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What Blizzard said about TBC Classic in the past?What are the plans after Phase 6? More content for classic or moving to TBC (The Burning Crusade)?

We’ve done most of the hard work by bringing back 1.12 so progressing to Burning Crusade would be a lot easier for us. Our plan is to identify everything we need to do should we ever decide to go this route. We want to be sensitive to the desires of our players. Some may want BC and some may not. We’ll be following the Classic community closely to help determine what our next steps should be.

I think this is a very good sign. The last thing players, me included, want is to have Classic taken away again by releasing TBC Classic on all Servers.

Considering the nature of WoW classic and why people love it, would other tweaks to things that the vanilla community dislike be on the table? Examples: No LFG in Wrath, undoing some blatant, unneeded homogenization in patches, or possibly an ilvl squish in TBC and Wrath so that old content is not marginalized?

We’re looking into what would be required to support BC and WotLK (Wrath of the Lich King expansion) should we decide to go that route. The guiding principle for WoW Classic was staying faithful to the original game.

It’s less clear what our direction should be with BC and WotLK. As you point out, it is likely that some features of these expansions will not be universally embraced by the Classic community. We’ll be following player progression and sentiment to help guide us in our next steps.

What others say about TBC Classic

“Nano” is One of the founders and leaders of the Nostalrius private servers for World of Warcraft, which was huge back when Classic WoW wasn’t a thing. Along with some others, he held talks with Blizzard before they announced Classic WoW.

On his Twitter Account, he announced the following (Sep. 8th) :

Haven’t confirmed it yet but the hottest rumors for Classic WoW: Naxxramas release is planned for early December with a TBC Beta rolling out in March/April of 2021! Sooner than expected but we’ll see!

A couple of weeks after that, he followed this up with another post:

UPDATE: I have had a second source confirm that the plans for phase 6 Classic is a roll out in early Dec ’20. I also had the same source confirm plans for a TBC Beta in March ’21 and there MAY be a chance of a TBC launch after that… MAY be sooner than expected.

This seems like an honest source, as the timing of Naxxramas and Phase 6 seems on track. Of course, if he is correct about the actual TBC Classic Release Date and Beta is to be seen. It does seem quite likely though, that it is coming.

A likely TBC Classic release Date

In my opinion, a release of TBC Classic in Summer of 2021, as Nano suggests, would be a bit too early. Then again, many players have said that the pace of the content phases was too fast as well, so it would be in line with that.

In addition, a few months of a TBC Classic Beta Phase, followed by another month of break before release, would be consistent with a release in late Summer.

Then, there is the Blizzcon thing. As you probably already know, there will be no Blizzcon this year and Blizzards is planning to do a digital event in early 2021. This would be a perfect time to announce a Classic TBC Beta as well.

RS Orthen digsite has been released this month with various new runescape gold contens. Here you could learn details of its rewards, including potions, skilling off-hands and Arachaeology relics.

Potions unlocked in RS Orthen digsite

In RS Orthen digsite, you can create recipes to separately unlock the following 5 potions:
1. Archaeology potion
Level: 90
Recipe: Archaeology potion recipe
Spots of the recipe: Varanusaur remains, Dragonkin reliquary
2. Summoning renewal
Level: 99
Recipe: Summoning renewal recipe
Spots of the recipe: Dragonkin coffin, Autopsy table
3. Holy aggroverload
Level: 102
Recipe: Holy aggroverload recipe
Spots of the recipe: Experiment workbench, Aughra remains
4. Powerburst of opportunity
Level: 108
Recipe: Powerburst of opportunity recipe
Spots of the recipe: Moksha device, Xolo mine
5. Spirit attraction potion
Level: 119
Recipe: Spirit attraction recipe
Spots of the recipe: Xolo remains, Saurthen debris

Skilling off-hands obtained from Orthen

There are two skilling off-hands which are obtainable through RS3 Orthen digsite:
Orthen furnace core
Artificer’s measure

Arachaeology relics for RS Orthen digsite

In addition, RS Orthen dig site adds 3 new Arachaeology relics, which can be added to the mysterious monolith at the Archaeology Campus:
-Evil Bob’s Catspaw
-Soma, a dragonkin delicacy which can increase your archaeological precision by +20%, while also preventing the gaining of soil when excavating.

