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The feedback on the big Rocket League update, which removed the crates and keys from the game and implemented the new shop, as well as blueprints and real money currency “Rocket League credits”, was very well received by the community. Although parts of the players were happy about the removal of the element of gambling, this joy was overshadowed by the criticism of the design of the blueprints and their prices.

Because to upgrade certain items that are to be seen on your blueprints to a full-fledged and usable item, maybe due to well over 2,000 credits, about 20 euros. Mind you per item. For those who are still familiar with the key system: 100 credits are roughly equivalent to one key. In this context, the pricing of purchases has remained roughly the same.


Psyonix Responds To Negative Feedback

On Wednesday, December 11th, developer Psyonix reacted to the negative feedback from the community. Apparently those responsible have noticed that they may have overshot the actual goal. Although the top prices for the rarest items remain approximately the same, but especially in the low and medium-class rarity category and the coloring of the items has something changed.

The new prices after the cuts

After rarity

Rare item: 50-100 credits

Very rare item: 100-200 credits

Import item: 300-500 credits

Exotic Item: 700-800 Credits


Most colors: + 50-200 additional credits

Burnt Sienna: +0 additional credits

Titanium White: + 100-500 additional credits

Special editions: + 200-400 additional credits

However, Psyonix reserves the right to deviate in price from the above guidelines for individual items. However, this is intended to be an exception and only to occur occasionally.


What about purchases already made?

Many of you who spent money on credits and blueprint items in the first week the system was available in the game will now legitimately wonder if they may have wasted a lot of money now. But don’t worry, the responsible parties show themselves fair here.

All players who have invested credits in the period from 4 to 11 December, get the difference from the price that the corresponding items have then and now, refunded to their own in-game account. Although you will not get the real money back, but you can at least invest the other credits in other designs in the game.

There’s some cracking good fun going on in the Grand Exchange, too…As the last month of this year comes, RS 2019 Christmas event is also on the way and will kick off on Dec. 16 finally. During this event, not only can you take part in Christmas Cracker event, but you can help Santa with rs gold his presents for rewards.

RS Christmas event 2019

It has been confirmed that RS 2019 Christmas event will run from Dec. 16 to Jan. 5. What is important is that this event is available for all of you. So please keep your eyes peel at our news to full prepare for this big event.

Join in Christmas Cracker in RS 2019 Christmas event

Have you remembered Christmas Cracker event? It comes back again. The Christmas Cracker event is making an explosive return! In case you’ve forgotten, the event works like this: you’ll team up with your fellow players to build a gigantic cracker in the Grand Exchange, gaining Construction XP as you go. When the cracker is complete, you and your companions get to tug it open and claim the prizes inside!

Join in Santa’s sleigh activity for rewards

Do you know Santa’s sleigh activity? There is some trouble with Santa’s presents, some of which have slipped off his sleigh while delivering to the children of Gielinor. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to track down the lost presents and return them to Santa – in exchange for rewards, of course. The rewards in question are a snuggly Rudolf jumper, the Merry title, and some Cracker Paper to contribute to the Christmas Cracker event.

Both events run from December 16th to January 5th, and are free-to-play, so everyone can join in the festive fun! Are you ready for RS 2019 Christmas event? Look forward to your performance. Further, please buy cheap RS gold and related products from us. Your order will be completed in 5 minitues in general.


League Points will now be claimed automatically upon task completion. As a result, we’ve removed the Claim Points button on the League Tasks interface.Here are the League Points thresholds for each rank in the Twisted League as of this update:

Dragon: 9,900
Rune: 6,520
Adamant: 3,440
Mithril: 1,570
Steel: 540
Iron: 100
Bronze: 10

The tap-to-drop option for mobile users will be toggled off if the player logs out for more than a few minutes, so that players are less likely to drop their stuff by mistake when they returnTeleport cards for The Chronicle can now be traded on the Grand ExchangeA floating black square has been removed from the sky in LovakengjThe TzHaar-Ket-Om (t), tormented bracelet (or) and berserker necklace (or) can now drop their kits when a PKer kills their owner

