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There are few times that players have been about to throw in the towel in Ultimate Team, the star mode of FUT 20. The learning curve to arm your team is higher than in other aspects of the acclaimed Electronic Arts simulator. However, from MeriStation we have been preparing you to give everything through our extensive guide to detail.

On this occasion, we left behind the cheapest and checked onces to put the goal individually, in the top players for few coins but with excellent performance.


Junior Firpo – 1700 coins – LI


The player of Betis has made the leap during the current year to a club of international prestige, such as the Football Club Barcelona. His explosive potential at such a young age guarantees him as one of the futures of our team. For less than two thousand coins we can get a quality side, which goes down and up like a missile thanks to its 85 rhythm. Strengthening the band is crucial for a good LaLiga team.


King – 1700 coins – DC


Another of the most successful duo in the FUT universe today is the one formed by Bournemouth. King and Wilson seem called to understand each other. The second is well above price; For just 1700 coins we can get King, Find a striker of 88 pace and that rubs 80 in dribbling and shooting does not happen every day. It is true that for hybrids it does not work as well as being of a rather atypical (Norwegian) nationality, so we recommend that you use it only in case you opt for a cheap Premier, along with solvent.



Rashica – 1100 coins – EI


You can see that we prioritize the pace of the players, since it is a vital value within the Ultimate Team ecosystem. Rashica lives a case similar to King: being from Kosovo does not allow him to enter any possible combination away from the Bundesliga. However, if you choose to mount a secondary kit of this competition, this end will be your ticket to enter a world of opportunities in any style of play. Run like lightning, haggle effectively and shoot with dignity; Everything we need to hurt the opponent.

Spooktober is here, which means it’s time for the annual Halloween event! As you travel north of Lumbridge, you might notice that a player has been buy runescape 3 gold trapped by what appears to be two goblins wearing bedsheets. If you’re feeling brave enough, why not see what you can do to help?This year’s event unlocks brand new cosmetics as well as all previous Halloween rewards and music if you don’t have them already.As always, the event it available to members and free players, and doesn’t have any requirements.

To begin, head to the chicken pen just north of Lumbridge, indicated by the Halloween icon and highlighted in the map below,It’s time for the annual Halloween event! Until Nov. 7th, participate in OSRS Halloween event 2019 and help epic mager34 who has been trapped by two goblins wearing bedsheets, and obtain some new Halloween rewards!

OSRS Halloween Guide 2019

1. To start OSRS 2019 Halloween event, talk to either Snailneck or Grasslegs by the chicken pen in Lumbridge. Then speak to epic mager34.
2. Talk to Bob in the axe shop and ask him about Halloween.
3. Return to epic mager34. Then talk to the goblins.
4. Find the bed in the building north of the shop, and take some white bed sheets by interacting with the bed. You can create the spooky outfit by using the knife on the sheet.
osrs spooky outfit
5. Return to epic mager34. Speak to the goblins once you have completed the dialogue, and answer three questions:
-What is the most powerful body armour in this world? (Goblin mail)
-Let’s say 2 goblins have different opinion of something. What is the best way to solve problem? (Fight about it.)
-What do you say when human kill your friends and family? (Put them in prison.)
6. Grab some smoke powder from the sack outside the building with the furnace. Ignite the powder and steal the shiny glass when smoke covers the store. Then go back to goblins.
7. You and epic mage34 proceed to cast Lumbridge Home Teleport, and at Lumbridge he will ask you for some advice.

OSRS Halloween event 2019 complete!

Rewards from OSRS Halloween event 2019
You will get the following rewards after completing the Halloween event this year:
Spooky outfit
Pumpkin lantern
Skeleton lantern
Two noted pumpkins
Two noted Halloween mask sets
Besides, rewards from previous events can be claimed from Diango, such as the clown outfit, Jonas mask, etc. You can also have the ability to change your skin colour to blue, white, black or green at OSRS makeover mage.

