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With the OSRS undating Changes,this week the Old School team has improved the OSRS Fake XP drops as well as some other QoL aspects. Please read the details and then enjoy them with cheap Runescape 2007 Gold from our site.

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Improve Fake XP drops and others

When attacking other players, Fake XP drops will come out for Ironmen. In addition, they also make the fake XP drops respect the “Grouping” toggle from the XP drop setup menu.The PJ timer on PvP worlds has also been applied to Bounty Hunter worlds. And the damage received during the Lunar Isle cutcene will be cleared at the end of the cutscene.

Upon the completion of the Chambers of Xeric, loot notifications can support longer messages, describing a triple loot (if you are lucky enough to get that at least) or more. In addition, once again you can learn how much was tipped by using the Tip jar in your owned house.

Improve OSRS Fiends list

From now on, all the Friends and Ignore lists can be clarified no matter how long they are. And there is an extra sorting option added, which ensures you can clarify the Friends and Clan lists depending on when the player last changed worlds. And friends who are online or on the same world with you will be more likely to appear nearer the top of the list regardless of your other options. If you sort the list by something not unique like “world number”, the list will take into account the previous sorting option you had chosen, for many of your friends may be on the same world.

We get many reports of Ironmen being griefed by other players whilst at the Corporeal Beast. The griefers intention is to prevent Ironmen gaining loot the Corporeal Beast. The griefers will run in, deal damage and then leave. Because of the time it takes to kill the Corporeal Beast, it’s extremely frustrating for Ironmen to not receive the drop.

Anyways,Are you clear about all these small changes? Plus there will be 6 hours of immunity for all new players during Deadman Summer Season this Saturday. Anyway, you can always get cheap OSRS Gold here and begin your adventure in game.

The holidays are getting extra close, we have logs on the fire, gifts under the tree and we are making sure we are the number one place to buy osrs gold as we have it at a very low price for the Christmas holidays! We thought we would have some fun by showing you some festive(such Christmas) ways that you can make money in Old School Runescape. These are not going to make your rich, they are just for fun.

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How You Can Make Money And Stay In The Festive Spirit In OSRS?
1. Shooting Ice Trolls With Pudding!

For this one, you want to be on the island that is North of Jatizso. It is actually pretty easy to get to. Once you get there, you will be in a winter wonderland that is overrun by ugly Ice Trolls. Thankfully, Ice Trolls actually drop some pretty good stuff, but the way you can make this extra festive is by using a cannon as the cannon here is going to not be shooting cannonballs, but Christmas puddings! There is nothing more festive than getting loot to sell that you have obtained by killing Ice Trolls with a Christmas snack.
2. Hunting Polar Kebbits In Rellekka

This is a little weird, but he it is a snow covered paradise and if you have your Santa hat on, you will get the Christmas spirit in no time. Basically what you do is inspect a small hole and then Kebbit footprints will show up in the show. Follow them around and you will start to find them, hunt them down, catch them all and get your Polar Kebbit fur, which when made into Polar Camo tops and bottoms, can make you a nice amount of money, all the while making you get in the Christmas spirit.

These are just a couple of ways that you can get in the festive spirit while playing Old School Runescape and make a little money in the process. Thanks for reading and if you are looking to buy Old School Gold take advantage of our special deals during the holidays.

There are still week OSRS Halloween event is coming, are you ready? In event, you have chance to get a new skin color – zombie blue from Makeover Mage OSRS and the Jonas mask besides the rewards. Of course, you need more cheap RuneScape gold.

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Learn the OSRS Halloween event 2017:

1. Speak to Grim Reaper in Lumbrige Graveyard and begin the event. but before that you’d better bring tin ore, grain and a bucket of water to save some time.

2. Teleport to Varrock and Search the 6 Masked Strangers. And Gather some tomberries at the south-east Varrock mine.

3. Go back to the Zamorakian altar and use the Murky Potion on it to make Spectral Potion.

4. When you are in the hut on the island, please take the blue tattered book in front of the sofa and read it to find the clues.

5. Then from the letter you should decipher is CLAP.

6. Find Jarvis and keep a complete conversation

7. Please do not send out, the proper chat option won’t appear.

8. The answer to the riddle given by Traiborn is SPIN, HEADBANG, and BLOWKISS

9. Meet Jarvis at the dock on the island again, wear the diving gear and climb down the ladder to find Jonas.

10. Trap Jonas and complete the event.

When you completed the Halloween event, you can get the Jonas mask OSRS, 2 noted pumpkins, 2 noted Halloween mask sets, and an extra zombie blue skin color from Makeover Mage OSRS. And the you can get unlock four extra skin colors, including: green, black, white and zombie blue. The Makeover Mage is located in a small cabin south-west of Falador and owns the magical knowledge to change your gender or skin color with 3000 coins.

