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Hi all, I apperceive abounding humans animosity dungeoneering, so I’ve absitively to accumulate some tips to admonition humans get the a lot of out of dxpw. The aboriginal area will be quick alertness tips for afore dxpw, and the added area will awning absolute things to do on dxpw.


The annual beneath includes a lot of baby superior of activity improvements that will accomplish your dungeoneering acquaintance abounding times better. Aswell accomplish abiding to do a abounding displace and complete all your rushes afore the weekend starts for best xp (rush floors 1-29 as c1 or c6 smalls).

# Boosts

1, If you don’t acquire the gorajan trailblazer outfit, it is a acceptable abstraction to get it now. To get the accouterments quickly, run complication one (rush) floors over and over.

2, Absolute amulet dungeoneering potion. This aromatic gives a collapsed out hidden accomplishment accession and dps increase. Abundant accession to any floor.

3, Overloads. If you can use these, accomplish abiding acquire abundant to yield a sip afore every ample floor.

4, Dungeoneering lock melters. These admonition you get through annoying apartment like ghosts and barrels.

5, Dungeoneering Wildcard/Thieving locust/Preening Ibis/Cloning Mosquito. These bad boys are hench. You can buy them from the accessible boutique appropriate next to the accustomed dungeoneering boutique lad. It will amount about 50k tokens per set of abandoned cards purchased, but they accession xp significantly.

6, Dungeoneering tasks. Accomplishment at atomic the average set. It starts you out with runes at the start. Do the aristocratic for accession gatestone to use.

# Binds

Rule of thumb: is your abracadabra akin or ambit akin higher? Use the college one, or ranged if they’re both 99. Never use affray except to bladed dive. For ranged, bind the best shortbow/arrows you can use. For mage, bind the best agents you can. Next bung in the best agnate chestplate.

Additional binds to include:

1, Bladed dive about-face (use a apostle to act as a absorber and arrest adrenaline)

2, Activity appearance about-face (to either ranged or mage)

3, Blood necklace

4, Legs of your activity appearance (if you don’t plan to appearance switch)

5, Shadow cottony awning (good for low activity individuals)

6, If you don’t plan to range, bind added law or catholic runes

# Ring Upgrades

Enter a floor, appropriate bang your ring of kinship, baddest customize. If you plan to range, advancement the assassin role and set it as primary. Advancement the badman role and set it as secondary. (Desperado is bigger as primary role if you plan to about-face activity styles frequently). If you plan to mage, advancement the blitzer role as primary and blazer secondary. Note: the blitzer role can add up to 50% accurateness which is a huge accurateness accession for low akin players ashore with top level monsters.


This sounds weird, but my aphorism of deride is don’t dungeoneer on apple 77 on dxpw. The floors are usually 2-3x slower than off dxpw, so it negates the bifold xp effect. Try to acquisition a accumulation of humans who are appropriate and stick calm off world 77. Grab new recruits as needed.

# How to acquisition a host

If you accept to dungeoneer on apple 77 like a madman, I acquire a few suggestions. First, apperceive the acronyms. The accepted architecture is Letter+number of humans to ample + sl if a drain is in floor. A = abandoned, O = occult, W = warped. Avoid anyone who does not use this acronym system. An example: O+3 sl = Abstruse attic with 3 spots to go, host has a leecher. Usually sl is a acceptable indicator that the host knows how to dungeoneer well. I would accent these fellows.

Second, be a bit selective. Examine hosts afore you go with them. A maxed host will acquire a bigger time aperture the analytical path, and a host with a college dg akin will apperceive added about how to key. Both are acceptable signs. A host sending the party off apple is aswell not a bad way to go, as apple 77 can get absolute laggy and you may be able to do a few floors at once.

# Resetting

Always accomplishment ALL your floors afore resetting. If you don’t, your xp will be destroyed. To reset, bang on your ring and anatomy a party. Bifold analysis that every individual attic you can do is arrested off, and that you can’t alleviate any college floors. If both belief are met, bang the displace button. Afresh do all your floors again. I advance affairs blitz floors 1-11 from the dungeoneering boutique and accomplishing the blow as either c1 or c6 floors.