Hope our OSRS 2019 Halloween event guide can help you to complete this event. Easily find and get cheap OSRS gold UK from RS3gold and enjoy Halloween!

Getting a Mount in World of Warcraft Classic is the first milestone each player struggles to achieve, and it’s one of their most memorable moments during their adventure in Azeroth. Training Riding Skills and buying Mount is beyond the reach of the majority of players, as it costs quite a bit of Gold. In this Guide, we would like to introduce you to the Riding/Mount System, tell you how to save up Gold for your first Mount, what classes can get cheaper Epic Mounts, and what rare Mounts can be looted from slain enemies in World of Warcraft Classic.

World of Warcraft Classic is nothing like the current games that offer “Fast Travel” features. Traveling between locations back then really was time-consuming (and still is), and it made most players simply progressed by completing quests in adjacent locations back in WoW Classic. After traveling on foot for hours for the first 40 levels, getting a Mount slowly becomes the number one priority for players, but not all of them understand how hard it is to accumulate nearly 100 Gold while Questing casually. This guide will not only give the most basic information on where to Train Riding Skills, buy your first Mount, but we will also share the most efficient ways to earn money for your Mount in WoW Classic.

wowclasicgp is a secure player-driven marketplace for World of Warcraft Classic Gold, Items, and Power Leveling Services.

Riding Skill, Trainer Locations, and prices

You can train Riding Skills at a trainer appropriate for your character Class when you reach level 40. Initially, Mount will increases your Movement Speed by 40%, which can be upgraded at level 60 to 100% by learning Epic Riding Skills and buying an Epic Mount. Each character Class has to learn different Riding Skills, and each Class has different Mounts associated with them that they can use.

While it’s popularity isn’t what it used to be, the Lizardman Shaman is the only source of the coveted Dragon Warhammer (with a very rare chance at that). Ironmen particularly need to farm this boss thousands of times (on average) to get this drop. This means you need to know osrs gold the ins & outs of this boss to successfully farm it.


Attacks To Look Out For

Like most other newer bosses in the game, a Lizardman Shaman has a wide variety attacks with all attack styles. Some of which need to by constant movement or by staying in a certain safe spot.

The regular melee and ranged attack is the same as normal , although it scales for their combat level. Be mindful that their ranged attack can also inflict poison damage.

The acid spit is one of the harshest special attacks that a player needs to avoid. with unavoidable damage if you are standing in the same square, although it with Armor.

He also has a stomp method in which he will go up in the air and smash down on the poor player. This is very easy to avoid by staying away from his shadow.

He also tiny spawns that will approach the player and explode when close by. It can hit up to 10 for each spawn, so stay on the move.


Picking Gear

Assuming you are on a main account (and likely on a task) there isn’t much of an alternative than killing them with melee and high-level weapons. Since they are large creatures, the Scythe of will hit multiple times, along with the Crystal Halberd special attack.

Since it provides damage reduction from their  powerful attacks. get a tier 5 set, you must get 100% Shayzien favor and complete each fight in the combat arena.

If you have a slayer helmet, be sure to use it on a slayer task. Otherwise, just use a 5 helmet for damage reduction.

A fire cape, infernal or Mythical cape will be the best things to put in the cape slot for strength and prayer. If using a stab weapon, like the rapier, you can also opt for an cloak for additional accuracy.

Your best defender (Dragon or ) is the only thing you should have in the shield slot. Otherwise, you can use whatever you have available as an Ironman.

An imbued berserker ring would be best for the strength bonus, but there are few others to consider. If using a slash weapon, an imbued Warrior Ring would work. For a stab weapon, an imbued Treasonous ring would be equally acceptable.

On top of this, I highly recommend a cannon for killing these in mass, for both DPS and engagement purposes. The best spot would be towards the North West if you are killing them in the Lizardman Canyon.

Your inventory should be  basic, with combat potions, prayer potions, teleport runes and high-healing food (like sharks). Chances are you will have to restock and return during a slayer task, so a Xeric talisman would be invaluable for that.


