc dots in your minimap disappear, you are able to only see red-colored dots for drops or navigation and your minimap becomes quite clouded too.

I believe a backwoods warhorn/trumpet could be awesome for pker teams. Once they choose an exciting ground attack somebody can blow world war 2 trumpets, or war drums to improve their team’s morale and provide their team an arbitrary boost of elevated movement speed,  5% adrenaline start, or stat increase. A war drum/trumpet might be a drop from the new backwoods boss and shut opponents could be stunned if they don’t anticipate in advance because the seem from the war drums would strike heavy fear in to the prey from the pking teams. It might also reduce run energy.

Just replace the old slash, stab, crush stats with a single melee stat. Keep the rest as they were pre-eoc. Each item has set stats that don’t change. Your equipment tab would display the total values for each of these 6 stats, which is just the sum of all stats for the rs items you have equipped.

This system is faster and simpler for new and old players to understand. Completely remove the affinity system. Show the actual armour values for each stat/ side of the combat triangle instead of the needlessly complex jumble of calculations and numbers you have now on the equipment interface.


Currently power armour, hybrid armour, all type armour all have reduced armour values compared to tank armour of the same tier. This can still occur, however the way it is shown has been simplified. Simply reducing/increasing the stats an item has is enough to do any armour balancing you need to.

Currently: Melee Tank body t70 (barrows) = 341 Base Armour +-142

Hybrid body t70 (Akrisae) = 226 Base Armour +- 0

All body t70 (Dragon Rider) = 226 Base Armour +- 0

New armour system:

Melee t70 Tank Body = 341 Melee Def, 483 Range Def, 199 Mage Def

Hybrid/All t70 Body = 226 Melee Def, 226 Range Def, 226 Mage Def

There are exactly the same values, just displayed so much clearer.

Hit Mechanic

The armour system needs to be fixed so that without a decent armour value, you get hit regularly, but with decent armour, you block regularly. This would remove the need for the affinity system as wearing armour from the wrong corner of the combat triangle would mean you take constant damage.

Offensive penalties for using non-matching armour-weapon combos can still be penalised as they currently are.

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Ever heard of a famous Runescape player named Zezima? Zezima is one of the most well-known players on Runescape. I’m going to show you some simple steps to buy cheap runescape 2007 gold becoming famous, just like Zezima. Here are some tips from some people that are way up there on the popularity charts.

Myths: Myths are a big part of being famous. What you do is make a account, or get a friend to make up a magnificent myth about you, then tell a whole bunch of people in-game and on the forums. Make it believable, so people might think your telling the truth. This works very well because this is one of the first parts of getting your self noticed. This will not happen in a day, so be patient.

Pk Videos: Ah yes. Pk videos. Pking, (Player Killing) is a great way to rise up and become famous. If your good at pking, might as well use it to your advantage right? So what you want to do is record yourself killing some players in the wilderness, or what ever. Then post them on Youtube with a real catchy title and great tags so people can find your video easily.

Bank Vidoes: Bank videos are also a great way to get famous. If your really rich and have a lot of money, then a bank video is the way to go for you. All you have to do is basically film yourself slowly going through your most valued positions. You will attract a LOT of attention very fast.

Give away\s: Another option if your rich is giveaways. Make a Youtube video of a contest your holding for players to win big prizes. You don\t need much, just some money and accounts and your good to go. If you have a lot of these, your reputation will rise up faster then a shooting star.

House parties: Yes you heard me. I said House Parties. In Runescape if you are a member, you can purchase a house. Here you can edit and build it to your liking. If you have a big house with a fair bit to do in it, I would suggest a house party. Make a video with a BUNCH of people over at your house partying. Maybe have a dance competition on one side of the house, and a fighting ring on the other. Its really fun and makes you really popular on runescape.

Walkthroughs: Walkthroughs are a great way to earn a reputation. If your really good at something other players might struggles at, like a certain skill, or quest, make a walkthrough. You can make a video, or just type out some words. If your walkthrough is well put together, it can get placed on top runescape blogging sites, and maybe even runescape!

Stats: If your buy cheap runescape 2007 gold character has very high stats, you can get quite famous of that to. Make a video of you wearing skillcapes, and doing emotes, or bragging about what you can do. This will attract some attention, but if you get in the top 10 for a skill, your un-famous days are over!

Follow these 7 steps and you’ll be famous in no time.

It’s said that dungeoneering is one of your favorite skill, so you may love those updates. Through recent Power to the Players poll, Jagex has now released a batch of dungeoneering updates along with lots of new stuffs for you. Read on for more details.

New resource dungeon

South-west of the Fremennik camp on Daemonheim Peninsula is a new resource dungeon, which is swarming with Kal’gerion demons, and also contains gem rocks to be mined.
You are able to get demons by completing a level 90+ Slayer assignment. It’s not hard to gain that, as they can be easily killed without any Slayer level requirement. You can get uncut onyx, commendation scrolls among other rare items.

New gear

The chaotic spear can now be made by combining a Zamorakian spear with ten chaotic spikes as long as you’ve got 80 Attack.
Also, the highest tier (level 80) of arcane, farsight and brawler’s necklaces are now created by purchasing a chaotic remnant from the rewards trader, and combining it with a Saradomin’s Hiss, Saradomin’s Murmer or Saradomin’s Whisper necklace.

New skill scrolls

1. Scroll of Daemonheim: gives you a 50% chance to earn 5% extra XP in 2. Dungeoneering while skilling in a Daemonheim dungeon.
Scroll of proficiency: gives you a chance to retain planks while using the Construction skill.
3. Scroll of dexterity: allows you to retain components while making armour with the Crafting skill.

New Pets

1. Frosty the baby frost dragon requires 85 Dungeoneering and 99 Summoning, and you must have entered the Frost Dragon Resource Dungeon before.
2. Mini-Blink requires you to have defeated Blink himself, and 95 Dungeoneering.
3. To purchase the Hope Nibbler, you must have defeated the Hope Devourer and have 101 Dungeoneering.
Beside, the maximum capacity of your player-owned house menagerie is also increased for meeting your new friends.

There are some a batch of updates to gold accumulator, Sinkholes D&D, as well as a range of miscellaneous improvements. Additionally, this week you can gain double dungeoneering tokens and +50% Sinkholes XP as part of the RS Road Trip. Enjoy your beautiful day on rs!

The Fremennik Sagas are Cheapest runescape 2007 gold a combination of questing and dungeoneering, done in a new way. The sagas are told by Skaldrun, who plays the main role. Three’s Company, which is for all players, both free and members can take part in. For now, there are three sagas because there are two new sagas has been released recently – Thok Your Block Off and Thok it to ‘Em, both of which are for members only. These are replayable stories by which you step into the shoes of famous characters to experience defining moments in their lives.

How to start Fremennik Sagas:

Free Skaldrun from one of Daemonheim’s frozen floors (you must have a Dungeoneering level of 6 and be playing on complexity 2+), then speak to him on the surface (near Marmaros and Thok).

Requirements to start each Fremennik Saga:

1. Three’s Company (free-to-play):

Find the bearskin on floors 1-11
11 Dungeoneering (abridged)
As above + 30 Attack, Magic and Ranged (unabridged)

2. Thok Your Block Off (members):

Find the collection of swords on floors 12-21
23 Dungeoneering (abridged)
As above + 55 Agility and Thieving (unabridged)

3. Thok it to ‘Em (members):

Find the scribbled notes on floors 30-40
59 Dungeoneering (abridged)
As above + 70 Strength (unabridged)

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