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Have you ever wondered what a World of Warcraft zone would look like if it were confined to the surface of a small planetoid, such that you could see the curve of the land like a ball, similar in style to the levels of Super Mario Galaxy? Well, I know what it’s like to want something extremely specific that nobody else cares about, so I’ve got good news: one photographer has made it happen.

Robin Onderka has been posting these zone planets to the WoW subreddit over the past month, as Wowhead notes. Each one is made up of around 150 screenshots stitched together into a panorama. That panorama gets a stereographic projection that photographers call a ‘little planet’ effect – which, indeed, makes it look like a little planet.

So far, these little planets include The Maw, Nagrand, Bastion, and Maldraxxus. The latest is Ardenweald, which you can see in the image above. Onderka is also a traditional photographer, and you can check out their Instagram for some more extremely gorgeous things to look at.

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It has been revealed that some nerfs will be made for equipment rebalancing. Some changes are proposed to be made to OSRS Blowpipe, osrs gold Neitiznot Faceguard and more.


Proposed changes to Toxic Blowpipe OSRS


According to the recent Equipment Rebalancing official news post, Toxic Blowpipe nerf has been proposed as a part of OSRS equipment rebalancing. Here are the proposed stats of the charged Toxic Blowpipe:

Ranged bonus: +60→+30

Ranged Strength bonus: +40→+25


Other OSRS nerfs for equipment rebalancing


In addition to the Toxic Blowpipe, some other equipment will be adjusted for equipment rebalancing:

1. Neitiznot Faceguard

Strength bonus: +6+5

2. Twisted Bow

Requirements: 75 Ranged85 Ranged

Prayer bonus: +4+0

3. Dragonhide Armour

The overall Defence bonuses of Dragonhide is proposed to be lowered, with a focus on Melee Defence.

4. Dinh’s Bulwark

Adding -25 Magic Defence

Reduce Melee Defence bonuses by 25%


What do you think about these OSRS nerfs?

In this Madden NFL 21 passing guide, we are going over five very important tips that you need to know that will take your passing game to a whole unbeatable level in Madden 21.

Passing Tip 1. Pocket Presence and Setting Your Feet

So the first tip we’re going to go over is kind of a two for one and that is just best practices for controlling a quarterback the two things you need to focus on for this tip are pocket presence and setting your feet before you throw.

Now pocket presence is something that honestly separates the average players from the very good players. These players can climb the pocket kind of shuffle around by that extra second and a half or a second from the pass rushers, and that is the difference between completing a pass or getting sacked. You never want to be moving backwards into the rushing lanes of these defensive ends, especially the edge rushers which get really good pressure this year. You always want to go climb the pocket and be moving in the opposite direction. It’s really not hard to do you just want to get in practice more. Maybe you sit there for an hour and just practice climbing the pocket you always keep your left thumb on the left thumbstick and you just need to slightly inch it forward when you see the pocket form you need to inch it forward.


Passing Tip 2. Passing Modifiers

The next passing tip is you need to understand the controls in terms of the different types of modifiers you can do to the past mainly highpoint passing and low-point passing because these can be crucial for you in certain situations. So for example, if you’re getting faced with a lot of man defense, something that works really well against man defense is you can put the outside player for example Alshon Jeffery here on a curl route, and when he turns around in front of his man, you can throw a low point pass to him. Surely you need to prepare some MUT 21 Coins for getting him from market. Now to do this you need to hold the left trigger or the L2 button down and then also press the icon of the receiver you’re throwing to, and you need to hold his icon down as well so that you throw a bullet pass.

So it’s going to look something like this, right when he turns around we throw it low and what we’re doing here is we’re making sure that the defensive back has no chance at the ball. And usually, you will not drop this type of a pass, you’ll pretty much always catch it if you have a good receiver but your worst case scenario is going to be an incomplete pass because we’re throwing it low in front of the receiver, there’s really no way for the cornerback to make a play on that ball. But a lot of times, people will just throw a regular bullet pass Adam, and those passes while maybe still not getting intercepted a whole lot, they can be intercepted a lot more often. We’re actually going against a cover two and the same thing still happens. If we throw a regular bullet pass, there is still a good chance that cornerback has enough time to get in front of the ball and go for an interception because we’re throwing it low, it doesn’t matter he can try to make a move on the ball but he just can’t simply get to it.