Fighting Them

You will normally want to fight in the northwest corner of Lizardman where there are three spawns. This will be the fastest way to kill them, although it’s harder to avoid damage.

Up your cannon to engage in combat, taking into consideration the fight stages mentioned above and deal melee damage. If you want to partner up with another player, you can kill them safer and faster.

The other viable alternative spot would be the Lizardman Caves that during a slayer assignment. You can enter each room for a private fight with 2 Shamans, making it less complicated and less likely to . This spot is safer but less efficient since you cannot set up a cannon in the cave, making in a pure melee fight.

There used to be a safe spot in another location on the way to the Raids 1 location, but since it introduced too in the game. It may be possible to with the mechanics using range, but Shamans no longer lose aggression and cannot like in the past.

Ultimate Scream, the FUT 20 Halloween-themed event is here. This is a regular game event that has been introduced a few years ago. Although the event structure is similar to last year’s, the way the upgrade works is somewhat different. If this is your first EA SPORTS FUT game, you might not be familiar with the event. Ultimate Scream brings a collection of cards with upgraded attributes. Last year, two attributes were upgraded for the event. This year, things are better because the upgrades are here to stay. The Ultimate Scream players get upgrades that last throughout FUT 20 Ultimate Team life cycle. Long story short, you have the chance of getting some boosted players and use them until the next FUT game comes out. Each player that is part of the Ultimate Scream collection will have unique upgrades.


It all comes down to obtaining Ultimate Scream players. There are three ways to do this. Check out in-game activities such as objectives and squad building challenges because some players are obtained as a reward from completing these activities. Another selection of Ultimate Scream players is found in packs that are acquired from the store. Be careful as there will be two batches of players and you have limited time to obtain them. The third method of getting Ultimate Scream players is trading with other players. All the players from packs can be traded. These players can be bought and sold over the transfer market. This is a good way of completing your collection but you shouldn’t rely on it if you don’t have a nice sum of coins. These players can be quite costly.


Ultimate Scream cards are distinct from others. Besides the upgrade, these cards also have a different look. You will notice the orange, black, and green color combination that gives the cards a Halloween-ish appearance. Edin Dzeko is one of the Ultimate Scream players that can be acquired from objectives. This card has 87 OVR with 83 pacing, 86 shooting, 73 passing, 85 dribbling, 48 defending, and 75 physical. This card fills the striker position. One center midfielder and one right midfielder can be obtained from squad building challenges. Milner OVR 86 has 70 pacing, 80 shooting, 84 passing, 80 dribbling, 80 defending, and 80 physical. Jesus Navas OVR 85 has 89 pacing, 82 shooting, 79 passing, 85 dribbling, 71 defending, and 70 physical. Sergio Aguero OVR 91, James Rodriguez OVR 88, Dele Alli OVR 87, and Nicolas Otamendi OVR 85 are some of the Ultimate Scream players that are found in packs.


Good luck finding them!

Blizzard has hotfixed enchantments on gear to no longer count as helpful auras. This comes after a previous post about the Buff Cap and Hidden Auras.With scheduled maintenance earlier today, we applied wow classic gold cheap and the following hotfix:Enchantments on gear should no longer count as helpful auras. They now count as passive auras.

There are still some enchantments occupying helpful slots – notably, the Arcanum enchants that will come from Dire Maul and other enchantments that are applied via item rather than via the enchanting profession.

Set bonuses that have the same benefit as item effects are actually overwriting the identical item effect, but only if the set bonus is gained after the matching item is equipped.

An example is the Wyrmhide Spaulders, and the Devilsaur Armor Set bonus, which each have an incredible +2% chance to hit.If you equip both pieces of Devilsaur Armor, and then equip the Wyrmhide Spaulders, everything works fine.

On the other hand, if you were already wearing the Wyrmhide Spaulders, and then equip the Devilsaur Armor, its set bonus will overwrite the Wyrmhide shoulders bonus.