# How to dungeoneer decently

Dungeoneering is hard. There are lots of puzzles, ambagious allowance orders, and bags of advice required. Relax, you’ll do accomplished already you get acclimated to it. As a fill, there are three things you charge to remember:

1, Go the adverse administration that the host goes if there are two aisle options. If they go arctic and there’s a accomplishment aperture west, go west.

2, Abide your aisle as far as you can, aboideau any key doors you run into with the claimed gatestone spell, abnormally if you’re alone.

3, Use the accumulation gatestone teleport to accompany the host afresh already you hit a asleep end or are in fact blocked by keys.

If you chase these three steps, you’ll do just fine.

# Leeching services

If you really, in fact abhorrence dungeoneering there are paid and chargeless leeching services, but I would animate anybody to try on their own first. Paid acquaintance chats cover “Keyers FC” and “DG Service.” The prices are identical. “Free Leech” is the chargeless accompany chat, but it will be harder to acquisition hosts on dxpw as a lot of them will be affairs floors. It aswell has austere rules that you charge to follow.RS3gold

OSRS Bounty Hunter has come back with some new contents. Here you could learn details of osrs gold Bounty Hunter changes and new rewards.


Changes to OSRS Bounty Hunter on April 23


The following changes have been made to Bounty Hunter with the update on April 23rd:

-All players in the Wilderness are skulled automatically. Skulls feature different designs that reflect the highest tier of Emblem you are currently carrying.

-Hotspots now have a shorter, 20-minute cycle. In addition, the hotspot finder will now prioritise single-way combat areas. After a multi-way combat hotspot expires, the next hotspot is guaranteed to be in a single-way zone.

-A new task has been added, which will net you an increased chance at an Emblem in exchange for killing your target with a dragon dagger.

-Some new restrictions have been added on which accounts can participate in Bounty Hunter. To join in the fun, you must accumulate 20 Quest Points and 48 hours of total play time.

-In order to be assigned a target, you need to be carrying either an Emblem of any tier or 20,000 gold pieces.


Get new rewards from OSRS Bounty Hunter


The following new rewards can be purchased with points from the reward store:

Blighted Foods

Blighted Super Restore Potion

Blighted Spell Sacks

Promissory Notes

Blighted Vesta’s Longsword


Have you joined in OSRS Bounty Hunter?

As you may have noticed from some of our other guides on the Final Fantasy VII remake, FF7′s Hard Mode isn’t your typical advanced difficulty setting. Not only is it as punishing as the name suggests, but it makes big mechanical changes that force you to vary up your approach to the game.

In Hard Mode, every decision counts. Let’s talk tactics.

Naturally, in Hard Mode, enemies in FF7 have more health, do more damage, and attack in different patterns than they do on any other difficulty. It generally seems to be tuned around the expectation that you’re at or near the level cap, with at least some endgame weapons and Materia; unless you did some hefty grinding at the end of your Easy/Normal/Classic run, your first attempts at Hard Mode may get stopped in their tracks by the new, improved version of the Scorpion Sentinel.

You do have access to the Chapter Select function in Hard Mode, since you had to beat the game once to unlock it, as well as the EXP/AP multiplier that you unlock as a post-game bonus. Leveling, at least, is easy in Hard Mode, so if your characters aren’t at level 50 by the time you start, you should hit the cap soon afterward.

Hard Mode also turns off your access to consumable items. You can’t suck back half a dozen Potions and Ethers after every fight, or rely on a stack of Phoenix Down to keep your characters on their feet. Your recovery options are now at a premium.

Most importantly, MP is no longer restored when you rest at benches. You do still get your HP back, but MP is now a valuable resource. Without Ethers and benches, you can only restore MP by starting a new chapter, finishing side quests that restore your HP and MP as a bonus reward, or finding Mako Shards inside smashed Shinra Crates.

Aerith can also Soul Drain MP out of enemies, which becomes a serious point in her favor in Hard Mode. Between that and her Healing Wind Limit Break, Aerith is the most self-sufficient caster on your team, and you’ll want to have her along whenever she’s available.