Hope our guide can help you know more about RS Orthen digsite.

If you’re planning on winning you need to find and open up a COD Warzone bunker. Get the codes, grab a red keycard – do whatever it takes because the loot inside can make all the difference. There are several Warzone Bunker options in Call of Duty so there should always be one near you wherever you drop. All you need to do is knmow where to go and what to do which is where this can help as we run through all the COD Warzone bunker locations and what you need to do to open then, including Bunker 11 with its exclusive Call of Duty Warzone weapon blueprint. If you’re after help with the Warzone Stadium keycards head to that article instead, otherwise – read on and gear up.

Call of Duty Warzone bunker locations

The map above shows all 11 Warzone bunker locations. The 10 red circles indicate the “normal” bunkers, in that you simply need a red access card to get inside. As for the blue circle at the top of the map, that’s the bunker 11 location. It’s north-west of Military Base and to get inside there, you need to solve the bunker 11 puzzle which we’ve explained further on.

Inside the Warzone bunkers you’ll find a plethora of top tier loot, all the cash in the world so you can buy extras from buy stations, and all the gear to kit out your full squad. If you can get your hands on a red keycard then you’re in a very good place for the rest of the match.

How to open Warzone bunker doors

First up are the 10 Warzone bunker doors that aren’t related to the bunker 11 puzzle. These are fairly simple to get inside the first level. You need to first get yourself one of the Warzone red access keycards.

Warzone red keycard locations

There’s no easy answer here as you obtain the Warzone red keycards as a random drop from crates scattered throughout the map. Once you’ve got yourself one though, you can approach one of the 10 bunker doors on the map and open it. You’ll know it can be opened if there’s a green light. Inside these bunkers you’ll find lots of great loot that can help you win the match.

Warzone Bunker 11

Warzone Bunker 11 is an entirely different prospect compared to the others in the game. Opening that involves visiting different phones on the map, collecting Russian numbers and Morse code before you can game access to Warzone bunker 11. It’s less about the loot – although you will find loads of loot and an SMG blueprint – and more about the secret nuke you can find hidden there. Whether players will ever be able to launch it remains to be seen but for now here’s how to open Warzone bunker 11 and get at what’s behind that door.

Warzone bunker message phone locations

So you If you want to get into Warzone bunker 11 then you’ll first have to work out what to do with the phones. The map shows the location of five different phones – these are specific Warzone phones that can play the initial message you need to hear to kick off the first step. You can’t just use any old phone.

The second you hit the ground you’ll need to head to these these phones and check them. If you hear a dial tone it’s the wrong phone, if you hear Russian talking… bingo! You’re found the right phone and need to listen for three numbers in Russian. The numbers start when you hear a short jingle, and are over when you hear that jingle again.

Call of Duty Warzone morse code phones

For the next step, you need to head to three Warzone phones throughout the map that correspond to the numbers you just heard. The map above shows all 10 phones (0-9), so simply head to the three numbers you heard in order. It has to be in the correct order, or the puzzle will reset.

When you interact with these phones, you’ll hear some morse code. This translates to the numbers you heard before, so if you’re following this guide, you don’t need to bring up a morse code translator. Once you’ve been to all three phones, head over to bunker 11 at the top of the map  marked with the blue circle on the map above.

As you approach, the light should be green, and you’ll be able to interact with the keypad by the door and open it. Head inside and you’ll be rewarded with so much loot, including the Mud Drauber SMG blueprint which will be added to your account.

In one room is a dual-screen computer on the wall, glitching out. Interact with it to reboot it and a timer will start in the next room along, counting down from 10 seconds. When it reaches 2, it will bug out and restart the countdown.

On the opposite side of the bunker, you can crawl through a hole in the wall to find a “Shiny Red Button”. Press it and the smoke will be cleared in the window, revealing a nuke being built.

This Halloween, Are you looking forward to the exciting Halloween this year? OSRS Halloween event 2020 is coming soon in-game with new rewards and previous Halloween event rewards.

