The FIFA 19 FUTTIES event is in full swing. This event celebrates the most beloved Ultimate Team footballers. It starts on July 3rd and it ends on August 14th. The event allows players to acquire lots of FIFA 19 cards through squad building challenges, weekly objectives, and packs. FUTTIES cards have a distinct pink color. They are not new cards, they are FIFA 19 cards that were available through seasonal programs such as Team of the Week, Carniball, Future Stars, and so on. Flashback cards are also part of the event. Without a doubt, these are all great cards that make amazing team additions. But is it worth acquiring them when the new FIFA 20 game is just around the corner?

FIFA 20 is releasing at the end of September 2019. Pre-orders have already started and lots of players are looking forward to it. After the FUTTIES event ends, there will be no more FIFA 19 major events. We are celebrating the last days of FIFA 19. So why bother getting the FUTTIES cards? If you are planning on still playing FIFA 19 after FIFA 20 is released, these cards will still be valuable to you. However, you should take into consideration that there will be significantly less FIFA 19 players so there won’t be much competition anymore. The cards will not carry over to the new game.

If you are a casual player who is not ready to jump into FIFA 20 on release day, then FUTTIES can help you long term. But what if you’ve already pre-ordered the new game? Why should you bother with old content anymore? Because it’s fun. The squad building challenges and weekly objectives are fun to play. If you are a completionist, then this is your last chance at getting players that you might have missed in the past. There are hundreds of FUTTIES players that are now found in packs.

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