Have you remembered the RuneScape Profound Halo voted by rs3 gold you? Right now it has been added in game. Besides, this week the RS team also have made some changes to Anachronia.

How to access Profound Halo?

Player equipped with Profound Halo The new improved Profound Halo is a head slot override, which can be unlocked by anyone completing the “How Many Games?” achievement. And this achievement requires you to purchase a full set of profound decorative equipment (including helmet, platebody, platelegs, sword, & shield) and show it to Lanthus.
Actually, its appearance has been decided by you, since there was a poll for this available in game in the week starting June 24. Until now, you can really see it in game.

More than 25 changes for Anachronia

Following last week, the RS team go on improving the Anachronia this week. And there have been over 25 changes and bug fixes implemented already, such as:
1.As planned, you can unlock the “Gotta Go Fast” achievement when unlocking double Surge and double Escape ability upgrades.
2.There has been a breadcrumb trail added to Giles for those who still have not finished the Base Camp tutorial.
3.You will find the damaged dinosaur hides noteable from now on.
4.To show the terrain better, there have been some slight tweaks for the world map view of Anachronia.
5.You will be required a bank pin when eager to access your bait box on Anachronia.
6.There is one of the hard paths removed from the Arcane Apoterrasaur.
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