It is no secret that Overwatch is one of the most popular competitive multiplayer games in the world. It is always an exciting time in the first-person shooter’s community when a new competitive season begins. Fortunately, those who are looking to stay consistent or improve their ranking in Season 20 will be able to do so shortly. If you are curious about when the start date and time for this new period of competition in the high-profile game will arrive, be sure to check out all of the information, you need to know below.

Players will not have to wait long between the end of the current competitive period and the start of Season 20. The 19th competitive period for the title is currently scheduled to end on the date of January Thursday, January 2nd, at 11 AM PST/ 1 PM CST/ 2 PM EST. There will be no delay when the current competition period ends, so the start time and date of competitive period 20 will commence immediately after the end of period 19.

The final skill ranking that you achieved before the start date and time of Season 20 will factor heavily into where you are ranked following your completion of the five placement matches. This factor means that you are likely to begin this new competitive period around where you finished if you have success in your placement matches.

How excited are you for the start time and date for Overwatch Season 20 to arrive? Let us know your thoughts by giving a comment!

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