In terms of high point passing this is something, you need to take more advantage up in the red zone like inside the 10-yard line, specifically where it’s really hard to score. They work best on things like post routes or deep end routes or things of that nature.


Passing Tip 3. Use Your Checkdowns

The third tip for being a better passer is you need to make sure that you always have a check down the route on every play and you need to not be afraid to take your check down when you need to. Sometimes you only get two or three yards but the thing here is you’re always living to see another down and you’re always staying ahead of the chains. The best check down route in Madden 21 always will be the drag route, some people think it’s Opie or it’s cheesy but truthfully it works the way it’s supposed to. In at worst case, you’re going to pick up about two yards on it but against a lot of defenses that don’t play very aggressively underneath, you’re going to pick up four or five maybe even more yards. If you see the check down open you shouldn’t even be waiting for the deeper route most of the time because especially with the block shed being the way it is this year, you don’t need to pass up the easy guaranteed yards, this is easy guaranteed yards here. A lot of inexperienced players do is they will pass it up time and time again because they’re waiting on the deep route, and then especially with the block shed and the pass rush being how it is this year, you wait on that deep route and you take sacks or you get hit as you’re throwing and you throw that interception. Now it doesn’t have to be even a drag route, you can go ahead and hot route him to an in route.

You know sometimes people will run dual drag routes like they’ll have to tie it in, and they’ll have the slot receiver on a drag and that makes it harder especially for a user defender because now he can’t take away both. It’s like you’re getting five-six yards of play, you’re good money and always stay ahead of the chains. That’s not to say you shouldn’t be looking to hit deep routes especially when your opponents giving it to you, but you need to understand that it’s okay to check it down, you need to make sure you have one even sometimes to check down options available on each play.

You need to take them when they’re there when your opponent is giving you a quick easy 5 yards every play, you should be taking that every play because that means you’re going to eventually get down the field and score. But if you’re trying to hold the ball super long every play, you’re going to take a lot more sex and you’re going to get stopped a lot more often.


Passing Tip 4. Use Your Blocking Tools

Tip four is how to use your running back and how to use your blocking adjustments to help you buy more time. For example, someone’s running this type of a blitz on you right they’re running like this nickel blitz off the edge they’re getting pressure. There’s a lot open on the field because they’re bringing six players. But let’s just say some people aren’t good under pressure, maybe you’re going against a player that has a good user defender and he’s kind of always jumping on your first read every time, and if you’re sending a quick blitz if someone is sitting on your open read. That’s all it takes to take a sack in this game as long as he guesses you’re going to take a sack so let’s say you see this player’s coming off the edge. So you need to identify if someone’s running a blitz because typically people especially online when they run blitz are. They’ll run the same blitz over and over especially if it’s working, so you need to identify where it’s coming from. We know it’s coming from that slot cornerback, so something we can do is we can block our running back and then move him over to that side to help pick him up. So to do this, we bring up the hot routes. Then what we’re going to do, if we want to Motion him over we press the circle or B button until we highlight our running back, and then we use the left D-pad to motion him to the left, now we should be able to pick this player up and have a little bit more time to deliver a pass. Another thing you can try doing if someone’s beating you specifically this year, for example, if you’re going up against like a superstar pass rusher so you’re just going up against a stock four-man rush.

Keep in mind if you do slide your line one way and the other team is blitzing off the opposite side, that blitz is going to come in fast so you have to account for that when you slide your line one way or the other, you’re going to be weaker on the other side. But if you’re just going up against someone that’s using that standard format in a certain side of the line is beating you, pull up your slide protection slide your line of that side, and more times or not you will buy a little bit more time in the pocket from that particular pass rusher.


Passing Tip 5. Use Good Route Combos

The last thing we want to go over for tip number five is a couple of basic route combinations that work very well in Madden NFL 21 for beating various defenses.

The first type of route combo we’re going to talk about is a curl flat. For example, we put out Sean Jeffrey on a curl route and Miller on a flat route, you can do this by hot routing. So we have a player going to the flat and one going to the curl, so no matter what defense they throw at us, we should be able to beat this pretty much right. All you need is your sneak to receiving options on each side of the ball. Curl flat is a concept that you want to always have in your back pocket, it can move the ball against pretty much any defense in the game.