The Mort’ton black chests with purple locks were previously not actually black – they now areThe Phoenix necklace now gives a more visible message when it heals youFixed an issue where the Teleblock spell had recently started to erroneously block player-owned house portals and similar teleports

Lizardman shamans will no longer discriminate against players who picked Xeric’s Resilience in the Twisted League and will now properly deal 0 damage with their acid splash if the player has full Shayzien tier 5 armourLinks to Old School websites in the Account Management tabs and on the welcome screen are no longer displayed when playing on iOS devices

Stay tuned next week for the Christmas Holiday Event developed by our newest junior content developer, Mod Oasis! We’d also like to take thistime to remind you that during the holiday break updates will be paused. We aim to release the rest of the content from Poll #69 in January.

This week, our featured streamer is RS_Nate! Join him for an Ironman PvM session with Telos, Araxxor, Nex, Elite Dungeons 2 and more!This featured stream is also an opportunity to grab a LootScape! That’s right, you can now receive in-game loot when you watch a RuneScape streamer. It works exactly the same way as our official streams, just watch RS_Nate‘s stream on (his Twitch channel) and you’ll receive the LootScape the following day.

A dedicated PMod-led community that invite you to a range of daily activities such as PvM masses, Q&As, and other thrilling or chillin’ events! Check out all the community events organized by the Pink Skirts on the in-game calendar or on their official schedule here.RS3gold

Do you want free umbral chests? This month there is a chance for all Twitch Prime members. If you are the member of runescape gold RS Twitch Prime, you could claim 3 free RS umbral chests as the Twitch Prime loot.


Obtain free RS umbral chests for rewards


From December 10th 2019 to January 7th 2020, 3 RS umbral chests are offered as the Twitch Prime offer this month. All Twitch Prime members could log into their Twitch Prime account and claim the umbral chests during this period.

By opening the umbral chest, players will have a chance to obtain a guaranteed super-rare Treasure Hunter prize. Various rewards can be gained from the umbral chest, and here are some of them:

Lucky Guthan’s staff

Lucky Ahrim’s staff

Lucky Dharok’s staff

Silverhawk feathers

Ocean’s Archer Bow token

Ocean’s Archer Crossbow token

Off-hand Lucky Armadyl crossbow

Protean hides

Protean logs

Protean memory

Twang crossbow


How can you claim RS umbral chests?


Here is a guide to help you claim umbral chests or other RS Twitch Prime loot if you are still unclear about it:

1. Create or log into to your Twitch Prime account.

2. Find the offer on the drop-down list on Twitch. Link your Twitch and RS accounts even if they are already linked. Login if asked to.

3. Click “Confirm” on the RS webpage.

Then you can enjoy the umbral chests or other Twitch Prime loot on your account.


What did you get from RS umbral chests?

On August 27, 2019, World of Warcraft: Classic released worldwide being a game very different from the current WoW Battle for Azeroth expansion. Surprisingly, this is not due to the many years that lie between these versions of WoW, of course. Nevertheless, the question is exactly what distinguishes WoW Classic from BfA. What are the differences between WoW Classic and Battle for Azeroth? How is WoW Classic compared to retail WoW?

Classic, or Vanilla WOW, is often compared to the current version of World of Warcraft (also “Retail”). Battle for Azeroth is now the seventh addon on WoW, so comparing it with the new features is getting harder and harder.

WoW Classic: What Awaits You On The Vanilla WoW?

Nevertheless, there are some places where the two versions can be objectively distinguished. This is especially interesting for players who have never played WoW Classic or WoW before Cataclysm in general:

- All classic areas and dungeons have been redesigned with Cataclysm. In Classic, quests and looks of Westfall, Mirkwood, Thousand Needles and many other areas are quite different.

- The graphics are clearly “older” in Classic. Character models have received updates over the years. In Classic, everything is a bit “edgier”.

