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Some changes and fixes have been made to RS Mobile with the runescape gold update on May 26th. Here you could learn details of these changes in patch notes.


Changes to RS Mobile on May 26


Here are some changes to Mobile in RS patch notes this week:

-You can now toggle proximity entity highlighting on mobile on and off via the Gameplay Settings menu.

-Updated the wording of multiple settings and added checkboxes to improve user flow.

-Options on the Gameplay Settings menu are divided into more refined sub-categories for easier navigation.

-Improved the Revolution combat icon on the Revolution Action bar in the Powers UI:

The icon can now be tapped to toggle between Revolution combat and Full Manual combat.

Pressing and holding the icon will provide more information.


Other fixes made to RS Mobile


The following fixes are also made to RS Mobile on May 28th:

-Fixed an issue where the bottom row of the Backpack could be cut off on certain mobile devices.

-Fixed multiple text overlaps on the Skills interface in several languages.


Are you satisfied with these RS Mobile changes?

If you’ve been playing Minecraft Dungeons recently, you’ve probably been busy making your way through the story-driven game and exploring all of the areas that the game has to offer. As you make your way through the game, your character will begin to level up, prompting some to wonder what is the max level in Minecraft Dungeons?

The max level in Minecraft Dungeons is Level 55. If you plan to reach the level cap, you’ll have to play through the game multiple times as you’ll need to unlock all of the difficulty settings. While this may sound unnecessary, to reach the max level you need to face harder, stronger enemies that aren’t present in the default setting.

Thankfully, the game won’t take a very long time to play, depending on your style of play. However, after you’ve made it through the game once, you should have a good idea of how to play through the main story and might be able to beat it even faster next time. However, to reach the max level cap, you’ll need to play through the game on all three difficulties – Normal, Adventure, and Apocalypse.

As you play through the game on harder difficulties, you should have acquired a decent amount of items and gear that will help you make your way through some of the tougher enemies. If you’re still having trouble, you can always invite a friend and play split-screen.

Additionally, if you’re having trouble, you may want to consider exploring some of the secret levels to get better gear. Unlocking the hidden levels will take a bit of time, but you’ll have a better chance of finding some high-tier loot that will make life a whole lot easier.

With two DLCs coming in the future, it’s possible that developers could decide to increase the Minecraft Dungeons level cap since there will be more missions to play through, but we really can’t say for sure. Additionally, players who have purchased the Hero Pass will get the DLCs for free, along with a pet chicken and the Hero Cape.

You have probably noticed the Dungeons is a lot different than the original game. For one, there is no building or crafting in Dungeons, which is a core gameplay mechanic in the original title. It’s nice to see a new twist on an old franchise and it should be interesting to see how the community feels about it. If it’s popular enough, we could see a whole new side of the series that hasn’t been explored yet.

What level are you at right now in the game?

OSRS is about to see a huge new update – the Hallowed Sepulchre! If you’re unaware, the Hallowed Sepulchre is a new Agility minigame, where players can use their skills to manoeuvrer their way around obstacles, in search of treasures in an ancient crypt in Morytania. Lucky for us, the developers released their thought process in the development of this minigame. So, let’s take a look at it!


So, they began their development of the Hallowed Sepulchre by realising that there was a lack of fun and engaging ways to train Agility. So, the developers thought that the game needed more interactive methods to train agility experience (and be worth the time spent!). So, they thought of a system where players could interact with timing-based traps, spotting patterns and reacting quickly to a changing environment. So, with that idea, they constructed a prototype, which involved the player avoiding a fire trap which activated a specific pattern. And from there, the development of the Hallowed Sepulchre truly started!

The Trap!

So, every trap in the Hallowed Sepulchre was designed to have its very own identity. And therefore, the developers discarded a lot of traps that were not unique enough (or too unique!). They came up with a bunch of traps, which we’ve attached below.

The first trap is the Fire Trap. There’s nothing much to it, it just spits fire! The next trap is the Projectile Trap. This trap features a sword that is thrown by a statue, and is returned, similar to the motion of a boomerang. There’s a few more traps that have less detail on them (probably because they’re still working on them), such as the: Sword Trap and Secondary Traps.

Once the traps were designed, the developers then turned their attention to making them playable for testing. To speed up the process, they used placeholder objects and animations from other parts of the game, which is why their testing screenshots don’t look that well designed.

A method that the developers used to make the obstacles more complex is to combine them to make trickier traps. This forces players to encounter and try overcoming two mechanics at once.

To set the difficulty, they made it so that each floor of the Hallowed Sepulchre is harder than the previous floor, indicated by the Agility requirements. Since is seen as the first floor needs 52 Agility, and the last one needs 92 Agility. The progression of traps present in the floors becomes harder as you continue. The first floor has 3 simple primary traps, the second floor has a secondary trap, the third floor introduces the combination trap (and increases the difficulty), the fourth floor introduces the final secondary trap, and the fifth floor challenges players to use everything they’ve previously learned to conquer the floor and claim the prize.