Because MP is such a valuable resource much of the time (you can go whole hog with it on boss fights when you know it’s the end of a chapter, but it’s scarce at any other time), Hard Mode requires you to get the most out of the battle system. There are a lot of fights in other difficulties where you can muddle through by mashing Square, then shotgunning Potions afterward, but that’s not an option on Hard Mode. Instead, you need to approach every fight with an eye towards resource conservation. Play defensively, dodge what you can, and guard what you can’t.

FF7 already works pretty hard to incentivize you to stagger enemies, with benefits like the massive attached damage multiplier, but this turns into a potentially life-or-death option in Hard Mode. An enemy that you just sent reeling is one that isn’t sapping your resources at the moment, and it’s your cue to unleash everything you’ve got on it. You can use the Assess Materia, obtained from Chudley in Chapter 3, to scout an enemy’s vulnerabilities and figure out exactly how to most efficiently stagger it.

One trick you can use to confuse the enemy AI is to switch characters frequently. You may have noticed it before now, but FF7 is hard-coded to prioritize your currently-controlled character as a target, rather than having any kind of “threat” system like you’d see in an MMO. During parts of the game where you have two or three characters in your party, you can exploit this to get a few free shots in on your opponents while they’re switching targets. It’s particularly effective if you swap from Cloud or Tifa, who’ll naturally be right up in the thick of things, to Aerith or Barret, who tend to hang out in the backfield.

You should also get in the habit of only using the most efficient spells. Many fights in FF7 hinge on exploiting enemies’ elemental weaknesses, such as using Thunder spells against robots, but that doesn’t mean you have to use the most powerful spell you have every time. Your goal isn’t raw damage here, but instead, to fill up the stagger meter faster, and a cheap Thunder spell does that just as well as a full-blown, expensive Thundaga.

Without items, you also need to put some real thought into your Materia setup, as abilities and spells are your only methods of recovering in the field if things do go south. The Revival spell, which is easy to buy off vendors, is the only way to get a fallen character back on their feet in Hard Mode, and it’s worth having one socketed on everyone in your group for use in emergencies.

You can also socket the Chakra Materia for a healing option that doesn’t cost MP. Similarly, if you find a Prayer Materia (available from the “Don Corneo’s Secret Stash” side quest in Chapter 14), you can use it to turn ATB charges into a small but significant group heal.

Heres a aggregate account of all of my account for Zanaris:

# Graphical analysis – Obviously if Zanaris got updated, a graphical blow up would be one affair to anticipate about. However, I abandoned anticipate it’s a bogus time apparatus to how things acclimated to look, I can even see it absolute the way it is, this apple afterwards all is not like Gielinor. rs gold

# Expanded apple – Zanaris as it stands is rather baby for accepting on accession angelic body. There’s a lot of abeyant for abacus new and agitative areas for Skilling, pvm/slayer, etc. I feel like this breadth should be about boilerplate bank content, as nowadays it seems to feel like we just accrue blame the bank beam up and beyond, we charge to focus on added of the lower tiers.

# The Backwoods – Densely arranged trees, alleged “Theta” by the bounded fairies, abound about about the absolute moon. The copse is abundantly hard, and absurd to burn. Benjamin, the Jack of All Trades of Zanaris, says he is clumsy to cut, craft, imbue, or even abort the logs. He mentions too that like copse on Gielinor they abound fast, it would accordingly be childish to advance to cut them down as they would run out of places to abundance the logs. If anyone was able to cut them down and accomplish something advantageous from them, they would accomplish for absolute altered accoutrement and weapons.

# Beastly Amplification – The fairies accept not had abundant success exploring due to the Theta copse accepting such a close awning that no ablaze shines through, about there is endless creatures that are theorized to be in that forest. Apprehend the “Forest Clearing” breadth to acquisition out more.

# Backwoods Allowance – Afterwards a adventure that discovers the adeptness to cut Theta wood, you are tasked with allowance a ample breadth of backwoods for their cities expansion. You accept to cut the trees, afresh bright the stumps. The logs produced will be acclimated to body new bogie dwellings and added altered buildings. The amateur plays a huge role in the expansion, and assets acquaintance throughout the process. Barrio aren’t congenital instantly, they yield some time to finish. Forth the way you encounter adverse and affable creatures cipher has anytime apparent before. Adverse creatures become apache tasks, and affable creatures are acclimatized to roam the city. The ambassador plants a breadth of Theta copse for the amateur to cut with a new spell you abstruse from the adventure mentioned above.

