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Blade and Soul new class Soul Fighter is coming. The class is already available for playing in several countries and is expected to be released in Europe and North America a few months later. It is an almost perfect Blade and Soul class.

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Ice Skills and Earth Skills

The Ice Skills have more output than the Earth Skills. The Ice Skills are simple with stable frequency. On the Korean servers, in the latest version, the Ice Skills surpass the Earth Skills. However, it is all in the ideal case. Let’s talk about other aspects.


It takes lots of focus to use the Ice Skills, which is why a skill book is needed. There is originally only 1 stack Advancing Energy Right Blue Palm on Right Blue Palm, but after the use of the skill book, there will be 2 stacks Advancing Energy. Thus, the rate of Iron Shoulder is improved. As an important skill to restore focus, the Iron Shoulder means a lot to Ice Soul Fighter. There will be a shortage of focus without the help of the skill book.

Skills Guide

When it comes to the Earth Skills, Straight Jab is the most difficult, followed by Explosive Power and Azure Fist. It requires more practices for you to play smoothly. It is easy to make mistakes. In conclusion, it requires utmost carefulness and focus. It’s more mental work for the Ice Skills. For smooth output, players need to pay attention to Focus and Advancing Energy. It is also important to find the best moment to use skills to restore focus. There are more details to watch out. Players should decide if the location is safe and figure out when the boss is about to turn around. The overflow of focus is a loss for the Ice Soul Fighter.

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The Currency Exchange is now live in Blade & Soul! The Currency Exchange allows for the safe and secure trade of gold for real world purchased currencies between players. For those of you that participated in our beta weekends, you may have already seen the Currency Exchange as we tested its functionality. It remains largely unchanged, but we have made a couple tweaks to the requirements and limits.

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The link:
You can access the Currency Exchange by pressing Ctrl+C, and then choose to place your own gold for sale, or buy gold from others. A buyer can purchase gold from the Currency Exchange with NCoin, and once purchased, the NCoin will be converted to Hongmoon Coin and be delivered to the seller. Hongmoon Coin can then be used by the seller to purchase a large number of different items and boosts from the in-game Hongmoon Store.
For those looking to test their skill, the Naryu Labyrinth offers a dynamic 3-stage encounter designed to challenge the abilities of max level players. After each encounter, one of the doors leading to the next area of the dungeon will unlock at random—every time you enter can be a totally new and challenging experience.

Naryu Labyrinth is a Heroic dungeon available in both 6- and 4-player versions.
The obstacles only get tougher as we climb to the final floor of the first section of Mushin’s Tower. Put your skill and preparation to the ultimate test as you take on an ethereal manifestation of Mushin himself in this Heroic single player encounter.

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The Blade & Soul’s Valentine’s Event has been running in the game and won’t be end until Feb.24. Have you prepared enough bns gold to enjoy it? This event is not only designed for love, players can also collect specific White and Red Roses, a powerful new gem and treasure laden chest, to transmute for a limited time. Along with the celebration is safewow’s great promotion – cheapest Blade & Soul Gold with 50% off on 03:00 AM on February 22, 2016!

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Quick guide for Blade & Soul’s Valentine’s Event

You can earn 2 transmutes in the event to transmute for a limited time, but both 2 transmutes requires different amount of White and Red Roses.
1. Festival of Hearts Gift – Gives Potions, Charms, enchant material, Naryu Coin/Silver, Red Rose, and most importantly the head adornment Spring Love.
Requirement: Red Rose x4 and White Rose x4.
2. (Attack)Brilliant Hongmoon Hexagonal Peridot – Attack Power 3, heals 325 HP over time on evasion.
Requirement: Red Rose x35, White Rose x70, Pentagonal Gem Fragments x10, Hexagonal Gem Fragments x10.

