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ArcheAge is a game that had a lot of potential. It was severely hyped up by those that liked what it brought to the table, like juries and the ability to become a pirate. Even when it was in Alpha status (for those that paid for the early access), it was seen as being a great game. I really can’t remember anyone being negative towards it. And then it went live and everything changed.
Separation of Developer and Publisher
The big thing that causes issues in ArcheAge is the same thing we saw with TERA: the separation of the developers and publishers creates a delay between finding and getting fixes out, and it always relies on the developer wanting to do so. Conversely, when the same company handles both of these things, everything moves much more smoothly. Rift is a great example of this, where things can be fixed within a day in a lot of cases. Compare this to ArcheAge or TERA where bugs will sometimes remain for weeks or months, and in some cases, indefinitely. And this isn’t always because the publisher doesn’t care and doesn’t want things to be dealt with. Instead, it’s usually because the developer doesn’t, in which case nothing will be done. And the alternative is to sever the relationship, bringing down the game.
The Path of Content
In most MMORPGs (which generally use the same developer and publisher), everything is done in-house. If something comes up, it can be dealt with swiftly. The QA department can get a hold of the developers, and everyone has the same goal in mind: to keep things going the best they can and to deal with any issues that arise. When the two are separated, however, things take a turn (for what history has shown us is not a positive one). A condensed look at how this works is:
Publisher becomes aware of an issue
Publisher contacts developer with any relevant information they have and requests that it’s fixed
Developer adds it to their queue in whatever position they want (meaning it could be at the end of the queue, or not even part of it at all) to be fixed
When and if it’s fixed, developer sends it to the publisher
Publisher releases it
In this type of relationship, the publisher not only has little control over what’s going on, but there’s really nothing that they can do on their own. They just have to hope that their partner (in the case of ArcheAge, this is XLGames) cares about their game as much as they do. And when we look at ArcheAge, that doesn’t seem to be true.
Reputation Effects Due to Partnership: A Look at Trion
To better understand the reputation of companies that go into these deals and how they are swayed, we can look at Trion. All throughout Rift’s life, Trion has been getting praise. Sure, there are some issues (just like with any other game), but the company has shown time and time again that they care about their players. They spent time in-game talking to players, used to spend a lot of time on the forums responding to concerns and working with people to see what changes everyone wants, etc. This is something that made me fall in love with the company – it was a player-centralized approach to running their game, ensuring we, as players, were happy.
With ArcheAge, everything started to go downhill. With all of the problems it came with, from hacks and bugs to erroneous bans, it isn’t XLGames that has suffered – it’s Trion. Their reputation has taken a dive, with many players claiming they will never play another game from the company, and that’s a sad thing to witness. Even through all of ArcheAge’s problems, Trion has done a great job at keeping up with their popular MMOs (Defiance and Rift), as they have full control over them and aren’t reliant on another company to do everything for them. It’s safe to say that the partnership with XLGames, while it brought ArcheAge (which could have been a much more successful game if it were handled the right way), was a dud. At this point it’s hard to tell what’s going to happen with Trion’s reputation, either. With the still growing issues within ArcheAge and Trion being the one that takes the fall for everything, we may still not be at the end of the reputation destruction.
My hope is that Trion has learned from this situation, and will not make the same mistake with a future title. I think the power of dealing with everything in-house has shown itself when it comes to MMORPGs, and allowing a third party company to handle all of the development has proven (both through ArcheAge and TERA) to be more destructive than helpful. It’s a great idea in theory, but due to the time delays and the separation of companies, it just hasn’t been panning out.
As for ArcheAge, it’s really hard to tell where it’s headed at this point. Players are getting increasingly more hostile towards the game, and while it seems to be getting better ever so slightly, the past can be what really holds it back from being a success. – best place to buy archeage gold cheap and fast! 8% off code for you: GOLD4FANS

Thunderstruck Tree is rare snd useful logs to craft in ArcheAge.How to form Thunderstruck Trees? This cracked and burnt tree was clearly struck by lightning. To obtain Thunderstruck Trees, you need to Labor Points to plant trees; then it is lucky enough of that The trees are by lightning. Cheap archeage online gold with 8% discount code – ARCHEAGE8 is here

Obviously, the key to gaining Thunderstruck Trees is to the struck by lightning possibility. There are some top tips to let the trees you plants easily be struck by lightning in the ArcheAge world.