# New spell – In adjustment to cut Theta, you apprentice that they are anemic to magic. However, this abracadabra accept to be concentrated on a attenuate area, contrarily it does nothing. The new spell is alleged “Theta Blade”.

Last post we have for you a Engineering Profession Guide, today we will welcome to our guide for fishing in World of Warcraft Classic. As fishing is one of the three secondary professions in WoW Classic, it’s very important to learn in addition to your two primary professions. And yes, the maximum level is 300 as well.

To put it simply, fishing allows players to use a Fishing Rod to cast out your line into bodies of water (such as lakes, rivers and oceans) and catch fish. With your fish, you can also cook them to get food that can regain your health, eat them raw, or feed them to hunter pets. There’s a bunch of fish you can catch, and therefore it can be quite intimidating trying to figure out how to get level 300 in WoW Classic. Let’s get to it!

Trainer Locations

We’ll now jump into the trainer locations for Apprentice (1-75), Journeyman (75-150) Fishing. And after that, we’ll talk about Expert (150-225) and Artisan (225-300) fishing.

Alliance Trainers

To start off the Alliance trainer locations for Apprentice and Journeyman fishing, there is Androl Oakhand in Rut’theran Village in Teldrassil (56, 93.6). Then, there’s Arnold Leland at the Canal by the Trade District, Stormwind (45.8, 58.2). There’s Astaia in the Temple Gardens at Darnassus (47.6, 56.6). There’s Brannock at the Feathermoon Stronghold in Feralas (32.2, 41.6). Next, there’s Donald Rabonne at the Southshore at Hillsbrad Foothills (50.6, 61). Grimnur Stonebrand is at the Forlorn Cavern in Ironforge (48.4, 6.4). There’s also Harold Riggs at Menethil Harbor in the Wetlands (8.2, 58.6). There’s Lee Brown at Goldshire in Elwynn Forest (47.6, 62.2). Matthew Hooper can be found at Lakeshire in Redridge Mountains (26.8, 50.4). Almost done! There’s Paxton Ganter at the Brewnall Village in Dun Morogh (35.6, 40.4). Warg Deepwater is at Thelsamar in Loch Modan (40.6, 39.6). And finally, Myizz Lyckycatch is at Booty Bat in Stranglethorn Vale (27.6, 77).

Horde Fishing

For the Horde trainer locations for Apprentice and Journeyman, there are quite a few options. You could go to Armand Cromwell, in the Magic Quarter at Undercity (80.8, 31.2). There’s Clyde Kellen, at Brightwater Lake in Tirisfal Glades (67.2, 51). There’s Kah Mistrunner at the Middle Tier, Thunder Bluff (56, 46.8). Katoom the Angler is at Revantusk Village, The Hinterlands (80.2, 81.4). There’s Kil’Hiwana at the south of Blackfathom Deeps, Ashenvale (10.8, 33.6). Next, there’s Killian Sanatha at the Docks by Fenris Isle in Silverpine Forest (33, 17.8). Lau’Tiki is at the South of Sen’jin Village in Durator (53.2, 81.6). Lui’Mala is at the Shadowprey Village in Desolace (22.6, 72.6). There’s also Lumak at the Valley of Honor at Orgrimmar (69.8, 29.6). You can find Ulthan Stillwater at the Bloodhoof Village in Mulgore (44.6, 60.6). Last, but not least there’s Myizz Luckycatch at Booty Bay in Stranglethorn Vale (27.6, 77).

You can learn Expert fishing at level 20 with a fishing skill of 125. You’ll need to purchase ‘Expert Fishing – The Bass and You’ from the Old Man Heming in Booty Bay, next to the shop Happy Bobber (27.4, 77).

To learn Artisan fishing, you’ll need to complete the quest ‘Angler Extreme’ from Nat Pagle, which requires a fishing skill of 225 and at least level 35. Nat Pagle is at Theramore (59, 60).