At that point the 2% hit bonus from the Spaulders is gone, and even unequipping the Devilsaur Armor won’t give it back. Only un-equipping and re-equipping the Wyrmhide Spaulders will fix the issue.We think this is actually the source of the +hit bonus issues, and we’re also working on a hotfix for this issue.


WoW Classic AddonsIn World of Warcraft, addons are a way to enhance a player’s experience. Add-ons are downloadable mods that players can use to customize their gaming experience.There are several sites where players can visit to download and install Addons for Classic WOW. While they are not a need for playing the game, Add-ons can be very useful to players.

How to Install Add-ons for Classic WOW

The process of installing an Add-on for Classic WOW is simple. First, make sure that you are logged out of World of Warcraft. Then create a folder for your Add-ons that you wish to install. Next, download the files and unzip them.

You can then verify your installation path in WOW and install the Add-on to your game. The next step is to open the WOW folder in programs, and then go into the “Interface” folder. Once that is open, find the “Addons” folder. Open the folder that you created (recommended as “My Addons”) and find the Add-on that you downloaded.

Transfer that file to the “Addons” folder. You can then restart WOW and you should be able to find the Add-on with the “Addon” button.
Questing Addons

Classic WOW has several Addons that can aid the player in navigating the game world. Addons such as Questie shows quest locations on player’s maps, saving them time in trying to discover these locations.

Deadly Boss Mods (DBM) allows players to see the strength of an enemy during an encounter, helping them to decide to either run or fight. There are also several regeneration counters that allow players to see how long they have to wait for spells, mana, health, etc. to regenerate.

Inventory Addons wowclassicgp

An issue that almost every RPG faces is inventory space. As players complete quests, explore their world and interact with other characters they always pick up items. Sometimes the items are useful or potentially useful later. Other times players accumulate junk.Eventually, players either run out of inventory space, or carry too much weight. Deciding what to hang on to, what to sell, and what to throw away can be a difficult decision.

Luckily, several Addons in Classic WOW can help. Pawn can help players to locate items and upgrades to items that they already have. Vendor Price shows the value of an item when not at a vendor location.This specific Addon can be very useful when traveling in the game, as a player may need to unburden themselves while exploring an area. Addons like OneBag3 and Bagnon also help players to organize their inventory more efficiently and add some more space for them as well.

Damage Meters

Another category that many players find useful is damage meters. Meters such as Details! Damage Meter and Real Mob Health allows players to see how much damage different attacks and spells were dealt to opponents and party members.Their meters are useful for players to see what worked and what didn’t work during a raid or combat event. Players can then use the data to plan for future encounters.

Runecrafting is a skill many players skip out on, even though most training methods net a decent profit. Sure, it is quite boring considering you are just walking back and forth between altars and the bank, but you can watch TV or Youtube while doing most methods. Below are the best methods at the moment to make a profit with the osrs gold skill, although prices are always subject to change with future updates.


Cosmic Runes (500,000+) 

Crafting Cosmic runes doesn’t have a particularly high requirement, being only Lost City and 27 runecrafting, but it isn’t very profitable without high-level content unlocked. Having access to the Abyss and 75 Runecrafting allows for quick crafting of double Cosmic runes per essence, easily making over 800,000 osrs gold per hour.

Craftin cosmic runes the safe way is through Zanaris, which is quite slow but easy. Simply fill up your pouches and inventory at Zanaris bank, take a sip of your Stamina Potion, and make the trek to the altar. With 46 agility, you can take shortcuts through the tunnels to shave off some time. This is only a good idea for low-level Runecrafting training for Ironmen that need to stock up on Cosmic Runes for the Mage Training Arena.


Nature Runes (500,000-1 million) 

The most sought after portion of Runecrafting has always been nature runes, which is why gold farmers and bots flood this little altar in the jungles of Karamja. There are multiple methods to craft them, but most players prefer to use the Abyss as it’s more straightforward. 91 runecrafting is required to make double nature runes to unlock its maximum potential.