Where to get Red Roses:
1. Characters level 16 and above can do the daily task in Jadestone Village to get 4-5 Red Roses a day.
2. Another option is to purchase 12 from the Hongmoon Store for 149 (99 if you are Premium Member).
Where to get White Roses:
White Roses are primarily earned as rewards from Dailies in the following nine dungeons: Blackram Supply Chain, The Pigsty, Skittering Tunnels, Tomb of Exiles, Brightstone Ruins, Forgotten Tomb, Hall of Ogong, The Darkglimpse, and Blackram Narrows.

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Learn From Seasoned Veterans

And while we’re on the subject, Blade & Soul has been out for quite a while now in Korea and Japan, so there are already plenty of gameplay videos of expert players showing off their combo skills in both PvE and PvP. I suggest that you take a look at the videos on YouTube and elsewhere for your chosen class.

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It may be a while before your character is high enough to have access to all of the skills that these experts will use, but it’s still a good look at how the class is supposed to perform and which combos do the most damage. That said, how you build your character is up to you and you may be more comfortable with certain combos and skills than others.

How to Dungeon in the First Place

The party finder system in Blade & Soul can be difficult to navigate and isn’t terribly intuitive. Now, you won’t have to worry about dungeons that require a party until you reach Jadestone Village which is halfway through the first act in the story. Up to that point, you’ll just be doing dungeons that you can solo with ease.

There are several ways to gather a party together. At the front of some dungeons, there is a dragon pillar where you can press the ‘F’ key to search for party members who are around that area across multiple channels. The other method is going into the party finder by hitting F7, choosing a dungeon, and seeing whether someone is already searching for a party for that dungeon. If so, you can apply for that party; if not, you can announce your own dungeon party. And just a note: You’ll find many party finder notifications in one of the chat tabs, but you can’t click on them to join the party (I know it’s odd); instead, you’ll need to find the party request in the party finder window as mentioned earlier.
Another method is to skip all of this together and instead go into the cross-server lobby, which is an option available in the party finder window. This will send you to a lobby screen where you can select a dungeon and enter a party immediately or search for a party of your own. Once it’s full (or not), you’ll all head to a small cross-server area that has a merchant and vault storage before you enter the dungeon through the portal. Just for the merchant and vault storage, you may prefer doing the cross-server lobby instead, and you can be assured that players using this option are experienced dungeon runners.

Complete Blackram Narrows Dungeon 10 Times for 400 HP Boost

The Blackram Narrows 6-man dungeon at the end of Act I will be your first major dungeon that features multiple bosses over three parts. You can choose to skip this dungeon altogether if you want, but it’s in your best interest to complete this dungeon once it’s available and when you’re around Level 20. Most significantly, if you complete the Blackram Narrows dungeon 10 times, you’ll gain access to the 400 HP bonus attribute which you can apply in the Achievements window (shortcut ‘U’ key) under Bonus Attributes. That’s a huge boon that you can’t ignore.

As you continue to raid the dungeon, you’ll also gain many chances to earn all eight pieces for the fantastic Blight Soul Shield. This is a major upgrade as each purple piece gives 90-110 HP each (piece six will give a whopping 340 HP!) instead of the measly 10 HP of most soul shield pieces. It may be difficult to get all of the pieces through the boss treasure chest and the loot auction, but try to grab all eight pieces if you can. It will serve you well through almost the entire second act of the story.

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I must admit that I am totally in love with this game, it actually got me hooked like no other in the past few years.

No matter the praises that i bring to the game, I cannot turn a blind eye to a few features that are missing and are really starting to affect my experience in game quite a bit.

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For future reference, I am playing on EU -Wild Springs server, member of the Cerulean faction.

1. While this in dungeon bidding system is truly unique and as a concept really fair and self sufficient, it is abused too much.. way too much. From people changing loot restrictions right before bosses die, to people that wait until the very last second to increase the bid by 1 copper, to people that increase the bid price on cheap Blade And Soul items to insane amounts and leave the dungeon so that the people spamming the bid button get ripped off.