The developers emphasize that the traps are not impossible, as their intention of the update is to make Agility fun. So, with enough time and practice, you’ll be able to master the Hallowed Sepulchre.

Creating the Sepulchre

The basic design of the Hallowed Sepulchre could have fit in anywhere in Gielinor. After some discussion, the developers decided to place it in the Darkmeyer expansion. The area would be depicted as a long-forgotten tomb of Saradomin followers, and the vampyres have left the treasures for you to gain.

The design team than worked on the idea and made an amazing design of the final floor in the area, where they have enchanted statues protected the treasures within the minigame.


We’re at the part you’ve all been waiting for – the rewards! One of the best features of this minigame is the risk vs reward factor of it. For example, after you complete a floor, you could either continue and risk losing all the experience you gained in the previous floor/s or continue for more experience and the chance of greater loot.

So, for the reward shop. You gain Hallowed Marks when you leave the Sepulchre, which can be used at the reward shop. The full list of rewards that are purchasable at the reward shop are: The Hallowed Token, the Hallowed Grapple, the Hallowed Focus, the Hallowed Symbol, the Hallowed Hammer, the Hallowed Ring, Dark Dye and Dark Acorn. The most notable prize has to be the Hallowed Dye, which allows you to dye your graceful hair to make a dark graceful set. Also, the dark acorn that recolour your Giant Squirrel (the new pet!) to match.

Lastly, as you loot the coffin in the heart of the Hallowed Sepulchre, you have the chance of gaining a rare reward, such as the Ring of Endurance, which can allow you to store Stamina Potion doses in a ring, which saves valuable inventory space. On top of that, there’s the Strange Old Lockpick, which allows you to bypass all Barrows doors that were previously unpassable.

Preparing for Release

After getting all the traps, environment and treasures completed – it was time to bring them all together into the minigame. There’s a bunch of things the developers are yet to complete in the minigame, such as: Generating instances and capping the number of players that can enter them, ensuring that players can move from one floor to the next floor as well as leaving floors, providing experience and the chance to get the Giant Squirrel pet when a player completes the minigame, making the timer overlay so the player knows how much time they have left, teleporting players when they run out of time, developing effects of the rare items (Ring of Endurance and the Strange Old Lockpick), blocking teleports within the Hallowed Sepulchre and so much more.

The update is set to roll out later in this year – so be on the lookout for it! And Hope you like RS3gold, buy cheap OSRS Gold and runescape gold from us now, fast & easy & 24/7 live chat online.

This week sees the release of some game improvements based on the previous poll#70. Read the information to learn changes to Tangleroot OSRS, Inquisitor’s Armour and more.

The Tangleroot pet with five different forms

The Tangleroot pet can now morph into five different forms for all your fashionscape needs. To change your pet’s looks, you’ll need to give it one of the following seeds:
Crystal acorn
Dragonfruit tree seed
Guam seed
White lily seed
Redwood tree seed
Please note that you’ll need to use the actual seed, not a sapling. To revert your Tangleroot to its original form, you’ll need an acorn.

Other changes & improvements this week

The following changes and improvements have also been made with the update this week:
1.Quantity buttons have been added to the Bank Deposit Box interface for ease of use.
2. When you steal seeds from a Master Farmer, the seeds will automatically go into an open Seed Box if you already have one in the Inventory.
3. The menu for buying planks at the Sawmill has been updated to the standard Make-X interface.
4. Farmer Gricoller’s Rewards Shop at the Tithe Farm now stocks the Herb Sack for 250 points.
5. You can now convert the Viggora’s Chainmace, Thammaron’s Sceptre and Craw’s Bow into 7500 revenant ether apiece by right clicking and select the Dismantle option.
6. OSRS Inquisitor’s Armour from The Nightmare of Ashihama now has a set effect. Each equipped piece can boost both damage and accuracy by 0.5% when using the crush attack style. An additional 1% boost is offered with all three pieces equipped.

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With the Darkmeyer update the graceful outfit can be recoloured to make the black graceful OSRS. Here you could learn how to create the osrs gold black graceful outfit.

How to gain the black graceful OSRS?

To make the black graceful outfit, you need to have the dark dye OSRS to recolour pieces of graceful. The dark dye can be obtained from the Hallowed Sepulchre reward shop, which is used on any piece of graceful armour to recolour it into a dark graceful piece of armour.

How to gain OSRS Hallowed Marks?