- Many names retain the English original in Classic, such as Stormwind City or Ironforge. The Eindeutschung came later.

- Some classes have no tasks in Classic, except to distribute buffs. The Balancing to Classic was simply different than today.

- Many spells and skills sometimes required expensive reagents. Without ammunition, runes or powder, many classes in Classic can not use their skills. They are also calculated more slowly.

- It’s important how you attack. Physical attacks require weapons training, elemental attacks can be mitigated by resistances or completely blocked.

- WoW Classic Gold is more valueable than WoW gold in retail version, also means you need less gold to buy things Classic wow, but harder to farm gold by yourslef! If don’t have enough time for grinding, check out AOEAH.COM cheap Classis WoW gold offer.

The differences are not necessarily good or bad. They are only intended to show that Classic and Retail are in many ways aimed at a different audience.


Why Players Love Classic WOW

Despite the lack of amenities retail brings with it, many people celebrate Classic and the words often come up: “Everything was better in the old days.” Fans want to play Classic, which they impressively showed in the form of 100,000 spectators at a dungeon run,

The fans also have several reasons why they look forward to WoW Classic:

- Social interaction is more important because many things work only in the group

- The reputation of the individual player on the server plays a role. Nobody takes Ninja-Looter

- Classic was “the original WoW” and the fans want to experience nostalgia

- Many players want to re-live the game that immersed them in Azeroth

- Classic is more challenging because characters are simply weaker

WoW Classic is suitable for you if:

- You played and loved Classic

- You like WoW, but do not quite get along with new addons

- You have not yet played WoW and want to put a lot of time in an “old” MMORPG

- You would like to sweat when you are leveling against normal opponents

WoW Classic is not for you if:

- You celebrate all aspects of BfA and Legion and only like WoW

- The Battle for Azeroth talent system is complex enough or too complicated for you

- You want to play Goblins, Worgen, Paladin, Druid, Blood Elves or allied nations

- You’re annoying levels and grinds

Roughly speaking, WoW Classic addresses a different audience than Battle for Azeroth does. Many players will still like both games and want to play as they simply offer different experiences.

New game update just goes live in Runescape 3. According to the details learned, they focused on improving Farming and Herblore. Of course we will share the highlights and details today. In addition, cheap runescape gold hot sale with best services for you.

Farming 120

In this thrilling expansion to what is surely RuneScape’s most exciting skill, you’ll be having a jurassic lark over on The Ranch Out of Time, the Potterington agricultural empire’s newest project. Raise 14 new reptilian species and watch them transform from adorable chunky babies to terrifying giant lizards. You can also harvest something called “beak snot” to use in potions. Sounds delightful.

In less antediluvian news, this update also introduces the Farming Guild, where you can help beginner farmers along, improve your reputation in the Farming community, and gain nifty upgrades for your own farm.

Finally, this update introduces a range of new crops, including eight new fruits! By mushing these fruits up, you can create primal extract, which you’ll use to create most of the new Herblore concoctions.

Herblore 120

In the second skill expansion, you’ll be brewing all kinds of bodacious potations on the path to Herblore 120. For the traditionalists among you, there are 10 new potions coming to the game this week, including Elder Overloads, Spiritual Prayer potions, and Weapon Poison+++. You’ll also be able to mix up not one, not two, but three different Cooking potions which will enable you to whip up a Primal Feast, a brand new best-in-slot food item.

Feeling a little more experimental? Powerbursts might be just the thing for you! These fly-by-night concoctions give you a 4-10 second boost – that’s enough to get yourself out of a sticky situation, or give yourself the energy you need to absolutely smash that boss.

At the risk of putting ourselves on some kind of watchlist, from 99 Herblore you’ll be able to start constructing bombs, which dump a variety of powerful effects on everything within a given area. Last but definitely not least, we have the Blessed Flask, a high-level, untradeable item that restores a heavenly 500 Prayer points with each chug.

