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RS Archaeology is a new skill revealed at RuneFest 2019. According to the recent rs gold official news post, Archaeology wil be released in March 2020.


When will RS Archaeology skill released?


The release date of the new skill Archaeology has been revealed in the recent RS news post. It will arrive in RS on March 30th, 2020.


General information on RS Archaeology


This new skill will not be an elite skill, and will be available up to level 20 for free-to-play players. Upon its release, there will be a six-month embargo on players being able to use bonus experience, experience lamps, and other boosts to train the skill. For purposes of the Completionist Cape, getting level 120 in Archaeology will have a six-month grace period.


Dig sites for RS Archaeology gathering


With this RS new skill, some materials can be obtained from excavation hotspots at the following dig sites:

Varrock Dig Site: can be unlocked at level 1 Archaeology.

Kharid-Et: can be unlocked at level 5 Archaeology. Managed by Dr Nabanik, it can be found east of Al-Kharid and south of the Duel Arena.

Everlight: can be unlocked at level 20 Archaeology. It can be found east of Meiyerditch and south of the Araxyte Hive.

The Infernal Source: can be unlocked at level 20 Archaeology. It can be found underneath the Wilderness Volcano.

Stormguard Citadel


Orthen Dig Site


Are you looking forward to this RS new skill?

With the Pokemon Day 2020 festivities in full swing across a whole host of Pokemon titles, it’s no surprise that Pokemon Sword and Shield has dropped quite the bombshell on us. There’s been teasing of a new Pokemon for weeks now, and it looks like the Nintendo team have finally decided to reveal it to all of us eager Galarian Trainers. Yes, we’re talking the new Mythical Pokemon Zarude in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Here’s what we know about where we think we might find it.

We’re learning about Zarude in the meantime, so bear with us and if you need a refresher, you can check out our general information about this Pokemon here. However, from some clips shared by Nintendo on Twitter and YouTube and elsewhere, we now know what this bad boy looks like. Zarude is known as the “rogue monkey” Pokemon and it’s a Dark and Grass Type. The special ability for Zarude which we’ve covered before is Leaf Guard, but here’s what it actually does: Zarude is going to get a bonus in Sunny Weather due to the fact that status conditions will roll off it like water off a duck’s back. Talk about handy!

This is going to be one relatively large boy, so maybe abandon any thoughts about cradling it in your arms after a victory. In terms of where one can find a Zarude, it looks like they live in the heart of dense forests and that it will attack anyone that isn’t part of its pack, according to The Pokemon Company. It notes that the vines that it wears as wristwraps have a healing property, which suggests the potential appearance of a HP leech move in Zarude’s roster. However, until we find out more about its moves, it’s all just speculation at this point. We reckon that in terms of Zarude’s location, it’s pretty likely that we’ll find it in the Slumbering Weald just because of the description that’s been given by The Pokemon Company so far. Hopefully we have our guesses confirmed soon!

Now that you’re as clued in about Zarude in Pokemon Sword and Shield as we are, how do you feel about this new Mythical Pokemon? We definitely don’t expect it to be the last Mythical creature that graces the Galar Pokedex, but it definitely is an aesthetic-180 from the likes of Zamazenta and Zacian. We’re not sure if we’re super sold on the design right now but hey, we’re sure that this monkey will grow on us as we find out more from The Pokemon Company.

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What is Classic WoW?

Classic WoW is a special version of World of Warcraft, allowing players to relive the original version of the popular MMORPG World of Warcraft. This version of WoW features old character models, original zones untouched by the Cataclysm’s destruction, complex talent trees, and the original PvP Honor Grind. Combat mechanics, original character models, and skill trees all contribute to a truly authentic experience.

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On August 27, 2019, World of Warcraft: Classic released worldwide being a game very different from the current WoW Battle for Azeroth expansion. Surprisingly, this is not due to the many years that lie between these versions of WoW, of course. Nevertheless, the question is exactly what distinguishes WoW Classic from BfA. What are the differences between WoW Classic and Battle for Azeroth? How is WoW Classic compared to retail WoW?

Classic, or Vanilla WOW, is often compared to the current version of World of Warcraft (also “Retail”). Battle for Azeroth is now the seventh addon on WoW, so comparing it with the new features is getting harder and harder.
WoW Classic: What Awaits You On The Vanilla WoW?

Nevertheless, there are some places where the two versions can be objectively distinguished. This is especially interesting for players who have never played WoW Classic or WoW before Cataclysm in general:

- All classic areas and dungeons have been redesigned with Cataclysm. In Classic, quests and looks of Westfall, Mirkwood, Thousand Needles and many other areas are quite different.

