Today,Let’s learn RuneFest 2019 latest Informations together now,So you can prepare for it. buy runescape 3 gold

The 9th annual Jagex-run real-world event for RS players, RuneFest 2019, has been confirmed to start on the evening of October 4, while the main event takes place on October 5. This big event will still be hosted at The Farnborough International Exhibition & Conference Centre, which is just outside London in the UK.

You can buy the ticket to the RuneFest 2019 RS3 from 4pm BST on Friday May 31st.

Now,You can set your alarm and be ready to buy a ticket. There are also special ticket prices for the earlier birds. If you are lucky enough to get yourself a ticket in, you can set to buy train or flight tickets for your journey to the Farnborough International Exhibition & Conference Centre.

What’s more,You should focus on official Facebook and Twitter for some latest information.It is also recommended to join the official Discord channel, head to the official RuneFest forum or the community-owned Facebook Group for some tips and advice on everything from travel to accommodation.Maybe you’ll be able to participate in a cosplay show, meet up with JMods & Content Creators, as well as interact with the Jmods.

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