How to catch fish

To catch fish, you’ll need to get a fishing pole, which you can find from Fishing Supply and Trade Supply merchants. A guard in a city can tell you where they are. We also recommend you stock up on Shiny Bauble when you’re at the merchant, which you can use on your fishing pole to make catching first fish a bit easier.

Then, head to a body of water, preferably in a starting zone like the Elwynn Forest or Durotar. Make sure you’re standing on dry land, and make sure you’re not in combat. After confirming that your fishing pole is equipped in your weapon slot, open u your spell book and search for the Fishing Skill. Drag the Fishing skill to your action bar so that it is easier to recast. Cast your first line, and you’ll be successful if you see a floating fishing bobber appear in the water. Otherwise, you may receive an error message, and you should readjust your position to more appropriate grounds. Right click on the bobber to catch your fish. You may be unsuccessfully, and if you are, simply recast.

Fishing Poles

As you know, you’ll need to have a fishing pole equipped to catch fish in WoW Classic. And surprisingly, there’s a few different fishing poles in the game, each with their own requirements and abilities to increase your fishing skill.

The first is the fishing pole, which you can get from the fishing supply and trade supply merchants. The next is the Blump Family Fishing Pole, which has a +3 bonus and requires 1 fishing skill, which you can get from completing the quest ‘The Family and the Fishing Pole’ from Gubber Blump in Auberdine. Next, is the Strong Fishing Pole, which has a +5 bonus and requires 10 fishing skill and is obtained from fishing supply and trade supply merchants. There’s also the Big Iron Fishing pole, which has a +20 bonus and requires 100 fishing skill and is rougly a 5% chance from the Shellfish Trap in Desolace. Then, there’s the Nat Pagle’s Extreme Angler FC-5000 (Horde only), which has a bonus of +25 and requires 100 fishing skill, accessed by completing the ‘Snapjaws, Mon!’ from Katoom the Angler, found in the Hitlerlands. Lastly, there’s the Arcanite Fishing Pole, which has a massive +30 bonus, and requires 300 fishing skill, being a reward from winning the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza.

Levelling Guide

Now – let’s get into the levelling guide. Keep in mind, you’re not limited to these following methods. There’s a variety of ways to train fishing in WoW classic, and we’ve only just provided you the most efficient way.

From 1 to 55, you can fish at all starting zones. From 55 to 75, if you’re Alliance, you should fish at Darkshore, Darnassus, Ironforge, Loch Modan, Stormwind City or Westfall. If you’re Horde, you should fish at The Barrens, Orgrimmar, Silverpine Forest, Thunderbluff or Undercity. From 75 to 150, if you’re Alliance, you should fish at either Ashenvale, Duskwood, Hillsbrad Foothills, Redrige Mountains or the Wetlands. If you’re Horde, you should fish at either Ashenvale, Stonetalon Mountains or the Wetlands. From 150 up to 225, if you’re Alliance, you should fish at either Alterac Mountains, Arathi Highlands, Desolace, Dustwallow Marsh, Stranglethorn Vale, Swamp of Sorrows or Thousand Needles. If Horde, you can fish at the same areas as Alliance. From 225 to 300, for both Alliance and Horde, you should fish from any of Felwood, Feralas, The Hinterlands, Moonglade, Tanaris, Un’Goro Crater or Western Plaguelands.

That concludes our fishing guide for WoW classic. Good luck, and we hope to see you again soon. Keep an eye here and we’ll keep you posted with more Guides as they become available. And when you need to buy cheap wow gold in game, WOWclassicgp as a professional website can guarantee enough stock and fast delivery for in-game products for you.

RS Inquisitor staff is a weapon similar to terrasaur maul and hexhunter bow. As the drop rates of rs gold Inquisitor staff pieces are reduced, we provide a guide to help you obtain the four pieces from archaeology easily for Inquisitor staff.

What is RS Inquisitor staff?