In the Hallowed Sepulchre, you need to use OSRS Hallowed Marks to purchase some unique items from the reward shop, including the dark dye for the black graceful.
Once you enter the sepulchre, you will be given a limited amount of time to raid the crypt, which is filled with tombs hiding stealable items. These will be randomly chosen from a new loot table, and there will be a rare chance of obtaining a Hallowed Mark. You can find a stranger who is willing to take some hallowed marks off your hands outside of the Hallowed Sepulchre. After obtaining some OSRS Hallowed Marks, you can exchange them for rewards that you will find useful in aiding your raiding crypt adventures.

Do you want the black graceful OSRS?

Minecraft is very well-trodden territory at this point. It’s the best-selling video game of all time, subject of countless books and spin-offs. There isn’t a lot of ground to cover with it anymore… but there’s one thing that just keeps coming up again and again. This is the background behind Minecraft’s personal ghost story, a running joke that just won’t go away: Herobrine.

Long-time Minecraft fans are nodding their heads at this point. Herobrine isn’t actually a real Minecraft secret; he’s the subject of a piece of online “creepypasta” that’s gotten its own sort of weird half-life, thanks to Minecraft’s huge community and a particularly notorious streamer prank in 2010. While Herobrine has gotten well-known enough that Minecraft’s developers will occasionally make a reference to him, he’s never actually been in the game.

Of course, that’s what you’d expect me to say. I’m probably in on the conspiracy… or I’m just scared of him. Believe what you want.

Despite his fakeness, one of the most frequent Minecraft searches online is how to get Herobrine to show up in your world. He’s become the Sheng Long or Nimbus Terrafauxof Minecraft, but without the thin justification of an EGM April Fool’s joke.

The story goes back to one of the creepy “ghost stories” that sometimes shows up on Internet boards like /v/, about some weird event told as if it was somebody’s personal anecdote. In this case, an anonymous player reported running into a mysterious character in a freshly-generated Minecraft world, who looked like the default Minecraft Steve with glowing eyes, and who would make strange things like leafless trees. Other players had encountered him, the story goes, and been silenced by the community for unknown reasons. Long story short, Herobrine is the ghost of Notch’s late brother, running around inside Minecraft for spooky reasons.

Notch has never had a brother, though, late or otherwise, so the whole thing was clearly fake from the jump. The original story didn’t get a lot of traction at the time. What did was an elaborate prank based on it, carried out by a streamer named Copeland in 2010. He did an awful lot of work, and some reasonably impressive acting, in order to make it look like Herobrine was an actual unexplained presence in his game world during a Let’s Play. That managed to propel Herobrine to meme status among Minecraft players, many of whom have built him into construction projects, game mods, animations, and fanart.

If you’ve spotted Herobrine in your game, then the most likely explanation is that you’ve been pranked. Your password security is bad and a friend or older sibling is messing with you, or maybe you installed a mod that didn’t actually advertise that it included a Herobrine cameo. If you see the telltale “Herobrine signs,” like leafless trees, sand pyramids in bodies of water, or random towers of glowstones, then someone knows you well enough to know you’d recognize the reference and is counting on you to overreact. Maybe.

Today we have an interesting topic to discuss, this is for everyone who is wondering what Wintertodt OSRS is. I’m going to explain that now, the Wintertodt OSRS is a minigame-style boss that is fought using skills rather than combat.

It’s not very clear what the Wintertodt is if you go and ask different people from the Wintertodt Camp you most certainly will get different answers. Ignisia believes it to be an evil spirit, Ish the Navigator believes it felt the power of the Dark Altar and attacked Great Kourend to seek it, while (Undor) believes it to be a powerful fire spirit. runescape gold
Wintertodt OSRS

The theories are many but the truth is hidden somewhere in the middle, one thing is sure and that is the freezing cold winter from which you cannot escape. The Wintertodt OSRS is considered to be a boss, not a minigame, and dying here is unsafe. The normal rules for loss of items apply, and Hardcore Ironmen will lose their Hardcore status if they die here.
How to gate into Wintertodt?

There are two main methods for traveling to the Wintertodt. You can reach the camp via games necklace, provided if you have already taken the Veos’s ship to Great Kourend once. Another way to reach the wintertodt is by using the fairy ring code CIS, after paying 80,000 coins to Trossa and walking west along the path.
Requirements needed for Wintertodt

Here are all the requirements needed to be able to participate in OSRS Wintertodt minigame:

Level Firemaking 50 is required to participate in the Wintertodt fight.
Completion of the Quest Druidic Ritual is required to pick Bruma herbs, which are used to create rejuvenation potions.
Owning a player-owned house is required to gain Construction experience from repairing broken braziers.

In the Wintertodt it is very important to stay warm because you will take passive damage as the cold of the OSRS Wintertodt begins to seep into your bones.

This passive damage is scaled to each player’s levels, based on the sum of the player’s Hitpoints and Firemaking levels as well as the number of braziers that are currently lit. Wearing warm or winter-themed equipment will reduce the damage taken.