When is 2020 OSRS Halloween event release date?

The 2020 Halloween event is the Halloween holiday event taking place from 23 October until 9 November.

During OSRS Halloween event, you will enjoy unique Halloween-themed rewards. Besides new rewards every year, there is also a chance of unlocking rewards in previous Halloween events, such as the Headless head, Magical pumpkin (members only), Two noted pumpkins, Two noted Halloween mask sets, etc.

Halloween Guide

1. To begin, head to the woods just south-east of Draynor Village.
2. Speak to Rick and help him.
3. You need to go to his room at the Wizards’ Tower, on the 1st floor[UK].
4.You can access via the orange portal on the north side of the tower.
5.To unlock Rick’s box, players must solve a riddle.
6.You will receive Rick’s head upon solving the riddle.
7.Bring the head back to Rick.
8.Speak to Wizard Mizgog on the 2nd floor[UK].
9.Find Eve in a small camp on the western end of Lumbridge Swamp;
10. upon arrival, inspect the fire to trigger a cutscene.
11.Eve will appear shortly, and begins summoning a few friends: Yanes, Hogst, Yeldive, and Pouncer.
12.Speak to Eve.
13.Dance by the fire, drink from the cauldron, and eat from the barrel, and speak to Eve again.
14.She will give you an incantation to use on Rick’s head, which should restore Rick to normal.
15.Return to Rick’s room, and he will cast the incantation and restore his head to normal.

Congratulations, event complete!

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WOW Shadowlands Afterlives animated series focus on four Shadowalnds realms. The first episode related to Bastion has been launched during Gamescom Opening Night Live 2020. And the schedule of other episodes can be learned below.

Schedule of WOW Shadowlands Afterlives animated series

Shadowlands Afterlives are the new animated series aiming to introduce the four powerful Covenants and the new zones. The first episode of Shadowlands Afterlives animated series is Bastion that premieres during Gamescom 2020 on Aug. 27. And the schedule of remaining Afterlives animated shorts is listed below:
Sep. 3: Shadowlands Afterlives: Maldraxxus
Sep. 10: Shadowlands Afterlives: Ardenweald
Sep. 17: Shadowlands Afterlives: Revendreth

WOW Shadowlands Afterlives animated series: Bastion

Bastion is the first episode of Shadowlands Afterlives animated series that have been released during Gamescom Opening Night Live 2020. It’s directed by Terran Gregory and produced by Taka Yasuda.

Through Bastion episode, we can see that Uther Lightbringer ascends to Shadowalnds Bastion after being killed by Arthas. When he passes into the afterlife, Devos who is a Paragon of Bastion takes Uther under her wing and finds some mortal deeper wounds on Uther. Finally, Devos helps Uther punish Arthas. And the Afterlives animated shorts ends.
If you want to watch it, please click here.

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The latest Treasure Hunter promotion RS Digsite Delve has been active now. During this runescape gold TH Promo, there is a chance to obtain dwarven excavator and other prizes for Archaeology.

When to join in RS Digsite Delve in TH?

RS Digsite Delve has been active as the latest Treasure Hunter promotion. From October 20th to October 26th 2020, you could take part in the Digsite Delve in Treasure Hunter.

Rewards from RS3 Digsite Delve TH promo

The Digsite Delve Treasure Hunter promotion features rewards related to the Archaeology skill. You may get the following prizes from this TH promotion:
-Dwarven excavator: RS dwarven excavator is a dwarven tool that can be used for Archaeology. it has two modes: 150% progress toward artefacts but no materials, or double materials but no artefact progress.
-Fixate charge token: RS fixate charge token can be consumed to gain an additional charge of the Fixate spell. Upon use the charges can store in the skilling section of the spellbook, which will not replace the daily charges that are gained by the Master archaeologist’s outfit.
-Restored artefact replicator: RS restored artefact replicator can be used on any restored artefact to duplicate it.

Have you participated in RS Digsite Delve Treasure Hunter promotion?