Yak Track

This week also sees the debut of Yak Track. It’s a fantastic chance for all players to grab loads of freebies while engaging in fantasy frivolity. From Monday November 25th, you’ll have a list of tasks in your inventory. For every mission you finish, you’ll move up one more step on the Yak Track and unlock a new reward! You’ll have a choice of tasks, so you can pick the playstyle that you’re most comfortable with.

If you own a Premier Pass – which is included with 2020 Premier Club membership, by the way – you’ll get access to an extra set of rewards, including the Abyssal Prowler pet and the ultra-spooky Raven outfit.Except these features, new events are available as well. Full stock rs gold for sale at for you to get power enhancement. Whenever you need to buy RS3 gold, we always offer you the best services and price!

Welcome to WOWclassicgp guide to Player vs Player combat in World of Warcraft. Here you can learn about the basics of PvP. We are going to describe where you can challenge other adventurers to a fight and what can you get from it. If you are interested in this topic then you are in the right place.

Types of PvP in WoW

Player versus Player (also referred to as PvP) denotes combat between two players in one of the forms available in the game. Currently adventurers can challenge eachother in forms stated below :

Duels – One on one combat between two players which occurs when one of the players challenge another one to a duel and his opponent accepts it. Duels can be proposed in almost every place in Azeroth besides big cities. The most popular places for duels are gates leading to crucial locations like Orgrimmar or Stormwind.

Arena – Most pupolar among PvP options. Arena fights take place in a controlled and instanced environment. Players who want to take part in the fight using this feature can challenge adventurers from same faction which is not possible in open world PvP. Arena fights are available in 2v2, 3v3 and 5v5 formats. Teams which win battles will earn points that are used to unlock Transmogrification sets, special Mounts and PvP titles.

Battlegrounds – Basically it is a faction versus faction combat in a controlled and instaned environment. Unlike the Arena in Battlegrounds players will have to complete objectives which are the same for both Alliance and the Horde. They might involve various activities like capturing flags, controlling objectives or pushing resource carts. Just like in the previous case in this form of PvP players can also earn points that can be spent on rewards. There are two available types of battlegrounds – rated and unrated and both of them can be played on one of nine basic battlegrounds (10v10) or one of four epic ones (40v40).

Open World PvP – Combat between two players of opposing factions who fight against each other outside of any instances. There are no major rewards for this activity besides honor which you can spent on Transmogrification items.

Closer look at Arenas

The most popular type of Player versus Player combat in World of Warcraft is the Arena. Through the Matchmaking parties can earn rating (MMR) which determines a strength of the team. A group will be matched against a similarly skilled players with average Match Making Rating. The battle takes place for as long as one team is defeated through the death of all team members or their absence on the battlefield.

Once all team members are defeated a statistics window will pop up showing how much damage and healing was done by every single player. This window will also state how much rating players have gained or lost during the match and also will inform players of the MMR of opposing team. Players who have participated in fight will get some honor points and might have a chance at receiving strongbox with equipment piece. At the end of the season players with highest rating in 3v3 and 5v5 combat will be rewarded with special titles. Gladiator titles which are given to the best among best are coming with special custom Gladiator Mount and title.

Besides rated version of Arenas there are also Skirmishes which feature 2v2 and 3v3 matches. They are available to the characters from levels as low as 15 with brackets every 10 levels. They were designed to give players a way to casually check closed envirnoment team fights without a need to play ranked right away. It is also a great way to test out new team members and see what they are made of. While Skrimishes are entirely casual they also give rewards. Players who take part in them can get experience or a strongbox that might contain equipment pieces, gold, honor or even more experience.

Honor system

Honor system awards players with successful kills whether they were perfomed at the arenas, battlegrounds or in a open world with Honor Points. Only kills made through duels are not awarded with those as they could be possibly arranged. Earning Honor Points will improve player’s Honor level which unlocks various rewards and gives players access to PvP abilities. Prizes which you can get through achieving higher Honor level are the Battle Pets, Mounts, Titles, Appearances and Toys.