The last one we want to show you here is what we call imagine people usually just call this just like a typical like flood concept, but it works very well against its own defense. So what you need to do is to find a play with a corner route where you have three receiving options on one side of the ball. Typically, the gun bunch formation is the best formation for this and what you’re going to do is you need to have a streak a flat and a corner out on the same side. You can hot route a streak and a flat route so you just need to find a play that has a corner out.

Can you believe it’s been 20 years since RuneScape first launched? Yes, from those early days of killing cows and baking cakes we’ve expanded into one of the biggest MMOs ever – but we couldn’t have done it without you! Whether you’ve been there from the beginning or not every single player in our community has helped RuneScape become the fantastic game it is today. buy rs3 gold

If you haven’t already, join us as we celebrate at the Grand Party, a month-long extravaganza where we’ll toast everything RuneScape. Head to Lumbridge Crater, pick up your exclusive Anniversary Cape and Outfit from the Wise Old Man, enjoy a 10% XP buff while in the Crater and get your party on!

4 Weeks Of Celebrations
Each week, we’re celebrating another thing that makes RuneScape great. Take a look at the schedule to see how you can get buffs for all your favourite activities!

Jan 4 – 10: New Miniquests
The first week was the Celebration of Quests, where you could take part in three miniquests featuring iconic characters from the RuneScape roster.

Jan 11 – 17: Combat
50% more Slayer XP, no death costs, better chance for Rare Drop Table drops with a further increased chance when using luck-enhancing items, a greater chance to receive the better loot from the Rare Drop Table… it must be combat week! Those bosses won’t know what hit ‘em.

Jan 18 – 24: Minigames
Chill out with a whole week of minigame fun! You’ll get double currency for every minigame in RuneScape, so grab your friends and get playing!

Jan 25 – 31: Skilling
As the party winds down, you’ll get to relax with 50% extra XP in all gathering skills. Lovely!

New Anniversary Quest
Keep your eyes peeled for the prologue to a multi-part, year-long 20th Anniversary Quest series coming later this month.

Exclusive 20th Anniversary Outfit and Cape

Got nothing to wear? Don’t panic – the Wise Old Man has been putting some of that bank robbery money to good use with some fancy duds: have a word with him at the crater to claim your exclusive 20th Anniversary Outfit and Cape.

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Castle Nathria is the first, ten boss raid in the brand-new World of Warcraft: Shadowlands expansion. It offers a blood-drenched setting in the zone of Revendreth. One very well-known Warcraft villain makes an appearance, as do a satisfying pile of new mechanics for players to navigate – sometimes using long-range teleport portals.

Castle Nathria is located in the Revendreth zone, home of the Venthyr. It’s a huge spire in the center of the zone. The raid is closest to the Menagerie of the Master flight point, but it’s a bit easier to get there from Charred Ramparts, as you can just run through the hole in the wall where the giant Crushfoot hangs out and head straight northeast to the instance, dodging a few monsters on the way.

Nathria opens this week, and we’ve got all the details you need to find the raid, figure out what loot you’ll get, and the encounters you’ll discover. Please bear in mind that this guide does contain spoilers for the Castle Nathria raid – including some minor Revendreth zone spoilers, so only read on if you’re happy to learn more about the upcoming encounter.
Castle Nathria raid release date

As in most recent WoW expansions, Shadowlands raiding will open a bit at a time. On December 8 in North America and December 9 in the EU, Normal and Heroic difficulties will become available. December 15/16 marks the opening of Mythic raiding and kicks off the world-first race, as well as starting Raid Finder/Looking for Raid difficulty for Wing 1.

After that, LFR wings are staggered every two weeks: Raid Finder Wing 2 opens January 5, Wing 3 opens January 19, and Wing 4 opens February 2. While you can expect some Normal and Heroic raids to show up in the Looking for Group tool, this expansion offers a real incentive to join a guild to get into the raid earlier.

Keep in mind that cross-server Mythic raiding will not open until the Hall of Fame fills with the top 100 raiding guilds to complete Castle Nathria for both Horde and Alliance factions.

Castle Nathria raid in WoW Shadowlands
Castle Nathria raid story

The zone story of Revendreth chronicles the vampire-like Venthyr and the struggles of the rebel Prince Renathal and his allies. The Venthyr are suffering under an extreme Anima drought, which is leading to rationing and increasingly desperate measures by the zone’s leader, Sire Denathrius.

