Summer’s more or less here and that means it’s time for a big RuneScape 3 update. This summer, players get to explore a jungle island. This new addition to the game’s runescape gold for sale map adds new adventures and mysteries for players to take on.

Summer Update Revealed

Anachronia, also known as The Land Out of Time is a new jungle island that was announced on 21 May 2019 as the ‘big summer update of 2019′. Jagex announced that RuneScape will be getting a new update in July called “The Land Out Of Time”, basically adding dinosaurs to the mix. The details are kind of sketchy as the trailer below only shows land along with a dinosaur yell, but we do know that you’ll need to be level 50 or above to do battle against the recently revealed antagonist Kerapac, who has unearthed the new environment of Anachronia. You’ll venture to the new island to the dragonkin and defeat his plans in the new storyline, plus two new quests called The Needle Skips and You Are It.

Jagex have hinted that the new area will be related to the Desperate Times quest; potentially as the location of Orthen. Desperate Times will not be needed to access the island.

This band-aid is the simplest way to fix “1-item pking” and abounding issues surrounding the arbitrary advantages PKers acquire during PvP encounters. By banishment players to accouter a aroused skull afore they can advance addition amateur they are affected to accident abundant to accomplish 1-iteming obsolete.

They will be affected to put added accessory on to access their own affairs of survival, added accretion your abeyant accolade for acquisition them. Angry aback will now be a abundant added advantageous advantage and PKers will acquire to anxiously acquire their targets rather than advance anyone and anybody accident free.

The aroused skull will acquire to be able for at atomic 1 abounding minute afore the PKer will be accustomed to advance anyone. Already equipped, the aroused skull cannot be taken off until they leave the wilderness. A amateur afterwards a aroused skull able cannot admit action adjoin anyone in the wilderness. T

hey will be accustomed to advance anyone who attacked them though, so continued as their aroused skull is still able and they haven’t larboard the wilderness yet. This agency that even if the PKer runs abroad and break combat, you will still be able to restart action adjoin them if you bolt up to them.

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