On August 27, 2019, World of Warcraft: Classic released worldwide being a game very different from the current WoW Battle for Azeroth expansion. Surprisingly, this is not due to the many years that lie between these versions of WoW, of course. Nevertheless, the question is exactly what distinguishes WoW Classic from BfA. What are the differences between WoW Classic and Battle for Azeroth? How is WoW Classic compared to retail WoW?

Classic, or Vanilla WOW, is often compared to the current version of World of Warcraft (also “Retail”). Battle for Azeroth is now the seventh addon on WoW, so comparing it with the new features is getting harder and harder.

WoW Classic: What Awaits You On The Vanilla WoW?

Nevertheless, there are some places where the two versions can be objectively distinguished. This is especially interesting for players who have never played WoW Classic or WoW before Cataclysm in general:

- All classic areas and dungeons have been redesigned with Cataclysm. In Classic, quests and looks of Westfall, Mirkwood, Thousand Needles and many other areas are quite different.

- The graphics are clearly “older” in Classic. Character models have received updates over the years. In Classic, everything is a bit “edgier”.

- Many names retain the English original in Classic, such as Stormwind City or Ironforge. The Eindeutschung came later.

- Some classes have no tasks in Classic, except to distribute buffs. The Balancing to Classic was simply different than today.

- Many spells and skills sometimes required expensive reagents. Without ammunition, runes or powder, many classes in Classic can not use their skills. They are also calculated more slowly.

- It’s important how you attack. Physical attacks require weapons training, elemental attacks can be mitigated by resistances or completely blocked.

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The differences are not necessarily good or bad. They are only intended to show that Classic and Retail are in many ways aimed at a different audience.


Why Players Love Classic WOW

Despite the lack of amenities retail brings with it, many people celebrate Classic and the words often come up: “Everything was better in the old days.” Fans want to play Classic, which they impressively showed in the form of 100,000 spectators at a dungeon run,

The fans also have several reasons why they look forward to WoW Classic:

- Social interaction is more important because many things work only in the group

- The reputation of the individual player on the server plays a role. Nobody takes Ninja-Looter

- Classic was “the original WoW” and the fans want to experience nostalgia

- Many players want to re-live the game that immersed them in Azeroth

- Classic is more challenging because characters are simply weaker

WoW Classic is suitable for you if:

- You played and loved Classic

- You like WoW, but do not quite get along with new addons

- You have not yet played WoW and want to put a lot of time in an “old” MMORPG

- You would like to sweat when you are leveling against normal opponents

WoW Classic is not for you if:

- You celebrate all aspects of BfA and Legion and only like WoW

- The Battle for Azeroth talent system is complex enough or too complicated for you

- You want to play Goblins, Worgen, Paladin, Druid, Blood Elves or allied nations

- You’re annoying levels and grinds

Roughly speaking, WoW Classic addresses a different audience than Battle for Azeroth does. Many players will still like both games and want to play as they simply offer different experiences.

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