It turns out that Denathrius is actually causing the shortage, siphoning off every bit of Anima he can collect and funneling it directly into The Maw to fuel the Jailer’s evil schemes. The Castle Nathria raid offers players the chance to end his reign and destroy his allies, in an attempt to thwart the Jailer.
Castle Nathria raid loot

The last two bosses of Castle Nathria, Stone Legion Generals and Sire Denathrius, drop slightly higher item-level loot than the rest of the raid.

Looking for Raid – the first eight bosses drop item level 187 loot, and the last two drop level 194 loot.

Normal – the first eight items are level 200 and the last two are level 207. For Heroic, the first eight are level 213 and the last two are 220.

Mythic – the first eight bosses drop item level 226 loot, and the Stone Legion Generals and Sire Denathrius drop item level 233.

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RS Double Dragon Chests is the latest Treasure Hunter promotion for this week. During this period, dragon chests and runescape gold ice cube token can be obtained from Treasure Hunter.


When to join in RS Double Dragon Chests?


From January 19th to January 25th, players can participate in RS Double Dragon Chests in Treasure Hunter.

When RS Double Dragon Chests TH promo is active, the dragon chests replace standard chests randomly with each dragon chest granting a prize multiplier. There is also a chance for double dragon chests that are unique to this promotion, where they grant double the amount of normal dragon chests. The ice chest is also offered, which will always contain 1–10 ice cube tokens as the first choice.


What are prizes from RS Double Dragon Chests?


Here are the prizes from the Double Dragon Chests TH promotion:

Adamant chests: granting 2X the amount of prizes

Rune chests: granting 3X the amount of prizes

Dragon chests: granting 4X the amount of prizes

God chests: granting 5X the amount of prizes

Double dragon chests: granting double the amount of normal dragon chests

Ice chest: granting RS ice cube token. 10 ice cube tokens can be combined to make an Earhart the penguin token.


Have you participated in RS3 Double Dragon Chests?

Now the breezi flick is the perfect way to show off your finesse on the ground and while it might not be the best way to score in any situation, actually it can generate an insane amount of power and look good doing it. Here we will give you the best ways and tips on doing breezi flick in Rocket League.

When it comes to the breezi we would suggest you try not to learn the mechanic until you’re sitting around the diamond level, this isn’t to say you can’t learn at a lower rank but you probably shouldn’t. The breezi flick isn’t easy, learning the motion for the move and actually being able to pull it off are two very different things and so you will need a decent amount of practice before you start bringing this into your games. Another thing you’re going to need for the breezi flick in space. And space can be very difficult to find sometimes, this means you probably won’t be using it in threes, maybe every now and then in twos but if you can actually find yourself some space in ones, you might have some luck.


Methods & Tips To Do Breezi Flick In Gaming

So actually getting into the breezi tutorial portion of this guide, there are two ways to perform this to our knowledge:


1. Breezi Flick Method 1 – Classic Breezi Flick

The first one is the one that everyone kind of teaches and the one that is mainly used. To learn this, jump into free play and move away from the ball.

1) You need to start with just trying to get the motion down before you go anywhere near the ball. Something we want to quickly say before we get into the movement is that you need to hold jump and not just push it. Holding it ensures that you get far enough off the ground that you don’t hit the front of your car when you start turning. Anyway, so the first part of the movement is a tornado spin, which means you will need to bind a directional arrow button either left or right.

2) For those of you who don’t know a tornado spin is when your directional air roll one way and holds the analog stick the other way. So if you use the arrow left, you need to hold the arrow left and push the analog stick to the right; or you use the air roll right and push the stick to the left.

3) You tornado spin until you see the underside of your car like the underside of your car facing you and the nose facing upwards, at this point, you need to let go of directional air roll but you need to keep the analog stick held the same way, this stops your car from twisting in the air and sets it up into more of a musty flick position.

4) From here, you execute the final part which is the flick, the exact same way you would a musty flick which is to backflip.

Break it down into parts: first, just go over the tornado motion a few times, then once you’re comfortable with that, go into the breezi tornado motion where you let go once the nose of the car is facing upwards and you can see the underside of the car, getting the timing down on this one might be a little tough so do take your time with it. From here on, work on just the motion and the timing of letting go of the directional air roll button and letting the car turn itself until it lines up into the musty click position.