It is very important to have a minimum of four of these warm items that need to be equipped to receive the best possible protection. Ironmen can use the clue hunter outfit and staff of fire until they acquire pieces of the Pyromancer outfit.

It is safe to say that the players are interested in minigames because they are designed to entertain them, and at the same time allow players to gain experience and rare items.

OSRS Minigames are divided into different categories safe and dangerous, also some of the minigames focus on certain skills. You can play them solo and as a team, another interesting thing is that in the minigame you can play PvP or play versus monster.

These minigames involve the use of combat skills to fight players or monsters. Also, there are minigames focused on certain skills to achieve a goal. For example, two minigames are featuring both combat and the use of skills. All of these reasons are enough to pull in so many people to play them, and maybe you are interested in playing minigames as well.

What is the benefit of playing OSRS Minigame?

Now let’s talk about the benefits of playing OSRS minigames, when you complete a quest after that you can’t do the same quest again, but minigames are not like that. You can repeat minigames over and over as much as you want.

Playing minigames will give you experience and items. The nice thing about minigames is that each of them gives different rewards and the other gives skills. Of course, every player, whether F2P or P2P, has the right to choose which OSRS minigame to play, it all depends on your needs.

To give you an example, OSRS minigames like Fight caves can give you the Fire Cape and the Infernal Cape who are the best in the Cape slot for melee. Fight caves also give a +2 Prayer bonus and some pretty good Defensive and Offensive stats.

Whatever one says about OSRS minigames, they remain a very good addition to the game. Some people say they are boring, others say they make no sense and are a waste of time. One thing I understood for sure in this article is that it benefits from OSRS minigames. Many osrs players take advantage of the fact that people underestimate their value, don’t be one of them.

RS Mental Health Awareness Week has returned with various rewards! During this runescape gold event, gain charity tokens for three representatives and exchange them for prizes.


When is RS Mental Health Awareness Week?


RS Mental Health Awareness Week 2020 runs from May 18th to May 24th. During this event, players can gathered charity tokens for Kat, Zoed, and Lau’Ra, who are representatives from CPSL Mind, Rise Above the Disorder and The Prince’s Trust. Handing in charity tokens will unlock a variety of rewards.


Answers to Mental Health Awareness Week questions


Each day three representatives, Kal, Lau’Ra, and Zoed have one question for players. Answering these questions correctly will award players a small XP lamp. Questions can only be answered on the day they appear.

Here are the questions and their answers:

1. The Prince’s Trust helps people in what age range?

A: 11-30

2. What was Rise Above The Disorder previously known as?

A: Anxiety Gaming

3. How many people are affected by a mental health condition in their lifetime?

A: 1 in 4

4. What percentage of teachers in the UK worry that their pupils won’t be ready for the world of work when they leave school?

A: 70%

5. What does Rise Above The Disorder do?

A: Provides entirely free mental health care to everyone

6. What percentage of those with a mental health condition develop it before the age of 24?

A: 75%


Have you participated in RS Mental Health Awareness Week 2020?

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, some friends aren’t worth making. Maybe you’re tired of somebody’s nonsense, you’ve got a new buddy you’d rather be neighbors with, or you really lost the opening draw and ended up with Rodney or Pietro on your island. Here’s how to serve your least-favorite people an eviction notice in New Horizons.

Because New Horizons’s friendship systems are mostly invisible, there’s a lot of cargo-culting that’s been built around them. You can express your displeasure with a villager on your island in a lot of ways, such as telling Isabelle about their jerkiness on the daily, but those don’t actually appear to have any mechanical effect. The only real way to convince a villager they’re unwelcome here on Your Name Here Island is, just as in real life, rampant asshattery.

Upon first appearing in New Horizons, a villager has an under-the-hood “friendship score” of 25 points with you. To get them to go away, your goal is to lower that score to 0, at which point they’ll tell you that they’re thinking about leaving. Encourage them to do so (“Maybe it’s time”), and that villager is gone for good. While you’re working on tanking a villager’s opinion of you, make sure to not do anything that would accidentally improve that score. Simply talking to them is worth +1 point once a day; giving them gifts that they actually want is worth 1 to 3. If a villager has fleas and you walk up to beat them with your bug net, you’ll catch the fleas and get +5 points for doing them a solid.

The single easiest way to truly annoy a villager in New Horizons is to ruin their birthday. If you give them a “present” of weeds, garbage, or spoiled turnips on their birthday, you’ll lose up to 5 friendship points at once. Just giving them the gift of garbage under ordinary circumstances is only worth a loss of 2 points. You can also shove them around or pummel them with your bug net until they get upset, then refuse to apologize afterward. That will lose you 3 points.

Yeah, it doesn’t exactly feel great to act like this to a stuffed animal, but it’s your island. You don’t have to put up with clowns, jerks, or whatever the hell Coco is supposed to be, and that might mean making some hard choices.