1. You can build a farm in the northern continent of Auroria.

2. If you want to gain Thunderstruck Trees, don’t plant fruit trees. When fruit trees start to bear, they can have little chance to be struck by lightning.

3. You should select trees who have long growing or mature period, because Trees are often struck by lightning in the growing or mature period. According to the experience of most of players who gain Thunderstruck Trees , the pine tree is a good choice to turn to Thunderstruck Trees, because of its long growing period.

4.If you have done the things above, you just need wait for lightning coming. Good Luck!

5.Once you find your tree to turn Thunderstruck Trees, please harvest them in time, or they may be harvested by others.

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A very exciting news about Bioware recently posted says, as you can imagine, Biowar is working on a separate Star Wars title featuring Chewbacca and the separate Star Wars teams are offering $150 to recruit video game talent for new Star Wars game launching next year!

Bioware acquired the right to develop the star wars games

As you might remember, Electronic Arts announced earlier this year that it had acquired the rights to developing Star Wars games. EA has also announced the developers working on these titles – Visceral (Developers of Dead Space series), DICE (developer of Battlefield series) and Bioware.

While we have heard a lot about DICE’s efforts on Star Wars Battlefront, very little information has been released about Bioware’s separate title until now.

Bioware offers $150 to recruit video game talent for new Star Wars game

The news also share us with a screenshot from the Craigslist ad

We can only conjecture about what the title is all about, however, we certainly know that it will incorporate Chewie in some function and that it will be released some time in 2015. And note that if you are a video game talent for new Star Wars game, you probably can get $150 for 30 minutes of your time.

Next year will see the great achievement in Star Wars games! If you are ready to contribute to this great achievement, please call the new Star Wars game team “show contact info” and leave your name and your best impersonation of Chewbacca to the most qualified as well as get the reward that you deserve. To help you get this reward and honor, we will constantly keep an eye on the update, follow our swtor2credits facebook or connect our 24/7 Live Chat to learn more.

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Reddit are legitimate, adding that “Much of it is false forum bragging.” Developer XLGames’ will fix the issues in the near future, according to Harstmann, and Trion will continue detect, ban and retake gains in the mean time. Cheap archeage gold with 8% discount code – ARCHEAGE8 is here

“Dozens of people here working on this very thing, and it is getting better every day,” Hartsman writes. “This is vitally important to us as well. Promise.”

More than 16,000 accounts used to farm gold with bots and spam chat channels were “reactively and proactively” removed from the game’s alpha in June. Compromised accounts hijacked and used for spamming purposes were also banned.

The free-to-play “sandpark” role-playing game launched on September 16 following a brief beta period earlier in the month. The fantasy game’s non-linear gameplay allows players to build homes, explore and partake in battles.

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Have you found that gold is disappearing from ArcheAge? According to a latest thread on official ArcheAge forum, Trion has taken the action of gold removing and informed gold buyers of their gold is ill gotten, following with rapturing hackers, dealing with gold farming bots, mules, and storage accounts.

“If you bought or were gifted gold from one of them, you may see it disappear. We do have the ability to trace coin, and that’s the gold that’s being cleaned up right now.” said Morgana, a member in ArcheAge community team.

But without a doubt, this solution to ill-gotten gold bewilders players and even makes some players feel unhappy. Will some innocent players who farmed and bought items/sold for gold be enrolled in this gold grab? Trion hasn’t given any definite answer yet. Players would like to know details on this issue can hit official ArcheAge forum and official ArcheAge website.
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