Now when you bring the ball into this it gets a whole lot harder:

1) Firstly, the ball should be positioned on your car towards the front end where it feels like it’s about to come off the front, but still in control. It’s really a feel thing and once you get one or two you’ll start feeling where it needs to be. You’ll also need to be moving with a little bit of speed to keep your momentum up once you go into the motion and you are no longer on the ground.

2) Lastly make sure you aren’t going supersonic or this simply won’t work. Now timing the shot by itself is one thing but getting all of the timing down with the ball is something else entirely. This can take some people weeks and take other people minutes, so don’t feel bad if you don’t get it immediately. Just watch over every time you attempt a shot, and try to figure out what part of it wasn’t quite working for you, break it all down over and over with and without the ball, and remember that it’s just going to take time.


2. Breezi Flick Method 2 – Breezi Flick Variant

Now like we said there is a second way to go about doing this and it’s a little more complicated but it feels way more consistent to some players.

1) Essentially when you get to that point where you would normally let go of the directional air roll button, instead of just letting go and letting your car continue to rotate.

2) You let go and you hold normal air roll then move your car into the musty position manually. This eliminates the issues with timing the rotation of your car to land perfectly in the musty position as the ball starts to drop. But is also harder to do the mechanic as it requires you to be very precise and very quick with your movements.

3) Definitely try learning the breezi flick the original way first, but once you can get that down, if you want to start experimenting a little bit and pulling off what some people have said is like a flashier looking breezi flick, then move into this manual movement style and see if you can get it down.


3. Breezi Flick Tips – Delaying The Flick

The last little thing we can talk about is delaying the shot which is when you hold down the analog stick just after you perform the backflip section for a split second and then release it. What this does is input the movement for a backflip which in this case is the movement for the musty flick section, sort of delays it because you’re holding down on the analog stick straight away and then releases the momentum all at once which can result in some serious power.

We know that sounds a little complicated when you say it like that, but if you just remember it as do everything and then as you execute the flip hold down on the analog stick and let it go straight after you kind of understand the time you’re going to need for this delayed motion. Definitely, something to try out once you get the whole thing down. So the mechanic doesn’t take too long to explain but can take ages to learn.

Mysterious portals have opened in Edgeville and Ferox Enclave! Those brave enough to venture through will find themselves on the Isle of Souls, where they’ll get the opportunity to play Soul Wars – a new, members-only minigame involving fierce combat and territory control. rs 3 gold

Soul Wars is also a safe minigame, so you don’t have to worry about losing your favourite gear.

Once you enter the Soul Wars area, you’ll want to have a word with Nomad, the brains behind the operation. He’ll show you the workings of the Soul Obelisk, teach you how the giant Avatars function and go over the basics of TOTAL DOMINATION. Being something of an adventurer himself, Nomad’s prepared to hand over some mighty rewards to players who join in the fun.

Need more details? Read on to learn everything you could possibly need to know about Old School RuneScape’s newest minigame.


To play Soul Wars, you’ll need:

- A total level of 500 or higher
- A combat level of 40 or higher
- Old School RuneScape membership

You’ll also need to be logged in to the dedicated Soul Wars worlds (320 and 350) to play the minigame. However, Members can access the Isle of Souls from any world, even if they don’t meet the requirements.

Accessing Soul Wars

Now that the Soul Wars minigame is live for all Old School members, you can make your way to the Isle of Souls via the portals in Edgeville or Ferox Enclave, or with a minigame teleport.

The Soul Wars lobby is on the southern side of the island, along with Nomad himself. He’ll explain the basics of the game to you and allow you to access the rewards shop. The lobby also contains a Bank, a poll booth, and the waiting rooms for the minigame itself.

Oh, and those audiophiles amongst you will be happy to hear that there’s not one, but two new music tracks to unlock in this area. Happy hunting!

How to Start the Game?

Once you’ve gone through Nomad’s tutorial, you may enter a game of Soul Wars by stepping into one of the waiting rooms in the lobby. You can choose to join the Red or Blue team by entering their respective waiting rooms, but be aware that if the teams are too imbalanced (either by sheer numbers or Combat levels) then entry to the stronger team will be blocked. If you’re undecided, use the green portal to be automatically sorted onto an appropriate team.

When the game begins, you’ll be given a special cape in your team colours – so you’re unable to bring one into the waiting room with you.