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Hey, thanks for come to our site,today we are sharing with you a few tips,we what to make those who like to be a little more light fingered when they play Old School Runescape have more chance for success! We wou’d like talking about Thieving and pickpocketing. This is one of the most fun skills that you can get in the game. this skill can help you get osrs gold more coins and some other cood stuff, you feel pretty good about yourself when you are walking away, a little richer and the NPC has no clue what you just did!a few basic tips for you:

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Do Them From Behind

Ok,this is a poor choice I think,but it is a really fact that you have a much better chance of actually picking someone’s pocket if you do it from behind. Really this is common sense as for how can you pick a pocket from the front without being caught? But Runescape does let you try! So make sure you are standing behind the character you want to try and steal from before you right click.

Double Prizes

This one is kind of hard to do, but when done right, you must want to know what you get. Ok so first you have to pick a pocket successfully. The next time you try and do it when your character moves their second hand in for the take, hit pickpocket again and 99/100 you will be successful.

Pickpocketing is a lot of fun in Old School Runescape, RuneScape Mobile is coming 2018 ! RuneScape will soon be available on mobile devices.Rsorder is the best choise for you!

Here are some tips on leveling your prayer, ranging and magic level in Runescape. There are some important facts that people don’t realize. Here is my view on the subject.There are many different techniques in leveling up your skills. As your level gets higher, the experience points needed to achieve the next level also gets cheap 07 runescape gold higher. Especially for non-members, it is even more difficult. This article is for those average non-members that are trying to raise their ranging, magic, and prayer skills. Here are some tips on leveling up efficiently:

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Ranging is a type of combat that requires a bit of money to use. When you range, you should wear ranging armor. This includes cowls, coifs, chaps, vambraces, leather bodies, and etc.

Important: Do not wear melee armor while ranging, such as bronze, iron, steel, black, rune, and etc. People don’t realize this, but wearing melee armor decreases your range bonuses. Also, this applies to gloves too. You should wear vambraces instead. Wizards, especially, are the creatures most vulnerable to range.


Magic is a very expensive type of combat, but it is probably the most effective. When you mage, it is Important that you do not were any type of range or melee armor, such as leather bodies, rune, addy, etc. These decrease your magic bonuses. Instead, wear wizard robes and wizards hats. An anti-dragon shield is also good to have too, since it does not decrease your mage bonus. It is also a good idea to mage with an element staff, such as air staff, fire staff, etc., since they save you runes and give additional bonuses. Magic is very effective if the opponent is very melee armor.

Important: This means a person in full rune is more vulnerable to magic opposed to a person wearing nothing at all.


The best location for a non-member to bury bones is the ruins south of Varrock. Bones are constantly appearing in that area, especially if there are lots of people killing wizards. Be warned, there are many level 20 wizards that attack low level players. Big bones are also good choices. If you have many runescape gold, you can simply buy them from other players at the west Varrock bank.Also, work hard to get your prayer up to 20. Once you do this, you could enter the second level of the monastery north of Falador. If you pray at that alter, you get 2 extra prayer points per charge.

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The Desert Pantheon aura gives you a choice of handy buffs when you need them. It works a bit differently to a regular aura, but we think you’ll find it handy and flexible.Each day of your Premier Club membership, the aura accrues 250 charges. It can store up to 500.You can spend charges on your choice of the following effects:

Strength of Het: +20% maximum life points for 1 hour, max boost 1000 LP. 50 charges.
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Wisdom of Scabaras: +10% XP gain for 1 hour. 200 charge.
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Joy of Apmeken: the player – and all nearby – gain 10% pulse core effect, lasting 10 minutes. The duration refreshes on repeat.

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Why are we in a position to stop supporting the Spanish version lurking?While another versions lurking are economically viable, unfortunately the Spanish version never reported gains.

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In short, look for it more costly to produce and support because version when compared with gain we’ve out of this, so, as being a company, we aren’t in a position to justify its maintenance.Will I keep a position to own fun with my Axeso5 account?We have a very good relationship with Axeso5 and we’ll continue coping with them until we cancel the service. They will be able to continue to register to RuneScape employing their Axeso5 account, however, once they do the equipment will redirect those for that worlds in English.

I bought membership to look for the Spanish version lurking. Are they vulnerable to give me back the money?We cannot make refunds inside the memberships acquired, but sometimes use those to stay in the hand the English, German, French or Brazilian Portuguese versions.In addition, by way of compensation, we’ll provide you with 30 days of more membership to all or any accounts that have been acquired through Axeso5 or other payment methods.

How long will the service continue in Latin American Spanish?

From the day inside the date ignore translations will probably be made for that Spanish version lurking. The servers will close on November 3, 2014. One inside the Jmods will still provide support for that community within this transition period.

Are you vulnerable to translate another Jagex products into Spanish and provide support inside the Spanish-speaking regions?We will consider translating other Jagex games around the case-by-case basis. Therefore, once the game warrants it, we’ll translate it.

Runescape is 15 this yr and that suggests occasion time, even for the 2007 throwback variation of the sport known as ancient institution Runescape. The first 1/3 of Zeah, a brand new, historic tuition-exceptional continent is now in-recreation: the city of nice Kourend.

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The second round at 03:00 AM on November 16, 2016 GMT.