FUT 21 revises some of the old game mechanics. One of them is passing. It’s an integral part of the gameplay so it’s important to get used to it right away. This year’s game brings a more clever passing system. This is achieved by taking several factors, such as the opponent’s location, into consideration. Through passing and crossing were updated. Through passing went through a major revamp. It now includes two new elements.

Pass openness gives smart passers the means to open the pitch. They do this by leading the player who gets the ball far from the players of the other team. Pass complexity is the other important element for passing. This opens up the possibility of new passing directions and targets.

Taking advantage of the changes, the receiver will have more chances to score. You will notice a new setting called semi assisted through ball assistance. This setting calculates the player that will receive the pass based on the input angle of your controller.

The crossing system was too updated. It now creates more one of a kind crosses that aid footballers to take advantage of their build-up. The game now has three new crossing trajectories. The whipped cross is done with the R1 or RB button, L1 or LB, and square or X. Trent Alexander-Arnold was the footballer that inspired this movement. This is a very quick move that travels through the box.

The driven cross move is done with R1 or RB and square or X. This is also a fast move that moves at waist height. It is great if you want to do a volley or shot. As the name implies, the ground-driven cross moves very quickly on the ground. You do this move with R1 or RB, square, and X, followed by square and X. Cross assistance has two settings.

The default setting is assisted. It works like the semi-assisted options for the past FUT games. Semi-assisted is the other option. This setting now gives players more control. Three more crossing options have been added. A high cross is done with L1 or LB and square or X. For cross, you need to press square or X. A ground cross is achieved with square or X then the same button.

Ground passes now have the pass openness feature. Lobs and lobbed through pass now have better targets and trajectories. You can now do animation transitions that give you the chance to modify the direction for lobs and lobbed through passes. More animations have been added and better trajectories.


The captain of the Corsairs has sailed to Port Sarim, from the newly revealed town of Corsair Cove, deep in the south of Feldip Hills. He suspects that a curse has been laid upon his crew, as they’ve gotten sick. You have to unravel the fearful and conflicting tales of ogre relics, vengeful mermaids and demonic possessions. Do you think you can help him? Yes, you can! rs 3 gold

The following guide will help you through your journey.

There are no requirements for this quest, and the items needed can be obtained during the journey.

Items Required

· Spade (Obtainable during the quest)

· Tinderbox (Obtainable during the quest)

Recommended Items

· Stamina potion (P2P)/ Energy potions (F2P)

· Weapon and combat armour to defeat ‘Ithoi the Navigator’ (Level 35)

To start this quest, speak to Captain Tock at the crossroads just north of Port Sarim. He will tell you that a curse has been laid on his crew and that he needs your help. Once you’ve agreed to help him, a cut scene will appear and show you where you can find the boat. The boat will be located at the western end of Rimmington. Now, Speak to Captain Tock again to sail to Corsair Cove.

In this area, you’ll have to talk to four crew members; Ithoi the Navigator, Arsen the Thief, Cabin Boy Colin and Gnocci The Cook. The picture on your left will show you there exact locations.

If you didn’t bring a spade and tinderbox along with you, a tinder box can be found beside Gnocci the Cook and a spade can be found planted in the sand under the big Tropical Tree (South – east of Gnocci the Cook’s hut). You cannot access the bank until this quest is completed.

Start by visiting Ithoi in his hut, which is located south – west of Corsair Cove. He will claim it is a curse and that there are many things that can cause them.

Arsen and Colin are upstairs in the large hut immediately west of the dock and Gnocci is in the smaller hut slightly further to the west. After talking to Ithoi, investigate what may have caused the curse by speaking to Arsen, Colin, and Gnocci in any order; each will tell you they caused the curse with various events that occurred to each respectfully. Each crew member’s claim will need to be investigated further.

Arsen’s Curse

Captain Tock asked Arsen the Thief to explore some caves west of the cove. He was spotted by the ogres as he climbed down, and in a hurry, grabbed some loot and quickly escaped. He thinks that he might have stolen a sacred relic and the shamans have cursed his crew for it.