Although you can access the Isle of Souls on any members’ world, you’ll only be able to enter the waiting room and start the minigame on the designated Soul Wars worlds, W320 and W350.

A game of Soul Wars will begin every four minutes, or when both waiting rooms have 60 players each. There must be at least 10 players in each waiting room for a game to start. If there aren’t enough players present, the two-minute timer will stop and restart once there are sufficient numbers.

If one waiting room has fewer players than the other when the game begins, the number of players pulled from each room will match the count of the weaker team. For example, if the red room has 40 players while the blue room has 60, only 40 players from each room will join the game.

If you get left behind, don’t worry – you’ll be given higher priority for the next game.

Playing Soul Wars

Once the game begins, both teams have one simple objective: kill the opposing team’s Avatar as many times as possible before the game ends!

Games will last for fifteen minutes, but they can end early if a team reaches a total of five Avatar kills.

So, let’s learn more about these Avatars, shall we?


In the Blue corner, we have the Avatar of Creation! And in the Red corner, we have the Avatar of Destruction! Both of these behemoths have the same stats, and the same tough hide. Initially, they’ll be immune to all forms of damage, but they can be softened up using the Soul Obelisk. More on that later.

Both avatars have low Defence and high HitPoints. This means that even relatively low levels can damage them, but they’ll take some time to kill. They attack using Melee and will target whichever player in their area has the highest offensive bonuses – after all, they’re the biggest threat!

That said, these veritable Goliaths are so awesomely massive that their attacks hit any players unlucky enough to be stood in front of them when they take a swing. Prayer can be used to block damage from their attacks – but if hit, you can expect to lose Prayer Points in line with the amount of damage taken.

Should you manage to take an Avatar down, it’ll respawn after 20 seconds with its 100% damage reduction buff restored. Back to the Obelisk with you!


Each team has a base located on opposite sides of the map. Although they’re visually different, they’re otherwise identical – each contains an Avatar, a Graveyard and a Supply Area.

All players begin the game in their team’s Graveyard. This is a safe zone that can only be accessed by members of the same team. Should you die in the course of the game you’ll respawn here as a ghost and must wait for 15 seconds before leaving via one of the three exits.

Your Graveyard also contains Bandages, which can also be collected from the Supply Area. These are used to heal 20% of HP, restore 100% run energy and cure all poison and venom effects – but they’re not stackable. You can also use Bandages to heal other players on your team.

The Supply Area also contains barricades – but only one barricade can be carried at a time, and each team can only place a maximum of 10. They’re used to block other players’ paths, although some areas are off-limits. You can also use a Barricade on another player to trade them. Barricades can be destroyed by simply attacking them, burning them, or blowing them up. Speaking of which…

The last things you’ll find in your Supply Area are two types of potions. The first being Explosive Potions, which as you might imagine are there to make stuff explode! Use them on a Barricade to clear it. Alternatively, use them on another player to trade them.

Leveling Jewelcrafting from 1 – 300 is quite quick, as the profession was newly introduced with The Burning Crusade. You can level Jewelcrafting by crafting a mixture of low level statues, rings and necklaces. Once you reach 300, leveling Jewelcrafting gets a bit more involved, though.

Jewelcrafting Trainers

There are Trainers for Jewelcrafting in Silvermoon City and The Exodar, both teach up to Skill 300. However, if you have chosen The Aldor as your Shattrath faction, or haven’t chosen at all yet, there is a better way! On the right side of the Aldor plateau, there is a Trainer that teaches all levels of Jewelcrafting!
Jewelcrafting leveling Guide – Materials Jewelcrafting leveling Guide – Materials
Materials required (1-300)

40x Copper Bar
80x Rough Stone
20x Tigerseye
80x Bronze Bar
50x Silver Bar
80x Heavy Stone
30x Moss Agate
100x Mithril Bar
60x Truesilver Bar
10x Citrine
20x Elemental Water
45x Aquamarine
60x Flask of Mojo
50x Thorium Bar
5x Star Ruby
20x Heart of the Wild
10x Large Opal
20x Azerothian Diamond
20x Huge Emerald