A common safe way to craft them is using the Fairy Ring teleport just outside of Shilo Village. You may use your fairy ring in your POH, or the Fairy Ring near Edgeville for easy baking and returning. For Hardcore Ironmen, this would be the route to go since the Abyss is a very high-risk activity.

Another means would be to take noted pure essence, sell them at the general store to un-note them, and then walk to the Nature Altar. This is the slowest way to do it, but viable for Ultimate Ironmen or low-level players with little content unlocked.


Blood Runes (500,000+) 

Blood rune crafting was introduced with the large Zeah update, and it involves a complex process never seen in runecrafting prior. You will need at least 38 mining & crafting, 73 agility (for shortcuts), 77 runecrafting plus maxing out Arceuus favor.

You will first need to venture down to the dark essence mine with two large rocks. How you mine them is similar to rune essence, but also requires a chisel with an additional animation when mining out dark essence blocks. These blocks will then need to be chipped into fragments before being used at the Dark Altar.

Running to the dark altar will significantly drain your run energy due to the spiral maze surrounding the dark essence mine. If you have the agility level for the shortcut, this will significantly increase your profit. To make this process slightly more efficient, you may chisel a load of the block, mine some more so that you have nearly double the inventory at the altar.


Wrath Runes (1.5 million+) 

For the time being, Wrath Runes are quite overpowered in both experience and profit without needing to go through the Abyss. Having said that, it does have a high requirement of 95 runecrafting and the completion of Dragon Slayer 2. You probably also want to have full Graceful unlocked due to all the running involved.

The Mythical Cape teleport is all you will need since the bank and the entire route is within the guild. Since you’ll have to run past a few aggressive dragons, it wouldn’t hurt to have an anti-dragon breath shield equipped to mitigate damage. Otherwise, it’s a rather straightforward and low-risk runecrafting method.

Assuming you have all the patches and use a tiara instead of the talisman, you should get 54 essences crafted per trip, which can be up to 1.5 million 07runescape gold per hour at its current stable price. There is still the issue of patches degrading, but that is mitigated if you have 99 runecrafting and the runecrafting cape with you.


Astral Runes (800,000+) 

Astral Runes are not the most ideal for experience or profit, but they are one of the more relaxed methods of training. You will need to complete Lunar Diplomacy to have access to the bank and switch to the Lunar Spellbook to teleport into town.

Simply run from the bank with your inventory full of the essence to the southeast part of the island with the altar. Craft your runes on the open altar (no entrance required) and teleport back to the town nearby the bank. It is a linear path and you repeat this until you are sick of it.


Law Runes (900,000+) 

Law Runes are always in hot demand for teleports, so it can be a stable money making method if other runes happen to crash. It’s also slightly better percipience than crafting natures with close to the same profit margin.

The only efficient way is to craft them through the Abyss, which is identical to any other method. Otherwise, you will have to travel to Entrana to get to the altar. This can be done via the balloon transport system with banking at the Castle Wars chest.


Death Runes (1 million+) 

The ability to craft Death Runes is locked behind the Mourning’s End Part II and is originally accessible via the Temple of Light. Fortunately, you may access the altar through the Abyss, making it a viable high-level money maker.

This is usually skipped in favor of wrath runes, but it is decent for those wanting to get a mix of profit and experience to rank up on the hi-scores. Crafting is at Level 99 is the most efficient way to make money as you get double Death Runes.


Wrapping Up

Runecrafting is indeed a tedious skill to train up, but at the very least, it is decently profitable at a high level. The methods above should be alternatives to consider instead of Powerleveling via the Ourania Altar or making Lava Runes. Make sure you have to Enter the Abyss completed to unlock the Abyss route and pouches.