Inquisitor staff is a staff with tier 80, which is the magic equivalent of the terrasaur maul and hexhunter bow. It can increase 12.5% damage boost and 10% hit chance boost against melee-classed enemies. And using an augmentor on Inquisitor staff can make the Augmented Inquisitor staff.
This weapon consists of four ingredients that can be obtained from archaeology, including Praetorian staff, Inquisitor’s staff ornament, Inquisitor’s staff rod and Inquisitor’s staff censer. However, from the latest RS Twitter we have known that the drop rates of Inquisitor staff pieces are reduced.

Get RS Inquisitor staff pieces from archaeology

As one of the components of Inquisitor staff, Praetorian staff can be obtained at an archaeologist’s workbench with level 114 archaeology. Archaeologist’s workbench is a place to repair damaged artefacts. You can find it at the Varrock Dig Site and at the base camp of other five dig sites.
The other three pieces can be obtained while excavating at any excavation hotspot and material cache at Kharid-et dig site when the pylon is 100% charged. In addition, you can also get hold of the three items by excavating the ancient magick munitions, praetorian remains or war table debris at Kharid-et:
Ancient magick munitions: Require level 107 archaeology to access.
Praetorian remains: Require level 114 archaeology to access.
War table debris: Found in the praetorium of the fortress, requiring level 118 archaeology to access.

Train archaeology skill now to claim RS Inquisitor staff weapon.

There are a variety of mini-games that players can experience and enjoy in the world of the Final Fantasy VII Remake. One of these mini-games tasks players with completing a dance routine with the one and only Andrea. Players will find that Andrea is the owner and frequent dancer of the Honeybee Inn. Players will need to utilize their dance skills with Cloud if they wish to show Andrea that they are a dance superstar and acquire the Dancing Queen Trophy. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know to obtain the Dancing Queen Trophy covered for you.

The mini-game that players can earn the Dancing Queen Trophy from is found in Chapter 9 of the game’s main story. Cloud and Andrea will engage in a dance-off with players needing to clear it to obtain the Dancing Queen Trophy for their achievements collection for the Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Now, the format for this mini-game is one where button prompts will appear on your screen. You will need to press the correct button in time with the lights that will be around you to complete each move successfully. However, you will notice that the buttons appear a little before they are required to be pressed, which gives you a small warning as to which button you need to be ready to push when it is time. Players who can sustain a laser-like focus for this mini-game should have no trouble in making sure all of the correct button prompts are pressed when they are needed.

The song for the mini-game that has the Dancing Queen Trophy as a reward is a total of two minutes and twenty-three seconds, so players will need to keep up their focus and not get distracted during this period if they wish to beat the mini-game.

Having a partner watch as you attempt this mini-game could also be beneficial as they could call out the buttons to help make sure you know which one you are going to need to press next just in case you missed which one appeared on the screen. Do not rush through. The brief period the button prompt is on your screen before it needs to be pressed will allow you to make sure your finger is on the right button where rushing could result in you accidentally touching a wrong button.

We wish you luck in your quest to obtain the Dancing Queen Trophy!

World Of Warcraft Details The New Shadowlands New Player Experience

world of warcraft exiles reach starting zone bannerThe upcoming World of Warcraft Shadowlands expansion will not only introduce endgame content but will also change the whole new-player experience. Instead of beginning their journey from their respective racial starting zones, new players will start out in a shared zone where they’ll be tasked with searching for a missing expedition for their respective factions. Buy wow classic gold cheap

“An expedition has gone missing, and you have been called to be a part of a new crew of novice adventurers charged with discovering what’s become of them. As with many such journeys, you’ll find yourself as part of a crew aboard a ship bound to their last known location. When things take a turn for the worse, you’ll make landfall on the island of Exile’s Reach.”

Upon reaching Exile’s Reach, players will take on tasks of increasing difficulty while learning about the game mechanics until they reach level 10. At the end of the new player experience, players will go up against two new bosses in a 5-man mini-dungeon that can also be completed solo if you want to. New World of Warcraft players will automatically start in the new starting zones while veteran players will have the option to start in their respective racial towns like in the old days.

软WOW Classic Guide Level 1-60 Throughout Phase 4

Phase 3 of World of Warcraft Classic is almost coming to an end, and soon Phase 4 is coming, which means that World of Warcraft Classic is over halfway, and Blizzard is also developing new game content, but for starters, there are still many game content to go through from level 1 to 60, it is also a long-term process, some efficient methods might take it easier.

