Here comes OSRS 20th Anniversary event from Jan. 6th! Here is our osrs gold Anniversary event guide with fast walkthrough and more.


How to complete OSRS Anniversary event?


1. To start the 20th Anniversary event, speak to Wizard Grayzag in the Wizards’ Tower.

2. Speak to the Gnome Child.

3. Speak to the Wise Old Man in Draynor Village for the Blue Partyhat.

4. Speak to Hans in the Lumbridge Castle for the navigational chart.

5. Speak to the Cook in the Lumbridge Castle for the recipe book.

6. Speak to Bob in the axe shop for his autograph.

7. Speak to Fred in the Fred the Farmer’s sheep pen. Attempt to shear the fake sheep.

8. Walk to Draynor Manor. Go up the stairs, up the spiral stairs to the west, and enter the eastern room. Take the odd feathers lying next to the strange machine.

9. Go to the Falador cabbage patch and pick a cabbage. Speak to the gnome again.

10. Return to the Wizards’ Tower. Speak to the gnome. You will step into the portal and get greeted by the gnome child.


What are rewards from Anniversary event?


The following rewards can be obtained after completing the 20th Anniversary event:

20th anniversary outfit

Gnome child mask

Gnome child icon

2 noted Half full wine jug

Previous birthday event rewards can also be claimed.


Have you participated in OSRS 20th Anniversary event?

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