Team composition

The most crucial part in Arena battles which might determine of your success or failure is the team composition. There are various known synergies between classes that work extremely well. For example combining Enhancement Shaman’s Bloodlust with Holy Paladin’s Avenging Crusader can result in an insanely high burst damage potential. Frost Mage and Priest with Holy spec synergize well through a high mobility since both classes are very hard to catch up with for classes like Warrior or Warlock. Survival Hunter and Restoration Druid can combine their crowd control abilities to stunlock enemy healer.

Choosing a team that can play around certain abilities will drastically swing a chance of vicotry into that groups favor. By utilizing certain synergies players can get an unfair advantage against their opponents which can result in easy wins. Of course more experienced players will quickly recognize against which composition they are playing and how to counter it. For the beginners fights against well synergized compositions will be a nightmare.


PvP in World of Warcraft is a complex field and one of the most fun activities in the game which happens to be also one of the most challenging ones. If you want to learn more about World of Warcraft class guides, pvp guides, wow 3v3 ladder, Classic release, talent builds, WoW PvP ladder and more – make sure to check out our blog page where we provide best guides from all MMO titles. If you need class specific builds you can check out content on Icy Veins page. For example Arms Warrior Icy Veins guide will take you through every piece of information including talent tree and rotation so with Icy Veins Arms Warrior guide you will learn how to play this class to the bone.

It’s no secret that flipping items on the Grand Exchange can be very profitable, and sometimes even more so than actually playing the game. For those of us with little free time to extensive osrs gold market research, it just isn’t worth doing this big flips.

Fortunately, you can still play it safe and make enough passive GP for bonds and gear upgrades by flipping more obscure or high-volume items. This guide will go over some of the lazier flips that are almost guaranteed to make a weekly profit.



To start with something easy, if you have any level of the Varrock Diary, you should buy your daily battle staves for 7,000 osrs gold apiece. They almost always sill instantly within the 7,600 to 7,900 range, depending on current market demand. You can buy additional staves for a sweet margin at the Magic Guild as well.



Due to darts being the met for Fletching experience and Toxic Blowpipe users needing ammunition, you will always find a safe margin when flipping darts. The most notable would be steel and mithril darts, and they are now at rock bottom prices.

Leave a bulk order in the hundreds of thousands for each dart time at the official price. Once you’ve bought a satisfactory amount, resell it for 1 GP higher and most of it should go overnight.



Cannonballs were quite expensive at any point in history and are commonly used for bossing and Slayer. With the addition of bots making them in bulk and people buying them impulsively when they get a certain Slayer task, you can surely make a sweet profit.

The recommended margin is to buy it at around the official price and sell each cannonball from 5 to 10 gold higher. There may be higher margins that are possible, but this is around the safe going price.


High Alch Items

Using a tool like Alchmate, you will be able to see the live market price versus the high-alchemy value so you can profit from magic training. The items with the highest profit margins are right at the top, but in general, these items have low buy limits are quite unstable. Looking for something reasonably should have around a 500 GP profit margin or less.

Items that you can almost always buy reliably are all the colored dragonhide bodies and random rune weapons. Sometimes treasure trail items will have a higher alch value than their regular armor equivalents but with a lower buy limit.

Keep in mind the cost of each nature rune when calculating your profit. You can make the profit margin even wider if you craft your nature runes or buy it from rune shops.


Cosmetic Items

Some people who play this game care more about “Fashion-scape” than gaining experience. They want items that can display wealth, combine well with their skill capes, or simply be used for role-playing events. It can be hard to tell which ones have demanded if you’re not into that community, but you can start experimenting with clothing shops and go from there.

A good example of fashion scape flips would be to buy Pirate Bandanas of various colors. While they may have low volumes, you will have to probe the market to see which are selling high and/or quickly to see which ones to invest in.