FUT first introduced objectives in FUT 18. It was then reinstated into FUT 19, however, during this period it didn’t really change. There were 5 daily objectives that were often simple and basic and then the weekly objectives with much better rewards matched with harder challenges. As well as this, every event came with themed objectives; often to earn a player from that group of special cards, e.g – Team of the season. FUT 20 has followed suit once more, but they have upgraded it drastically.
The main change that can be noticed is the variety that has been added. There are now 4 categories: Seasons objectives, Season rewards, Milestones and Foundations. Each group offers sub categories, each offering individual rewards for different time frames. Here we will go into each one in more detail.

Seasons Objectives:
This is where you will find your daily and weekly challenges. The weekly objectives, so far, have been split into the tiers, bronze, silver and gold. These only offer XP. As well as these, you find the limited time ones which are set for specific theme/special card.

Seasons Rewards:
Possibly the biggest change is apparent in this menu. Throughout UT history, you have been able to purchase coin boosts and other advantages using your level and brown coins that pass over each year, for many people this meant that they could buy out the whole catalogue instantly. Despite the catalogue still being there, they have taken out the UT section. This is because the rewards are in the objectives. With most of the other objectives you complete, you will earn XP. This unlocks certain rewards at different points. The rewards can vary from coins to packs to loan players. The final reward is at level 30 and is set at 99,000 XP. For this you get an 85 rated player pick from 3 unique cards: Zaha, Tolisso and Vazquez, all 85 rated. You have up to 50 days to complete these and then they reset, presenting new rewards.

There are 3 categories for this one: Rivals, Champs and Squad battles. The title is quite self explanatory, but it means you get packs for reaching specific levels of progress based on how many games you have won. As it stands there is no expiry date for these and the final reward for each category is an ultimate pack. The ultimate reward, however, is one for the collectors, it’s a GOAT club item which poses no immediate effect, but shows off your prowess in the game.

These represent the beginner objectives that have been in the game in the early days and basically help you to get started and help you learn the ropes. The prizes are quite minimal but have potential if you’re lucky.
These new additions give everyone the opportunity to gain big packs over the whole year, proving that EA do look out for the players who don’t buy FUT points.

OSRS officially announced that Bounty Hunt rework is finally done. They have also run a beta test for this. will reveal all the new contents before you start a new journey in the beta test. In addition, buy runescape 3 gold and all kinds of RuneScape 07 Items hot sale on our site. It’s definitely a good choice for you to get enhancement!

There are some very essential changes in Bounty Hunt you must know. Here are the details for you.

Player Bounties

Completing bounty tasks will award 10 points immediately. Your tasks will cycle every 30 minutes, and only one may be completed within that time. Unwanted bounties may be skipped up to three times per day. The potential bounty tasks you may receive are:

- Kill two targets without leaving, or going below level 1 Wilderness

- Kill your target using Ranged/Melee/Magic on the last hit

- Kill your target while risking 250,000 GP (in coins/platinum tokens only)

- Kill your target without using any prayers

- Kill your target without using a special attack

- Kill your target without using Protect Item

- Kill your target without any stat boosts

If you have ideas for new tasks or think of some while playing the beta, please include them in your feedback! Remember, we are unable to implement any tasks that require specific equipment.

Updated Interface

- The collapsible BH interface has been updated and shows:

- Your target’s display name

- Their Wilderness level range

- Whether they are in a multi-combat zone

- The highest tier emblem they are carrying

- Your eligibility for an emblem upgrade

- A button to see your current task

- The time remaining on your task

- A button to get a new task

Mysterious Emblems

New mysterious emblems can be bought and sold at the Emblem Trader and will allow you to earn some extra gold while playing the minigame. The new interface will tell you when your target has an emblem of an equal or higher tier than yours, making you eligible for an upgrade which doubles your emblem’s value. If you are not eligible, it will allow you to skip your target without a penalty.Tier 1 emblems may be bought or sold at the Emblem Trader for 75,000 GP. Each tier costs twice as much as the last, going up to tier 5 at 1,200,000 GP.

With these new changes, Bounty Hunt will become more interesting. All OSRS players can enjoy a different game play. If you are not ready for the new journey, then buy RS 2007 gold from our site now. Best services are here for you!