The link:

As is fashionable, 5 exceptional houses vie for manipulate of Kourend, each and every with its own qualities, specialties and candies for gamers who are equipped to prove their loyalty. Profitable favour with condo Lovakengj unlocks the Blast Mining minigame (like strip mining with XP to match) whilst apartment Arceuus holds a brand new necromancy spell publication along with Blood and Soul rune crafting (a “new undertaking” it seems that). The Tithe minigame, accessed through ingratiating your self with condominium Hosidius is Farming on steroids.

An exhaustive scroll of important points will also be found on the ancient college website, but for those who’d as an alternative see Zeah first hand, the ship leaves from Port Sarim.

I confess myself puzzled through the neighborhood’s vote in favour of updates to ancient college Runescape. As a substitute of a time capsule preserving the world because it used to be in 2007, it can be a residing MMO that just would not look as just right as mainline Runescape. But I say this as the sentimental form who plays on Blizz-like Vanilla Warcraft servers, and as i have not been invested in Runescape for years there’s every threat i am out of touch. Are you an historic college Runescape participant? Inform me how you suppose a couple of whole new continent crawling out of the ocean.
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When you visit four new Arc locations: Cyclosis, Goshima, The Islands and complete the island chain. We join in a series of miniquests that span these new locales as you uncover more lore about this mysterious corner of Gielinor – you might even earn a new title for your troubles.

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Get stuck into brand new skilling opportunities throughout the Eastern Lands as more skills become available to train there. Level up your Farming by foraging a new selection of mushrooms and berries. Skill the heck out of your Divination at moai heads. Pickpocket the citizens of Waiko and Cyclosis for little Thieving boosts.All these and even more skill spots await your discovery in both the Arc and the Uncharted Isles with new contracts also available from Sojobo in Waiko.

Today’s update is also about giving you awesome rewards to discover. Without giving all away, here are some picks of the bunch.Get your hands on the final parts (gloves + boots) of the Tier 85 Tetsu , Seasinger and Death Lotus sets , allowing you to finally complete the armours and unlock their set bonuses .Fans of Hunter rejoice – there are some fresh threads to boost your prowess too. The new Hunter’s outfit, available from the rewards vendor in Waiko, adds 6% XP to your Hunter training and can also stack with yaktwee stick for a total of + 11% XP.

If cosmetics are your thing, collect orokami masks as drops from their namesakes in the Uncharted Isles. These are tradeable outside of the Arc, too.There is also a new Invention blueprint in the Waiko reward shop. Get yourself enough currency and purchase the plan for a crystal siphon which lets you siphon crystal tools as if they were Tier 90 equipment!New messages in bottles await discovery too, with the chance to grab the title the Castaway when you complete them all.
Additionally, there is a new Arc Discovery Journal which replaces your Waiko tourist brochure if you have it. Fill it out and earn rewards in the process. Do this by talking to the various Arc NPCs who will send you off to find and catalogue the various creatures and plant species that inhabit these strange lands.As you go, you’ll get XP lamps, as well as aforementioned Farming XP that is up for grabs for foraging mushrooms and berries.A bird pet is up for grabs too for finding all the journal’s birds. We can’t wait to see what else you discover!If you didn’t have a Waiko tourist brochure, pick up the journal from Sharkborne on Waiko.

Getting around in the Eastern Lands is also easier than ever. From today, supplies are cheaper (as low as 10 chimes each if you have all the upgrades), allowing you to more easily access the Uncharted Isles.After this, Rosie will continue to accrue 5 supplies per day, holding a maximum if 50. You no longer need to check back with her every single day – you can simply pick them up when you want to.We’ve also introduced up to 20 customisation slots for your own island. Decorate until your heart’s content or consider adding the mysterious new tortle portal – charge them up, add one or several to your island, and see where they can take you.DO not wait any more ,my friends.

Recently, the bug that the teleport option is useless on the Runescape Sliskelion pieces via the currency pouch happened to a few players. although Mod Shauny said it will be fixed on Monday, now favoriting them works to teleport. Read on for more details.

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Two methods to solve the bug of “sliskellion pieces teleport”

When using teleport on Sliskelion pieces via the currency pouch, you may be reminded that “Please finish what you are currently doing”. As you cannot remove them from the currency pouch, you can follow two tips as below to continue:

1. Teleport the Runescape Grand Exchange and manually go through the text with the scoreboard.

2. Add them to your favorites and do it from the favorites menu when you click the currency pouch button. Note that you can do it from the first menu only when you first click the bond button, and that it doesn’t work at all from the full menu. When you don’t need them, you can unfavorite them afterward.

Worth to turn sliskellion pieces in your adventure

Sliskelion pieces will likely be removed in December, after the Sliske’s Endgame. To be honest, it is definitely worth to turn those pieces in the game, especially when you’re not maxed. They are the equivalent of a medium lamp.

If you are screwed up with the sliskellion pieces teleporting issue, you can try to favorite them and then teleport them. Gold4fans not only has cheap runescape 3 gold, but also provides the useful guide and tips for runescape topics. Have a good visit on Gold4fans!

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