As an ancient curse, Runescape Turmoil is the second strongest Melee-boosting prayer that runescape gold will boost Attack and Defence and other abilities at a large extent. The further effects are shared with you and you can also learn the detail of comparison between Turmoil and prayer Piety.

What effects does Runescape Turmoil bring about?

As a second strongest Melee-boosting prayer, Turmoil can significantly boost your Attack, Defence and other abilities. Here are the further effects that Turmoil can result in:
1. There can be +10 Attack levels when determining hit chance.
2. It can increase 10% Melee damage.
3. There can be +10 Defence levels when determining hit chance.
4. It can decrease 6 enemy Attack levels when determining hit chance and increase to -10 with time going by.
5. It can decrease 6 enemy Defence levels and up to -10 over time.
6. It can decrease 9% enemy Melee damage and up to -15% over time (PvM).
7. It can decrease 6% enemy Melee damage and up to -10% over time (PvP).

Compare Turmoil with Piety on stat increases & others

Players always compare Turmoil with prayer Piety in order to determine the strongest melee prayer on the standard prayerbook. On the one hand, Turmoil requires 95 Prayer and completion of The Temple at Senntisten. On the other hand, Piety needs 70 Prayer, 70 Defence and completion of the Knight Waves Training Grounds.
As for the aspect of stat increases, Turmoil is a little stronger than Piety. Turmoil can drain prayer 50% faster, and drain enemy stats strongly but Piety doesn’t have this ability to drain enemy stats. In addition, along with 92 Prayer the healing curse Soul Split can be used on the Ancient Curses and offers another incentive to use the book.

How do you think of the ancient curse Turmoil?

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