- The graphics are clearly “older” in Classic. Character models have received updates over the years. In Classic, everything is a bit “edgier”.

- Many names retain the English original in Classic, such as Stormwind City or Ironforge. The Eindeutschung came later.

- Some classes have no tasks in Classic, except to distribute buffs. The Balancing to Classic was simply different than today.

- Many spells and skills sometimes required expensive reagents. Without ammunition, runes or powder, many classes in Classic can not use their skills. They are also calculated more slowly.

- It’s important how you attack. Physical attacks require weapons training, elemental attacks can be mitigated by resistances or completely blocked.

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The differences are not necessarily good or bad. They are only intended to show that Classic and Retail are in many ways aimed at a different audience.

Why Players Love Classic WOW

Despite the lack of amenities retail brings with it, many people celebrate Classic and the words often come up: “Everything was better in the old days.” Fans want to play Classic, which they impressively showed in the form of 100,000 spectators at a dungeon run,

The fans also have several reasons why they look forward to WoW Classic:

- Social interaction is more important because many things work only in the group

- The reputation of the individual player on the server plays a role. Nobody takes Ninja-Looter

- Classic was “the original WoW” and the fans want to experience nostalgia

- Many players want to re-live the game that immersed them in Azeroth

- Classic is more challenging because characters are simply weaker

WoW Classic is suitable for you if:

- You played and loved Classic

- You like WoW, but do not quite get along with new addons

- You have not yet played WoW and want to put a lot of time in an “old” MMORPG

- You would like to sweat when you are leveling against normal opponents

WoW Classic is not for you if:

- You celebrate all aspects of BfA and Legion and only like WoW

- The Battle for Azeroth talent system is complex enough or too complicated for you

- You want to play Goblins, Worgen, Paladin, Druid, Blood Elves or allied nations

- You’re annoying levels and grinds

Roughly speaking, WoW Classic addresses a different audience than Battle for Azeroth does. Many players will still like both games and want to play as they simply offer different experiences.

OSRS Birthday event 2020 is the seventh annual birthday event held to celebrate the release of the rs 2007 gold game on Feb. 22nd 2013. Here is a event guide to help you complete it fast.


How to complete OSRS Birthday event?


1. Find Juliet on the balcony upstairs in her house west of Varrock Square. Talk to her.

2. Talk to Phillipa in the room to the east.

3. Talk to Iffie, who can be found in Thessalia’s Fine Clothes.

4. In Gertrude’s house, take Gertrude’s comb from the table.

5. Use the comb on Gertrude or a pet cat to get loose cat hair.

6. Talk to Iffie again to get cat ears.

7. Return to Juliet.

8. Talk to Juliet when wearing the cat ears.

9. Perform happy emotes such as dance, jig, or spin until Juliet is happy.


What can you gain from Birthday event?


1. Cat ears

2. Two noted Half full wine jug

3. All previous birthday event rewards:

Birthday cake

Prop sword

Cow outfit

War ship

Gnome child hat

4th birthday hat

Birthday balloons

Crazy dance emote

Smooth dance emote


Have you completed OSRS Birthday event 2020?

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem is one of the many Diablo-likes that borrows heavily not only from its mechanical predecessors but also from the same sort of grimdark fantasy setting that made Blizzard’s property so popular. However, with a grimdark fantasy setting comes great responsibility. Okay, not quite, but it definitely comes with its fair share of bosses that wouldn’t be out of place in your worst nightmares. The Wolcen Lambach boss of Act 2 is no different, so check out our guide on how to make sure that this illusory expert is truly done for.

So, you’re up to kicking Lambach’s butt. Initially, this Act 2 boss will appear to be quite unassuming, but that’s definitely going to change as you truck through the two distinct phases of the boss fight. While it might not seem to be as long a fight as the one against Edric was in Act 1, it’s definitely not insubstantial when it comes to difficulty. We reckon the toughest part is the second phase for sure, and making sure that you’re not overwhelmed by the adds that end up spawning because of Lambach. We’ve broken down the fight into its distinct phases to make delivery of our bite-sized tips a little easier so read on!