2. Bots/ gold sellers. While i understand the plague that bots and BNS Gold sellers represent, and I fully appreciate the efforts put into resolving this issue and also not minding blocking every single one of them and then cleaning up my block list the following day. I must confess that I am starting to notice new severe issues that they cause.
Blade And Soul Gold spammers that spam faction chat. Although annoying, they are really easy to deal with, block->report-> next day release from F4. I am more concerned about the Blade & Soul gold sellers that actually make it to the point at which they join a faction to spam the faction chat, this implies that in the current state they can only join the Cerulean faction (since Crimson is full), and personally I am starting to feel the ripples of this effect more and more while in Misty woods being constantly jumped on by countless Crimsons on all the channels available during really late hours of the day ( 2am to 6am). Whilst this whole issue can be viewed as just a bad experience in one night, let me assure you that I have experienced this every night for the past week, during weekdays and also during the weekend. Crimsons are full, and Ceruleans are full of bots, which alters the balance even more.

I notice they are HUGE variations where you see ZERO gold spam like you do in Rift and that’s just one example where you see little to no spam and you see games like this one which have spam from the first instant it goes online and the spammers are offering Blade & Soul gold right away, you get to think there is something rotten somewhere as you cannot accumulate so much Blade And Soul gold instantly to satisfy all those little cheaters which are buying so you get to wonder why is it that some games which have WAY more people playing them have little to no gold spam and why others are… strangely wide open for them and worse is this game has a option in setting to prevent spam yet… doesn’t make a dent.

3. I would really like to be able to see who it is that I am buying an item from the marketplace, it feels really strange seeing 5 pages of 1 moonwater transformation stone at the exact same price that could potentially be sold by some character named: fhgshgdjgs.

4. It would really be helpful if a Clan Log sort of feature existed, meaning that members of a clan could actually see who contributed with what, when, and how much.

5. We need to be able to kick other players from a party, a simple vote to kick from party system would do, its very frustrating dealing with afk`ers in dungeons almost every time.

Anyone having the patience to read this wall of text please provide your insight and your constructive criticism. I want to be proven wrong as some issues listed above have me a bit worried about how the game will further develop.

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I’ve been playing some Blade and Soul lately and every 15 or 20 minutes my game has been randomly crashing. Updating drivers didn’t fix the problem, nor did rebooting. After some buy Blade and Soul Gold Googling, I believe I found the culprit.

Blade & Soul’s anti hack shield program nProtect seems to be a bit too overzealous in misidentifying potential hacking tools. Certain programs and processes can interfere with it and cause a crash. What fixed my crashing problem was closing the following 2 processes: “Razer Chroma SDK Service” and “Razer Game Scanner Service”. So if you have these two processes running, bring up your task manager (ctrl+alt delete->Task Manager), find them and hit “end task”. Sometimes these processes will keep rebooting themselves, so you may need to uninstall them to keep them from interfering with your game. Neither of these 2 processes are required to operate any of your Razer gear anyway, so don’t worry about closing them out.

Making sure these 2 processes weren’t running before I booted up Blade & Soul fixed my crashing problem, but it’s not the silver bullet for everyone. So if you don’t have these processes running but still experience crashes, try closing out of everything before launching the game. Close all unnecessary processes in the task manager too, as one or more of them may be interfering with the game. It’s definitely upsetting to see the 2016 launch of the U.S. version plagued by these crashing issues. You’d think they ironed out all of these bugs in the 3+ years the game has been available in South Korea.

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So i’m going to get into a problem i’ve never had in an MMO, and seems to be a MASSIVE problem in Blade and Soul, and that is Cash. Nothing gives you Blade & Soul gold, like almost nothing awards you any substantial amounts of cash. Quests give a penitence, and mobs dont really drop trash awards any kind of cash at all. So you start to hit areas where, you are asked to craft! because hey that sounds cool!