Out Of The Way Quest Items

When people do quests, they’d rather buy each item their favorite Youtuber tells them than travel long distances to buy them. If you’re the more patient type, you can find ridiculous margins that can sometimes add up to millions in profit, albeit being slow to sell.

An example being the thin snails found in Burgh de Rott that are sold for just pennies. You can buy these and bank them nearby, and usually, they go for around 600 gold each. If you don’t want an instant sell, you can sometimes hold out for up to 1,000 gold of old school runescape.

Just take a look at various quest guides and begin hoarding items that are easy to obtain, although somewhat obscure. If there is a new quest coming up, check its prerequisites and start hoarding items for those quests. Most people won’t prepare until the last minute, and you can make a huge flip.



The items in this guide are only examples and are probably subject to change over time. The idea is to check price guides, figure out what people want and then determine where your flips should go. Items that go out of style may resurface months, or years later and you can even use old flipping ideas that were thought to be extinct.

Is Ultimate Team your favorite FUT 20 mode? Then you will be glad to know that a new featured squad battle is available. The athlete that represents this team is none other than Anthony Joshua. But he is a boxer, you’ll say. What boxing has to do with a football simulator? Joshua is a big fan of football. A few months ago, the boxer partnered with EA SPORTS FUT and established a London football pitch.


Joshua is fond of his childhood memories of playing football with his friends. He designed the pitch and EA offered 250 free hours of playing to the community. It seems like the collaboration doesn’t end here. An Anthony Joshua featured squad battle is available in Ultimate Team. Complete it before it goes away.


Expect some of the best FUT 20 players in this squad. You will meet footballers that need no introduction. Forward Lionel Messi who is the captain of Barcelona football club and the national Argentina team is part of the squad as a 95 OVR right winger. Five times Ballon d’Or winner and the captain of the Portugal national team, Cristiano Ronaldo from Juventus (Piemonte Calcio in FUT 20) is a 93 OVR striker.


Kevin de Bruyne is a Belgian footballer who plays for Manchester City and the national team. He was Manchester City’s Player of the Year two times. In the Ultimate Team, he is a 92 OVR center midfielder. We have two 90 OVR players. Kante is a center defending midfielder with 80 pacing, 67 shooting, 79 passing, 82 dribbling, 88 defending, and 84 physical. The other is center back Van Dijk who is the captain of the Netherlands team and plays for Liverpool. Center back Sergio Ramos is an 89 OVR player. He has 72 pacing, 68 shooting, 75 passing, 74 dribbling, 87 defending, and 85 physical.


Right winger Sterling and center midfielder David Pogba are 88 OVR players. Alexander-Arnold is an 85 right back with 82 pacing, 65 shooting, 84 passing, 79 dribbling, 81 defending, and 71 physical. Van Aanolt is a 76 OVR left back with 87 pacing, 68 shooting, 70 passing, 76 dribbling, 72 defending, and 71 physical. The goalkeeper is 89 OVR David de Gea. He has 90 diving, 84 handling, 81 kicking, 92 reflexes, 57 speed, and 85 positioning. Complete this squad battle challenge and get Anthony Joshua’s custom kit!

In WoW: Classic, players have exploited an exploit to defeat dungeon or raid bosses multiple times. With the help of a layering system, players were able to buy wow classic gold enrich themselves enormously in a short time by simply overpowering an end boss more often. Blizzard has now cracked down and closed this gap with a hotfix.

But now also those players are punished who have exploited the vulnerability. On Reddit, a user posted a screenshot of a Blizzard email alerting the user that he was suspended for a month. Other players are said to have been banned for six months or permanently.

Even the items acquired through the gap were taken away by Blizzard. Apparently, the exploit was exploited by players massive, because certain boss loot was to have unusually low prices in the auction house. Closing the gap should now ensure that prices return to normal.

Anyone who is specifically punished, Blizzard has recently clarified in the official forum. The manufacturer makes a very clear distinction as to whether the exploit was exploited with full intent and for its own benefit, or whether this was done as a “happy little accident”. (red, 18.9.2019)

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