  • The first phase of the Wolcen Lambach fight is fairly straightforward. Lambach stays still, but that doesn’t mean that you can rest easy on your heels. There are some distinctive physical attacks that Lambach will do, including arm slams and swipes which you’re going to have to avoid. Lambach will slam their fist into the ground which leaves behind an area affected by a debuff; it’s temporary, so avoid this and then reposition as necessary after. Enemies will spawn during this first phase and you can make quick work of these if you prepare in advance – they will spawn from glowing pods. Also avoid Lambach’s projectiles which will require you to avoid every bit of area that’s lit up in warning: those areas are where the spell damage will come down.
  • The second phase of the Wolcen Lambach fight will be a bit of a showstopper visually. We mean this in the best possible way but boy, does Lambach get big. Now, Lambach is going to take up the majority of the arena but still remain in one spot. This means that you have a much tighter window when it comes to dodging projectiles, attacks, and the like, so keep on your toes. Lambach will also make sure that there are constantly floods of small adds, and you’ll want to make sure that you’re dispatching the Harvesters as they will likely hurt the most. You’re going to want to look out for Lambach’s tentacles and third hand – they will have damage area indicators and you should avoid being in their proximity. When Lambach disappears and lines streak across the combat area, avoid them all and stand outside of the front-facing cone that will spawn.

As long as you’re keeping the above tips in mind, it should be pretty easy for you to take down this creepy hivemind with our Wolcen Lambach guide. Like the Act 1 boss fight in Wolcen, it’s definitely going to be a matter of patience because of just how much you’re going to be kept on your toes when you’re taking down this boss and how much phase two is going to hurt until you get accquainted with attack patterns.

Void Knight Armour is debatably the best armour in the game that doesn’t cost any buy rs3 gold I am going to explain how to obtain Void Armour, its best use cases, and the best items to spend the RuneScape gold on that you’ll save by owning it.

Obtaining The Gear

Void Armour is obtained by playing the Pest Control minigame. It can be accessed by navigating to the Minigame Teleports tab, and using the Pest Control teleport, which is free once every 20 minutes. By playing the minigame, you’ll earn 3, 4 or 5 Pest Points per win, which can be exchanged for void armour. You’ll also earn OSRS gold equal to 10 times your combat level for every win you achieve. Not bad.

Spending Your Pest Points

For the full set of Void Armour (that is, all 3 helmets, top, robe and gloves), you’ll need 1,250 points, equivalent to 250 wins if you’re over level 100 combat. The other items, the Void Knight Mace and the Void Knight Seal are rarely worth buying and should be disregarded. The full set will take between 8-14 hours to obtain, however this is well worth it, because you’ll have a huge amount of excess RuneScape gold now that you’ve got armour for all 3 combat styles covered.

Why It’s So Damn Good

The full Void sets have different bonuses for each combat style:

Void Melee set bonus – +10% Melee accuracy and damage

Void Range set bonus – +45% Magic accuracy

Void Mage set bonus – +10% Ranged accuracy and damage

Each of these effects are very beneficial and are only ever outmatched by very expensive gear. It’s often worth saving your RuneScape gold for other expenses, as void will have you covered for most situations, and it’s free of charge!

What To Spend Your Excess OSRS Gold On

Now that you have the Void Armour Set, there are many great options for what you could spend your newly freed up OSRS Gold on. The most effective choice would be something like the Amulet of Torture (for melee), the Necklace of Anguish (for range), or the Occult Necklace (for mage). The first two are expensive items, costing roughly 15M OSRS gold each. However, they are widely regarded as ‘Best In Slot’, so it may well be worth it. The Occult Necklace, costing just 700K OSRS gold, is cheap-as-chips by comparison, so I would definitely recommend picking that up whatever the case.

If you need some extra OSRS Gold or RuneScape Gold, be sure to check out RS3gold for some of the best prices on the market.

Is there better armour than the Void Set?

Absolutely. But it’ll cost you a pretty penny. Item sets such as the Bandos armour set (for melee), the Armadyl armour set (for range) and the Ancestral armour set (for mage) are all significantly better than the void armour, as they provide higher attack and defence bonuses. However, you’ll need a significant amount of OSRS gold for all that power. As of now, the Bandos melee armour costs just shy of 60M OSRS gold, the Armadyl set nearly 100M, and the Ancestral set almost 150M OSRS gold total.

How can I obtain more OSRS Gold / RuneScape Gold?

Want the best of the best, but simply can’t afford it? Not a problem. Head over to a website such as RS3gold where you can find affordable, competitively priced OSRS Gold and RuneScape gold. They’ve been around for years and are widely known as one of the most trusted and best priced RuneScape 3 & OSRS Gold vendors.

After the release of the 8.3 update, the battle for Azeroth expansion is about to come to an end. Before that, Azeroth’s heroes still need to defeat a powerful and terrifying enemy.