In order to find out the truth, you’ll have to return the relic. So, head over to Captain Tock located on the ship and ask him for the relic. Since it’s of no use to him, he’ll give you the ogre artifact. Take the artifact and head west of the cove and down the hole into the Corsair Cove Dungeon. Speak to Chief Tess (Ogre chieftain) at the entrance. She will tell you that he simply grabbed one of her many tooth-picks and that her shamans have not cursed the crew.

Return back to Arsen and explain what really happened, so that he can be assured that the curse was not his fault.

Colin’s Curse

What Cabin Boy Colin believes is that he may have offended a mermaid after he saw one using Ithoi’s telescope. The mermaid might’ve not liked strangers shouting about her appearance and blowing kisses. So, as a result she cursed the whole crew.

Head towards Ithoi’s hut and use his telescope to discover that the mermaid Colin was referring to is actually an ogre called Bugs. You might recognize him as Rantz’s son, if you have completed the quest ‘Big Chompy Bird’.
Return back to Colin and explain what really happened, so that he too can be assured that the curse was not his fault.

Gnocci’s Curse

Gnocci the Cook will tell you that while fishing for food, he discovered “Her”, a doll possessed by a demon, and buried it next to the tree where he was fishing. He believes that this demon cursed the crew and asks you to kill it.

Now, head west of Ithoi’s hut and dig by the lump of sand. You will discover that It’s a clockwork toy doll. Return back to Gnocci and explain what really happened, leaving him assured that the curse was not his fault.

After you’re done debunking Arsen, Colin and Gnocci’s Curses, return to Captain Tock on the boat and speak to him. He will now explain to you that the curse began when he and Ithoi went away for a parlay and when they returned, they found out that their crew got sick after eating dinner. So, what would the reason be for Ithoi being sick? As he was with Captain Tock at the time.

Go and speak to Gnocci, you discover that he didn’t cook dinner that night, as he was still traumatised from the “possessed” doll. He tells you that Ithoi cooked dinner that night instead before leaving for his parlay with Captain Tock.

Now that it’s obvious that the main cause is the dinner cooked by Ithoi. Next, head over to Arsen and speak to him. He will reveal that his brother, Francois, told him that Ithoi may be dismissed from Tock’s crew, as they have settled in the Cove and no longer need a navigator.

Time to speak to Ithoi. Tell him that you heard a rumour that his cooking made the crew sick. He will believe you’re accusing him of poisoning the crew and asks why you would think so. Tell him the actual reason, that the Captain is thinking of firing him and he will confess his crime. He had to make the crew believe that they were cursed in order to stay on the crew.

Speak to Ithoi again and tell him you know the curse is fake. He will tell you he will not get up thus being unable to prove he is faking his illness. Leave the hut and use the tinderbox on the driftwood beneath Ithoi’s hut. Seeing the hut in flames, Ithoi gets up and runs outside to douse the flame with magic. Return to Captain Tock and tell him everything, he will now ask you to kill Ithoi.

Let’s begin the final part of the quest.

Wield a weapon and armour before you return to Ithoi’s hut.

When you return to Ithoi’s hut, he will immediately attack you. His combat level is 35 and will use elemental strike spells or Curse (Level 19 magic) spell.

After you’ve killed Ithoi, return to Captain Tock and explain him everything that happened. He will thank you and mentioned that he will speak to Yusuf (Banker in Corsair Cove), allowed you access to the bank on the cove.

Congratulations, quest complete!

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To catch the World of Warcraft “vanilla” experience as precisely as could reasonably be expected, Blizzard Entertainment has remembered stages for Classic, each with glossy new attacks, milestones, and rigging.

The following patch, and the last period of Classic, will open Naxxramas, a goliath skimming necropolis in Eastern Plaguelands.

The 40-man assault is one of the hardest in the game and an immense advance up from Ahn’Qiraj, Blackwing Lair, and Molten Core. It’s the most precisely escalated strike in Classic and will in all likelihood require a group of talented, learned, and solid and steady players.

The strike comprises of four distinct wings that, when cleared, will allow players admittance to the Frostwyrm Lair, where they’ll battle the feared lich Kel’Thuzad and his immense ice wyrm gatekeeper Sapphiron.

