The team has been busy beavering away and despite all the excitement of RuneFest we’ve managed to slip out another big improvement before we head to Farnborough – the Slayer Collection Log!

Slayer Collection Log

For a long time now, players have been able to keep track of the drops they get from bosses: now the same is true for slayer monsters. We hope that this will give slayers old and new a fresh reason to travel the world in search of ever more exotic quarry.

The Slayer Collection Log is split between 12 areas. When you complete an area’s collection, you’ll earn a special title:

Asgarnia & Misthalin: , Protector of the Peace;
Daemonheim: the Bloodrager;
Kharidian Desert: the Devourer;
Feldip Hills: the Ascended;
Fremennik Province: , the End of All Things;
Kandarin: the Well ‘Ardy;
Karamja: of the Jungle;
Keldagrim: the Stout Slayer;
Lost Lands: the Harbinger of Death;
Morytania: the Scourge of the Undead;
Other Worlds: , Gielinor’s Champion;
Wilderness: , Forinthry’s Fury;
And should you complete the whole log, you’ll earn the title ‘the Ultimate Slayer’.

There will be global broadcasts for the first regular player, the first Ironman, and the first Hardcore Ironman who completes the log.For those of you who have been informally collecting already, we have good news – any pets and untradeable items that you already own will be checked off automatically upon your next login.

Patch Notes
Here are some of the highlights:

Base camp spa effects will now show the correct duration if it exceeds 60 minutes.Pieces of the ‘Mask of Dragith Nurn’ can now be dropped from catacomb creatures if they were previously destroyed, allowing players that require the drops for the Master Quest Cape requirement to obtain them again.

The Base Camp upgrades will now drop more consistently.

When completing the elite task “It’s a snap” an achievement completed prompt now appears.
Removed incorrect hints in the Take a Bow achievement in the New Explorer path that directed to Lowe’s Archery Emporium, and renamed this achievement to Triple Bowline to resolve a duplicate achievement name.
The Don’t Bury This One achievement in the Lumbridge Explorer path no longer states the number of coins to purchase an iron hatchet (since this varies with GE value).
The achievement “Some Old Dusty Journals” for the Master Quest Cape will now correctly trigger when reading the journals in any order.

Ushabti now displays the correct soul captured when killing small scarabs.
The Prayer Filter now stays activated when logging out then back into the game.
Updated the Mahjarrat aura’s examine info to better reflect its effects.
Rabbits in Burthorpe no longer drop bones (so that the Prayer path is not unlocked during the first Burthorpe path; earlier than new players are introduced to the concept of choosing paths).

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