He is the old god N’Zoth. After successfully escaping from prison, his ambition gradually covered the entire Azeroth continent, and he tried to make his Black Empire the most powerful force in the entire continent. To fight this force, the warriors of Azeroth need to protect two ancient Titan facilities in Uldum and Vale of Eternal Blossoms from being destroyed by N’Zoth’s army. Only through the Titan facility can players gain more advantages.

Similar to Legion and Faction Assaults from previous updates, Black Empire Assaults transform entire zones into battlegrounds as they are overrun with N’Zoth’s minions. Instead of being available temporarily through the week, though, Black Empire Assaults will always be active in both Uldum and Vale of Eternal Blossoms, with N’Zoth focusing the brunt of his assault on one zone each week.

Staving off N’Zoth’s weekly assaults is just the beginning of the war against the Black Empire, though. In order to fully understand his plan and discover his weaknesses, players need to accumulate enough knowledge through new Horrific Visions. Since Mages Tower, the studio has been working hard to develop new single-player challenge content, Horrific Visions is the latest achievement of Blizzard. In fact, this gameplay can accommodate 1 to 5 players at the same time. If you don’t have confidence in your own strength, you can also form a team with your good friends to explore together.

It is a horrific apocalypse where N’Zoth’s corruption and eldritch monsters have wiped out all life in Azeroth. Using resources earned from Black Empire Assaults, players will be able to enter these Horrific Visions a few times a week. Each foray into this grim potential future will taunt you with valuable rewards, but if you get too greedy you can lose everything and have to start over.

In the process, you will receive help from Black Prince Ragio and a legendary cloak. This cloak can help you resist a certain level of mental attack, so you can stay sane and explore more content. You can upgrade the cloak by the rewards you get from exploration, it will gain more unique abilities and provide you with better help.

There have been some changes and adjustments made to OSRS Zalcano, including the reduced number of osrs gold unique Zalcano drops. You could read details below to learn what has happened in game.


Changes made to Zalcano OSRS on Feb. 13th


Some unpolled changes have been made to OSRS Zalcano’s loot table with the update on February 13th. According to the recent Nightmare of Ashihama Feedback Changes blog, these changes are expected to significantly increase the rarity of Onyx gems from Zalcano, addressing concerns around their pricing.


Learn details of OSRS Zacano changes


1. Before the update Zalcano gave out a non-unique reward to everyone who contributed to the battle, and the MVP will get an additional non-unique reward. After this update, everyone will still get one non-unique reward, but it will scale based on the number of points accrued. The MVP will get 10% extra, just like in The Nightmare boss fight.

2. The develop team also reduced the number of unique Zalcano drops. After this update, every kill will trigger a 1/500 roll which, if it passes, will add a unique to the drop table. A separate roll will then be made to decide which unique that will be. Finally, the unique is randomly given to an eligible player. As always, the more youve contributed to the fight the better your chances will be.

3. The non-unique drop table for Zalcano has been rebalanced to include less valuable items.


What do you think about the changes to OSRS Zalcano?

So, you’ve been eagerly anticipating the start of Season 2 of Chapter 2 of Fortnite? We definitely don’t blame you after all those sick teasers; we still can’t stop frothing over the Chaos Agent one. However, there’s still a couple of last-minute things that we reckon everyone should wrap up, and one of those things is the Overtime challenges. Check out our Fortnite Hidden Gnome location guide to come out victorious.

So you’re looking for some gnomes? Easy as pie. They’re not exactly most inconspicuous, so it should be fairly easy to track them down in our opinion. Now, if you’re wanting to finish the 8-Ball vs Scratch set of challenges then you’re going to need to find a gnome in the following locations:

  1. A fancy view
  2. A wooden shack
  3. A big house

Now, you’re wanting to look for a place where those diametrically different locations intersect. Given the mercurial of the Fortnite map usually, it honestly shouldn’t be too tough to check out the meeting point of these designs. You’ll be wanting to make sure that you make a beeline for Holly Hedges first. Once you’re there, head due northwest but make sure that you’re angled so that you’re not quite crossing over into Sweaty Sands.

You’re gunning for a place that has yellow flowers fringing the far west side of the landscape along the cliff, almost directly halfway between Sweaty Sands and Holly Hedges if you’re picturing them as two equidistant points of a triangle and the Fortnite Hidden Gnome location as a third point to the left.

Now that you’ve got our tips on where to find the Fortnite Hidden Gnome location, actually picking up one of these creepy little munters to knock out the relevant Overtime challenge should actually be pretty easy, don’t you think?