Wow gold players will choose their own ways and fight through the Arachnid, Plague, Military, and Construct wings, taking out managers individually. Altogether, there are 15 experiences in the strike, each with novel mechanics and a lot of new rigging.

To enter Naxxramas, you’ll first should be Honored with the Argent Dawn. You can do this by pounding through missions, executing undead hordes in the Eastern or Western Plaguelands, cultivating Scholomance and Stratholme, or turning in Scourgestones and utilizing Argent Dawn Valor Tokens.

Snowstorm still can’t seem to stamp an official delivery date for Naxxramas, yet as per bits of gossip from a Nostalrius center colleague, stage six is made arrangements for an early December dispatch.

Sadly, this prompts players being, clearly, isolated from one another, which can cause a few players to feel estranged and numerous zones feel as though they aren’t as populated. It can likewise be anything but difficult to manhandle, particularly for ranchers and level processors.

RS Kerapac Track is active with some special tasks and new rewards. Here is our RS Kerapac Track guide with runescape gold 21-30 Tier tasks for P2P and F2P players.

RS Kerapac Track tasks for 21-30 Tiers (P2P)

1. Tier 21
Task A: Speak to RS Curator in Burthorpe and complete one of his tasks.
Task B: Earn progress at regular intervals while skilling or engaging in combat.
2. Tier 22
Task A: Collect Vibrant energy or above.
Task B: Craft Blue Dragonhide Vambraces or string Yew shortbows, or above.
3. Tier 23
Task A: Excavate Imperial Iron or above.
Task B: Make Adrenaline Potions or above.
4. Tier 24
Task A: Complete clue scrolls (easy, medium, hard, elite, master).
Task B: Chop Yew logs or above.
5. Tier 25
Task A: Complete Slayer Tasks.
Task B: Scatter any ashes. Bury any bones.
6. Tier 26
Task A: Make Adrenaline Potions or above.
Task B: Earn progress at regular intervals while skilling or engaging in combat.
7. Tier 27
Task A: Smelt Necronium bars or above. Pickpocket Paladins or above.
Task B: Earn Archaeology XP.
8. Tier 28
Task A: Harvest herbs, bushes, mushrooms and fruit trees.
Task B: Make Mahogany fancy dress boxes or above.
9. Tier 29
Task A: Kill any monsters.
Task B: Complete the Wilderness agility course or above.
10. Tier 30
Task A: Pickpocket Yanille Watchmen or above. Burn Magic logs or above.
Task B: Craft any dragon leather at or above Red dragonhide chaps.

RS Kerapac Track tasks for 21-30 Tiers (F2P)

1. Tier 21
Task A: Craft Snakeskin Boots, Snakeskin Vambraces, Snakeskin Bandana, Snakeskin Chaps, or Snakeskin Body.
Task B: Earn progress at regular intervals while skilling or engaging in combat.
2. Tier 22
Task A: Catch Swordfish.
Task B: Chop Yew logs.
3. Tier 23
Task A: Complete Furnished dungeon floors, Abondoned 2 dungeon floors.
Task B: Craft or Siphon Body runes.
4. Tier 24
Task A: Cook Swordfish or Make Cheese wheels.
Task B: Burn Maple logs, Mahogany logs, or Yew logs.
5. Tier 25
Task A: Kill monsters.
Task B: Complete Fletching tasks.
6. Tier 26
Task A: Craft Snakeskin Boots, Snakeskin Vambraces, Snakeskin Bandana, Snakeskin Chaps, or Snakeskin Body.
Task B: Earn progress at regular intervals while skilling or engaging in combat.
7. Tier 27
Task A: Mine Runite ore.
Task B: Craft or Siphon Body runes.
8. Tier 28
Task A: Smith Adamant or Rune items.
Task B: Smelt Rune bar.
9. Tier 29
Task A: Complete Abandoned 2 dungeon floors.
Task B: Catch Swordfish.
10. Tier 30
Task A: Chop Yew logs.
Task B: Cook Swordfish or Make Cheese Wheels.

Hope this RS Kerapac Track guide can help you complete these tasks.