Killing anytime

Farming or grinding, is a very common method to earn XP, as long as you kill every monster you encounter at any time, it will allow you to gain a small amount of XP, but gather less and more, over time you will quickly upgrade, and by the way, the dungeons are the best places to encounter monsters.

It is obvious that this method could take too much time and energy, in order to gain a lot of experience, you need to stay in front of the computer all days.

Leveling Add-on

This is the best way to gain a large amount of experience in World of Warcraft Classic in a short time, adding the leveling add-on in the game can greatly shorten the upgrade time. With it, it can tell you where you can find monsters, what are suitable quests for you, the best places you can go, etc. In short, it can provide a guide to reduce the time on exploring.

Using Gold

There is nothing that WOW Classic Gold can’t solve, which can be used to purchase advanced equipment to kill monsters faster to gain experience, also, if you are lack of Gold, why not come to and get some.

This is a very nice store, mainly selling the currency and equipment of WOW series, currently, Cheapest wow classic gold is on hot sale, you can get 6% off Gold for each order while buying, which can save you much money.It is believed that shopping here is an enjoyable experience.

Now in the week of patch note, there are a lot of new updates and changes in RS Stone Spirit, Loot Sharing. There are also tweaks in Grace of the Elves. Would you like to try the new Loot Sharing with your fellow player? Please remember click our site to buy rs 07 gold if you need.

Stone Spirit

The RS team are aware of the discussion surrounding the devaluation of rune-ore Stone Spirits since the release of the Mining & Smithing Rework, as well as the conversations about boss drop tables. To improve such situation, the RS team has converted a range of Stone Spirit into other kinds. For example, the Runite Stone Spirits from Queen Black Dragon has been changed into Orichalcite Stone Spirits and Drakolith Stone Spirits, the Runite Stone Spirits from God Dungeon 2, into Necrite Stone Spirits and Phasmatite Stone Spirits.

Loot Sharing

As its name suggests, the Loot Sharing, which can also be called as LootShare, is an optional way for you to share monsters’ item drops with your fellow players in multi-combat areas. When it is first introduced in the game, the Loot sharing can only be done between players who have each other added in their lists of friends. Now, Players who wish to share loot with others no longer need to add the other player to their friends list. You will still have to be in the same friends chat however.

Grace of the Elves

There are also several changes made in the Grace of the Elves. Like firstly, players are now able to toggle the porter effect on and off. Porters and Grace of the Elves will now deposit bars directly into the metal bank instead of your regular bank.

Are you satisfied with the changes and tweaks made in the RuneScape Stone Spirit and Grace of the Elves? Buy RuneScape gold from RS3gold and enjoy the game now!

Are you Twitch Prime member? If you say yes, now there is a chance of obtaining the new runescape gold RS Ancient Legionary Set as the latest Twitch Prime loot.


Get Ancient Legionary as Twitch Prime loot


A brand new Archaeology-themed Ancient Legionary Set has been offered to Twitch Prime members. Until May 12th 2020, Twitch Prime members are able to claim free Ancient Legionary Set as the latest Twitch Prime loot after logging into their accounts.

Directly inspired by the footsoldiers of the Zarosian Empire that now inhabit Kharid-et, RS Ancient Legionary Set is a full armour forged with Third Age iron and Imperial steel, coated in the signature colours of Twitch. This Ancient Legionary Set includes the following pieces:

Ancient Legionary Helmet

Ancient Legionary Boots

Ancient Legionary Cape

Ancient Legionary Chestplate

Ancient Legionary Greaves

Ancient Legionary Gauntlets

Ancient Legionary Shield

Ancient Legionary Sword


How to claim RS Ancient Legionary Set?


Here you could learn how to claim RS Ancient Legionary Set and other Twitch Prime loot:

Step 1: Create or log into your Twitch Prime account.

Step 2: Claim your monthly RuneScape loot on Twitch.

Step 3: Redeem your loot by linking your RuneScape account to Twitch.

Step 4: Start playing and enjoy your loot.


Enjoy the new RS Ancient Legionary Set if you have Twitch Prime membership!