Jewelcrafting leveling guide
Jewelcrafting 1 – 300

1-20: 20x Delicate Copper Wire (2 x Copper Bar)
20-30: 10x Rough Stone Statue (8 x Rough Stone)
30-50: 20x Tigerseye Band (1 x Tigerseye, 1 x Delicate Copper Wire)
50-75: 30x Bronze Setting (2 x Bronze Bar)
75-80: 5x Solid Bronze Ring (4 x Bronze Bar)
80-90: 10x Elegant Silver Ring (1 x Silver Bar)
90-110: 20x Ring of Silver Might (2 x Silver Bar)
110-120: 10x Heavy Stone Statue (8 x Heavy Stone)
120-150: 30x Pendant of the Agate Shield (1 x Moss Agate, 1 x Bronze Setting)
You’ll need to get the Design for this! It’s sold by Neal Allen in Menethil Harbour, Wetlands and Jandia in Freewind Post, Thousand Needles
150-180: 40x Mithril Filigree (2 x Mithril Bar)
180-200: 20x Engraved Truesilver Ring (1 x Truesilver, 2 x Mithril Filigree)
200-210: 10x Citrine Ring of Rapid Healing (1 x Citrine, 2 x Elemental Water, 2 x Mithril Bar)
210-225: 15x Aquamarine Signet (3 x Aquamarine, 4 x Flask of Mojo)
225-250: 50x Thorium Setting (1 x Thorium Bar)
Alternatively, start with Dense Stone Statue. You’ll need at least 40-45 Thorium Settings for the following recipes, though.
250-255: 5x Red Ring of Destruction (1 x Star Ruby, 1 x Thorium Setting)
255-265: 10x Truesilver Healing Ring (2 x Truesilver Bar, 2 x Heart of the Wild)
265-275: 10x Simple Opal Ring (1 x Large Opal, 1 x Thorium Setting)
275-290: 20x Diamond Focus Ring (1 x Azerothian Diamond, 1 x Thorium Setting)
290-300: 10x Emerald Lion Ring (2 x Huge Emerald, 1 x Thorium Setting)

Jewelcrafting 300 – 375

300-310: Cut any common gems. The recipes turn green quickly, so you might need to cut a bunch of them. Make sure to learn the new ones every 5 Skill Points.
310-315: 5x Fel Iron Blood Ring (1 x Fel Iron Bar, 2 x Blood Garnet)
310-315: Cut any common gems. The recipes turn green quickly, so you might need to cut a bunch of them. Make sure to learn the new ones every 5 Skill Points.
320-325: 5x Azure Moonstone Ring (1 x Fel Iron Bar, 2 Azure Moonstone, 1 x Deep Peridot)
325-335: 10x Mercurial Adamantite (4 x Adamantite Powder, 1 x Primal Earth)
You could also cut more common gems, though the Mercurial Adamantite is needed for the next step.
335-350: 15x Heavy Adamantite Ring (1 x Adamantite Bar, 1 x Mercurial Adamantite)
350-355: Cut any rare gems.
355-360: 5x Thick Felsteel Necklace (2 x Felsteel Bars, 3 x Mercurial Adamantite)
This recipe is a world drop! Alternatives are also world drops and most of them are more expensive. (e.g. Living Ruby Pendant)
360-365: 5x Ring of Arcane Shielding (2 x Eternium Bars, 8 x Primal Mana)
This recipe requires Honored with the Sha’tar! Alternatively, you can try to get the “Design: Khorium Band of Leaves” from the Vekh’nir Dreadhawks in Blade’s Edge Mountains.
365-375: Cut any meta gems. You could also get some world drop recipes for these last 10 points. There are many of these, so I won’t list them all.

More enemies have been marked spectral with the update Jan 13. Read the information below to learn which osrs gold creatures are effective for the ectoplasmator OSRS.

More spectral creatures for ectoplasmator OSRS

According to the latest official news post, more NPCs have been classified as spectral with the update on January 13th 2021. Now you are able to use the ectoplasmator on the following enemies:
Deviant spectres
Twisted banshees
Treus Dayth
In addition, the experience given by the ectoplasmator OSRS has been increased from 15% of the creature’s health to 20%.

Use ectoplasmator OSRS on spectral creatures

In addition to the above creatures which are classified as spectral this week, here is a list of spectral creatures:
Shades (including Mort’ton shades)
Tortured souls
Spiritual creatures
Aberrant spectres
Death wings
Barrows Brothers
With the ectoplasmator, you will be given Prayer experience for killing these spectral creatures, based on how many hitpoints you have. The amount of Prayer experience given will be equal to 20% of the enemy’s max health, truncated at the tenths place.