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Then you start to notice you have no copper left suddenly… and it all sort of accumulates into a disaster. Everything in game costs copper/silver/bns gold, and game is ULTRA stingy about giving it to you, further they made many professions utterly pointless for making cash, as they give out those SAME items like candy. Dumplings and Potions? don’t worry crafters you are USELESS because we gave everyone 50+ of those items by level 30… so they will never run out! enjoy being BROKE while leveling up.

So leaves you with the ultimate question…how do you earn enough cash to sustain your self? the answer is Ceramics… and grinding quartz as its ONLY reliable way to really earn enough cash to keep going. You could farm weapons OPPS sorry those are untradeable.

I think the problem is pretty self-explanatory, sitting at level 30 and cant afford the bell because game just isn’t giving me any cash… and its been a problem since level 10 or so… i don’t understand how they expect us to craft and do the things we need to do… its like they WANT us to buy Blade and Soul gold or something..
The point i was getting at, is that it costs MORE to retrieve items then you will make crafting, if you are out questing you’ll do about 1-2 group of quests before your crafts pop, but that cash earned from THOSE quests won’t amount to the COST of using the mail, because the awards GENIUS are less then what it COSTS to do this. My point is that the game charges you MORE cash then you can earn with out FARMING items to sell, which i and many others dont do… i’m not sitting in a dungeon area for hours farming in hopes of getting a few items i can sell off… if i have to for the bell i will, but i feel like game should just not be so stingy with cash or LIGHTEN up on damn costs of crafting and mail retrieval. Why *cricket* does it cost me money to get my mail at a distance anyway? if you are GOING to have a system that is done at a distance DONT double charge us for it…

This isn’t a fun system and i hate to say it but EVEN SWTOR wasn’t this lame for crafting i’ll just have to shelf crafting till 45… i guess its to expensive right now.

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NCSOFT West’s highly anticipated MMORPG, Blade & Soul, is now available in North America and Europe to play for free, for it will launch on January 19,2016. With NCSoft having suffered a dent in their reputation following the disappointing release of WildStar, they’re now finally bringing Blade and Soul to the West in the hope that it will attract a similar level of popularity. Set in a world inspired by Asian fantasy, Blade & Soul invites players to jump headfirst into the game’s breathtaking personal storyline of vengeance and betrayal, featuring an innovative combat system and rich gameplay experience.You are allowed to buy your own BNS Gold before the launch day to prepare for the upcoming launch.
“The launch of Blade & Soul is a significant moment and represents one of the most important online launches for players in 2016,” said John Burns, Senior Vice President at NCSOFT West. “Fans finally have the chance to experience the amazing gameplay, distinctive action , excellent skill-based combat, a focus upon PvP,deep character customization, freedom of movement, growing attached to your sword and dynamic combat that sets this game apart from others on the market.”

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Blade & Soul delivers an engaging story and vibrant world for players to explore as they seek revenge for the death of their slaughtered Master by the wicked Jinsoyun. Featuring martial arts inspired gameplay and mystical movement abilities, such as gliding through the air, dashing on water, and running upon walls, the game’s fast-paced and fluid action-combat system combines perfect timing, defensive skills and combo moves for players to develop their fighting abilities for the ultimate strike.

Blade and Soul is fully localized into English, German and French, and includes seven classes and an up-to-date feature set from the Korean version of the game. Players will initially enjoy a character level cap of 45, more than 30 dungeons, Acts 1-3 of the story setting, and other exciting content like the popular equalized PvP Arena. Two additional epic-level dungeons will be introduced to the game upon launch – Blackram Supply Chain and E. Fleet Supply Chain – providing a significant challenge to players and popular rewards. In the months following launch, NCSOFT will release regular content updates and patches to keep fans enticed and hungry for more.

So after becoming addicted to this wonderful MMO oddity, I am inclined to suggest that all (yes, all) fans of MMOs should at least try it out.Be sure to check out the video posted above for a glimpse.

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