OSRS Twisted League will end on January 16th 2020. With league points earned, players can unlock osrs gold several league rewards for use in the main game, including Twisted Relichunter, Twisted horns and more.

OSRS Twisted League rewards in Reward Shop

The league points earned in Twisted League can be used as reward currency in OSRS League Reward Shop. Here are details of the Twisted League rewards that you can purchase with OSRS league points:
1. Twisted banner (750 league points)
Main-hand slot banner representing the Twisted League
2. Twisted teleport scroll (750 league points)
Used to change the Home Teleport spell animation to a Xerician-themed one
3. Twisted Relichunter
Three tiers of cosmetic outfits that can be stored in your player-owned house
Twisted Relichunter (Tier 1): 1,000 league points
Twisted Relichunter (Tier 2): 2,500 league points
Twisted Relichunter (Tier 3): 10,000 league points
4. Twisted horns (6,000 league points)
Used to combine with a slayer helmet to make it Twisted League themed, requireing 1000 slayer reward points
5. Twisted blueprints (6,000 league points)

OSRS Twisted League Trophy based on rank

In addition to the rewards in League Reward Shop, you can also gain untradeable Twisted League Trophies from the Twisted League. You will be able to claim your trophy by speaking to the League Tutor at the end of the Twisted League. Here you could learn details of different OSRS Twisted League Trophies given based on your rank.

What Twisted League rewards do you want the most?

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